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NOTES-——------------------------------------------------------------CORNELL NOTES ABSOLUTE MONARCHS (503-535)--------------------------------------------

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DIRECTIONS: Use the main ideas below to create notes for yourself about this topic. Your answers will be your notes.



1) Who ruled the Holy Roman Empire in 1519, for how long, and what modern day countries made up the HRE?

2) What were Charles’s 2 titles? And did he control a lot of territory, compared to Europe as a whole?

3) Define the terms Absolute Monarch and divine right

4) Describe the Armada sent by Spain to invade England?

5) When was the Armada defeated? And what was the primary effect of this victory for England? Why were the English able to defeat the Armada? (2 reasons)

6) Besides defeating the Armada, what were 2 other ways Elizabeth disrupted Spain?

7) List 4 positive effect of Louis XIV’s reign? And what was his nickname?

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3 –
4 –

8) What was Louis XIV’s legacy? (how did he leave France)

9) What happened in England in 1642, and how did it end? Why were the “roundheads” called the roundheads?

10) Why do you think the English Bill of Rights is so important to US history and is it similar to any of our historical documents?

11) 15) List 4 major aspects of the English Bill of Rights?

12) Explain why the “Glorious Revolution” was so glorious?

13) What was the Treaty of Westphalia, what did it end? When have you learned about this war before?

How did Fredrick the Great use his army? Do you think his father would have been proud?

What does the quote at the bottom of 528 mean?

Why was Russia so far behind the rest of Europe?

12) List 3 positive things Peter the Great did for Russia and 1 negative?

What was a positive effect of Catherine the Great’s rule?

Explain the partition of Poland? Who and what happened?


HONORS – SAME + P. 515 1-2 ON BACK OF C & C

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