Knowledge Comprehension Application

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Create a crossword puzzle that includes at least 16 clues about the main character, significant events, or other important details from the novel. Your puzzle must have both across and down clues. Fill in your answers.

Explain how the main character feels during 3 different parts of the story. Use specific details from the reading to back-up your ideas and explain why the character feels the way he/she does.

Choose 3 important characters and draw symbolic representations for each of them. Explain in 3 sentences each why you chose the symbols.


Create a “Wanted Poster” for a villain or an antagonist in your novel. Include a colored picture and a 5 sentence paragraph explaining why he or she is “wanted.”

Predict what will happen next in the book and explain why your prediction is likely to be true.

In your mind, transfer your main character to a new setting. Describe the new setting and then explain how the character would respond to different people and situations he or she might encounter.


Choose 3 important statements made by characters. Write the character’s name and the statement and then explain in a 5 sentence paragraph why each statement is important to the story.

Choose a passage from the book and describe what is happening right then. Explain what lead up to the passage and what follows it.

Create finger puppets for characters in a scene from the novel. Write a scene from the novel in play form with dialogue, stage directions, narrator, etc.


Retell the story so far by listing 8 important events. Write a good sentence about each event explaining their significance to the story.

Choose a passage from the book and illustrate what is happening right then. Illustrate what led up to the passage and what follows it. Write complete sentences under the pictures.

Compare a conflict in your Civil War novel to a conflict in a novel we read this year. The conflict may involve characters (person vs. person, person vs. self), plot events or abstract ideas. Be specific.


Retell the story so far by illustrating 8 important events (with detail). Include a sentence under each to explain why each is important to the story.

Explain the three most important ideas or parts of the story so far and why they are important. Each idea should be presented in at least 5 sentences.

Think of a specific situation or event your character has experienced and write how you would have handled it differently. Use specific details.


In 3 good detailed paragraphs, describe the setting of the novel using sensory details (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch). Include place and time details

Colorfully illustrate 3 major emotions a character has experienced and explain why the character has felt this way.

Give 2 examples of people you know (or know of) who have similar problems or situations as the characters in the novel. Be specific in your explanations.


Draw a detailed picture of the setting of the novel including as many details as possible. Label your drawing. Include place and time details.

Colorfully illustrate 3 major events a character has experienced and explain what he/she was thinking at the time and why.

Write a newspaper article about an event told in your novel. Make it clear – no opinion or bias. Include the who, what , when , where , why, and how.

Give your article a catchy headline.

Civil War Activity Menu Expectations

  1. All written work will be typed, 12 point font, double spaced.

  2. Your written work must be one full page on printer paper.

  3. Illustrations must be in color on printer paper. Explanatory material, captions, etc. must be typed.

  4. Your work must be carefully edited. Conventions count!

  5. Your work must creatively reflect your novel.

  1. In your group, choose one activity from the assigned column. Write your name in the box of your chosen activity. Each activity may be done by one person only.

  2. Your activity is due on the next assignment date.

Download 9.73 Kb.

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