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Scene #



Beth Henley



Page 7

Macon, anxious about her new adventures, seeks a friend in a random stranger, who she assumes is like her.

The Auditioners


multiple monologues of actors auditioning

August: Osage County

Tracy Letts


13 (?)

“Mom, stop it! Yes, I’m okay, what’s the matter with you?...”

Cut together something

Jean is a mislead 13 year old girl who prides herself on being rebellious. She catches the eye of her uncle who molests her. He is caught and she is now trying to put out the coals her parents are stirring up about it.

Baltimore Waltz

Paula Vogel


Late 20s to mid 30s

Act 1 scene 3 (?)

Anne has just been diagnosed with “Acquired Toilet Disease” A deadly disease she has acquired from working at the elementary school as a teacher and occasionally using the student’s toilet.


Patty Gideon Sloan



Act 2 pg. 64

Play Event: Willy wants to teach the two human beings he created the right things, but it all falls apart once they begin to act out.

Big Love

Charles Mee

Women decide that they won't get married when being forced to

Bus Riley’s Back in Town

William Inge




Bus Riley has finally come home from the navy and his previous girlfriend Jacque have been reunited and Jacque is trying to comfort Bus and wants to possibly rekindle some flames and in this scene she tries to take him to the old times and how great they used to be. She also confesses to him that even though he was gone her love never stopped.


David Campton

Wild One


Page 36

All of these girls have been trapped for years not knowing what the outside world is like. The new girl, Wild one wants to rebel and free these girls who don’t know what freedom really is. She wants to save these girls by trying to break them out, but they refuse to follow her.


Eric Kaiser



Scene 3

Martha is explaining how interesting the world outside is to her husband.

The Children’s Hour

Lillian Hellman



Page 69

Devastated over the loss of her friend, Karen tries to pin everything on Tilford and diminish her.

The Children’s Hour

Lillian Hellman



Page 36

In order to get out of school, Mary creates an elaborate lie and tells her grandmother, trying to play it off as the grandmother becoming everyone’s hero if she helps.

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

William Inge



Lottie confesses to her sister that she never experienced any satisfaction in bed with her husband.

The Day They Shot John Lennon

James McClure



Page 47

Sally is coping with her sudden breakup and acts out by belittling her ex for leaving her.

The Debutante Ball

Beth Henley



Page 39

Teddy is trying to prove to her maid that she is an awful person and doesn’t want pity

Dog Sees God

Burt V. Royal

Van’s Sister

Late teens

“I was pregnant. Don’t worry it wasn’t yours…”

Van’s sister is a rough around the ages, mislead teenager locked in a juvenile psych ward for setting a girl’s hair on fire. She’s tough and care free but she’s still very loyal especially to her friends and brother.

The Dreamer Examines his Pillow

John Patrick Shanley


Mid 20’s ??

“You’re a bum and your nuts and you broke my heart even though I loved you…”

Donna is Hispanic I believe and is in love with Tommy, a no good bum who does nothing and who also slept with her sister. This is what I remember but it’s a very interesting script.

Epic Proportions

Larry Cone & David Crane

Louise Goldman


Pg. 6

Pg. 15

Play Event: After two brothers take jobs as extras in a movie their lives are turned around when they become important figures in the movie and fall in love with the same girl.

Character Event: After moving up from the assistant director in charge of extras to the lead in a movie, she has to choose between two brothers that have fallen love with her.

Fat Kids on Fire

Bekah Brunstetter



Act 1 Scene 1

MS is the awkward girl in the fat camp that just wants to fit in and be liked. She is a repeating camper and is always involved in the musicals that they perform. The new pretty girl is the talk of the town and this is who she is talking to in the scene and MS just wants the new girl to come to the show and become her friend.

Fat Men in Skirts

Nikki Silver


Late teens

Letter to her parents

Popo is an ex cheerleader as well as a delusional schizophrenic in a juvenile psych ward. She falls in love with Bishop Hogan who killed his parents and ate them. He is also a patient.

Fat Men in Skirts

Nicky Silver




Attractive and sophisticated woman, but insecure

The Fly

Walter Wykes



Scene 1, Page 17

Emma talks to Murray, a famous novelist at a bar. She wants something out of him, so when he tries to seduce her she goes along with it so she can get him to talk to her husband because her husband is obsessed with Murray’s novels.

