Nicholas Kenne, Kenny or Kenney went with the cadets of many Somersetshire families to Dublin

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Register Report

First Generation


1. James Barnett KENNEY. Born in 1726 in Ireland. James Barnett died in Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania in 1782; he was 56.
Kenney, James Barnett (1726 - 1782) [1]

b. 1726 in Ireland

d. 1782
The name of Kenney, variously spelled as Kenny, Kenney, and Kinney, is claimed by some authorities to have been taken from the Gaelic Word Clenn, which is pronounced kin and means "esteemed or honored," combined with neae, meaning "an individual." The meaning of the name , therefore, "a person of honor and esteem." This name is found in ancient records in the various forms o Kinne, Kinnie, Kenne, Kenei, Kennie, Kenny, Kenny and Kinney. The last three are still in general use. The Kenney family is believed to have descended from a Norman knight who was among the followers of William the Conqueror, in the Norman invasion of England in 1066. According to Burke, the Keeney, Kenney, Keen, etc. family was originally from Somersetshire England; of great antiquity, deriving the family name from the place Kenne, of that country. In the second year of the reign of Henry II of England or 1156, since Henry resigned from 1154-1189, John de Kenne held two knight fees in Kenne.
Nicholas Kenne, Kenny or Kenney went with the cadets of many Somersetshire families to Dublin. (Burke landed Gentry of Ireland 1912) the most ancient of the several coats of arms which have been bestowed at various times on the members of this family is that of Kenne of Somerset County. It is described as follows: Arms: Ermine (sometimes argent), three crested gules Crest: A unicorn's head, azure bezantee, maned Or, horned of the last and sable. (Burke's heraldry, 1844) Motto: "Tereat, luceat, foreat." (Let it hold, shine and flourish.)
It is not definitely know from which of the several illustrious lines of the family in Great Britain the first American families of the name descended, but is practically a certainty that all of them were from a common ancestor of the eleventh century. The members of these families were, for the most part, of nobility and landed gentry of England and Ireland and were very prominent in affairs of State as well as in the military service of their country.
Barnett Kenney served in the American Revolution as Sergent of the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, Continental Line. Three of his sons also served. Joseph was killed in the Revolution according to Challey's records. John served as a private, Captain William Harrod's Company in 1780 at the station near the Falls, in what is now Jefferson and Shelby Counties. (Collins History of Kentucky p. 12) (James Kenney and His Descendants, Corday Leer Buckley, 1944, The Kentuckian-Citizen, Paris, KY.)
National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Centennial Edition, Part II, Patriot Index p. 1692: Kinney, James Barnett. b. 1720 IR, d p 1782 m Miss Kramer, Sgt Va. Also listed on p.1691 as Kinney, Barnett 1726 IR d p 1786 PA m (1)____ Kramer, (2) Mary____ Sgt CL PA.
National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Centennial Edition, Part II, Patriot Index p. 1692: Kinney, James Barnett: b. 1720 IR, d. p 1872 m Miss Kramer Sgt. VA


Copied from old Kenney Bible by Corday Leer Buckley [2]
Born the year of our Lord 1752, Nov 29, James Kenney, Sr.

Born May 14, 1747, Mary Kenney, wife of James Kenney.

David Kenney was born in the year of our Lord, Jan 26, 1772.

Elizabeth Kenney was born Oct 10, 1773.

John Kenney was born July 8, 1775

Polly Kenney was born July 4, 1779

James Kenney, Jr. was born July 24, 1782

Moses Kenney was born April 4, 1784.

Sallie Kenney was born July 24, 1786

Nancy Kenney Aug 4, 1788

Peggy Kenney, 2nd wife of James Kenney was born the 11th day of Jan., 1770.

Marie Kenney was born Mch 18, 1880.

Abby Kenney was born Oct 8, 1801

Helena Kenney was born Jan 7, 1804

Joseph B. Kenney was born Jan 19, 1806

Napoleon Kenney was born Feb 12, 1808

Charlotte Corday Kenney was born Dec 12, 1809

Victor Mareau Kenney was bor Dec 14, 1812.

Peggy Kenney was born Dec 14, 1813.

Mary Ann Kenney was born May 20, 1815.

