Minutes of the Final Meeting of the 2004 Governing Board Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Fla

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Minutes of the Final Meeting of the 2004 Governing Board

Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Fla.

8 Jan. 2005
Chief Commander G. Leslie Johnson, SN, convened the meeting at 0830.
V/C Frank A. Dvorak, SN, national secretary, declared a quorum of Governing Board members present.
R/C Thomas R. Dougherty, SN, Committee on Rules chairman, explained the voting procedures and called attention to the voting rules printed on each voting card.
Approval of the Minutes

C/C Johnson announced that, with no objections, the minutes of the 11 Sept. 2004 Governing Board Meeting would be approved as distributed.

The Governing Board ADOPTED a motion entertained by C/C Johnson to confirm the 11 Sept. 2004 Governing Board ratification of Operating Committee actions reflected in the subsequent minutes of its meeting held on 8 Sept. 2004. (2005-GB-1)
The Governing Board ADOPTED a motion entertained by C/C Johnson to ratify the actions taken by the OCom at its 13 Nov. 2004 meeting and published in the minutes of that meeting. (2005-GB-2)
Award of a Merit Mark to Chief Commander
R/C Dougherty summarized the chief commander’s 2004 activities and recommended a motion to award C/C Johnson his 28th merit mark. The Governing Board ADOPTED the motion. (2005-GB-3)

There being no further business, C/C Johnson adjourned the meeting at 0845.
V/C Frank A. Dvorak, SN

National Secretary

- 2 - Governing Board 8 Jan. 2005

Final meeting of the 2004 Governing Board

8 Jan. 2005

Adoptions, confirmations

1. A motion to confirm the 11 Sept. 2004 ratification of the OCom actions reflected in the subsequent minutes of its meeting held on 8 Sept. 2004. (2005-GB-1)
2. A motion to ratify the actions taken by the Operating Committee at its 13 Nov. 2004 meeting and published in the minutes of that meeting. (2005-GB-2)

  1. A motion to award a 2004 merit mark to C/C Johnson. (2005-GB-3)

Minutes of the 91st Annual Meeting

Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Fla.

8 Jan. 2005

Chief Commander G. Leslie Johnson, SN, called the meeting to order at 0855.
Father Louis M. Reitz, AP, led the invocation, which was followed by the presentation of the colors of the United States and Canada, the Pledge of Allegiance led by N/F/Lt Theodore C. Kontos, SN, and the singing of the U.S. and Canadian national anthems led by P/R/C Kenneth D. Link, JN, and accompanied on the piano by Shelia Link.
The national secretary declared a quorum present.
R/C Thomas R. Dougherty, SN, Committee on Rules chairman, explained the Annual Meeting voting procedures.
Introduction of Past Chief Commanders
P/C/C Lance J. Jensen, SN, introduced the past chief commanders who were present at the meeting in the order they served.

P/C/C Raymond A. Finley Jr., SN, 1982-1983 (Lackawanna/4)

P/C/C Richard W. Miner, SN, 1986-1987 (Birmingham/9)

P/C/C Gillette E. Gordon, SN, 1992-1993 (Diablo/25)

P/C/C Joseph L. Kennedy, SN, 1994-1995 (St. Petersburg/22)

P/C/C L.M. Barnes III, SN, 1996-1997 (Rocky Mount/27)

P/C/C Arthur H. Farr, SN, 1998-1999 (Rocky River/7)

C/C Johnson introduced P/C/C Lance J. Jensen, SN, Bellevue/16, who served as chief commander from 2000-2001.