Frame 312

Keith Reddin


Early 20s

Act 1 Scene 1

Stephanie admits to her mom she is on depression meds.

Gwen and Gwen

Nancy Kiefer



Many possible

The two Gwen’s struggle to gain control of one life.

Gut Girls

Sarah Daniels



Play Event: A group of gut girls love the freedoms and the money that the get, but a lady comes into their life to transform them into women that are more ladylike, so that they can get jobs or husbands when technology takes over their jobs.

Character Event: Ellen doesn’t want to transform into this perfect lady that the world she lives in wants her to be, so she tries everything she can to keep the way of life that she has.

House of Blue Leaves

John Guare

Bananas Shaughnessy


Act I, scene 1. 14-19

Artie finds out how useless his dreams seem to be with two women behind his back constantly pestering him.

Look Back in Anger

John Osborne


Early 30s

Act III, scene 2. 78

As a couple continues to battle through a rocky message, Alison learns to stand up for herself.

The Marriage of Bette and Boo

Christopher Durang

Fr. Donnally


Late 40’s early 50’s

Bette is having trouble having kids and becomes slumped into a mad state effecting her friends and family.

The Miracle Worker

William Gibson



Play Event: A young teacher, who is partially blind, moves into the Keller’s house to help teach their daughter, Helen Keller, who is deaf and blind.

Character Event: Anne Sullivan had just graduated from the Perkins school for the blind when she was asked to teach the young Helen Keller, who is deaf and blind, how to behave in public and the lessons that will help her throughout her life.

The Metal Children

Adam Rapp




Young woman, precocious visionary

Naomi In The Living Room

Christopher Durang



Scene 1

Naomi chastises her son and his wife about their children. She then yells at them for calling her insane.

The Necklace

Guy De Maupassant

Mathilde Loisel

Mid 20s

Scene 1. 18-20

A couple too engaged in the materialistic life soon become aware of how silly it is when they lose a diamond necklace borrowed from a friend.

Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music

Lee Blessing



Page 53

An ex-nun, Catherine tries to scare away a suitor by telling him her views on the world.

Night Mother

Marsha Norman



Pg. 78

Mama is horrified as her daughter, Jessie, tells her that she intends to kill herself at the end of the day.


Lynn Rosen



Scene 2. 14

City folk all recount stories of their lives in an attempt to show how rewarding and harsh it can all be.


David Mamet



Carol gives her teacher a taste of his medicine

Picasso at the Lapin Agile

Steve Martin



Suzanne describes her night with Picasso


William Inge

Millie Owens


Millie asks her older sister for advice on boys

A Piece of My Heart

Shirley Lauro



Scene 1

Play Event: The young nurses during the Vietnam war retell their stories and their emotional connection they made during their struggle.

Character Event: After growing up in a military family Martha joins the medical field as a nurse in the Vietnam war where she makes friends, faces struggles, and lives through tragedies.


David Auburn



Catherine unleashes her frustration and grief from caring for her mentally absent father, who has recently died.


David Auburn



Catherine thrusts her frustration on Hal


David Auburn



Claire accuses Hal of sending her sister deeper into depression after he slept with her.

Rabbit Hole

David Lindsay-Abaire



Becca lashes out after being accused by her husband of trying to erase the memory of their dead son.

The Real Thing

Tom Stoppard



Act 2, Scene 5

Anne is an actress talking to Henry, who is the writer of the play she is in. He starts getting really cocky about his writing and starts bashing on this guy named Brodie who has something interesting to write about, but just can’t find the right words to say it. Anne tries to defend Brodie and at the same time she is trying to bring Henry’s confidence level down just a notch.

Reasons to Be Pretty

Neil LaBute



Act 2, Page 120

Steph is talking to her Ex-boyfriend a year after they had a hard break up. She tells him about her engagement and just wants to make peace with him. She talks about the good times they had along with the bad times.


Jessica Goldberg


Late 20s

Amy, wrought with anxiety, considers agreeing to marry Sam.


Lynn Nottage



Act 3

Salima is telling her friend about the day when soldiers kidnapped her from her home.

The Scene

Theresa Rebeck


Scene 1


A young social climber leads an actor into an extra-marital affair, from which he then creates a full-on downward spiral into alcoholism and bummery. His wife runs off with his best friend, his girlfriend leaves, and he’s left with … nothing.

