People who have been disarmed cannot fight back against a tyrannical government. That is why we have any right to own a weapon

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People who have been disarmed cannot fight back against a tyrannical government. That is why we have any right to own a weapon. It is not a right that is granted by government, but it is always a right that is attempted to be taken away by government. It is an inherent right and we need no permission to defend ourselves in all times and in all places. Most if not all genocides were preceded by a mass disarming of populations targeted for killing.
It helps to gain a long historical viewpoint of understanding the pattern that takes place over and over again. The saying those who do not learn from history are condemned or doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past because they ignored the pattern, because they ignored the events that took place.
Nonaggression and self-defense are principles. You are not violating anyone's rights when you are in harmony with principles. You're never taking someone else's rights if you respond to their violence force. You have that right to do that. You're not taking their rights away. If violence has been done, there already exists an inherent right to respond to that violence with force to put down that act. That self-defensive right is always there no matter what man writes down on a piece of paper or what other people who are willing to go conduct violence going do the right still exists.
No one can say you do not have a right to defend yourself no matter what is written. No one can say that you no longer have a right to something that is a right. We need to understand the absolute nature of rights. Rights are not relative, they cannot be granted or taken away. They always exist and they are forever. Is that an extreme position? Yes, and you better understand that it is. It is an extremity. Truth is extreme, it is all one-way, it is not black and white for any shades of gray involved. It's all one-way. Rights are absolute, they either exists or they do not exist, there are no shades of gray, they cannot be taken away by man. Under inherent natural law you a right to defend yourself against violence, the end.
The New Age movement bunk that you should never get angry at anybody or anything. Oh if you get angry that means you're not exercising self-control. There is such a thing as righteous anger when you see things that are being done, conducted and orchestrated to take away your rights. If you are not angry there's something wrong with you, you have been degraded in some way, you are no longer expressing the full range of human emotions which include the so-called "negative" emotions. You should hate what is being done in the world today, you should be angry about it. Anger gets you up to the place of consciousness where you are able to see and care for the difference between truth and falsehood. Anger if used properly and cell phone it is supposed to be felt can take people up to a higher level of awareness. This is not to suggest to simply stay angry. Anger should be transmuted.
Thinking that there is never a time to experience anger is all to get you to lay down. So that you won't take any action, so that you won't do any anything and accept your slavery. If you are not angry you're going to accept your slavery. Use the anger to stir you up to a higher level of awareness and understand what we should be doing and advocating.
We can look up many examples of how government goes and encroaches upon people's rights and noncommittally does genocide on once they get them disarmed. The people who conduct the violence are telling the people who are not being violent but they cannot have weapons, we can have them but you can't have. We can have them, we are the authorities, we are allowed, but you are not. This is a clear example of the acceptance of human slavery. You can color it up, just set up, tie it up with a nice little tie but no matter how you giftwrapped it this is the acceptance that someone else's your ruler and you are a slave. The nerve that some people accept that they are slaves, that someone else is there authority that may command them what they can do.
The right-hand path of imbalance of being okay with other people ruling you telling you what you can and can't do and that they are your authority to rule over you as if they have a moral right to rule over you and you have a moral right to obey their whims and commands. You have to hate yourself and ruled by her emotions to do that, to say that someone can do whatever violence they want towards you and you won't lift a finger is a total coward. If you don't stand up and defend yourself then you are a coward as a coward just rolls over and lets people run over them. If you think about it from a psychological standpoint, that mind state must come from self loathing being present in the individual at some level there psyche. It has to come from a place of self-hatred. If you truly love yourself, you understand what freedom is, you value your life and others life, you are going to be willing to stand up and defend yourself.
If you love your life, your standard of living, your job, your level of comfort more than freedom, then you are a coward.
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Samuel Adams on problem of valuing money over truth and freedom.

What is the militia? It is the whole people. This was written by the person who wrote the Second Amendment. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.

  • George Mason

Do you have a right as an individual to take someone else's ability to defend themselves from violence? If you don't have that right, then no one has that right, that right does not exist for anyone and it cannot be granted to anyone or another group of people that are called the government and somehow say they are going to be magically imbued with a right that doesn't exist.

The etymological meaning of the word natural comes from the Egyptian word Neter, the term meant spirit, so natural, neter-al , laws of the spiritual laws that ultimately govern the conduct of human behavior.