Marie Kenney married May Joy Robinett, July 11, 1816/

Abigail Kenney married James H. Houston, Jan 8, 1824

Helena Kenney married David Johnson, Sept 15, 1822

Peggy Kenney married John Johnson Mch 5, 1836

Charlotte Corday Kenney married David Leer, Jr. June 10, 1830.

Joseph B Kinney mar Margaret Lander of flemingsburg, Mch 8, 1827

Mary Ann Kenney and Diamal Barnett were married Apr 18, 1830.

Margaret Kenney departed this liffe May 16, 1829.

Napoleon Kenney departed this life Oct 16, 1836.

James H. Houston departed this life May 1, 1849.

Helena Johnson departed this life Aug 3, 1849.

Marie Robnett departed this life Apr 26, 1850.

Abigail Houston departed this life July 15, 1856

Jas Kenney, Jr. died Jan 30, 1813 at Fort Defiance.

Mary Kenney, wife of James Kenney Sr., departed this life Sept 22, 1796

Peggy Kenney, 2nd wife of James Kenney, died May 30, 1829.

James Kenney, Sr., died Mch 18, 1814

Jospeh B. Kenney died Jan 1, 1887

David Leer was born Jan 16, 1802, died May 14, 1885.

Peggy Johnson died Feb 14, 1900

Charlotte Corday Leer died Jan 14, 1897; age 87 yrs.

James Monroe Leer was born May 11, 1841; died Dec 22, 1894.

Charles M. Alberti died Nov 18, 1897, at Lexington.

Charles Carroll Leer was born Feb 11, 1835; died June 10, 1922; age 87.


Kenneys buried in the Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky:

Kenney, William B., born November 11, 1829 - died August 8, 1876

(Kenney, Charley A., born 1847 - died 1905

(Kenney, Pauline P., born 1849 - died 1883

Kenney, Mary Catherine, born 1837 - died 1891

Kenney, Alexander-Robinson, s/o J. S. & M. L., born November 24, 1834 - died August 2, 1835

Kenney, J. Smith, born 1825 - died 1895

Kenney, Priscilla Wilmott, w/o J. Smith, born 1827 - died 1872

Kenney, Kate, d/o J. S. & P. W., born March 9, 1854 - died July 24, 1861

Kenney, Pet May, d/o J. S. & P. W., born March 12, 1864 - died December 24, 1864

Kenney, Joseph Porter, born July 31, 1858 - died May 17, 1899

In 1751 when James Barnett was 25, he married KRAMER, in Rockingham County, Virginia. Born in 1730 in Ireland.
They had the following children:

2 i. James (1752-1814)

ii. Joseph. Born about 1754 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Joseph died in Kentucky.

Joseph killed in the Revolution, according to Challey's records.

July 15, 1782 James Kenney, oldest brother of Joseph Kenney, who died in Continental Service, has it certified in order to obtain land. (Chronicles of the Scotch- Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol 1, p 231.)
iii. John. Born about 1756.

Served as a Private in Captain William Harrods' Company in1780 at the station near the Falls, in what is now Jefferson and Shelby Counties (Collins History of Kentucky, p 12.) (CLB)

iv. Sarah. Born about 1758 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

v. Elizabeth. Born in 1760 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Second Generation


Family of James Barnett KENNEY (1) & KRAMER

2. James KENNEY Sr. Born on November 29, 1752 in Rockbridge, Augusta County, Virginia. James died in augusta County, Virginia on March 13, 1814; he was 61.
KENNEY, JAMES, of Bourbon Co.-(Will copy certified by Thos. P. Smith, D. C. B. C. and donated by Mrs. B F. Buckley, Lexington). Written Mch. 12, 1814. Names wife, Peggy Sons, John, Victor, Joseph, Moses, Napoleon Dau's., Maria, Abbe, Helena, Cordee, and Peggy. Dau's., Sally Barnett, Elizabeth Trotter, Nancy Rhodes, and Polly Hildreth. Exec's., Wife, Peggy Kenney, James Hughes and John Barnett. Witnesses, Thos. Rogers, Josiah McDowell and Alexander Barnett. Will of James Kenney, deceased, proved June Court 1814. [3]
Kenney, James Sr (1752 - 1814) [1]

