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Patricia C. Foley

416 Colesville Manor Drive

Silver Spring, MD 20904

(301) 384-3056

Ph.D., Communication, 1999, University of Massachusetts, Dissertation: "Paradox and Promise in the Dialogue on Race: A Case Study Analysis of the Dialogues of the Springfield World Class City Commission"
M.A., Communication, 1997, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Thesis: "Views from the Summit: An Ethnographic Study of the Ritual Communication on Mt. Holyoke"

M.A., Liberal Studies, 1989, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Thesis: "Learning to See: The Rassias Method and American Sign Language Instruction"

B.G.S. (magna cum laude), 1983, Behavioral Science, College of Lifelong Learning, University System of N.H., Durham, NH

Teaching and Professional Experience
09/04 – pres. Associate Professor—Department of Communication Studies

Gallaudet University, Washington, DC
09/03 – pres. & Lecturer- Department of Communication Studies

09/00 – 06/02 Northeastern University, Boston, MA
09/02 – 06/03 Assistant Professor- Theatre & Speech Communication Department

Salem State College, Salem, MA
08/99 – 08/00 Assistant to the Division Chair, Liberal Studies

North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA
01/93-5/98 Sign Language Interpreter-Office of Disability Services

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
10/90 - 09/93 Federal Grant Coordinator- National Interpreter Education Project, OSERS, U.S. Department of Education

Northwestern Connecticut Community-Technical College, Winsted, CT
09/81 - 08/90 Associate Professor/Program Director

Sign Language Interpreter-Tutor Program

New Hampshire Technical College, Claremont, NH
Published Book Review: Foley, Patricia C., on We are all Americans, Pure and Simple by Leroy G. Dorsey (2007, University of Alabama Press) for the American Communication Journal, Vol. 10, Issue 03, Fall 2008.
A Case ‘for’ and ‘of’ Critical Pedagogy: Meeting the Challenge of Liberatory Education at Gallaudet University.” In (Winter 2007) American Communication Journal, Vol. 9, Issue 4.
Language, Culture, and the Rassias Method” in Yoken, Mel. (Ed.) (Spring 2007). Breakthrough: Essays and Vignettes in Honor of John A. Rassias. New York: Peter Lang.

Published Book Review: Foley, Patricia C. on From Pity to Pride by Hannah Joyner (2004, Gallaudet University Press) for the Disability Studies Quarterly, Summer 2005.
-“That All May be One”: Co-Creating God, Community, and Religion with the Catholic Sisters of St. Joseph. (2001) M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture. 4/4.
-Primary developer/author (as Stawasz, Patricia): (Sept. 1995) Professional Development Endorsement System: A Curriculum for Training Interpreters for the Deaf in Educational and Rehabilitation Settings and Professional Development Endorsement System: Module Combinations for Four Credit Courses in Educational Interpreting. Developed by the National Interpreter Education Project, RSA Federal Interpreter Training Centers at Northwestern Connecticut Community-Technical College and The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (CFDA 84.160A)

Submissions under review for publication:
Keepers of the Legacy: A commentary of the Inaugural Speech of Barack Obama” submitted to the 02/01 edition of Communication Currents, the online journal of the National Communication Association, Joann Keyton (Ed,) ( to appear in the Opening the Lines of Communication column
Being the Change: Creating Social Justice in the Deaf Community through the 1988 and 2006 Protests at Gallaudet University”, with Robert D. Harrison-chapter proposal submitted 12/08 to Communication and Creative Democracy: Theory, Case Studies, Pedagogy, Omar Swartz, J.D., PhD, (Ed.)
Communicating Change Before and Beyond the 2006 Protest”, with Lillie S. Ransom & Robert D. Harrison-co-written article submitted 08/01 for The Journal of the Wisconsin Communication Association.

Selected Conference Presentations
Healing from the Tumult of Protest at Gallaudet University: Questions of Meaning and Possibilities of Fruition”-Paper presentation in the panel “Communicating Change Before and Beyond the 2006 Protest at Gallaudet University” at the 2008 Eastern Communication Association Convention, Pittsburgh, PA
A Case ‘for’ and ‘of’ Critical Pedagogy: Meeting the Challenge of Liberatory Education at Gallaudet University.”- Paper presentation at 2007 American Communication Association Convention, Taos, NM
So this is Home? A discussion of Home-building efforts in Group Homes for Adults with Developmental Disabilities”-Paper presentation in the panel “Living with what is: Home-places created by others for Special Populations” for the Disability Caucus at the 2006 National Communication Association Convention, San Antonio, TX
Testimony of Life: Gallaudet University as Home-Place” with Beth Benedict:-Paper presentation in the panel “Cultural Identities on the Margins: Selectively Constructing and Maintaining Home-place” for the Critical and Cultural Studies Division at the 2005 National Communication Association Convention, Boston, MA
The Gift of Mt. Holyoke: Creating a Sense of Place Through Ritual Communication”- Paper presentation, designated one of the top four papers in the Environmental Communication Division at the 2004 National Communication Association Convention, Chicago, IL
Learning to See: What American Sign Language Teaches about Language and Interaction”-Paper presentation in the panel “Beyond Eye Contact and Tone of Voice: Communication and Visual/Hearing Impairment” for the Disability Issues Caucus at the 2004 National Communication Association Convention, Chicago, IL

