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1. During the Zhou period thinkers wanted to restore _____________ & ________________ to China.

2. Confucius name was __________________________ they also called KONG FU ZI which means Great Teacher.

3. The first half of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty was called _______________________________.

4. Confucius felt that China was infested with _______________ & _____________ people. Upset with disorder he called for a return to _____________ & ______________ Values.

5. Confucianism is _______________________________________________________________


6. Confucius first set out to restore family order and social harmony by encouraging the following ideals.




7. Confucius’s ideas about government were similar to his ideas about family.




8. _______________________- is a collection of moral and ethical principles voiced by Confucius in conversations with his students.

9. Confucianism is a unique teaching that is both________________________&___________________.

10. Confucius believed that when people behaved _________and acted ________________, they were simply carrying out what heaven expected of them.

11. Today about ______ million people practice Confucianism worldwide.

12. The 3 Religions or Philosophies are:

A. Confucianism B. _______________________ C. ________________________

13. Daoism takes its name from Dao, meaning “____________________”.

Daoism stressed living in harmony with the Dao, the guiding force of all reality.

14. Daoist ethics emphasize the Three Jewels of the Dao:

A. ____________________________________________________________________________

B. ____________________________________________________________________________


15. Instead Daoist wanted the _______________________ to maintain less control and really stay out of _______________________ lives.

16. Daoist believe that the Universe is a balance of ______________________________.

17. The ____________________________ is the symbol of Daoism.

18. One force________________________ and then it is ____________________ by the opposing force…this activity continues constantly and repeats itself over time.

19. The outer circle of the Yin-Yang represents everything in the ________________________ and the _________________________ itself. According to Daoist principles, the forces of everything in the universe are in constant ________________________.

20. Now the key deference between Confucianism focused its followers’ attention on the ___________________ world, Daoist paid more attention to the ______________________ world.

21. Who created Daoism? ________________________________________

22. What is Legalism? ___________________________________________________________________


23. Unlike the other two beliefs, Confucianism and Daoism, Legalism is a________________ philosophy without ___________________ concerns.

24. Legalism dealt only with _____________________ and ___________________ control.

25. Legalist also rejected Daoism because it did not stress respect for_________________________.

26. Legalist felt that society needed ___________________________ to keep people in line and that punishment should fit the crime.

27. Who was the greatest of China’s legalist philosophers? ___________________________________.

28. The 3 parts of Legalism:

A. ____________________________________________________________________________



29. The wanted to ___________________ officials to run China, not the ______________________ that have been previously controlling the country and _________________________ it.

30. However, both ancient and modern Confucian followers state that many _____________________ ideas have merged with mainstream Confucianism and still play a major role in government.

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