Monopolies Debate Activity

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Monopolies Debate Activity



  • Examples of companies that have the potential to become monopolies:

Using these articles, the textbook, and the notes from Unit 3 on market structure and business organization, answer the following question:

Should the U.S. allow monopolies to exist in today’s economy? Why or why not?

Formulate an argument that discusses the costs and benefits of monopolies in our nation’s economy today. You might use historic examples to support your argument. Please also make sure that you include the four major types of market structures in your response. If you use sources other than those listed, make sure you cite the source by including a URL. No matter which side you take, your debate must include your argument, a counterargument and your response to the counterargument.

You will be graded on the product that you turn in, which MUST be a physical paper copy. You may choose to either write an essay (must be at least 1200 words, no more than 2000) or create a visual representation of your debate (e.g. a comic strip or a script for a talk show). If you do the second, you must clear your idea with Miss Kuhlmann before you begin to create your product.

This will be due next class, Monday, November 16. This will give you the opportunity to complete the assignment and print it at home so that you can submit a physical paper copy to Miss K. You will be graded on the following:

  • The effectiveness of your argument: Is your argument convincing?

  • Your use of sources: do you make use of the resources given to you that discuss the argument? Do you give credit where credit is due (citations)?

  • Your use of vocabulary from the text/ unit: Do you understand the four types of market structures, including monopolies, oligopolies, monopolistic competition and perfect competition?

  • Is your delivery method creative?

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