Part one: case studies

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Mental Illness Project
Learning Targets

Explain the purpose of the DSM-IV & identify the components in each axis.

 Understand the different approaches to the treatment of mental disorders


  1. Working in groups of 2-3, each member of your group should be assigned at least TWO of the case studies to analyze according to the DSM. Using the five axis of the DSM, analyze the characteristics of the individuals described each case study. For Example Axis I should include a definition of the particular disorder as well as evidence from the case study, which supports the diagnosis. YOU WILL NEED TO USE YOUR BOOK AND THE INTERNET TO RESEARCH THE DSM AND HOW IT WORKS.

  1. Explain the treatment method for each case study in specific detail along with a justification for why that particular type of treatment was implemented. While treatment is not addressed by the DSM, identify the treatment method(s) which you believe would best address the symptoms described in your case study be sure to align your treatment to a particular school(s) of thought and a specific treatment method within that school of thought. YOU WILL NEED TO USE YOUR BOOK AND THE INTERNET TO RESEARCH VARIOUS TREATMENT METHODS.

  1. Each member of the group will be responsible for typing up their case study results in the format of the five DSM axes.

  1. All of the groups will come together to discuss their diagnosis and method of treatment. This process will allow you to see that the DSM has been of considerable help to clinicians however there is still variability in diagnosis.

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