Monday 03/30 Mr. Santoro: Social Studies Class: World War II internet Research Project

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St. Lucy’s School

Name: Due Date: Monday 03/30

Mr. Santoro: Social Studies Class:

World War II Internet Research Project

Background: The failure of the western democracies to stop the rise of aggressive dictators after the First World War led to the Second World War. The Second World War was a worldwide conflict fought from 1939 until 1945 between the Allied Powers and the Axis Powers. World War II resulted in the deaths of over sixty million people.

Task: Create a PowerPoint Presentation to present your research on a topic from WWII.

  1. The Rise and Reign of Dictatorships: How did dictatorships rise to power in the 1930s? Once in power, how did they rule?

Benito Mussolini & Fascism

Adolf Hitler & The Rise of the Nazi Party

Josef Stalin & Life in Soviet Russia

Japanese Imperialism & the Co-Prosperity Sphere

  1. Warfare During WWII:

Blitzkrieg & Germany Conquers Europe

Advances in Technology During WWII

The Battle of Britain and The London Blitz

Operation Barbarossa & The Invasion of the Soviet Union

 The Pearl Harbor Attack & The End of American Isolationism

 The War in the Pacific (Island-Hopping, Okinawa, Iwo Jima)

D-Day (The Allied Invasion of Normandy)

  1. Controversy in War:

The Internment of Japanese Americans in the United States

The Allied Bombing of Dresden

Japan’s Treatment of Enemy Soldiers (Bataan Death March)

The Decision to use the atomic bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki

  1. The Holocaust:

Anti-Semitism & Propaganda in Nazi Germany

Dr. Josef Mengele & Nazi Medical Experiments

 Jewish Resistance & The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Did the U.S. do enough to help the Jews?

Hitler’s Final Solution: Why did he almost succeed?

The Nuremberg Trials: Was Justice Served?

Your project MUST include:

- 7-8 slides


- Writing

- Images/Pictures

- 3-4 minute presentation

- Transitions

-Works Cited Page 2 sources(Where the info comes from NO Wikipedia)

Give an effective PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Make eye contact

  2. Speak, don’t read, to your audience

  3. Elaborate(build) on slides

  4. Explain concepts SLOWLY & CLEARLY

  5. Explain images

Some resources: (Multiple Resources) (Multiple Resources) (Multiple Resources) (WWII Warfare) (Blitzkrieg) (Holocaust Information for Students) (Daily Life in Internment Camps for Japanese Americans) (Bombing of Hamburg, Dresden, and other Cities)

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