Minutes of the Final Meeting of the 2004 Governing Board Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Fla

Report of the National Executive Officer

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Report of the National Executive Officer
V/C Ernie Marshburn, SN, reported that as of 1 Dec. 2004, five districts, 120 squadrons and 510 of the 1,055 participating members achieved Cooperative Charting honor roll status, and 429,302 credits were awarded. He reported that NOAA representatives and USPS members conducted a study of Depth Wiz. He said that a set of standards and requirements are being developed to improve the quality of Depth Wiz submissions.
V/C Marshburn reported that the National Meetings Committee is investigating annual meeting sites in the San Diego area since an annual meeting has not been held on the West Coast for years. He also reported that USPS and the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons are considering holding a joint meeting in the Detroit area in fall 2008. The committee reported that due to the success of the Jacksonville Governing Board website, a special meeting website will be available before each national meeting.

The national executive officer reported that the Recreational Boating Safety Committee assisted the OCom and the National Boating Safety Advisory Council in drafting a lifesaving policy that supports the USCG efforts to significantly increase PFD wear by all boaters, especially while on board small, open boats. The Governing Board subsequently approved the policy.

The Squadron Development Committee reported that 27 new squadrons have been chartered since the provisional squadron program began in 2000. The squadrons chartered in 2004 were Northern Neck/5, Portland Head/19 and Monterey Bay/25.
V/C Marshburn reported that all members, including family members who are at least 18 years old, are covered by the USPS insurance policy when performing vessel safety checks.
V/C Marshburn invited R/C Luis Ojeda, SN, and Stf/C Ron LaPlante, SN, to present the 2004 Vessel Safety Check awards.
2004 VSC Awards
The districts with the highest percentage of vessel safety checks based on their district membership received the 2004 Best District Awards. These districts are:

1st Place - District 3

2nd Place - District 23

3rd Place - District 1

4th Place - District 33

5th Place - District 7

The five squadrons with the highest percentage of vessel safety checks based on their squadron membership received the 2004 Best Squadron Awards. These squadrons are:

1st Place - Jones Beach/3

2nd Place - Titusville/23

3rd Place - Lake Candlewood/2

4th Place - Lakes Region Sail/19

5th Place - Venice Sail/22

Millennium Club Awards are given to vessel examiners who have performed at least 1,000 vessel safety checks during a vessel safety check year. 2004 recipients are:
P/C John R. Robinson, AP, Saybrook/1

Lt/C Peter J. Porrazzo, S, Lake Candlewood/3

P/R/C/ Robert D. Holub, SN (3rd year), Jones Beach/3

P/C Kimberly O’Gorman, P, Venice Sail/22

The Century Club Awards are presented to individuals who performed at least 100 vessel safety checks. 2004 recipients are:
John R. Robinson, Saybrook/1, who performed 605 VSC’s (2nd year)

Donald L. Wilson, Lake Candlewood/2, who performed 134 VSC’s (2nd year)

Frances J. Cioffi, Lake Candlewood/2, who performed 142 VSC’s (2nd year)

Peter J. Porrazzo, Lake Candlewood/2, who performed 825 VSC’s (2nd year)

Eileen L. Farrell, Brooklyn/3, who performed 103 VSC’s

Robert D. Holub, Jones Beach/3, who performed 1,652 VSC’s (3rd year)

Robert T. SanAngelo, Peconic Bay/3, who performed 104 VSC’s

Rosemary Whitney, Swiftwater/6, who performed 105 VSC’s

John Abbott, Akron/7, who performed 118 VSC’s (2nd year)

Robert A. Ball, Akron/7, who performed 187 VSC’s (2nd year)

Robert E. Mosey, Akron/7, who performed 210 VSC’s (2nd year)

Michael A. Siwek, Mansfield/7, who performed 101 VSC’s

James E. Mason, Rocky River/7, who performed 116 VSC’s (2nd year)

Marjorie Baraff, Biscayne Bay/8, who performed 107 VSC’s (2nd year)