Love as an act that has helped people to grow and move forward evolutionarily in consciousness, and not an act that should not of been taken because it makes that natural process of a solution area development of backwards.
Our choices are governed. We have free will to make choices but not without consequences. There will always be consequences for the actions that we take based on the choices that we make. The laws that govern this are fixed, immutable and not open to our whims, the lease, likes or dislikes. We are creating as a result of those choices in harmony with natural law or in opposition to these spiritual laws of creation. Those laws have within them the inherent concepts of right and wrong, the inherent distinction, energetically, of what is going to result if this action is being taken because it is not moral, or whether this other action here that is in alignment with morality. Did their actions result in harm? In the American Revolutionary war, those who brandished firearms and killed other people who came from Europe to oppress them at the hand of European crowns. What was the reason they chose to make that action? Their rights were being stolen and some were being imprisoned for not having done anything wrong.
On pacifism

when there is no pattern it is a random act of violence against you such as a punch in the face you can choose to respond with force or you can choose to let it go. But if it keeps happening, and there is a continuous chain of usurpation and abuse or they punch you continuously or every day, and you still sit there and do nothing, you are in the wrong, you are not operating within the parameters of natural law. Pacifism is not a proper philosophy, it is an ideology that is not based a deep understanding of the laws of nature of cosmic spiritual law at all. It is an ideology that is ultimately based in some form of self-loathing in which you will continue to take abuse and never respond with your right to defend yourself with force. This is a false notion similar to the false understanding of the concept of turning the other cheek.

Aspects of pacifism in the New Testament attributed to teaching of turning the other cheek and supporting the false understanding of this concept were most likely editing this in the distance in order to pacify people into complacency and acceptance.
Matthew chapter 10

do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to be or, but I have come to bring the sword

he is saying that the truth is not about peace. Jesus has always referred to himself as the truth. He did not come to bring peace. Truth is here to stir things up, it's your to create conflict, he brought a sword to so many people were accepting things that weren't true as the way things are. Accepting fantasy has truth. It came to turn people of their own family against each other because of those who would be willing to see the truth and go where it leads and those who would stay in their ignorance and continue to engage in the illusion. This is going to create dichotomy, this is going to create conflict, especially in families. Meaning that if you just want to maintain peace, you are not on the side of truth. Truth is an uncomfortable process to go through, to recognize the reality of the world. It shouldn't make you comfortable, it shouldn't make things tranquil, it is a stirring process, to stir the pot, to rock the boat. That is what the truth is about. You shouldn't be comfortable in the illusion and to come out of it is a process involving turmoil, it is a tumultuous process. He is saying that if you love your family more than you love me in truth, you will have all the negative things that will result as of your result and willful refusal of the truth. Jesus is saying that if you are unwilling to follow the truth wherever it leads and take up the cross regardless of how uncomfortable it will be to engage truth and spread it to others, if you're not willing to do that then you're not worthy of the truth, the way in the life. He says whoever finds his life will lose it, meaning if you love your life more than you love truth and freedom you will ultimately lose your life. Your life is worth more to you than truth and freedom so you will defend your life, meaning you would stay in your shell, stay in your shackles, stay in your bindings, as long as you wouldn't have to take a chance to endanger your life. Meaning if you're willing to preserve just your life because you won't get your hands dirty in the fight for truth and freedom, because you won't speak out of fear, because you're willing to stay in your shackles of safety and so-called security rather than go on the battlefield for truth and freedom. You will ultimately lose your life is everything that makes life worth living. Those who lose their life for the sake of the truth will have will have true power, will have true life, that life will be imbued with meaning and purpose.
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on master slave relationships not existing in nature

Samuel Adams quote about freedom being inherent in man and it cannot be taken away or given away. Freedom is an inherent part of the cosmic spiritual laws of creation that man has.


inherent right of self-defense against violence

Violence is a state of mind in each individual, it has nothing to do with guns.
20m – on pacifism self hate again

Image 5

George Mason co-author of the Second Amendment quote on what the militia is, to ensure freedom.
An exercise:

write on a piece of paper no Masters, no rulers

ask the person was the first thing that comes to your mind when they read that

most people will say freedom even though that is the definition for anarchy

give them a piece of paper with the word anarchy written on it and asked them to rate the first thing they think of, they will write chaos
This exercise demonstrates the level of conditioning and mind control someone is under

