Lesson plan: development strategies

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In this lesson students will learn the fundamental concepts of economic development. Students will learn about the role of globalization in developing societies, different theories of why some countries are more developed than others and will be able to identify the key institutions and players in the field of international development. Students will research, write, present and evaluate grant proposals to fund a development project that encompasses a specific strategy of development (Poverty Reduction, Trade-Not-Aid, Good Governance or Sustainable Development).

Instructional Goals
Students understand the relationships among political, economic and social systems in international development
Learning Outcomes

  • Students articulate why some countries are richer than other and the role of institutions and government policy in economic development

  • Students evaluate the effectiveness with which countries have utilized resources to address economic development

  • Students apply theories of economic development to develop an actual development project

  • Students gain experience in writing grants

Download 68.5 Kb.

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