Our sweet and beautiful daughters Taylor & Katelyn. We love you so much! Mommy & Daddy

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In Honor of:

Our sweet and beautiful daughters Taylor & Katelyn. We love you so much! Mommy & Daddy

Jeff, my husband of almost 19 years. Thank you for changing my life!

I love you with all my heart! Christi

Angela Holt thanks for being a wonderful person and friend. I love you

Christi Shropshire

To Liberty Wesleyan Church; thank you for the food, cards, calls and most of all prayers during my recovery. You are the best! I love you all!

Christi Shropshire

Karen Lindstrom John Lindstrom

Lisha Gibson, I am a lucky man. Herb Jr.

To my GiGi, I love you very much. Lanie Doss

Happy Valentine’s Day mommy, I love you very much! Lanie Doss

Shelby Paschal Johnny

Dawn Paschal, love you Mom

Johnny Paschal, love you Shelby

Tiffany Jackson Darlene

Wayne Jackson Darlene

Jason & Tiffany Knight for the joy you bring to me. Gail

Jerry Fulp, a special friend Gail

Mark Kenchel Wifey

Milton & Mary Todd Love you, Melanie

Chris, Michelle, Christopher & Myah Love you, Melanie

Cameron Janes Mom & Dad


Liberty Wesleyan Church

Children’s Valentine’s Bulletin

February 13, 2011


In Honor of:

Beth Hopkins Love you, Melanie

Helen Vernon Love you, Melanie

Christopher and Myah Nana and Papa

Ebbie Rierson Jennie Joyce

My Lovely daughter and son-in-law Carla & Wesley Sharpe Mother

My Lovely daughter and son-in-law Rita Beth & Mitch Smith Mother

Jennie Joyce Evelyn Rierson

Ken Rierson Evelyn Rierson

Pastor Danny & Tanna Evelyn Rierson

To all the choir members Evelyn Rierson

To Beth our director and Patsy our co-director. Evelyn Rierson

Sam Hinton Gail Hinton

Evelyn Robison Gail Hinton

Christi, Thanks for being the wonderful wife and mother that you are.

Jeff, Taylor & Katelyn

Evelyn Robison An Admirer

Irene Clodfelter Peggy McGraw

Mommy & Daddy, We love you! Katelyn and Taylor Shropshire

Karen Lindstrom Jay

Eden, Emily and Jay.Jay. Daddy

Tanna Janes Your loving husband

Grayson & Easton Boyd Nonnie & Papa


In Honor of:

Paw Paw Ken & Maw Maw Ebbie, We love you! Randy, Delane

Jordan & Jeremy

To Cindy Greeson my Best Friend and my Soul mate. I love you with ALL my HEART! Lee Greeson

Joseph Hyatt, Will “U” “B” my valentine? Irene

Sister mother Father Time

Benita Lindstrom Jay

Peggy Gibson Herb Sr.

Louise Albert Gary & Linda Albert

Drexel Albert Gary & Linda Albert

Norma Jean Simpson Gary & Linda Albert

Jo Ann James, Outside of cooking, you will be an almost perfect woman. But, I love you anyway. Robbie

Candy Kehr Doris & Glenn

Lee, I love you! Cindy

My parent Herb & Peggy, I love you! Cindy

All the Young Adults, We love you! Cindy & Lee

Happy Valentines with all my love to Grandmother Richardson. I love you bunches! Angela Holt

Happy Valentines Karen Lindstrom, We love you! Austin, Angela & Zack

Happy Valentines Zack & Austin, We love you both, Mom & Dad

Happy Valentines Karen Hudson, From your Sunday School Class

Happy Valentines Christi & Jeff, Love you, Angela

Gail Hinton Sam Hinton


In Honor of:

Happy Valentines Jeff & Christi, Love you, Angela

Happy Valentines Gary & Cindy, Love you, Angela

Happy Valentines to Mr. Levi Ward, I love you, Aunt Angela

Happy Valentines to Cole, Love you! Angela

Happy Valentines to Princess Taylor, I love you Angela

Happy Valentines to Katelyn, Love you, Angela

Happy Valentines to Donnie & Nancy, Love you, Angela

Happy Valentines to Jaden, We love you! Angela & Austin

Dear Jill, My love letter to you. Not only Feb 14 but every day for 62 years, you have been my Valentine. I love you, God Bless you. This is from my heart P.H

Radie Hennis, Granny, we love you so much. Taylor & Noah

Rhonda Dalton, Thank you for all you do for us. We love you.

Taylor & Noah

Terri & Kelly VanDyke, We love you both. Taylor & Noah

Vanessa & Carl Kington, We love you both. Taylor & Noah

Jenna Middleton, to the craziest cousin/sister any boys could have. Thank you for always being there with your two cents worth, even if you aren’t asked! Noah says, and you car to pick me up. Love ya, Taylor &


Kirsten Lillie Kington, to the sweetest Goddaughter there is. We love you

Noah & Taylor

Heather Johnson, the BEST Godmother in the world. Love you, Noah

To my daughters and my son-in-laws, I love you all very much. Caroline


In Honor of:

To all my grandchildren, and my great-grandchildren, you are so special and I love each of you so very much. You light up my life.

