Peninsula Aeromodelers Video Collection March 2002

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Peninsula Aeromodelers Video Collection March 2002

The following VHS videos are available for check out at the meetings. Keep them for a month and return them at the next meeting. There is no limit on how many videos you can check out.

Librarian: Phil Hill (415) 586-2244 e-mail:

GEE BEES 57 minutes. A history of the G B Aircraft Company. This is an interesting video with historic footage of the full scale Gee Bee aircraft. On loan from Bob Wakeman.
The Last AIRSHOW at Moffett Field ‘92 Highlights from the KTVU Telecast. Including Sean Tucker, Patty Wagstaff - Aerobatics Champion, U.S. Navy Leap Frogs, Eddie Andreini & Wingwalker Alan Silver, the Blue Angels. This is a good video if you like full scale airshows. On loan from Bob Wakeman.
Daredevils of the Sky, 1994 (Nats Aero Champs) This is an interesting video that chronicles the history of aerobatic flying with historic footage and modern footage of full scale aircraft. Includes an interview with Patty Wagstaff. On loan from Bob Wakeman.
Pilot Stories from the Gulf War 60 minutes. “British Jaguars flew over six hundred missions during the Gulf conflict. In this video we give the pilots who flew the missions a chance to tell us exactly what it was like to fly a real combat mission. Pilot Stories is narrated by the pilots. The footage used is exclusive to this video and is provided by the pilots from their own on board cameras... as seen from the aircraft.” I have not reviewed this video. On loan from Bob Wakeman.
Top Gun 1991 2 hours. Beautiful scale aircraft models w/scale takeoffs, landings & flybys. I enjoyed this video because I like to see expertly made scale models. If you like to see accurate scale R/C models based on full scale aircraft, this video is for you. On loan from Bob Wakeman.
AMA “The Pioneers” This is an interesting look at the first attempts to fly R/C aircraft models. Includes footage of early one channel R/C aircraft. On loan from Ray Atkinson.
Wings Over the World 30minutes. 1950. This film shows control line & free flight modeling. The film was made in 1950 and is so boring I would recommend it as a cure for insomnia. It is somewhat amusing to see how films were made back in 1950, but five minutes is enough. On loan from Ray Atkinson.
OUT OF CONTROL, Vol 1 45 minutes. This video shows beautiful scale aircraft CRASHING. It is fun to watch if you are not easily discouraged by the sight of all that work getting wrecked. Actually, not all the crashes are bad ones. Some just result in lost landing gear. This video might give you some idea of what to watch out for next time you go flying. On loan from Ray Atkinson.
Plane Crazy (3hr EAA Build) 3 hours. This was taped from a television broadcast. It chronicles one man’s attempt to design and build a homebuilt full scale aircraft in 30 days. It is lengthy, but interesting because it gives you a look at fiberglass and wood frame homebuilt aircraft construction techniques. Note that the video is not at the beginning of the tape. This video tape has 1-1/2 hours of other stuff on the first part of the tape, so do not rewind it all the way. On loan from Ray Atkinson.
Paris Air Show This was taped from a television broadcast. Includes full scale aircraft. Donated by Ed Daum.
Flight Training Video ARF Trainer This tape gives a quick look at how to assemble and safely fly a 60 size ARF trainer. Could be a good introduction to R/C if you know nothing about it. Donated by Bob Magginetti.
Building and Flying R/C ARF’s This is a poor quality copy of a video tape that I found in the shed at the PAM airfield. It gives a quick look at how to assemble and safely fly a 60 size ARF trainer. Could be a good introduction to R/C if you know nothing about it.
Electric Airshow 2000 This is a superb look at the current state-of-the-art in battery powered model aircraft. This high quality video was recently filmed in San Diego and includes slow fliers, scale aircraft, “hotliners” and ducted fan jets. There are some excellent shots of PAM’s Steve Toschi’s Mig 15 launching and flying. If you had doubts about the capability of electrics, this should dispel them. Donated by Steve Toschi.
Tournament of Champions 1996 150 minutes. This video shows some of the worlds best R/C aerobatics pilots flying during the 1996 TOC competition. The aircraft are all large stunt aircraft and each competitor must fly the same routine. After viewing a few of the planes, you start to figure out how it is supposed to be done and you can tell when a maneuver is not perfect. I did not sit through the whole thing, I got bored. Donated by Warren Olson.
Wring it Out! Vol III 52 minutes. How to set up and fly TOC style aerobatics. Donated by Warren Olson.
Worldly flights of Indoor 28 minutes. This is a fascinating look at a world champion competition of rubber powered indoor ultralight model aircraft. The object is to see who can keep it airborne the longest. Donated by Warren Olson.
MVVS Hots 40 minutes. If you have never seen or even heard of “PROP HANGING”, this should give you a real good idea of what it’s all about. The R/C aircraft and pilot in this video give a whole new definition to take-off and landing. You only need to watch for about 5 minutes to see some of the most amazing flying. This is a fuzzy copy, but still worth checking out. Donated by Warren Olson.
PIC Videotape Volume 1, Basics 115 minutes. This is a good promo tape made by an adhesive manufacturer. It details the proper selection and use of CYA, epoxy and other adhesives. Very good for someone who is new to the hobby.
Real Top Gun Striking Back: a Byron scale recreation of the war in the South Pacific during WWII. It’s an interesting scale model reenactment of air strikes, with explosions and burning ships.

