Name: Stalin’s 5 Year Plans for Industrialization

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Stalin’s 5 Year Plans for Industrialization
Stalin realised that if the USSR was to become a key player in the global market, the country needed to industrialise rapidly and increase production. To do this, Stalin introduced the Five-year Plans. Stalin's chief aim was to expand industrial production. For this, he developed three Five-year Plans between 1928 and 1938. Gosplan, the state planning agency, drew up targets for production for each factory. The first two plans concentrated on improving heavy industry - coal, oil, steel and electricity.

Some keen young Communists, called Pioneers, went into barren areas and set up new towns and industries from nothing. There were champion workers called Stakhanovites, named after a coal miner who broke the record for the amount of coal dug up in a single shift. Education schemes were introduced to train skilled, literate workers.

But the improvements in production between 1928 and 1937 were phenomenal:

  • Coal - from 36 million tonnes to 130 million tonnes

  • Iron - from 3 million tonnes to 15 million tonnes

  • Oil - from 2 million tonnes to 29 million tonnes

  • Electricity - from 5,000 million to 36,000 million kilowatts

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