Manuel B. Sanchez ccde 110n sec 2

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Manuel B. Sanchez

CCDE 110N Sec 2

Common Exit Essay

25, June 2009

Problems of an American Dream

The American dream is not a myth! The American dream is something that can come true if you have the will power to reach, and achieve your goal, you can make your dreams come true. America was built on dreams, so the American dream is not a myth it is everywhere dreams. Today why are Americans faced with new dreams? The recession is having unemployed American, going back to school to start new dream. Are unemployed American prepared by going back to school? What is the government doing to help unemployed American going back to school? What are unemployed American facing by going back to school. Community colleges or trade school what class does they offer to unemployed American trying to make their new dreams a reality?

Therefore, I believe that the government and community colleges, trade schools are not doing enough, to help unemployed Americans, going back to school to start new careers. The government is not helping enough with financial aid for unemployed Americans. That’s even if they qualify for help from the government, and schools. Community colleges and trade schools need to find ways to help unemployed Americans get back into school and help find new job careers. Most of the unemployed American, going back to school have been out of school for several years. Community colleges and trade schools are losing their unemployed students, because they don’t have the knowledge of schooling they did when they were in school several years ago. What is the government, trade schools and community colleges doing to fix these issues that unemployed Americans are facing as they try to go back to school?

President Obama’s speech given about his 2010 budget proposal, to a joint session of congress in June 17, 2009, increases financial support for college students and makes it more affordable to them. By Obama’s budget plan now government and colleges can help unemployed Americans that are going back to school. (Baum. S. & McPherson, M). With the budget proposal from the President, now the American dream can come true for all unemployed Americans going back to school.

Unemployed American that is going back to school can get help from the government and community colleges. The new budget proposal will increase financial support as unemployed Americans are going back to school. Now unemployed students that are applying for help can receive Pell grants and federal student loans a lot easier. With this budget proposal for student, and unemployed students, now they’ll have money to help them get through school and living cost while they are in school. With more money available to unemployed American students for bills and school, now they can achieve the American dream.

IN an article written by, (Jones, D, March 27, 2009). He writes “To attracted laid-off workers, community colleges and trade school are tailoring programs to appeal to adults who need skills, working with local companies to match their needs. By sending staff into factories, and other work place to spread the word about state and federal retraining assistance.” With the community colleges and trade schools helping with new job careers and training, unemployed American shouldn’t have a hard time finding a new job career. By having the community colleges, and trade school tailoring class for the unemployed students. The American dream is being made easier for unemployed Americans to reach and accomplish their goal.

Community colleges and trade school are offering incoming community-college freshman placement testing. By having this test taken schools can place students in class that they might need. (Merrow, J). Most new freshman need to take developmental class. Most of the unemployed Americans that are going back to schools have, been out of school for several years. By having unemployed students take this developmental class, it brings them up to par for the class they need to be taken for a new career. The testing of unemployed students is a good way to see if they are able. To reach their dreams in school, the American dream.

The president announced in his 2010 budget it will have money for colleges. To help increase financial aid to unemployed students that, are going back to school. (Baum’s, & McPherson, M). Trade school and community colleges are working with employers to help develop class for unemployed laid-off students. That are having a change of careers. By having, the government and trade school and community colleges work together. Unemployed students should have an easier time finding a new career and making it threw school. Now unemployed American can find new job careers with the help from the schools and government. There American dreams can come true for them. The conclusion is that if you have a dream and you want to achieve it. There is help out there for you. Sometimes your dream might take awhile but it will be worth it in the long run. So don’t loose focus on your dream. Make your dream a reality. Become that dream be that person you see in your dream. The American dream is not a myth!


Baum, S & McPherson, M (2009, April 3). Obama’s plans for higher education: A good beginning, but more is need. Chronicle of Higher Education, 55(30), A56-A56. Retrieved June 17, 2009, from academic Search Premier Database. Jones, D. (2009, March 27). Washington has failed the workhorse of American higher education. Chronicle of Higher Education, 55(29), B16-B17. Retrieved June 17, 2009, from Academic search Premier database. Merrow, J. (2007, Nov/Dec.). Community colleges: The (often rocky) path to the American Dream. Change. Retrieved June 17, 2009, from Academic Search Premier Database
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