Love, Memmaw Caroline

Frankie Pegram, I thank God for the loving and caring heart he gave you

I love you! Barbara

Kyle, Luke & Jenna, You feel our hearts with love. Papa & Nana

Linda, my beautiful wife of 38 years. Gary D. Albert

Angel and Brant, You both are such a blessing to us. We love you!

Mom and Dad Pegram

Robbie thanks for everything. I love you, Jo Ann

Gamma and Gampa Christopher Lindstrom Jr.

Nana and Papa. Christopher Lindstrom Jr.

Melanie. Christopher Lindstrom Jr.

Karen Hudson Mike Hudson

Pat Anderson Eddie, Toni, Autumn, Ayden, Jaden & Talia

Larry Harward Thanks for all you do! Your Church family

My loving husband, Gary Albert Linda Albert

John Lindstrom, my special Valentine Love, Karen

Ebbie, I love you! Ken

Grandma Pam Andrew and Grayson “Grandma’s Babies”

Pamela Stone Cockerham Heath& Jennifer, Amanda & Adam,

Allen & Cody

Jennifer Caligen, We love you bunches, Heath & Grayson

Amanda Smith, We love you bunches, Adam & Andrew

Michelle and Chris Lindstrom Myah Elizabeth Lindstrom


In Honor of:

Debra James, Tammy Moore, Lori Stewart, best sister-in-laws around.

Love ya! Jo Ann

P.H. Strader Thank you Lord for blessing me with the most precious Valentine in the whole wide world! It’s been 62 glorious years (not perfect but almost). Thank you also Lord for our dear family. They are a gift from you. We love each of them with all our heart.

Your devoted wife, Jill

Abby Long, You are tops. We love you with all our hearts.

Dusty, Landin & Login

David James, You are such an inspiration to everyone. We love you!

Robbie & Jo Ann

Brant, you are a wonderful husband and I love you very much! Angel

Kyle, Luke & Jenna, I am very lucky to be your mother! I love you! Angel

Beth Hopkins, Thank you Beth for your “Ministry in Music”. You and your choir are so gifted and are such a blessing to us all. God Bless Darlene, Chris, and all those who are so faithful in the sound department. Each of you are an inspiration to everyone. Placed with love by P.H. & Jill

Danny Nicholson. Love you bunches, Patsy

Mike Hudson, I Love you! Karen

Magan Hudson, We love you! Daddy & Mama

Justin Hudson, We love you! Daddy & Mama

My sweet little S.S. class. Karen Hudson

Angela, Eden, & Gary. Karen Hudson

Lela Hunt, I love my Gramma. She gets me what I want. I love her and Happy Valentine’s Day! Courtney Hunt

To all my nieces & nephews--I love you all very much.

Love, Aunt Rhonda

Abby & Landon Tilley, I love you very much. Love, Memi

Amanda & Wes Boyd: Mom & Dad


In Memory of:

Franklin Hunt Lela Hunt

Rachel Murray Lela Hunt

Irene Dixon Philip Dixon

Rachel Holland, there is not a day you are not in my thoughts and you have a special place in my heart. You are so missed; you will always be “MY VALENTINE!” Love, Mama

Lee Dalton & Gilbert Hennis, I love you both and think of you so often.

Love, Caroline (Sis)

Roy Anderson Eddie, Toni, Autumn, Ayden, Jaden, Talia

Cleo W. Simpson, my daddy Linda Albert

Polly, wonderful memoires Ken

Juanita Stone, “ A true sweetheart” Our sweetheart.

Pam, Marty & Melvin

Our precious grandmother, Juanita Stone. Heath, Mandy, Buzzy,

Melody, Allen, Cody, Grayson & Andrew

Margaret Todd Myah Elizabeth Lindstrom

Myrtle Hastings Myah Elizabeth Lindstrom

In loving memory of Cheryl J. Strader. You will always have a special place in our hearts that no one else can have. The Strader Family

Ozelle Moore – My dear mother died a year ago February 15th.

Shirley Valentine

In memory of my granddaddy Allen Richardson. Hope you are having a happy Valentines in heaven. I love & Miss you so much! Angela

Shannon Paschal Love you! Mom

Elma Rierson Love you! Shelby

Elma & Stick Rierson For your love, Gail


In Memory of:

Flossie Janes (on your 83 birthday today) Your son, Danny

Mrs. Ollie Simpson Doris Hudson

Mrs. Virginia Simpson Doris Hudson

Jimmy McCraw, You are still my Valentine Irene Clodfelter

Jimmy McCraw Peggy McCraw

To all the loved ones that has passed on. Evelyn Rierson

Merle & Steve Eanes Jennie Joyce

Christine Grindstaff Jennie Joyce

Wayne Eanes Jennie Joyce

Franklin Hunt, I miss my Grampa and I love him. Happy Valentine’s Day. Courtney Hunt

Rachel Holland, We love and miss you. Love, Noah & Taylor

Papa James, I love you! Shelby Paschal

Cheryl James Strader, I miss you! Shelby Paschal

Valentine's Day, a time when thoughts turn to love. But what is love? Is it a box of chocolates, or a pretty valentine? Is it a red rose, or maybe a dozen? Is it a peck on the cheek, a fond embrace, or a big bear hug?

Well, sometimes love is known in those ways. But love, real love, is how we relate to God and to one another if life is what it ought to be - beautiful!

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