Joseph F. Leitz, Vero Beach/8, who performed 105 VSC’s (4th year)

William R. DeKeyzer, Mt. Clemens/9, who performed 106 VSC’s

Charles A. Van Ameyden, Sable Point Sail/9, who performed 100 VSC’s

Dennis Blaga, St. Clair Shores Sail/9, who performed 144 VSC’s

Thomas F. Rossini, Duluth/10, who performed 165 VSC’s (2nd year)

David D. Smith, Las Vegas Sail/13, who performed 107 VSC’s

Tish J. Cullen, Las Vegas Sail/13, who performed 232 VSC’s (3rd Year)

Edith Marie Cure, New Orleans/15, who performed 623 VSC’s

Virgil L. Boyt, Friday Harbor/16, who performed 100 VSC’s (3rd year)

Thomas T. Roscoe, Lakes Region Sail/19, who performed 120 VSC’s

James W. Hill, Lakes Region Sail/19, who performed 101 VSC’s

William H. Doyle, Portsmouth/19, who performed 110 VSC’s

Lawrence G. Stoll, Calumet/20, 2 who performed 155 VSC’s

Daniel H. Joyce, Ft. Worth/21, who performed 207 VSC’s (3rd year)

Harvey E. Kuttner, Lake Charles/21, who performed 101 VSC’s

James W. Cooke Jr., Ft. Myers/22, who performed 113 VSC’s

Dorothy S. Holmes, Ft. Myers/22, who performed 142 VSC’s

Kimberly O’Gorman, Venice Sail/22, who performed 463 VSC’s (2nd year)

Karen Marie Andros, Titusville/23, who performed 207 VSC’s

Matthew W. Bandilla, Titusville/23, who performed 205 VSC’s (2nd year)

Mack L. Gordy Jr., Greensboro/27, who performed 109 VSC’s (3rd year)

Dennis D. Ladd, Port Clinton/29, who performed 123 VSC’s

Mary Kathryn Nesser, Port Clinton/29, who performed 109 VSC’s

Paul Howey, Toledo/29, who performed 104 VSC’s

Juan E. Rivera, San Juan/33, who performed 216 VSC’s (2nd year)

V/C Marshburn reported that the external grant funding team submitted a $497,000 grant application on 23 April 2004 to the Corporation for National and Community Service, titled “Harbor-Watch: A Citizen-Based Homeland Security Program,” which was not funded. He said that the focus of this program is to train volunteers, including USPS members , local Citizen’s Corps representatives, and other people who will use their own boats to monitor day-to-day boat traffic and port activities along high-priority waterways in the United States. The team is working with the Educational Department on a grant titled Smart Boating 21, which would develop a series of train-the trainer sessions. The Vessel Safety Check Committee and the youth activities team are working on additional grant proposals.
He reported that the Executive Department is working with the Educational Department to develop an experienced-boater examination program, to facilitate USPS admission for experienced boaters who do not need or are unwilling to complete an approved USPS boating safety course.

V/C Marshburn also reported that the Executive Department is working on an initiative called Governing Board Live, which will enable members to access parts of national meetings by webcast.

V/C Marshburn, SN, reviewed the actions taken by the OCom during its meetings held on 5 - 8 Jan. 2005.

1. A motion to approve the list of 2005 honorary members. (2005-OC-1)
2. A motion to continue negotiations with the American Radio Relay League. (2005-OC-2)
3. A motion to set the selling price to squadrons for the 2005 Advanced Piloting materials as follows: $24 for the student manual, which includes the Maptech CD-ROM and the 1210 TR chart and $16 for the instructor manual kit, which includes the student manual, instructor manual, the Maptech CD-ROM and the 1210 TR chart. (2005-OC-3)
4 A motion to pay a travel voucher that was received past the 60-day approval limit.