Top Gun Air Show 1988, full scale airshow at Fightertown USA with excellent footage of the F14 F16, Hawkeye, Harrier VTOL and others.

Top Gun Fighter Town USA another copy of Top Gun Air Show above.
Dayton International Airshow with Robin Leach 1988: full scale airshow with the US Army sky diving team, Canadian Snowbird precision flying team, B17 bomber, wingwalker, and a Mig 15
R/C Video #9 1988: IMAA, Akrostar, Striping tape, NASA, chargers, Duraplane, Helo, R/C search. Includes some beautiful scale models.
R/C Video Magazine #10 1988, this video has coverage of a ducted fan Jet fly-in, a demonstration of world class model painting techniques, a flying 1/5th scale B29 WWII bomber weighing 405 pounds, and coverage of the 1987 Scale Masters. This tape is worth viewing for the B29 alone, but I also enjoyed seeing the beautiful jets and scale models flying.
R/C Video Magazine 1990 56 minutes. This is one of the better tapes in the collection. It is actually five different events including 1) the “Schneider Cup Giant Scale Reenactment” which showcases beautiful scale seaplane racers, 2) A beautiful Lear Jet model, 3) 1/8th scale Air Force Annual Fly In, 4) World Helicopter Championships, and 5) Flying in Cold Weather. I would recommend it just for the seaplane racers. Donated by Warren Olson.

Magic in the Air ’90: full scale airshow taped off a TV broadcast with Bob Hoover flying the Saberliner and Shrike Aerocommander; Earl Cherry with his Stearman bipe & female wingwalkers; Steve Wolf and his Samson bipe. Worth looking at just to see Bob Hoover flying stunts in the business jet and twin engine Shrike.
Judging and Flying Precision Aerobatics 45 minutes. The tape uses animation to show the correct and incorrect way to judge/fly TOC type aerabatics. This would be good for someone who wants to learn the names of some of the aerobatic maneuvers that are common in TOC events, as well as for those who are interested in improving their tournament quality aerobatic flying.
Flying Fortress B-17 43 minutes 1992. Here’s your chance to experience flying a B-17 bomber. This video takes you on a flight inside a restored full size WWII B-17 Flying Fortress bomber.
Top Gun: The Story Behind the Story. 35 minutes. 1987 “Fly with the Navy’s leading Vietnam War Ace... TOPGUN instructor and adversary squadron commander. See actual dogfights, crashes and MIG confrontations. Hear actual air-to-air combat radio. ...”
#1 Memphis Belle 53 minutes #2 Battle of Britain 60 minutes. This is two war films on one tape. Memphis Belle is a documentary about the most famous WWII B-17 bomber.

Battle of Britain contains “marvelous war footage”.

Rocket Pilots X-15 Story with Chuck Yeager and Scott Crossfield. 70 minutes. An excellent look at the development of the rocket powered craft that were the precursors to the space shuttle. Includes footage of the first aircraft to break the sound barrier.