Introduction of Guests

P/V/C James E. Roeber, SN, introduced the following guests:

  • Ellen Engleman Conners, CEO and chairman, National Transportation Safety Board;

  • William Gossard, senior safety advocate, National Transportation Safety Board; and

  • Capt. Roger Parsons, director, Office of Coast Survey, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Capt. Parsons, assisted by Capt. James Gardner and Ken Forster, NOAA, National Ocean Service, Office of Coast Survey, presented the 2004 Cooperative Charting Awards for outstanding contribution to charting and geodetic programs of the Coast and Geodetic Survey to the following:

The number one individual: Lt/C David R. Biddick, SN, Door County Sail and Power Squadron/10

The number one squadron: Door County Sail and Power Squadron/10

The number one district: District 21

NOAA Coast Survey Award: P/R/C Julian C. Roden, AP, received the NOAA Coast Survey Award for excelling in the Cooperative Charting Program for five years

P/V/C Roeber continued introductions:

  • Jeff Hoedt, chief, USCG Office of Boating Safety; and

  • Randy Edwards, president, National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.

Mr. Edwards presented the 2004 NASBLA President’s Award to P/R/C Jack Wilson, AP.
P/V/C Roeber continued introductions:

  • William Edgerton, past commodore, United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Past Commodore Edgerton and C/C Johnson signed a Recreational Boating Safety Visitation Memorandum of Understanding.

C/C Johnson presented a USPS Continuing Service Award to John Van Osdol, national director, Maritime Domain Awareness, USCGAux, for his dedication and efforts in promoting America’s Boating Course.
P/V/C Roeber continued introductions:

  • Richard Schwartz, founder and chairman, BoatU.S.

Mr. Schwartz and C/C Johnson, assisted by Ruth Wood, president, BoatU.S. Foundation, presented the BoatU.S./USPS Civic Service Award, in recognition of exceptional civic service to the boating community, to the top district, District 13, and to the top squadron, San Juan Power Squadron/33.

P/V/C Roeber continued introductions:

  • James Stevens, training manager, Royal Yachting Association. Mr. Stevens presented a RYA burgee to C/C Johnson. C/C Johnson presented a Diablo Sail and Power Squadron burgee to Mr. Stevens.

Honorary Memberships
C/C Johnson presented 2005 honorary memberships to the following guests who were present:

Robert Barclay

Virgil Chambers

Ellen Engleman Connors

Pam Dillon

Randy Edwards

Capt. James Gardner

Ben Gilbert

William Gossard

Jeff Hoedt

Charles Holmes

Jimmie Homburg

Angela Mickalide

Dennis Motschenbacher

Capt. Roger Parsons

Bobby Pharr

Richard Schwartz

James Stevens

John Van Osdol

Ruth Wood

  • P/V/C Roeber introduced Chief Commander Howard Peck, Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, who introduced other CPS officers attending the meeting.

C/C Johnson invited R/C James D. Richlak, SN, to describe an MOU between USPS, the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons and the Great Lakes Cruising Club. R/C Richlak noted that the MOU states that the GLCC, USPS, and CPS will work together to share information, to achieve their common goals of boating safety and joint projects.

C/C Johnson, C/C Peck and Robert Barclay, commodore, Great Lakes Cruising Club, signed a memorandum of understanding.

P/V/C Roeber introduced Jimmie Homberg, national commodore, Sea Scouts, Boy Scouts of America, who presented the 2005 P/C/C Raymond A. Finley Jr., SN, Sea Scout Awards to:

V/C Ernie Marshburn, SN, Tar River/27

Michael Stewart, AP, Balboa/28

Lt/C Raymond C. Derk, AP, Mountaineer/7

Lt/C Susan Derk, P, Mountaineer/7

P/C Franklin D’Auirizo, AP, Rochester/6

D/Lt Dana B. McRae, P, Tres Rios/13

D/Lt/C Lee Popham, AP, Everglades/8

Richard B. Cuciti, Santana/13

D/Lt/C C. Douglas Sewell, SN, Berea/7

Richard Schwartz (Honorary)

P/V/C Roeber introduced Mr. Jonathan Eaton, president, McGraw-Hill/International Marine. C/C Johnson and Mr. Eaton signed an agreement for McGraw-Hill/International Marine to publish and distribute the Marine Amateur Radio learning guide.
P/V/C Roeber introduced Dr. Angela Mickalide, program director, National SAFE KIDS Campaign. C/C Johnson and Dr. Mickalide signed a memorandum of understanding about the mission of National SAFE KIDS which is to prevent unintentional injury to children.