5. A motion to file and register with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office the initials “USPS” for use on clothing in International Class 25. (2005-OC-5)
Members attending the Annual Meeting ADOPTED V/C Marshburn’s motion to ratify these Operating Committee actions. (2005-AM-3)
Report of the Chief Commander
C/C G. Leslie Johnson, SN, stated that the 2005 Expo was very successful. He thanked those who were involved in organizing this event.

C/C Johnson reported on a positive partnering effort. He was invited by Josh Gilliland, a Sea Scout quartermaster, to attend a Sea Scout potluck dinner on 14 Dec. 2004. He noted that when asked if they knew about USPS, several Sea Scouts said that they had docked at an island owned by some members of Diablo Power Squadron who assisted with the Sea Scouts’ summer cruise. The chief noted that this is just one example of how partnerships are working.

The chief reported that several talking points were discussed at the district commanders’ and squadron officers’ and general members’ meetings. He noted that increasing the new member initiation fee was discussed. He said that the direct costs related to recruiting and matriculation of new members exceeds $25. He noted that the cost of the membership pin, membership certificate and headquarters labor are the smallest costs involved in processing a new member. He said that the cost of Cooperative Advertising public relations efforts are just some costs that can be attributed to recruiting and processing new members. A second talking point was the possibility of teaching Seamanship and elective courses to both members and nonmembers. He said that the number of classes being taught is decreasing and that it is not feasible for squadrons to teach classes to only one or two members. A third talking point was the financial liability of life members in the future. He noted that there are about 3,000 life members, who cost USPS more than $30,000 per year in expenses. The expense is approximately $10 per year per life member, which includes headquarters costs of membership maintenance and the costs of providing THE ENSIGN magazine. The idea has been proposed to begin charging life members national dues at half the annual dues rate, which would be effective 25 years from the date of approval by the Governing Board. The chief said that he appreciated receiving member’s comments on these talking points.
C/C Johnson reported that at the 2004 Fall Governing Board Meeting in Jacksonville, there was a discussion concerning a recommendation that the chief consider creating an advisory board consisting of both members and nonmembers. He said that he is studying the recommendation and will report back to the Planning Committee.
The chief noted several areas where the OCom and the national Bridge had cut expenses in 2004, and he thanked them for their support.

The chief invited D/C Drex Bradshaw, AP, to address the audience. D/C Bradshaw encouraged the OCom to ensure that all expenses have been reviewed and cut where appropriate before requesting a dues increase.

Election and Installation of Officers
C/C Johnson discharged all national officers and cleared the bridge with the exception of the national secretary, and P/C/C Lance J. Jensen, SN, came forward to conduct the elections. The national secretary declared that no nominations by petition were filed.
Report of the Committee on Nominations
R/C U. Glenn Daughtridge, AP, stated, “In accordance with provisions of the USPS Bylaws, Article 11, Section 11.6, the Committee on Nominations unanimously submits its report of nominees to be voted on at the USPS 2005 Annual Meeting of Delegates.” R/C Daughtridge moved the election of the following members to serve on the Committee on Rules:
Committee on Rules

Chairman for 2005

R/C James C. Acheson, SN (Port Huron/9)

Members for one year

P/D/C Marlene J. Herbig, SN (Sebastian Inlet Sail/8)

Stf/C Allan W. Lakin, SN (Valley Ho/13)

Lt William I. Neef, SN (Anclote Key Sail/22)

P/D/C Robert E. Rayburn, SN (Columbus Sail/29)

P/R/C Gene Van Rhee, SN (Sable Point Sail/9)

P/R/C Lowell G. Ward, SN (Hilton Head Sail/26)
The Annual Meeting ADOPTED the motion to elect the slate of Committee on Rules members as presented. (2005-AM-4)
R/C Daughtridge and said, “In accordance with provisions of the USPS Bylaws, Article 11, Section 11.6, the Committee on Nominations unanimously submits its report of nominees to be voted on and moves the election of the members for the national bridge.”
Chief Commander

C/C Leslie Johnson, SN (Diablo Sail/25)

