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There is no such thing as too much protection. This notice protects you if you take your own actions against the installation of a digital electric meter. If it ever gets to a legal contest, the courts seem to favor the people who have repeated their claims and demands the most often and the most timely.

When you declare “Self Defense With Cause” (below) the power company must cease all violations and may not lawfully retaliate, deny you utility services, charge you additional fees, or tamper with your replacement meter.

  1. Find out the name and mailing address for the CEO of your power company. If you can’t get the CEO’s name, get the President, Chariman of the Board or General Manager’s name. Always communicate in writing with an authorized party. Do not speak on the phone with underlings, they have no authority and will simply attempt to enforce company “policy” which may be unlawful and damaging to you.

  2. Edit the letter below by entering your name & address, you may want to include your utility service account number. Enter the CEO’s name and address as the addressee. Make everything non-italic. Edit the salutation and make it non-italic. Sign the letter and omit the italic word “signature”. Replace the text “your name” with your actual name and make that non-italic.

  3. Print the letter out and sign it with blue ink.

  4. Make at least 4 photocopies of the letter. Keep the original in your files.

  5. Send a photocopy in Certified U.S. Postal Mail to the CEO of the power company. Keep all mail receipts and the return post card when it arrives. Keep everything together in a large envelope with the original letter. Put that envelope in a place where you can find it later, even two years from now.

  6. Whenever ANYONE challenges your right to have a safe and lawful electric meter, send or give them a photocopy of this letter. The original is to be filed with the court if there is ever any legal action. DO NOT engage anyone on the subject of your electric meter without giving them a copy of this letter and demanding verbally that it’s contents be observed.

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