Canadian Snowbirds 1986, 1 hour. This video highlights the Canadian Armed Forces precision flying team. Nine Canadair CT 114 Tutor jets perform air show aerobatics. Don’t be alarmed when you start watching this video if you don’t hear anything – there is no music and no narration. This video shows how you can stretch a fifteen minute experience into one hour. The Blue Angels they are not.

Air Force 40th Anniversary Special “Top Flight” 1 hour. 1987 Narrated by William Shatner. This is a brief history of the USAF with footage of WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam war fighters and bombers. The television special is broken down into five sections including: Flight Testing, Rescue, Supply, Winged Women, and Fighter Pilots. This enjoyable video suffers in that it tries to cover too much in a short time.
Greatest Show in Air Oshkosh 1994, 30 minutes. This excellent video is a “must see” that includes takeoffs, landings and flybys of the Concorde, SR71, B1, F14, F16, F18, B17, B52, P51, Burt Rutan’s round the world non-stop aircraft, and pilots performing world class aerobatic stunts. On loan from Jim Reimholz.
Thunderbirds Special Report 1988, 30 minutes. If you enjoy watching Air Force F16s doing their Air Show routine, this tape is for you. Donated by Lew Chee.
Speedy Bee Lazy Bee by Clancy Aviation, 30 minutes. This video starts out with amateur footage of the development of the .049-.15 powered Lazy Bee R/C aircraft. It shows how durable it is. Crash landings usually result in no damage. Then it shows videos sent in by flyers across the country. These include Lazy Bees with skis on snow, floats on water, wheels on grass, dirt, electric powered - you name it. Finally you see the thing carrying a video camera. Not one of the best videos, but worth a look.
Flying Free - McCready. This 45 minute video was taped from a PBS special. It covers the fascinating work of Paul McCready - the Gossamer Condor, solar powered remote flying wing, rubber powered flapping wing flyers, battery powered surveilance planes, and efforts to mimic insect flight. Very interesting. Donated by Jim Reimholtz.
3rd Annual Electric Fly-in Half Moon Bay 20 minutes. This video was filmed and donated by Bill Hughes at the Pioneer Electric fly-in held at our field Sept 29, 2001. Though Bill is an amateur, he did a nice job covering the event.
Craftsman Lawn & Garden Tractor Instruction Manual. This is the video operating instructions for our mower. A must see for anyone interested in cutting the grass/weeds at the field.
R/C Unlimited Racing, 1991 Giant scale Reno style pylon racing event held in Madiera. Fun to watch if you want to see nice looking R/C aircraft racing around two pylons. On loan from Bob Wakeman.
R/C Unlimited Racing 75 minutes. Pylon Racing. Donated by Warren Olson.
Madera ‘92 R/C Air Race 110 minutes. Donated by Warren Olson.
Madera ’95 Unlimited R/C races. Donated by Lew Chee.
Model Sport Magazine MS0303 2000. 2 hours: Madera Air Racing, MDS .68 FS Pro, Shuttle Challenge Heli, World Model’s Midget Mustang, Hanger 9’s ARF Cessna 182 Skylane. On loan from Ellsworth Crowell.
Scale Model Airshow 1997 Five minutes worth of amateur (poor) video filmed at the SCCMAS Thomcats field. This would be a good tape to tape over, if someone wants to film something worthwhile. Donated by Warren Olson.
Model Airplane Static Display & Airshow, Davis, CA 1997 4 minute amateur video of the 1997 R/C Airshow at Davis, CA. Donated by Warren Olson.
The following tapes have not yet been reviewed.
Model Sport Magazine MS0301 2000, On loan from Ellsworth Crowell.

Threshold, The Blue Angels Experience

B1 Bomber & Howard Hughes 2 hours
Reaching for the Skies in four parts (four tapes)
The following book is available for check out:
The story of Air Fighting by J.E. Johnson: “a fascinating and absorbing account of battles in the air...” From WWI to modern day aerial strategy.
Basic Flight 33 minutes. A simple introduction to flying a three channel trainer. Shows the transmitter and the aircraft simultaneously. Shows taxiing, taking off, loops, a roll, and landing. Shows a field box. You also get to see a plane that is virtually indestructible. There is some footage of combat flying. Donated by Ric Johnson.

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