National Executive Officer

V/C Ernest G. Marshburn, SN (Tar River/27)

National Educational Officer

V/C Spencer P. Anderson, SN (Banana River/23)

National Administrative Officer

V/C Creighton C. Maynard Jr., SN (Fort Worth/21)

National Secretary

V/C Robert A. Baldridge, SN (Baton Rouge/15)

National Treasurer

V/C John T. Alter, SN (Raleigh Sail/27)

The Annual Meeting ADOPTED the motion to elect the slate of officers for the national bridge as presented. (2005-AM-5)
R/C Daughtridge stated, “In accordance with provisions of the USPS Bylaws, Article 11, Section 11.6, the Committee on Nominations unanimously submits its report of nominees to be voted on and moves the election of the members of the Committee on Nominations as follows:
Chairman for 2005

R/C Gerald Grofman, SN (Evanston Sail/20)

Member (fill unexpired term) for two years

P/R/C Edwin E.J. Mraz, SN (San Diego Sail/28)
Members for three years

P/R/C Anthony J. Aquilato, AP (City Island/4)

P/R/C James A. Williams, JN (Lansing/9)

Most recent P/C/C willing to serve

P/C/C Lance J. Jensen, SN (Bellevue/16)

The other three members of the committee (not to be voted on) and the years remaining on their terms are
D/Lt Ruby Ann Mahnken, P (Bellevue/16) 1 year

P/R/C Daniel Stein, SN (Berea/7) 1 year

P/R/C Shirley Van Rhee, JN ( Sable Point Sail/9) 2 years
The Annual Meeting ADOPTED the motion to elect the slate of Committee on Nominations members as presented. (2005-AM-6)
R/C Daughtridge moved the election of the following General Members of the Governing Board and the Annual Meeting ADOPTED the motion. (2005-AM-7)