Six Degrees of Separation

John Guare

Ouisa (Louisa Kittredge)


Act I, scene 1. 11-15.

A couple retells the story of Geoffrey Miller and how he changed their lives by showing how to be compassionate toward one another.

The Shape of Things

Neil Labute



Evelyn uses her prowess and sexual hold on Adam to put him in his place after his kissing another woman.

The Shape of Things

Neil Labute


Mid 20s

Cut together dialogue

“Everything I did made you a more desirable person…”

Evelyn is an eccentric arts graduate student who pursues a relation with Adam as a part of her senior thesis project. Him being the project itself.

Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You

Christopher Durang

Sister Mary


Scene 2

Sister Mary expresses her disgust at a former student of hers who has grown up and is gay.

Spike Heels

Theresa Rebeck




Lesser-educated, flashy and emotional

Stop Kiss

Dianna Son




A young lesbian relives and tries to understand the attack of her lover.

Sunday on the Rocks

Theresa Rebeck



Scene 2

Elly argues that special conditions don’t give others the right to be cruel.


Bernard Slade


Early 20s

Sally lectures her friend’s son on his uptight attitude

Waiting for the Parade

John Murrell


Late 30s

Scene 14. 61-2

Five women cope through the harsh realities of war as they learn to stick together through it all.

White Buffalo

Dan Zolidis



Abby lets her dad know everything she’s felt toward him growing up

Woman Behind Bars

Tom Eyen


Young 20s

Act I. 12-16

Several women in a jail cell influence the new inmate to show her that no one is truly innocent.


Brooke Berman




Mia is an aspiring stage performer and is called to L.A. to have a show made of her life. She struggles with balance of the show biz life and spirituality. In this scene she has met a boy that is her fellow cast mate and he is extremely into her but she is not interested in him because he is a superficial jerk. She tries to let him down gently but ultimately gets real with him and tells him off.


As You Like It

William Shakespeare


Early 20s

Rosalind, disguised as a man, plays a trick on the man who loves her.

As You Like It




Act 3, Scene 5

Phebe convinces a man who loves her that she has not fallen for someone else.

The Comedy of Errors



Late 20s

Act 2, scene 2. 23-4

Two sets of twins attempt to find each other while getting each other in trouble in order to find out who they are.

The Comedy of Errors




Innocent girl whose battling brother-in-law who loves her





Act I Scene 2

Cymbeline, King of Britain, takes a new wife who has an arrogant son called Cloten. Cymbeline's beautiful daughter Imogen is expected to marry Cloten. Instead Imogen marries the brave, but poor Posthumus Leonatus. Cymbeline is furious when he finds out about the marriage and banishes Posthumus who goes to Rome. The couple have time to exchange love tokens and Imogen gives Posthumus a diamond ring and he gives her a bracelet. The villain of the plot is Iachimo who bets 10,000 ducats against Posthumus's diamond ring that he can seduce Imogen. Various plot lines ensue involving deceit, cross-dressing, poison and treachery. The story has a happy ending when Iachimo confesses and Imogen reveals her true identity and is reunited with Posthumus.

A Doll’s House



Late 20s

She realizes that all her life shes been handed from man to man

Lady Windermere’s Fan

Oscar Wilde

Mrs. Erlynne

Late 30s

Act III, scene 1. 67-68

Choosing between two men, Lady Windermere gives into temptation despite Mrs. Erlynne’s warning.

Measure for Measure



Late teens early 20s (?)

Act 2 Scene 4

Isabella is a strong headed girl studying to become a nun. Her brother is put in prison for impregnating his fiancé, punishable by death as put into effect by the substitute for the Duke, Angelo. When sent to plea with Angelo he takes a liking to Isabella and offers her brother’s freedom in exchange for sex. Of course she is rightfully appalled.

Measure for Measure




Act II Scene II

Very virtuous and chaste young, spiritual

The Merchant of Venice




Act 1, sc. 2

Portia seeks a shoulder as she complains about the unfairness of her father’s request.

Miss Julie

August Strindberg



“Please try to be calm Kristen, and listen…”

Miss Julie is the daughter of a wealthy count that has a secret affair with the valet. She is slightly neurotic, especially in her flip flopping between being a feminist pessimist and being optimistically submissive toward Jean (the valet).


