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Movie Night Permission Slip


This permission slip approves your son/daughter to attend the History of World Civilizations movie night on Friday, December 2nd (2:45-5:00pm). The featured film will be Gladiator. This film showing will be supervised.
The film Gladiator does an exceptional job showing the historical setting of Rome during the Pax Roman, or Roman Peace, as well as displaying many aspects of the Mediterranean cultural advances and pitfalls. Moreover, it provides an excellent opportunity for students to use this example of Mediterranean culture as a mode of comparison to the Chinese and Indian cultures that we have recently studied. Despite some inaccuracies, the movie provides a unique study of the military and cultural traditions of the time. The movie does contain violence and bloodshed. As a result, the film is rated R. If you are not comfortable with your son/daughter watching this film, it will not reflect negatively on their grade or on their ability to participate in classroom experiences. Please sign the form if you wish your student to participate in the movie night, and they can bring it to the movie with them.
Thank you for taking time and interest in your student’s education.
Chris Layson Kimberly Hall

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