Edwin L. Allen Jr., AP, Fort Myers/22

Joseph E. Anderson, SN, Bellevue/16

Vincene Aquilato, S, City Island/4

Charles T. Ashford, SN, Galveston Bay/21

Keith R. Baldwin, JN, Waukegan Sail /20

Robert D. Barber, AP, Sarasota/22

Peter B. Betlem, AP, Skagit Bay Sail /16

Edward P. Bialecke, SN, St. Louis/30

Kathleen Bisogno, JN, Raritan Bay/4

Ruth L. Buescher, AP, Miles River Sail /5

Thomas H. Carey II, SN, Vulcan/17

Dorothy Christopher, AP, Merrimac River Sail /18

Mary Lou Corbett, AP, Winston Salem Sail /27

William J. Curren, SN, Attleboro Sail /14

Lewis W. Dance, SN, Cape Coral/22

Susan L. Darcy, JN, Berkshire Sail /2

Marjorie J. Dorwart, SN, Calumet Sail /20

Thomas R. Dougherty II, P, Coral Ridge/8

Stephen Eakman, SN, Nobscot/12

Richard C. Erler,AP, Hilton Head Sail /26

Wade R. Faircloth Jr., SN, Santana/13

John W. Fletcher, SN, Lockport/6

Robert C. Flint, AP, Seminole/23

Ronald Friedmann, AP, Neptune/3

Alan C. Fuller, SN, Darien Sail /2

Ed A. Garr, AP, Erie/11

William R. Gillete, AP, Key West Sail /8

Mack Gordy Jr., AP, Greensboro/27

Kenneth L. Griffing, SN, Santana/13

J. Kenneth Guscott, JN, Anna Maria Island/22

C. Tom Helms, SN, Lake Norman Sail /27

Rose Hinders, Carquinez/25

George W. Hunt, AP, Banana River/23

Dick Jarmon, SN, Birmingham/9

Steven Johnson, AP, Norman Sail /31

William A. Johnson, AP, Phoenix Sail /28

Daniel Katz, SN, Little Neck Bay Sail /3

James F. Keil, AP, Cape Coral/22

Joseph Klein, SN, Captree/3

James G. Knaggs, SN, Flint/9

Joseph M. Krupp Jr., AP, Liberty Harbor/4

Janet U. Lane, SN, Naples Sail /22

Edward W. Lewis, JN, Mattapoisett/14

William C. Lucas, SN, Sanibel Captiva Sail /22

Louis Maassel, SN, Annapolis Sail /5

William E. Maloy, AP, Portland Head Sail /19

John F. Mancini, AP, New Haven/1

Malcolm H. McDonald, JN, South Hills/7

William J. McDonald, AP, Hoosier/24

Micky McNelis, P, Dundalk Sail /5

Robert Messineo, AP, South Shore/3

Dennis J. Morris, SN, Everett Sail /16

Harold Oslick, JN, Watchung Sail /4

Janis H. Owen, JN, Johnson City/17

Norma J. Parrish, AP, Hampton Roads/5

Stanley L. Petty, JN, Main Line/5

Harriet Pierce, San Joaquin Delta/25

Lee Popham, AP, Everglades/8

Richard Reddy, SN, Perdido Bay/15

Maurice G. Rice Jr., AP, Central Wisconsin Sail /10

Jose A. Rivera, AP, San Juan/33

Thomas T. Roscoe, AP, Lakes Region Sail /19

E. J. Sacks, SN, Pensacola Sail /15

Denise C. Samu, AP, Birmingham/9

Joseph Sausser, AP, Sandusky/29

Gloria J. Schulke, AP, Sebastian Inlet Sail /8

C. Douglas Sewell, SN, Berea/7

Herbert Shulman, AP, Nobscot/12

Kathryn J. Simkins, P, Patuxent River Sail /5

Irwin Staple, AP, Westchester/2

Jerry Stephan, AP, Grand Traverse Bay/9

Robert Stierna, SN, Minnetonka/10

Archie W. Trawick Jr., SN, Lake Murray/26

William M. Warren, P, Southern Tier/6

Kenneth Wilkinson, AP, Lake Charles/21

Harold L. Willard, SN, Patuxent River Sail /5

Elaine Williams, AP, Saybrook/1

Samuel Woodruff Jr., AP, Columbus Sail /29

Gerald L. Zambroski, P, Rochester/

6 P/C/C Jensen requested that N/F/Lt Theodore C. Kontos, SN, escort C/C-elect G. Leslie Johnson, SN, and Mary Lou Johnson to the stage area. P/C/C Jensen then administered the oath of office to C/C Johnson.
C/C Johnson called on P/C/C Arthur H. Farr, SN, to install the national bridge.
C/C Johnson adjourned the meeting at 1535.
V/C Frank A. Dvorak, SN

National Secretary

Action Summary

Annual Meeting

8 Jan. 2005


1. A motion to establish a second position of assistant chair of the Ship’s Store Committee.

2. A motion to change the name of Corpus Christi Sail and Power Squadron to Coastal Bend Sail and Power Squadron. (2005-AM-2)
3. A motion to ratify the actions of the Operating Committee at its 5 - 8 Jan. 2005 meetings.


4. A motion to elect the slate of Committee on Rules members as presented. (2005-AM-4)
5. A motion to elect the slate of officers for the national bridge as presented. (2005-AM-5)
6. A motion to elect the slate of Committee on Nominations members as presented. (2005-AM-6)
7. A motion to elect general members of the Governing Board as presented. (2005-AM-7)

Minutes of the First Meeting of the 2005 Governing Board Meeting

Held 8 Jan. 2005

at the Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida

C/C G. Leslie Johnson, SN, called the meeting to order at 1535, and the national secretary declared a quorum present.
R/C James C. Acheson, SN, chairman, Committee on Rules, announced that Stf/C Allan W. Lakin, SN, would serve as the assistant chairman of the Committee on Rules. He then explained the voting procedures.
Report of the Committee on Nominations
P/R/C U. Glenn Daughtridge, AP, offered the report of the Committee on Nominations. “In accordance with USPS Bylaws Section 11.7 and 11.8, it is the responsibility of the Governing Board to elect the chairmen and assistant chairmen of standing and departmental committees. Where appropriate, the following have the approval and recommendation of the vice commanders in charge of the department to which they are assigned. Accordingly, the Committee on Nominations unanimously presents the following nominations and recommends their election.”
The Governing Board ADOPTED the motion to elect the following nominees for rear commander. (2005-GB-1)