b. 29 NOV 1752 in Rockbridge, Augusta County, Virginia

d. 13 MAR 1814 in Augusta County, Virginia

father: Kenney, James Barnett(1726 - 1782)

mother: Kramer, ?(1730 - )
James Kenney Sr. was born in Augusta County Virginia, near Staunton. He married there in 1771 to Mary Frame or Froome, daughter of David Frame and for whom she named her first child, a son. As the records show, James Kenney came to Boonsborough in 1776 and he saw the fertility of the soil and the beauty of the country. After returning to Virginia and taking part in the Revolution, he returned to Kentucky, bringing his family with him. Polly Kenney, the fourth child, told her children she remembered the long trip on horseback as she sat in front of her father in the same saddle. (CLB)
Lineage Book, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Centennial Edition, Part II, Patriot Index p. 1692: Kinney, James 1-29-1752 va, D. 3/13/1814 KY m (1) Mary Frame, (2) Margaret Johnston, Pvt VA.
VolCXXV p. 104, 124001-125000, 1916 James Kinney (1752-1814) enlisted in Virginia in Capt. Joseph Crockett's Company, 7th Virginia regiment, commanded by Lieut. Col. Holt Richeson, Also No. 110361. And also, "Captain James C. Kenney served in the Revolutionary war in Captain Joseph Crockett's Company, 7th Virginia commanded by Lt Col Holt Richeson, as a mere boy. Reinlisted in 1778, taken prisoner Oct 4, 1778 at Germantown." from DAR membership application dated 6/15/1914.
At the close of the Revolutionary War James Kenney, who held the office of Captain in the army, removed from Virginia, his native state, and settled on a farm about three miles from what is now known as Paris, Bourbon County, Ky. He was a successful farmer, raising large crops of hemp, then a comparatively new staple in the State; he was twice married, the first wife was a Miss Frame, of Virginia, and the second wife was Miss Margaret Johnson, of Nicholas County, Ky. He had sixteen children.
Notes from Susan Hard 1997: LDS records indicate that John C. "Captain" Kenney was likely James Kenney Sr, second son of James Barnett Kenney. He would have been approximately 23-27 years old (rather than 16) at the time of the land purchase in the mid 1770s and would have been married and had 3 children by that time. The younger John Kenney, son of James Sr. and father of Isaac, was not born until 1775 and would have been a very young child at the time of the land purchase.
The father of John C. Kenney came from Virginia to Kentucky about 1775-1779, bringing John C with him. He purchased land two miles from the present site of Paris, KY. The father and son established a camp in the wilderness and then the father returned to Virginia to bring he rest of the family to their new home, leaving John C, then just 16 years old, in the camp alone for 60 days. during that time John C. caught sight of a man across a creek, about a mile from camp, but could not see the man plainly enough to know if he was a white man or Indian. He saw no other human being during the time that his father was away. John C. Kenney was known as Captain Kenney, probably because he served in the State Militia.
In the "History of Bourbon County," James Kenney is listed along with the first people to raise corn, a quarter acre each. (p.70) "The first corn ever raised in Bourbon County was in 1775, by John Cooper, near Hinkston Creek. Thomas Whitledge, James Kenney and several others raised corn on a quarter an acre or two each.
From the record of will abstracts. Kenney Sr., James, of Bourbon County. - (Will copy certified by Thomas P. Smith, D.C.B.C. and donated by Mrs. B.F. Buckley, Lexington, KY.). Will written March 12, 1814. Names wife, Peggy, sons John, Victor, Joseph, Moses, Napoleon, Daughters, Maria, Abbe, Helena, Cordee and Peggy. Daughters Sally Barnett, Elisabeth Trotter, Nancy Rhodes, and Polly Hildreth. Exec's Wife Peggy Kenney, James Hughes and John Barnett. Witnesses, Thomas Rogers, Josiah McDowell and Alexander Barnett: Will of James Kenney, deceased proved June Court , 1814.
Abstracts for Bourbon County, Kentucky, Master Commissioner's Deed Book "A", page 70.
James Kenney's (Sr.) heirs, John Kenney, Moses Kenney, Victor Kenney, Joseph Kenney, Napoleon Kenney, John Barnette and Sally Barnett, James Trotter and Elizabeth Trotter, late Elizabeth Kenney, William Hildreth and Polly Hildreth, late Polly Kenney, Nancy Rhodes, late Nancy Kenney, Maria Kenney, Helena Kenney, Abigail Kenney. Cordelia Kenney; and children of James Kenney, dec'd who was the son of James Kenney, via Dosia Kenney, Nathan Kenney, Eli Kenney, Polly Kenney, Archibald Kenney, Eda Kenney, James Kenney, Madison Kenney, Amanda Kenney; and David Kenney's children Polly, Elizabeth, John, Sally, Moses Jr. and Elam, Peggy Kenney, Maria Kenney, Helena Kenney, Abigail Kenney. According to notes in the "Kenney Genealogy," John C. Kenney is the same as James Kenney. This was copied from Kenney Bible of Corday Leer Buckley.
Notes from the Kenney Genealogy Information from this record has been obtained from old letters, Bible statistics and recollections or some of the elder members who are still living (Kenney family), and by the help of the present generation in giving their own family records. This information has been gathered and arranged by Melinda B. Kenney, Edward Kenney and his wife Martha J. Kenney.
Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, 1720-1926 Kenney, James Spouse: Johnson, Margaret Marriage date : Jun 17, 1799
spouse: Frame, Mary (1747 - 1796) - m. in Bourbon County, Kentucky