William Shakespeare



Act 4 Scene 3

Emilia tells Desdemona that men who deceive their wives have only themselves to blame if their wives cheat on them.





Desdemona is married to Othello and it is quite the controversy because he is a Moor. Iago tries to gain power by destroying their love and playing tricks on both Othello and Desdemona. They both end up dead. In this scene Desdemona is trying to let her father down easily by explaining that he needs to respect their marriage just like her mother’s father respected theirs

Pyscho Beach Party

Charles Busch


Page 73


Chicklet is new in town and doesn’t know how to fit in so she takes different personalities and uses them to her benefit, but somewhere in the process she can’t control them

Taming of the Shrew




Act 2, scene 1

Katherine has just got finished tying up her younger sister Bianca because she is jealous that all the guys want Bianca instead of her. Bianca tries to get Katherine to free her, but at the same time she is basically rubbing it in her sister’s face that she can get any guy she wants.

Troilus and Cressida




Act III Scene 2

During the Trojan War two young lovers fall for each other but are separated by their parents, in a turnoff events Cressida marries someone else and the hero of the town is now dead.

The Trojan Women



Early 30s


The women of Troy band together in a last act toward dignity to show that their strength will carry them through it all.

Two Gentlemen of Verona




Act 2, Scene 7

Julia begs her servant woman for help, and talks about her lover, Proteus

Overdone Monologues

BAITZ/The End of the Day/1990/HELEN/I think you married me so as to become an American citizen

BALL/Five Women Wearing the Same Dress/1993/GEORGANNE/Tommy Valentine

BALL/Five Women Wearing the Same Dress/1993/ALL OTHERS

BOGOSIAN/Talk Radio/1985/DENISE/Paranoid caller, spoon in the garbage disposal, etc.

BOGOSIAN/Talk Radio/1985/LINDA/Sleeping with Barry Champlain

CRAVIATTO/Pizza Man/1991/ALL

CRISTOFER/Shadow Box/1975/Beverly/I Want you to come home

CRISTOFER/Lady and the Clarinet/1989/LUBA/Vomiting on desk of lover’s secretary

DANIELS/Apartment 3A/1996/ANNIE/Sesame Street telethon speech

DORFMAN/Death and the Maiden/1991/PAULINA/When I heard his voice last night

DURANG/Beyond Therapy/1981/ALL

DURANG/'Dentitiy Crisis/1978/JANE/Peter Pan monologue

DURANG/Laughing Wild/1987/WOMAN/Tunafish monologue

DURANG/The Marriage of Bette & Boo/1973/ALL

DURANG/Sister Mary Ignatius…/1979/Speech about mother’s death

FEIFFER/Feiffer’s People/1968/ALL

FEIFFER/Hold Me!/1977/ALL

FEIFFER/Little Murders/1966/Patsy

FORNES/Fefu and her Friends/1977/ALL

GARDNER/A Thousand Clowns/1962/SANDRA/I didn't go to work this morning (blouse speech)

GERSHE/Butterflies are Free/1969/Jill Tanner/ALL

GESNER/LIPPA/You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown/ALL

GILMAN/Spinning into Butter/1999/SARAH/ALL

GUARE/Marco Polo Sings A Solo/1977/DIANE/I really started cookin’ when I was eight

GUARE/Landscape of the Body/1984/ROSALIS/Gorilla suit - porn audition speech

GUARE/House of Blue Leaves/1986/Bananas/Picks up the Pope, Bob Hope, Jackie Kennedy, etc. in the Green Latrine

GUARE/House of Blue Leaves/1986/BUNNY/I won’t cook for you til you marry me

GUEST/Waiting for Guffman/1996/Libby Mae Brown’s audition (bonus features)

GUIRGIS/Jesus Hopped the A Train/2001/ALL

HAMPTON/ Dangerous Liaisons/1985/ALL

HANLEY/Slow Dance on the Killing Ground/1970/ROSIE/Losing virginity speech

HARLING/Steel Magnolias/1989/ALL

HARRINGTON/Night Luster/1983/ROMA/I don’t think people see me…voice to die for…etc

HEIMEL/A Girl’s Guide to Chaos/1988/ALL

HENLEY/Crimes of the Heart/1979/ALL

HOWE/The Art of Dining/1979/ELIZABETH BARROW COLT/Mealtime was the same as it had always been

