Justice for the Jews Laura, Sabrina, and Jorge

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Justice for the Jews

Laura, Sabrina, and Jorge





A Jewish Person’s Eyes

“Help Us!” All we need is a little help. The world gave us all a place to be in our minds and on earth. We all deserve one just like you. “Help Us.” That is the way most of the Jewish feel. I’m one of them. I need help escaping from the Germans. They searched our houses and our friend’s houses to find us. They really are looking for us for no reason; they’re just looking for us because we are Jews. We are people like everyone else. We just happened to land on Earth looking through a Jewish person’s eyes.

Swish, Sway, Sail in’

The boat rocks around. We are sail in’ to Sweden. We don’t want to go but we are left with no choice. We don’t want to leave our homes and friends, but again we are left with no choice. It is a hard thing to do. We don’t want to leave. So instead we just continue listening to the water as the boat swishes, Sways, and as we go sail in’

What Is Wrong With Us?
Why do they want to hurt us? What is wrong with us? Just because others think we are strange, and cruelness to the world does not mean we will give up fighting for freedom and our rights. “What Is Wrong With Us?”

I am very glad the Resistance is helping out the Jews. They were planning to get the Jews to Sweden by ship. If you read the Article “Under the Decks” you will learn more about how the Jews are taken to Sweden. The world is in danger of the Germans if we don’t help the Jews. It is up to you to help the Jews.

The official Nazi symbol

Relocating Jews

Today I reported a fisherman sneaking some Jews in his boat. The Nazis came and went looking for the boat. They found 56 Jews in the boat. They took all of them to concentration camps or death camps as the Jews called them. The Nazis were relocating some of the Jews in Denmark. They are bombing their own ships and hiding.

The next day soldiers were outside of all the Danish houses to see if we were hiding any Jews. The Nazis found one person hiding some Jews, when they were going to take him he ran. The Nazis ran after him and shot him. All Danes were scared to go outside of their homes. They feared that the Nazis would get them.

I saw many Jews going in boats. The Resistance came up with a handkerchief that has a drug in it that makes the dogs sense of smell go bad. They didn’t find anyone in the boat. “Nein” said the soldier. A lot of Jews that day escaped from the Nazis today. The fishermen are not allowing any more Jews on the boats. They don’t want to have any problems with the Germans.

Here is a picture of Anne Frank who is Jewish with her family. They are leaving too.


Danger for the Jewish

The Jews are all under attack and relocation, as we know. The Resistance is working hard to keep the Jewish people safe. We have many hiding spots like the boats, cars, and even in others houses. We thank the people who are risking lives to help the Jewish, I also thank the people who are taking the Jews into their houses to keep them safe from the Germans. Avoid Germans as much as possible and keep helping the Jewish people.

Please help them especially if you are neighbors or good friends with them. Us in the resistance are working hard to keep all the Jewish safe. Since they are checking boats and often bring their dogs with them, which are their tracking devices, we created a drug and we put it in a handkerchief or something so that the dogs temporarily loose their sense of smell and can’t find the Jewish people we mostly hide under the decks.

We hope we can keep all the Jewish safe without having more than

5 - 10% relocated or killed. Many of the Resistance are trying hard to not get caught helping or not get executed because they were found. It is a terrible thing to think about, especially the reason why the Jews are trying to be destroyed, which is because of their religion or who they are.

Lately The Resistance have been talking to close family members who they tell to hide’ Jewish people with them as long as possible and then to try and get them safely to the fishermen who will take them to Sweden which the Germans don’t have the sense to bother that place. The Resistance are fighting back sneakily and doing all they can to help. We hope that our work to help the Jewish pays off. All were asking is to help the Jews!

Here is a picture of fishermen sailing Jews to Sweden to escape the Nazis
Under the Decks students:ldiehl:desktop:images-2.jpeg
The fishermen are people who take Jews on a boat. Just last night I put Jews in the bottom of my boat. Then Nazis came up to me and wanted to check out my boat. Thank god they said everything was clear. The Jews were really scared of the Nazis.

We have been working hard to create a handkerchief or something that prevents the dogs from smelling the Jews. The dog struggled toward my boat. The dog’s smell wasn’t working because the handkerchief I pulled out had scent drugs on it.

I am taking 20 Jews to Sweden. It was very hard to get past the Nazis. They almost found the Jews on the boat. It was a good thing I had the handkerchief. It helped me get the Jews to safety.

We have been studying where the Germans look and how they find the Jews. The more we study them the more we know what and what not to do. The minds of the Germans are smart but lately we’ve been smarter and more cautious because we know we need to worry about the Nazis.

Here is the Jewish Flag that will be raised when they win.

Above is a picture of Jewish people being humiliated. They are being humiliated by being forced to get on their hands and knees with people laughing at them, especially the Germans. They don’t care they are just torturing them because they are Jewish. They shouldn’t have to get on their hands and knees and scrape up dirt and get things thrown at them just for Germans and other rude people to laugh. These people are suffering of people hurting them, taking them and their families, and people hurting them with words. They will not be treated with unfairness because we will keep trying.
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