child: Kenney, David (1772 - ~1804)

child: Kenney, Elizabeth (1773 - )

child: Kenney, John C. (1775 - 1847)

child: Kenney, Mary Polly (1779 - )

child: Kenney, James Jr (1782 - 1813)

child: Kenney, Moses (1784 - )

child: Kenney, Sallie Barnett (1786 - )

child: Kenney, Nancy (1788 - )

spouse: Johnston, Margaret (Peggy) (1770 - 1829) - m. 17 JUN 1799 in Bourbon County, Kentucky

child: Kenney, Maria Louise (1800 - 1850)

child: Kenney, Abigal B. (1801 - 1856)

child: Kenney, Helena L. (1804 - 1849)

child: Kenney, Joseph Bonaparte (1806 - 1887)

child: Kenney, Napoleon Bonaparte (1808 - 1836)

child: Kenney, Charlotte Corday (1809 - 1897)

child: Kenney, Victor Mareau (1812 - 1877)

child: Kenney, Margaret (1813 - 1900)

child: Kenney, Mary Ann (1814 - 1830)
Margaret "Peggy" Johnston. Her date of birth is noted as Dec. 12, 1809 in CLB notes. Her date of death is listed in the Kenney Bible as Feb.14, 1900. In The History of Bourbon, Scott (etc) County, she is listed as being from Nicholes County, KY.
LDS# 4H8W-WC list her date of birth as 2/11/1777 and place of birth as Bourbon County.


KENNEY Family graveyard, Paris, KY, on road to North Middletown, now Stonerside Farm

Barnes, Abigail H., w/o George F. Barnes, d/o J. & H. Johnson, born April 6, 1840-died February 5, 1865

Houston, Abigail B., born October 31, 1801 - died July 17, 1856
Johnson, Victor M., s/o John & Helena, born September 5, 1833 - died November 6, 1838

Johnson, Laura, d/o John & Helena Johnson, born May 21, 1834 – died September 5, 1835 Johnson, Dewitt C., s/o John & Helena Johnson, born April 1, 1828 - died July 31, 1849

Johnson, Helena, w/o John Johnson, d/o James & Margaret Kenney, born January 7, 1840 - died August 2, 1849
Kenney, Mary, died September 22, 1796 - aged 49 years
Kenney, Victor M., Jr., born September 14, 1840 - died December 10, 1861
Kenney, Tabitha, w/o W. M. Kenney, born November 1, 1813 - died October 17, 1879
Kenney, Victor M., born February 20, 1812 - died September 30, 1877
Kenney, Catherine, died June 15, 1845 - age 38 years, 8 months, & 5 days
Kenney, James, died March 13, 1814 - age 62 years
Kenney, Margaret, born February 11, 1777 - died May 16, 1829 - age 52 years & 3 months
Kenney, Kitty Ann Rodgers, lst w/o Victor M., 1st wife of Victor M. Kenney, b. 1811, d,___3rd, 1837, age 26yr, 2mo, 15days – Note: Top of stone gone. Identified by a great grandaughter, Mrs. Linda Stratton, Beckley, WV.)
Rogers, Caroline, born September 14, 1813 - died December 16, 1836
James first married Mary FRAME. Born in 1747. Mary died in 1796; she was 49.
They had the following children:

3 i. Moses (1784-1875)

4 ii. David (1772-~1804)

5 iii. Elizabeth (1773-)

6 iv. John C. (1775-1847)

7 v. Mary “Polly” (1779-)

8 vi. James (1782-1813)

9 vii. Nancy (1788-)

10 viii. Sallie Barnett (1786-)
On June 17, 1799 when James was 46, he second married Margaret (Peggy) JOHNSON, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on January 11, 1770 in Agusta County, Virginia. Margaret (Peggy) died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on May 30, 1829; she was 59.
Her date of birth is noted as Dec. 12, 1809 in CLB notes.

Her date of death is listed in the Kenney Bible as Feb.14, 1900.

In The History of Bourbon, Scott (etc) County, she is listed as being from Nicholes County, KY.
LDS# 4H8W-WC list her date of birth as 2/11/1777 and place of birth as Bourbon County.
They had the following children:

11 i. Marie Louise (1800-1850)

ii. Abigal B. Born on October 3, 1801 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Abigal B. died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on July 15, 1856; she was 54. Buried in Kenney Cemetery, Stonerside Farm, Paris, Kentucky.

On January 8, 1824 when Abigal B. was 22, she first married Levy HOUSTON. Levy died on May 1, 1849.

His name might have been James Houston. (CLB)

The second son married Abbie Kenney, sister of the late Victor Kenney of Bourbon County; he was for many years a Magistrate of Bourbon, lived a successful farmer and merchant at Ruddel's Mills, and died at eighty years of age, leaving no children.

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholes Counties, Kentucky, Ed by William Henry Perrin, O.L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882, p. 539.

On January 8, 1824 when Abigal B. was 22, she second married James H. HOUSTON, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. James H. died on May 1, 1849.

Double listed LDS file CPJR-JD and TH5C-PJ.

He was, for many years, Magistrate of Bourbon; he

12 iii. Helena L. (1804-1849)

13 iv. Joseph Bonaparte (1806-1887)

14 v. Napoleon Bonaparte (1808-1836)

15 vi. Charlotte Corday (1809-1897)

16 vii. Victor Mareau (1812-1877)

17 viii. Margaret (Peggy) (1813-1900)

ix. Mary Ann. Born on May 20, 1814 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Mary Ann died on April 18, 1830; she was 15.


On April 18, 1830 when Mary Ann was 15, she married Diamed BARNETT.

Third Generation


Family of James KENNEY Sr. (2) & Mary FRAME

3. Moses KENNEY. Born on April 4, 1784 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Moses died in Kenney, Dewitt County, Illinois on April 20, 1875; he was 91.
Notes for MOSES KENNEY: [4]

Moses Kenney moved to Illinois and was the founder of Kenney, Illinois.

The following information is from "Kenney Centennial" the Centennial History of Kenney, September 11-17, 1971.
The village of Kenney was platted and filed for the record in September of 1871, by Moses Kenney and was named by Moses and John Kenney in honor of their father, James Kenney. It was incorporated in 1875. Kenney was started primarily as a means of ridding himself of forty acres of ground which had been crossed diagonally by the Illinois Central Railroad, leaving Mr. Kenney with two three-cornered tracts of land. The new town was located almost in the exact center of Tunbridge Township and there were no buildings on the entire forty acres. As one looks backward to the conditions as they existed at that particular time, one can not help but admire the courage of Mr. Kenney in the undertaking of such a project as a new town, as the town of Franklin located 3 miles to the north and east was already in existence with three small stores, blacksmith shop, flour mill, saw mill, post office and school. Also three miles to the north was another small town with stores, blacksmith shop and schools. The only thing Mr. Kenney had in his favor was a railroad-but that proved to be enough. Kenney began to "grow like a weed" and in only a few years became one of the best and most widely known small towns in the entire state. Moses Kenney did not live to see his dream fulfilled as he died four years later in 1875.
Moses married Catherine STOGSDILL. Born about October 10, 1807 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Catherine died in Kenney, Dewitt County, Illinois on April 14, 1861; she was 53.
They had the following children:

i. John Muir.

ii. George M. Born about 1826.

iii. William. Born about 1828.

iv. Jefferson. Born about 1831.

v. Elizabeth. Born about 1832.

