Make sure to fill out this study guide completely. You will be able to use the study guide for the test

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Unit 3 Part 1: Westward Expansion Part 1

Test Study Guide (Indicators USHC- 2.1 & 2.2)

Make sure to fill out this study guide completely. You will be able to use the study guide for the test.
- How the Louisiana Purchase affected the United States (geographically & politically:

- Jefferson – his interpretation of the Constitution that set the precedent for future land acquisitions:

- Oregon Territory – types of settlers that moved there, competing nations:

- War of 1812 – what it accomplished for the United States:

- Concept of nationalism that emerged in the United States during the early 1800s:

- Meaning of “Fifty Four Forty or Fight”:

- Groups that claimed the Oregon Territory:

- Changes in voting rights in 1820s-30s: changes in voting status for whites & African American property owners:

- First president elected from the West & his political affiliation:

- Political party strengthened by the westward movement:

- Indian Removal Act:

- Impact/consequences of the Trail of Tears:

- Groups of people forcibly relocated by means of the “Trail of Tears”:

- Impact/consequence of the westward movement on slave families:

- McCullough v Maryland – verdict & impact on role of the federal government:

- Gibbons v Ogden - verdict & impact on the role of the federal government:

- 1828 “Tariff of Abominations”: who southerners felt it was helping while hurting them:

- What President Jackson threatened to do during the Nullification Crisis:

- President Andrew Jackson’s views on the role of the federal v state governments:

- South Carolina’s response to Jackson’s threat:

- Idea promoted by the concept of nullification (who’s rights?):

- The solution to the Nullification Crisis:

- Monroe Doctine: purpose/area of the world that the doctrine was aimed at to keep free from European influence:

- What the Monroe Doctrine was, in large part, a response to:

- Why/how Britain helped American with the Monroe Doctrine:

- Concept of manifest destiny in the U.S. during the early half of the 19th century (include the “divine”aspect”)

- Reason why Texas revolted from Mexican rule:

- Reason why the United States waited 9 years to annex Texas into the Union:

- Impact of the Mexican War (who won, land/territory gained as a result of the war):

- 1853 Gadsden Purchase (how it affected the nation’s borders):

- Political Cartoon Analysis: Monroe Doctrine – “Monroe Doctrine”

- Political Cartoon Analysis: Mexican War – “Plucked”

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