HOWE/Painting Churches/1983/AL

IIZUKA/Aloha Say the Pretty Girls/1999/ALL

JOHNSON/Brilliant Traces/1988/ROSANNAH/I was standing in the back of the church

JOHNSON/Brilliant Traces/1988/ROSANNAH/Did you ever think you were visited by extraterrestrial

KANE/4:48 Psychosis/2000/ALL

KAYSEN/Girl, Interrupted/1999/ALL

KEILLOR/Snow White speech

KORDER/Search and Destroy/1992/MARIE/Movie pitch/penis claw monologue

KRAMER/Wall of Water/1998//Last cigarette speech

KUSHNER/A Bright Room Called Day/1987/ZILLAH/Dear Mr. President

KUSHNER/Angels in America: Perestroika/1992/HARPER/Night flight to San Francisco…

LABUTE/Autobahn/2006/Stalking the guy

LINDSAY-ABAIRE/History Lesson/2002/Maggie/ALL

LINDSAY-ABAIRE/Wonder of the World/2001/Barbie Head Monologue


LUCAS/Blue Window/1984/LIBBY/Falling off the balcony


MAMET/Oleanna/CAROL/1992/You did it to me. Here

MAMET/Oleanna/CAROL/1992/Other monologues

MARGULIES/Collected Stories/1996/Lisa/ALL

MARTIN/Talking With/1981/ALL

MARTIN/Vital Signs/1989/ALL

MARTIN/Picasso at the Lapin Agile/1998/SUZANNE/Sleeping with Picasso

MARTIN/Picasso at the Lapin Agile/1998/ALL OTHERS

MARTIN/Patter for the Floating Lady/1995/ANGIE/Sand in the tennis shoe



MASTRIOSIMONE/Shivaree/1983/SHIVAREE/Well sport you can dance for dance

MAY/Not Enough Rope/1962/Edith/All

MCNALLY/Bad Habits/Dolly/1971/Complaining to the doctor about her husband

MURRAY-SMITH/Honor/1995/SOPHIE/I wish I was…like you

NASH/The Rainmaker/1954LIZZIE/ALL

NEWMAN/Quilters/NA/Sunbonnet Sue

NIGRO/Seascape with Sharks and Dancer/1985/TRACY/Problem with loving squashable animals

NORMAN/Getting Out/1977/ARLIE/Frog squishing speech

NORMAN/'Night Mother/1982/JESSIE/I am what became of your child

PATRICK/Kennedy's Children/1973/CARLA/I wanted to be a sex goddess

PIELMEIRER/Agnes of God/1979/ALL


RABE/In the Boom Boom Room/1973/CHRISSY/…and a piece of meat is all I am

RABE/In the Boom Boom Room/1973/ALL OTHERS

REBECK/Loose Knit/1994/MARGIEI want you to f*** me in that car of yours

REBECK/Spike Heels/1994/GEORGIE/Who made up these rules, do you actually think we’re buying it

REBECK/Spike Heels/1994/ALL OTHERS

SAYLES/Passion Fish (film)/1992/Anal probe speech

SHANGE/For Colored Girls…./1975/ALL

SHANLEY/The Big Funk/1990/JILL/I’m talking to you from my subconscious mind

SHANLEY/The Dreamer Examines His Pillow/1985/Donna/ALL

SHANLEY/Savage in Limbo/1984/SAVAGE/I feel strong

SHANLEY/Savage in Limbo/1984/ALL OTHERS

SHANLEY/Where’s my Money?/2002/ALL

SHANLEY/Women of Manhattan/1985/RHONDA/Why she keeps his tennis shoes

SHANLEY/Women of Manhattan/1985/ALL OTHERS

SHENGOLD/Lives of the Great Waitresses/1996/TAMMIE SUE/About the ugly guy who was great in bed


SHEPARD/Cowboy Mouth/1971/CAVALE/You're so neat - ugly duckling speech

SHEPARD/Fool for Love/1983/MAE/ALL

SHEPARD/Icarus' Mother/1964/JILL/Peeing on the beach

SHINN/Other People/2000/PETRA/Fish stew speech

SILVER et al /A…My Name is Alice/1983/WOMAN/Yelling at the jock strap in the wash