18 vi. Susan M. (~1832-)
4. David KENNEY. Born on January 26, 1772 in Augusta County, Virginia. David died about 1804; he was 31.
Wife may have been Martha Rocke, married Feb. 15, 1793.
David Kenney, the eldest child of James and Mary Kenney, was born in Virginia. As James Kenney was appointed administrator of his estate in 1804, he must have died about that time. In the November term of Bourbon Circuit Court, 1819, a suit in Chancery against the heirs of James Kenney names the defendants as John Kenney, James Kenney, Sally Kenney, Moses Kenney and Elam Kenney, heirs of David Kenney, deceased. "It appears to the satisfaction of the court that they are not inhabitants of this Commonwealth." From a correspondence between some of the Kenney relatives in Illinois and John Kenney of Logan County, mentioned his brother Moses, it is thought that the widow of David Kenney moved to that county with her family of infant children. (CLB) [1]

i. Polly.

ii. Elizabeth.

iii. John.

iv. Sally.

v. Moses.

vi. Elam.
5. Elizabeth KENNEY. Born on October 10, 1773 in Virginia.
Elizabeth Kenney, [1] first daughter and second child of James and Mary Frame Kenney, was born in Virginia on October 10th, 1773. She came to Kentucky with her parents and there she married James Trotter. They, with other members of the family, moved to Illinois. She was devoted to her sisters, all of whom were tall and slender. She left descendants who have scattered all over the country. (CLB)
Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, 1720-1926, Kenney, Elizabeth Spouse : Trotter, James, Marriage date : Nov 15, 1815
On January 1, 1796 when Elizabeth was 22, she married James TROTTER, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born about 1769.
They had the following children:

i. Joseph. Born about 1797 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

ii. James Kenney. Born on February 19, 1799 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

iii. John. Born about 1800 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

iv. Mary. Born on November 19, 1802 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

v. Nancy. Born on December 14, 1805 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

vi. Jane. Born on April 18, 1807 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

vii. George. Born on January 13, 1809 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

viii. Elizabeth. Born about 1812 in Sangamon, Illinois.
6. John C. KENNEY. Born on July 8, 1775 in Virginia. John C. died in Hannibal, Missouri in 1847; he was 71.
Notes on John KENNEY: [1]

The consent of her father to this marriage is in the Bourbon County court House, but dated in Montgomery County. About 1811, John Kenney moved his family to Ralls county, Missouri. His wife died in 1822, a few years after they moved west. (CLB)

John Kenney went from Kentucky to near Hannibal MO. about 1820 with his second wife and his three sons. Willis and Isaac Kenney returned to Kentucky when Isaac was about 18 years old. Their father and their half brother Fontain Kenney stayed near Hamilton, MO. John Kenney and his sons were all born in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
John C. Kenney seems to be the same James Kenney Sr. **Captain John Kenney was the son of James C. Kenney Sr m. Mary Frame.
On August 8, 1797 when John C. was 22, he first married Mary Polly JOHNSON, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Mary Polly died in 1822.
They had the following children:

i. William. Born in 1801 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. William died in Nicholas County, Kentucky on October 13, 1876; he was 75.

Died at 75 of kidney disease. He was married and a farmer.
ii. Nancy. Born on April 25, 1802. Nancy died in 1882; she was 79.

On May 20, 1828 when Nancy was 26, she married William HICKLIN. Born on November 17, 1789 in Frankfort, Kentucky. William died in Ralls County, Missouri in 1857; he was 67.

19 iii. Isaac (1807-1896)

iv. James.

v. Moses.

vi. Jonas.

vii. Nicholas.

viii. Edith.

ix. Mary.

x. Jack.

John C. second married .
They had one child:

20 i. Fountain (~1809-)

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