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Leadership Styles – ANTZ

Leadership Styles

This activity provides you with a related experience in democratic and authoritarian leadership styles. The focus here is on comparing leadership styles within a group as it relates to the political system, economic system and government structure. By the end of the lesson, you will be able to define the differences that exist among these leadership styles, and the strengths and weaknesses that are associated with each style.


This movie is about the life and adventures of a worker ant named Z.

The ant colony in which he lives is led by a Queen .

However, General Mandible (the Queen's military leader) plans to destroy the monarchy and replace it with a dictatorship led by himself.

Z on the other hand, longs for the day when he is free of the colony to do whatever he chooses. When Z learns of Mandible's plan to eliminate the Queen he tries to stop Mandible while teaching others the value of thinking for oneself.
Three major types of government are well identified in the film - monarchy, dictatorship, and democracy.
Remember that an ideology is a set of beliefs and values about how society should be organized and what goals it should pursue. Here are the questions you will need to think about for each character in the video.

The Queen

General Mandible


What are the values and beliefs of this character? Justify

What is this character’s goal or plan for the colony?

What type of leadership style did this character resemble? Explain why.

What type of government did this character resemble most? Justify your answer.

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