Otto Von Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm I worked together to help unite Germany

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A force spread throughout Europe in the 1800's called Nationalism. Nationalism is an excessive pride in one's culture or country. Nationalism help unite people of a common culture and language, which sometimes resulted in the breaking apart of current countries or empires. Two nations that emerged during the 1800's because of Nationalism were Italy and Germany. Nationalist leaders in both Italy and Germany used common culture and language as well as violence and industrialization to unite into new countries.
Nationalistic ideas spread throughout Italy because of three men Count Cavour, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Giuseppe Mazzini. Count Cavour, known as the "brains" of Italian Unification, rallied the people of Italy around the idea of driving foreigner leaders out of Italy which would allow Italians to rule themselves (Doc 3). Giuseppe Garibaldi, known as the "sword" of Italian Unification, was the leader of the Red Shirts an army that added the Two Sicilies to Italy in 1861. (Doc 4) Garibaldi would try and recruit soldiers as he marched his soldiers throughout Italy as seen in Document 4 when he said, "Let him who loves his country in his heart, and not with his lips only, follow me". Giuseppe Mazzini, known as the "soul" of Italian Unification, created a political movement to try and unite the Italian people Young Italy, which would aid in the unification of Italy. To help the unification of Italy railroads were improved to help transport supplies to the different parts of Italy. Cavour, Garibaldi and Mazzini's efforts all allowed Italy to unite as one and name Victor Emmanuel the first king of Italy.
Otto Von Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm I worked together to help unite Germany. According to Document 5 Bismarck used the method of Blood and Iron to help unite Germany. Bismarck states in Document 5, "We would not be able to avoid serious contest with Austria. This contest could only be settled by blood and iron", Bismarck is making a point that Germany can only be unified if Prussians fight and industrialize their country. Bismarck was able convince enough people to take up arms against Austria and France to fight for the unification of Germany. After defeating the French Kaiser Wilhelm was crowned the first Emperor of Germany at the Palace of Versailles. Together Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm I were able to help unify Germany.
Nationalism is a powerful force that inspires people of a common culture to unite together. In Italy and in Germany people united because of the words and actions of leaders. Cavour, Garibaldi and Mazzini helped Unify Italy under King Emmanuel through the use of violence and industrialization. Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm helped unify Germany also through the use of violence and industrialization. Nationalism spread throughout Europe during the 1800's uniting people of common culture and language.

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