When you're incorrect it leads to violence, it leads to wrong doing. That is why it is important to understand the difference between right and wrong and the difference between truth and falsehood. Because when we believe in falsehoods like authority, invariably, wrong is going to be done because we have accepted that falsity into our worldview. That is why we have to be right or correct, we have to know the truth, not just believe in anything, but know the truth.
The force of truth which leads to the expansion of consciousness called love. Which is why truth comes first in the equation truth, love, freedom. The threefold great work. Truth has to come first because your actions have to be based on correctness, and rightness and understand what natural law is and get it right and base your actions on that and you're acting in harmony with truth. That is the expression of love, to actually do that work is the expression of love. To put it into action, doing the will. The result will be true freedom. It's a progression you can't take it out of order just like you can't take the trivium out of order, truth comes first, and the acceptance of truth is the expression of love, and the manifestation is freedom.
The Buddha said there's only two mistakes you can make on the path of truth, not starting and not going all the way. For those who are already on the path, don't make the mistake of stopping in setting up your tent halfway up the mountain. Go all the way to the peak, all the way to the summit, you will get a better view from up there.
If you advocate for the continuance of government you are advocating for the continuation of a master slave relationship which is slavery.
**There are degrees of relative living condition and allowance of rights within various slave master relationship types, but at their core they are all based in slavery regardless of the conditions that exist between the master and slave.

To be an internal archon means you are a self ruler, you govern the self. This is the only form of governing and control that is real, self-control. Meaning you control your thoughts, your emotions and actions such that you live in the nonaggression principle and did not commit initiatory force against others when you have no right to do so, and use force in self-defense when violence is used.

65m – on image 06 sam adams quote
The reason all of this problem that humanity is going through right now is because humanity does not have enough self-love, ultimately people hate themselves. We have so much self-loathing. People say no it's not that it people are rude too much and ego. Yes, being rooted in ego is self-loathing. People will sit and take punishment and abuse and not do anything in the physical domain, they are self-loathing individuals who will not stand up for their rights. Historically, that is what most people are.
When we stand in truth and stand in righteousness, say no to violence and say no to evil and exercise our rights that nothing can stop us in the full force of the universe is behind us and at our back. Those forces inherent in the universe will have our back if we are bold and stand in truth and in right.

force versus violence chart again

someone's right to inherent self-defense trumps the person acting in violence is right to remain unharmed. The person who is on the receiving end of the violence has an inherent right to put the violence down and cause the initiator of violence harm in the process.
The New Age movement will never talk about the right to defend oneself against violence, especially when it's the government master doing it.
Gun Control is gun violence. Stealing from other people and usurping other people's rights is an act of violence.
Image 8

the absurdity of thinking you can give up a natural right, you can only make the claimant words per you cannot do it in nature and reality. You do not have the right to choose slavery. You do not have the right to advocate violence.

Until we are fully enlightened we will continue to be conquered. Until we are fully enlightened as to our rights and to the nonaggression principle, we will be conquered and slave. Ultimately, who is doing it? We are, by our ignorance and through our lack of understanding of moral right and wrong, definitively and objectively, and through our lack of understanding our inherent rights, we are going to enslave ourselves.
94m call ins
We have to be clear about the definition of the word versus the connotation that word has come to erroneously represent in modern colloquial English.
Association through imagery is what solidifies, the context or the connotation of words into our minds. Whenever anarchy is used by the media they are always going to show scenes of violence and unrest, and tell you that this is the equivalent because this is what the masters want to have associated in people's minds. When you hear with your ears the vibratory essence, the vibration that the word anarchy makes, in the mind they want imagery that they have associated with this word via the obfuscation mind control technique to come into your mind rather than the actual definition of the word.
The world is controlled through words. If we don't understand the words that we are speaking we are going to go deeper into bondage. If our thinking structure so to speak is based upon our word structure, and we are ascribing definitions of meaning based upon words, and they can change those definitions to suit their agenda goals than we are totally controlled.

Freedom is the fruit of the tree of love whose roots are truth.”