Auditing R/C Albert Warnock Jr., JN (Gulf Breeze Sail /15)

Finance R/C Joseph R. Mesenburg, SN (Columbus Sail/29) Law Officer R/C James D. Richlak, SN (Painesville/11)

Marketing and Public Relations R/C Darrell G. Allison, AP (Tres Rios/13))

Planning R/C Alan F. Wentworth, SN (Door County/10)

Cooperative Charting R/C William H. Mullins, SN (San Antonio Sail/21)

National Meetings R/C Howard E. Yoas, SN (Austin/21)

Recreational Boating Safety R/C Elliott L. Manke, JN (Rocky River/7)

Squadron Development R/C Frank R. Clayton, SN (Thurmond Lake Sail/26)

Vessel Safety Check R/C Ronald C. LaPlante, SN (Mount Clemens/9)


Assistant Nat’l Educational Officer R/C Richard E. Kyle, SN (Saybrook/1)

Basic Public Education R/C David A. Daniels, SN (Susquenango/6)

Boat Handling R/C Dan H. Tiedeman, JN (Tacoma/16)

Curriculum Development & Coordination R/C Robert L. Potter, SN (DuPage/20)

Educational Dept Operations R/C William F. Witty, SN (Skokie Valley/20)

Electro-Mechanical Systems R/C Walter C. Fields, SN (Ocala/23)

Inland & Coastal Navigation R/C Richard C. Pfenniger, SN (Hollywood/8)

Instructor Development R/C S. Patricia Governale, SN (Somerset Sail/4)

Marine Environment R/C Robert E. Brandenstein, SN (Pittsburgh/7)

Offshore Navigation R/C Norma A. Fields, SN (Ocala/23)

Publication Support R/C Peter W. Mitchelson, SN (Sebastian Inlet Sail/8)


Auxiliary Advisory R/C Carmen Adame, AP (Cocoa Beach/23)

Leadership Development R/C E. Bruce Hewitt, SN (Tampa/22)

Membership Committee R/C Bruce E. Troth, AP (Skagit Bay Sail/16)

Member Benefits R/C Luis A. Ojeda, SN (Ponce/33)

Squadron Activities R/C Henry G. Griffin, SN (Staten Island/4)


Assistant Secretary R/C David L. Hinders, SN (Carquinez/25)

Flag and Etiquette R/C Barbara A. Spraggins, AP (Berea/7)

Historian R/C Edward F. Bauer, SN (South Shore/3)

Information Technology R/C Philip Arcuni, SN (Key West Sail /8)

Operations Manual R/C Patricia G. Gagliano, AP (Patapsco River Sail/5)

Publications R/C Anne Schreitmueller, JN (Little Neck Bay Sail/3)

Ship’s Store R/C Sandra Johnson, AP (Norman Sail/31)

THE ENSIGN R/C Ina Fay Zitter, JN (Palm Beach Sail/8)
Asst. Treasurer & Budget Director R/C Richard P. Rutland, SN (Mohawk Hudson/2)

Budget Officers:

Exec. & Admin. Dept. R/C Richard M. Peoples, SN (Banana River/23)

Educational Department R/C Edwin A. Slack, SN (Toledo/29)

Secretary’s Department R/C Thomas H. Ellis, JN (Vero Beach/8)

Planned Giving Committee R/C Alfred A. Volkmann, SN (Patchogue Bay/3)

The Governing Board ADOPTED the motion to elect the following nominees for staff commander. (2005-GB-2)

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