Lourdes Beltran, Heather Luna

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Lourdes Beltran,

Heather Luna,

Georgina Salas,

Maria Martinez,

& Crystal Martinez

EDCI 6341.62

Dr. Juan Chavez

April 22, 2012


ESSEA Cycle A (Module 2)

Team Assignment

Generate a list of questions related to the scenario. (Each member will contribute 2 questions, then respond to each others question.)

1.  L. Beltran: In case of a hurricane, how long do people have to evacuate?

G. Salas: In case of a hurricane evacuation the residents of the area should leave immediately.  The longer residents wait the more traffic there will be especially if the only way out is through a highway or bridge.  

H. Luna: Hurricane evacuations are issued based on the Decision Arc Method, which can be quite complex. Once an evacuation is issued, it is imperative that all evacuations occur before the storm crosses the “crossing point”. Once the storm crosses the “crossing point”, it is too late to evacuate anyone else. http://www.essortment.com/weather-safety-expect-hurricane-evacuation-61062.html  

M. Martinez: In case of a hurricane, people have an exact time to evacuate. If an evacuation is issued, residents should leave at that exact time. Meaning, residents have to be prepared ahead of time. Once an evacuation is issued, it means to leave, not to begin to pack and and think of what will be taken, fill up the car tank, sit down and make a plan, etc.

C. Martinez: Most people are given a short amount of time to evacuate and it is imperative that people listen to these warnings. It is only for their best interest of surviving such catastrophic events. With new updating technology coming out, it is a great relief to know the path of such storms.

Download 60 Kb.

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