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Security Council

Luxembourg's biggest concern in the Middle East is the atrocities being committed towards the people of Syria. Referencing back to a recent UN decision concerning Libya; Luxembourg proposes a no fly zone over the country to prevent further mass casualties. The UN needs to offer immediate aid to those that have been displaced by this conflict in nearby countries like Jordan and Turkey, and there need to be peacekeepers in said regions. The violence has started to spill over into different countries; therefore the Security Council should try to confine the violence in this region. Luxembourg proposes offering aid to the nearby regions to secure their borders while still giving asylum to all who ask. The use of sanctions on Syria should be limited to governmental organizations as to not hurt the few industries they do have. Furthermore, sanctions could create a devastating effect on the many internally displaced people and refugees.

The conflict in the Central African Republic has been a major source of chaos and conflict for several decades, and has once again become a major issue in the past year. The blatant human rights violations are a major concern for Luxembourg as we strive to uphold the principles of basic civil liberties that all people are entitled to. The role of the United Nations must be to support the creation of a stable, democratic government that will eventually be able to support the needs of its people. More guidance must be given to the interim government, as they severely lack support. On the topic of the refugee crisis, Luxembourg is ready and willing to provide monetary aid in the form of medical supplies and food in order to help reduce the severe consequences of such a large refugee population. A safe zone must be created and regulated by Peacekeepers in order to protect this large, high-risk population.

Regarding the reform of the Security Council, Luxembourg proposes the sectioning of the Security Council into 3 different yet similar subsections. The first is the rotating portion, to which we suggest that there is an addition of 2 spots. This would create a greater perspective into the increasingly globalized world. The second is a new section of the permanent Security Council that does not gain veto power. This sections creation is essential because of the growing power of several large, economically stable nations whose influence is desperately needed. Included in this section would be seats for Japan, Brazil, and India. The third is the existing permanent Security Council retaining veto power. Luxembourg solely supports Germany in their ascent to permanent veto power status of the Security Council. The importance of limiting the number of nations with veto power is essential in order to preserve the purpose and worth of the Security Council. It is vital to maintain the Security Council’s power on the world stage.

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