SILVER et al/A…My Name is Still Alice/1984/WOMAN/Bridal registry

SILVER/Fat Men In Skirts/1991/POPO MARTIN/My name is Popo Martin

SILVER/The Food Chain/1994/Amanda/Waiter asked if I was alone

SIMON/Star Spangled Girl/1966/SOPHIE/Mr. Cornell, ah have tried to be neighborly, gooey chocolates

SIMON/Last of the Red Hot Lovers/1969/JEANETTE/Do you know Charlotte Korman

SIMON/Chapter Two/1977/Jennie/You know what you want better than me George

SIMON/Brighton Beach Memoirs/1983/NORA/Papa’s coat pocket

SIMON/Virtually any female character from Neil Simon’s major plays

SLADE/Romantic Comedy/1979/PHOEBE/Marshmallows out the nose

SNYDER/The Days and Nights of BeeBee Fenstermaker/1964/BeeBee/ALL

SONDHEIM/Assassins/1990/SQUEAKY FROMME/Charlie Manson speech

SON/Stop Kiss/1998/CALLIE/Talking to unconscious girlfriend in hospital

TAYLOR & BOLOGNA/Lovers and Other Strangers/1968/ALL

TESICH/Passing Game/1977/JULIE/Richard, are you asleep?

TOPOR/Nuts/1980/CLAUDIA/I used to say I love you to the moon and down again


VOGEL/How I Learned to Drive/1997/ALL

WADE/Key Exchange/1986/LISA/Father built sandbox for dying mother to watch kids

WAGNER/Search for Signs of Intelligent Life…/1985/ALL

WASSERSTEIN/Heidi Chronicles/1988/ALL

WASSERSTEIN/Isn’t It Romantic?/1981/ALL

WASSERSTEIN/Uncommon Women and Others/1975/ALL

WILDER/Our Town/1938/Emily

WELLER/Split/1977/MARGE/Stevie Wonder

WILLIAMS/Major female roles by Tennessee Williams are extremely well known; they are classics and not in the ‘overdone’ category, but actors should know how well known they are and have a reason for choosing them. And they should never be done without their intended accent.

WILSON/Burn This/1987/ANNA/Insects pinned to the wall

WILSON/The Gingham Dog/1968/GLORIA/I used to pray, I really did

WOLFE/The Colored Museum/1986/TOPSY/Yoho! Party! Party!

Overdone Shakespeare

All’s Well That Ends Well/HELENA/Then I confess, here on my knee

As You Like It/PHEBE/Think not I love him, though I ask for him

As You Like It/PHEBE/I would not be thy executioner

As You Like It /ROSALIND/And why, I pray you? Who might be your mother

Hamlet/OPHELIA/Alas my lord I have been so affrighted

Hamlet/OPHELIA/O what a noble mind is here o’erthrown

Henry IV Pt 2/LADY PERCY/O yet, for God's sake, go not to these wars!

Julius Caesar/PORTIA/Nor for yours neither. You've ungently Brutus

Julius Caesar/PORTIA/Is Brutus sick? And is it physical

King John/CONSTANCE/I am not mad, this hair I tear is mine…

Macbeth/LADY MACBETH/Was the hope drunk wherein you dressed yourself?

The Merchant of Venice/PORTIA/I pray you, tarry: pause a day or two

The Merchant of Venice/PORTIA/You see me, Lord Bassanio, where I stand

The Merchant of Venice/PORTIA/The quality of mercy is not strain’d

A Midsummer Night's Dream/HELENA/How happy some o’er other some

Othello/EMELIA/But I do think it is their husband's faults if their wives do fall

Richard III/ANNE/Set down, set down your honourable load

Romeo and Juliet/JULIIET/O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou

Romeo and Juliet/JULIIET/Gallop apace, you fiery footed steeds

Troilus and Cressida/CRESSIDA/Hard to seem won: but I was won, my lord

Twelfth Night/VIOLA/I left no ring with her: what means this lady?

Two Gentlemen of Verona/JULIA/O hateful hands, to tear such loving words!

The Winter’s Tale/HERMIONE/Sir, spare your threats

The Winter’s Tale/HERMIONE/Since what I am to say must be that

The Winter’s Tale/PAULINA/What studied torments, tyrant hast for me?

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