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Lady Gaga French Revolution Lyrics You Tube video:

Inequality. The relics of feudalism. Revolution in France.

Oh, the Three Estates ensured nobles favoritism. Revolution in France.

La la Liberte. Eqalite. Fraternite. A Revolution. (Repeat chorus)

Don’t want no taxes, I’m paying too much. Let them eat cake we had a banquet for lunch.

I need my bread. Bread bread bread! Off with her head.

It went from 8 sous to 12 in a year. Exactly what impoverished peasants had feared.

The royals jeered. Ha ha ha.There’s more for us.

There was a famine. The peasants wouldn’t pay. Bad malnutrition and tooth decay.

It went from famine to Napoleon’s war. You and me, let’s start a revolution.

We will not take this poverty anymore. You and me let’s start a revolution.

On a tennis court we swore to a constitution. Revolution in France.

On July 14 we stormed the Bastille; we showed them. Revolution in France.


The month of August, 1789. No feudalism, Declaration of Rights.

August decrees. Swept aside the two estates.

Women of Paris march down to Versailles. Carrying weapons the French king they defied.

You give us bread. Bread! Bread or we’ll stab you dead!

A new constitution. With a limited monarchy. It was a bad time for France.

We took on Austria in a war in the spring. Europe frightened by our revolution.

We will not take it Louis XVI must die. Tension heightened by our revolution.

Radical political mobs unite to start a revolution in France.

Breech-less sans-culottes of the Paris Commune demanded revolution in France.

Walk, walk, scaffold baby. Guillotine was going crazy. Take heads of kings and ladies.

Europe armed for the invading. Walk walk scaffold baby. Guillotine was going crazy. Robespierre, Reign of Terror. Did it for the Public Safety.

I want your loyalty or I’ll get my revenge. I take you out till your rebellion ends.

Don’t want no church. Catholicism is dead. No room for God. Worship reason instead.

Good ol’ Notre Dame became a “temple of reason”. Revolution in France.

A new calendar with months named for times and seasons. Revolution in France.

The Terror ended and with Robespierre gone. Was this the ending of the revolution?

Five members of the new Directory ruled. Could it be a permanent solution?

Directory and legislature filled with corruption. Revolution in France.

Monarchists and wars would cause even more disruption. Revolution in France.

Ooh, oo, oo la la. Coup de tat. Ooh oo, oo la la. Napoleon’s here !

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