Opinion Writing Instructional Sequence Writing Prompt

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Opinion Writing Instructional Sequence
Writing Prompt:
Prompt: There were many issues that led to the American Revolution. Think about the colonists and what they wanted in the New World. Also, consider what the British wanted from the colonists.
Then, write a composition in which you identify what you think was the greatest cause of the war.
Scoring Guide:
Use the Scoring Guide on the following page.

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5th Grade Opinion Pieces Scoring Guide



  • Writes to the prompt (topic and information address the prompt)

  • Clearly identifies a topic or book in an introduction

  • Clearly states an opinion about the topic or book

  • Includes at least 3 ideas to support the opinion

  • Includes at least 3 details or examples to support each reason

  • Includes a concluding section (or statement)

Descriptive Language

  • At least 6 adjectives

  • At least 2 appositives

  • At least 3 linking words, phrases, or clauses are used (consequently, specifically)


  • At least 4 complex sentences

  • At least 1 compound-complex sentence

  • Topic sentence establishes purpose

  • Concluding statement (or section) is presented

  • Each paragraph has a topic sentence

  • Includes at least 2 quotes from text

  • Key words from prompt are in the writing

Mechanics, Spelling, Production

  • All sentences are punctuated

  • Each compound sentence and/or complex sentence has an appropriate comma

  • All necessary capital letters are in place

  • All paragraphs are indented

  • All grade-level appropriate words are spelled correctly

  • Product is legible

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topic: disagreement over the economic control of the colonies

greatest cause of the American Revolution

colonists’ goals

British expectations

opposing goals

  • colonists’ reasons for coming

  • what Great Britain wanted

  • could not agree

Use statistics, facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations, or other information and examples as your supporting details.

  • came to get land

  • wanted new life

  • riches and gold

  • freedom

  • mercantilism

  • needed money

  • passed taxes

  • colonists benefit themselves

  • Britain benefit the crown

  • decided to rebel for independence

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As a result of the American Revolution, the colonists in America gained their independence from British control. Many events led up to the American Revolution, but the greatest cause of the war was the disagreement over the economic control of the thirteen colonies. The colonists’ reasons for coming to America were not the same as the reasons that Great Britain wanted to settle the colonies, and the two parties were not ever able to peacefully agree on how to negotiate the differences.

The colonists came to America for many reasons, however most of those reasons were financial in nature. Some wanted to acquire land because they were unable to do so in Great Britain. Others wanted a new life free from their debt in Great Britain. Many colonists came to the new world in search of the riches and gold that they had heard about, and they wanted the freedom to live as they wished without being taxed by their homeland.

The British expectations of the colonists were quite different than the colonists’ goals for themselves. The British were in favor of mercantilism. Mercantilism is the idea that the colonies existed to benefit the crown, and that they were to help Great Britain keep its money by supplying them with things they need that they would normally have to trade for to get. The British also needed money to continue to run its protective forces for the colonies because it was expensive to do so. Taxes were first passed subtly onto the colonists, but as the American Revolution drew closer, the taxes were blatantly passed on many things without any input from the colonists. The British wanted to retain financial control over the colonists.

The colonists and the British had opposing goals when it came to financial issues. The colonists wanted to benefit themselves, and Great Britain expected that the colonists would help benefit the crown. After years of conflict without any resolution, the colonists decided to fight for their independence from Great Britain, and one of their battle cries was, “No taxation without representation!”. This basically means that they didn’t want to pay since they did not have a say, and so the war began.

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