Service as Convention Paper Reviewer/Wandering Scholar
2008 Paper Reviewer-Language and Social Interaction Division of the National Communication Association

Wandering Scholar for the Scholar-to-Scholar evaluating the accessibility of presentations the Scholar-to-Scholar sessions at the NCA Convention, San Diego, CA
2007 Paper Reviewer-Social Construction Division of the National Communication Association
2006 Paper Reviewer for the Disability Issues Caucus of the National Communication


Wandering Scholar for the Scholar-to-Scholar sessions evaluating the accessibility of presentations the Scholar-to-Scholar sessions at the NCA Convention, San Antonio, TX

Addition Training/Certificate Programs/Special Projects
01/09 Dialogue, Deliberation, and Public Engagement Program of the Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA. Certificate of completion; Capstone project: “Dialogue as Pedagogy: Co-creating experience and learning in the Classroom”

07/08 Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation, completion of training program sponsored by the Gallaudet Diversity Team and CBG Consulting, co-moderated an all- university dialogue about language in 09/08.

07/07 Gallaudet Video Library Project, worked with the Gallaudet Library project to incorporate archived videos from the Deaf Community into the Blackboard curriculum of the course, COM440-Intercultural Communication

06/07 Yoga Teacher Training, completed 200 hour certificate program at Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA

07/06 Hope Faculty Development Conference at Luther College, sponsored by the National Communication Association, completed course work in “Studying Rhetorics of Commemorative Place” by Carole Blair and “The Possibility of dialogue, the Possibilities for Dialogue” by John Stewart

06/05 BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory, EQ-I, sponsored by BarOn at Gallaudet University, incorporated this method into the courses COM495, Special Topics: Interpersonal and Group Conflict Management and COM 495, Special Topics: Communicating Common Ground

05/05 WEC, Writing across the Curriculum sponsored by Gallaudet University, developed the WEC course, COM380 Theories of Human Communication

Grants Received
Fall 2008 Faculty Development Grant, Gallaudet University to assist in participation

in the Dialogue, Deliberation, and Public Engagement Certificate Program at

the Fielding Graduate University
Spring 2005 Communicating Common Ground Program of the National Communication

Association; developed with the Model Secondary School for the Deaf a

program on prejudice reduction for middle school students

Courses Regularly Taught from the Communication Studies Department Curriculum
COM 280 Group Discussion

COM 324 Interpersonal Communication

COM 380 Theories of Human Communication

COM 440 Intercultural Communication

COM 450 Political Communication
Special Topics and Independent Studies Courses Taught
COM495-Special Topics-Intergroup Dialogue on Race (S’09)

COM495-Special Topics-Mediation, Dialogue, and Deliberation (S’09)

COM495-Special Topics-Interpersonal and Group Conflict Management (F’08)

COM499-Independent Study-ADA and the Workplace (S’08)

COM495-Special Topics-Interpersonal and Group Conflict Management (S’07)

COM499-Independent Study-Culture and Traditions of International Deaf Students (S’07)

COM495-Special Topics-Communicating Common Ground (F’06)

COM495-Special Topics-Social Movements (S’06)

COM499-Independent Study—Social Movements and the Deaf Community (S’05)

Service on Gallaudet University Committees
2008 Ad Hoc Group to integrate Intergroup Dialogue courses into the Communication

Studies Department curriculum

2007 Led effort to revise the Communication Studies Department Philosophy, Mission, Goals, & Curriculum

2007 Healing Committee for the MSCHE accreditation effort

2007 &2006 Faculty and Staff Mentoring Program for New Students

2006 Diversity Dimension of the Foundations of Excellence

2006 Constitution Day Planning Committee

2006 &2005 Presidential Fellows Selection Committee

2005-pres. Grievance Committee of the Faculty Senate

Professional Memberships and Community Service
2008-pres. Member, Eastern Communication Association
1993 – pres. Member—National Communication Association, Served as Secretary to the Disability Caucus in 2005 & 2006; Public Relations Contact for Communicating Common Ground, 2006 & 2007
2003 – pres. Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative (HNII)—member of community group that will advise/participate in the HNII project on the influence of wisdom traditions in negotiation and conflict resolution in organizational, international & interpersonal situations

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