R/C William H. Mullins, SN, chairman, Cooperative Charting Committee, presented the 2004 Golden Eagle Award to John R. Moroski, Galveston Bay/21, in recognition of his outstanding efforts to promote Cooperative Charting in his district.
C/C Johnson, assisted by P/R/C Robert A. Green, N, and Jeff Hoedt, USCG, Office of Boating Safety, presented the USPS/USCG Eagle Award. This award recognizes companies, organizations and individuals who have made significant contributions to boating safety throughout the years. Winners of the 2004 USPS/USCG Eagle Award were Fred Messmann, past president, NASBLA; Ted Rankine, CEO, Dual Media; and T.R. "Rocky" Shepard III, president, King Features.
C/C Johnson presented a USPS Life Saving Award to P/C Barry Freeman, AP, and Cdr Jan Freeman, AP, Arrowhead/13.
C/C Johnson called on P/C/C Jensen to assist him in presenting a plaque to Mary Pacher in appreciation of a donation to USPS in memory of her brother, P/R/C William C. Crayne, SN. P/C/C Jensen highlighted some of P/R/C Crayne’s contributions to USPS. He said that P/R/C Crayne began his career on the national level on the USPS Computer Systems Committee and later served as the chairman of the Committee on Rules. He also produced the first software for squadrons to use to compile and print merit mark recommendations. P/C/C Jensen noted that P/R/C Crayne was almost singularly responsible for merging the USPS Constitution and USPS Bylaws into a single document.
Stf/C Robert A. Green, SN, presented C/C Johnson with a Proclamation of the Governors, commemorating USPS’ 90th anniversary.

C/C Johnson announced an attendance of 900.

2005 Emeritus Members
C/C Johnson presented Member Emeritus Awards to Irving Knopf, SN, Sarasota/22; Francis Litchfield, AP, Old Colony/12; Larry Posik, SN, Bayside/3; and Harry Twitchell, AP, Captain Harbor Sail/2.

Approval of Minutes
C/C Johnson announced that, with no objections, the minutes of the 17 Jan. 2004 Annual Meeting of the Governing Board would be approved as distributed.

2005 Life Members
C/C Johnson announced that the new life members for 2005 were presented with life member certificates at a reception on Friday, 7 Jan. 2005. They will receive plaques, pins and cards at their district spring conferences or at another suitable occasion. The life members for 2005 are:


District/Squadron Name

David W. Abel, AP

27/Rocky Mount

Francis E. Anderson, AP

5/Hampton Roads

Richard A. Anderson, SN

14/Attleboro Sail

Edwin C. Anker, SN


Charles Ashford, SN

21/Galveston Bay

William W. Baldwin, SN

20/Michigan City

Gennaro A. Barbieri, JN


Francois R. Barfuss, AP

2/Darien Sail

Robert H. Barkalow, AP

4/Barnegat Bay Sail

Ronald V. Basener, SN

5/Bush River

Calvin W. Belton, AP


R. Paul Benton, SN


William B. Benzer Jr., SN


Paul S. Bertz Jr., P


Kenneth J. Bolt, SN

4/Staten Island

Ned A. Bromm, SN


George W. Brooks, SN

16/Skagit Bay Sail

George W. Brown, S

27/Raleigh Sail

Warren R. Burns, JN

22/Boca Ciega Sail

Ralph M. Burton, SN

9/Grosse Pointe

Gabriel F. Buschle, AP

6/Syracuse Sail

Gerry Carroll, AP

13/Santa Monica Bay

C. Robert Chamberlin, JN

5/Richmond Sail

Daniel E. Chappell, AP


Crawford E. Chiasson, S

21/Houston Sail

Charles A. Cody, SN

21/Galveston Bay

Sherry L. Coker, P

5/Rappahannock Sail

James P. Conroy, P

30/Quad City

John P. Cook, SN


Stephen Costa, SN

5/Northeast River

Clarence W. Cramer, SN


Robert E. Cummings, SN

30/Boulder Valley Sail

Robert R. Dales, AP


Gary Davis, AP

31/Little Rock Sail

Jackson A. Dean, AP


John M. Dolan III, N

5/Richmond Sail

Frank E. Dougherty Jr., AP

8/Sebastian Inlet Sail

Frederick E. Drawert, AP

28/Phoenix Sail

Melvin H. Dussel Sr., P

15/New Orleans

Leon H. Dykhouse, SN

9/Saginaw Bay

Phillip C. Ebbers, SN


Orville E. Edwards, JN


Rune Engblom, SN

5/Annapolis Sail

Dale V. Fanale, AP

5/York Sail

John C. Farmer, SN


Martin E. Feldberg, AP

2/Storm King

Lawrence Felman, SN

4/Northern New Jersey

Nathan B. Flood, AP


John T. Flythe, SN


Jerry E. Fossum, S


Harold R. Fotsch, SN

10/St. Paul Sail

Gerald L. Frisch, P

7/Stark County

Robert J. Furnas, AP

5/Richmond Sail

Richard H. Fuse, AP

5/Delaware River

Lyman B. Gardner, P

27/Goldsboro Sail

Joseph R. Garone, AP

3/Great South Bay

Chester L. George, P

5/Patuxent River Sail

Robert E. Gibson, SN

23/Ponce deLeon Inlet Sail

Harrison W. Gill Jr., AP


Dennis W. Gormley, AP

4/City Island

Tommy Gray, SN


R. Herman Green, AP


James R. Guest, AP


George D. Gwizd, JN


Albert G. Haase, AP

22/Cape Coral

Warren L. Hawkins, JN

12/Worcester County

Myron C. Hayes, SN

21/San Antonio Sail

Donald T. Heap, JN

4/Staten Island

Henry Henningsen, S

23/Jacksonville Sail

Frank F. Herbert, S

3/Patchogue Bay

Charles L. Heuer, P

5/Absecon Island

E. Bruce Hewitt, SN


James A. Hill, AP

28/Phoenix Sail

John Whittredge Hill, JN

22/St. Petersburg Sail

John E. Hiro, SN

8/St. Lucie River

Robert V. Horrigan, SN


Robert L. P. Howell, AP


Dave Humphrey, AP

25/Diablo Sail

James F. Jauquet, JN

10/Door County

Roger F. Jensen, AP


Michael B. Jezierski, SN

5/Richmond Sail

Walter N. Johnson, SN

32/Lower Columbia

Dean L. Jones, P

20/Land of Lincoln

Russell A. Jorgenson, SN

9/Grand Traverse Bay

William M. Kaiser Jr., S


John P. Kirkpatrick Jr., JN


Frank B. Kirsch Jr., S

5/Nansemond River

Joseph C. Klaczynski, JN

25/Diablo Sail

Ronald E. Knight, SN

15/Ft. Walton Sail

J. Darryl Kotyk, S


Frederick W. Krey, SN


Clark S. Lankton Jr., SN


Dennis C. Lapiotis, SN

4/New York Sail

Thomas R. Larimer, SN


Joseph Lauricella, SN

3/Little Neck Bay Sail

Joseph E. Leonard, AP

31/Norman Sail

Edward B. Lopez III, SN

17/Atlanta Sail

Leroy R. Lynam, SN

7/Ten Mile

Lewis M. Lyons, SN


Richard E. Martin, SN


George W. Mathis, SN

9/Grosse Ile

Glenn C. Mathis Sr., SN

21/Galveston Bay

Carl A. Mayer, P


Alexander A. McCulloch, AP

5/Main Line

William J. McDonald, AP


Donald A. McLean, SN

9/Mount Clemens

Charles R. Merrell, SN

20/Fox Valley

G. Edward Metcalf, SN

9/Saginaw Bay

Wilson Mewborn, JN

27/Goldsboro Sail

George R. Middleton Jr., SN

22/Crystal River

Courtney Mitchell Jr., AP


Carmyn Molaro, AP

3/Great South Bay

Gail A. Mongan, AP


Charles D. Moore, SN

5/Elizabeth River

Patton N. Morrison, SN

31/Norman Sail

Robert R. Moss, JN


Robert C. Mupo, SN


James R. Neal Jr., N

5/Blue Hen

William I. Neef, SN

22/Anclote Key Sail

R. Forester Newick, AP

4/Lackawanna Sail

Robert N. Newsom, P

28/San Luis Rey

Thomas F. O'Keefe, SN

12/Old Colony

Blake B. O'Lavin, SN

21/Corpus Christi

Dudley T. Oldham Jr., AP


Donald G. Orrick, AP

29/Columbus Sail

Laurence R. Outwater, SN


Aldis Ozolins, SN


Robert D. Palmer, SN

32/Coos Bay

George J. Peters, SN


Billy C. Phillips, N


Van B. Phillips, AP

8/Palm Beach Sail

Ronald P. Premo, SN


James C. Prince, AP


Jack A. Prizzi, SN

4/New York Sail

Nickolas Prokos, SN

3/Manhasset Bay Sail

Dennis W. Raczkowski, JN


Raymond C. Ramey, JN

8/Coral Ridge

William de C. Ravenel II, AP


James H. Redding, P

5/Bush River

Robert F. Rice, AP

4/Somerset Sail

John W. Rockensies, SN

3/Smithtown Bay

Fred G. Roffe, N

3/Peconic Bay

Clifford A. Root, SN

8/Cutler Cove

Franklin Rosenbush, SN

4/Northern New Jersey

Herbert J. Rossmeisl Jr., SN


Vincent M. Rychlewski Jr., SN

20/Skokie Valley

Ellsworth J. Sacks, SN

15/Pensacola Sail

George W. Sargent, SN

19/Mid-Coast Sail

Frederick T. Sickert Sr., AP


Daniel Simonson, SN


Stephen B. Smith, SN


Charles M. Souza, SN


Clyde E. Starr, SN

27/Lake Norman Sail

William J. Stefaney, N

12/Quincy Bay

Lawrence E. Stockett, JN

27/Raleigh Sail

Augie Stratoti, SN


Morley Strauch, N

9/Saginaw Bay

William C. Swann, P


Dennis L. Tartal, SN

9/Grosse Ile

Robert J. Thompson III, SN

26/Lake Hartwell Sail

Robert S. Thornton, SN


Louis P. Tosti, JN

5/Hampton Roads

Donald W. Trett, P


Howard C. Vagt, AP


Richard W. Wambach, SN


Giles A. Wanamaker, SN


Charles A. Weeber, AP

21/San Antonio Sail

Sid Weiner, JN

27/Cape Lookout Sail

Jerry L. Welch, AP


Larry A. Werner, AP

5/Schuylkill River

Wesley Westmoreland III, P

13/Las Vegas Sail

David White, AP

16/Poverty Bay

Milton F. White, SN


Harold Wilder Jr., AP


Harry E. Williams, N

30/St. Louis

Chris L. Windeler, SN

4/Lackawanna Sail

Edward L. Wohlfiel, S

9/Anchor Bay

Samuel S. Woodley Jr., JN

27/Rocky Mount

William A. Yates Jr., JN

5/Annapolis Sail

Frank J. Zimmerman, SN

20/Evanston Sail

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