  • Mark Passio

the roots of the tree are truth itself, and from there the gross into a tree which is the expression of consciousness and love, and then the fruit born of that tree of love is freedom.
The choice and will to give up your rights and become a slave do not make it a right action. Your choice and well does not usurp a right, it does not create a right from a wrong just because you use your will and choose to do so.
Imagine in the past, there was actually a law that man wrote telling others that you are obliged to restrain a slave that was running free or had escaped until its owner can pick it up. They were saying that if you allow a human being to be a free being we will come and do violence to you.
Every single person that advocates this archon ideology saying that they agree with slavery and believe it should continue. Taxation is slavery, drug laws of slavery, property tax slavery and juxtaposes two words mean the opposite of each other. For you to keep the usage or stewardship of the property or land you will have to paying extortion fee otherwise we will, violence and put you off of this property.
All the people who advocated for the government and state are in slave think. Just like Orwellian doublethink and doublespeak, there is slave think. It may be harsh but it is true.
Caustic means is all then, to break something down, it is vitriolic. The true all at means visit the interior of the earth and by purification you will find the hidden stone, by rectification by uprighting and purifying.


many people do not understand what right has and will continue to support or condone wrong action is and will tell you that no they don't do wrong action because they have obfuscated understanding of words. When words are obfuscated your definition is lacking, you cannot make an accurate definition. What is definition? Definition is clarity. When we talk about the word definition, you are de-finiting, definite, not infinite but definite. You are making something clear to understand better that which it is. When you have a higher definition you have a higher clarity. Higher definition means the resolution is better and you have more clarity.
Some people will actually say that one person's definition is as good as another, and this is solipsism which is a very dangerous form of thinking. This is designed to obfuscate meaning, and when you can obfuscate meaning to get people to believe whatever you want. Is is why we have people who don't understand the meaning of words being used. You can't even have a conversation with someone who can't grasp how you are using the word, they have their own internal dictionary definition that they are insistent that that is what it means.
The truth has always been with us for eternity. There will always be with us. It cannot be destroyed always love, fear is Aleutian, all beings are free, truth can never be destroyed as is written on what on earth is happening.
The truth has always been there but people are just ignoring it. They are ignoring the truth. There you go is so calcified it refuses to allow them to see the reality they are already embedded in, whether they want to accept it or not that ego just wants to say no, continue believing whatever you believe, don't look at the truth and what is actually there, is all about beliefs and opinions, likes and dislikes.
What we need to do in mass is to keep repeating the right and correct definition of words over and over again. Keep repeating simple axioms that are true over and over again. We need to be endless repeaters of the truth. Endlessly putting it out there. We can use repetition as a means of conditioning the truth to replace the repeated conditioning of falsehoods.
Evil is winning right now because they keep putting their message out there forcefully, over and over again is an active there will. The world is this way because more people want it this way then don't want it this way. The world wouldn't be the way it is and we wouldn't have the slavery we do if more people didn't condone it. More people condone acts of theft, violence, slavery than don't. If overall there were less people who would condone it and we wouldn't be living this way.
Does mind control exist? Yes it does. Ultimately is that an excuse for what we continue to choose? No it is not an excuse, it is a manipulative effort, it is an influence upon the conscious and subconscious mind, but it does not mean that that is what we must continue to choose. Everyone has free will, and if you choose to you can see the truth, step out of the darkness and satellite and choose to see the truth of that which is. But people are comfortable where they are at as a whole, as a society, and they are just choosing to remain ignorant because they are comfortable in that place of ignorance. It doesn't involve work to stay ignorant. It is do nothing if you want to stay that way. Learning the truth requires effort. You have to read, you have to study, you have to give up things, you have to make sacrifices, you have to give up the things that you are currently attached to, do different actions then you are currently doing now that are harmful for our condoning harm. People want to have their cake and eat it too. People want to continue doing the same actions yet have a different result.
This is how retarded we are collectively as a species. We are retarded, we have been slow down, our progress has been slow, blocked, held back, held back, thwarted from forward progress. We have been retarded. We have been held back from truth. Who is ultimately holding us back? We are. Because we won't give up the attachment, the egoic attachments. We want to say the various forms of theft are okay and it won't result in us ending up in a cage. The earth does not have to be like this. It can change. Anytime the we want to step out of the ego, give up our ways that are attached to theft, and stop supporting violence, stop supporting wrongdoing in wrongful action which are all the various forms of theft, and learn one spiritual law of creation.
**The information is laid out in the progression, and a tapestry, and a stepwise progression where you start from chapter 1 and go to chapter 8. If you started chapter 8 without reading chapter 1 to 7 then you may not understand what is being talked about. Certain understandings and concepts are built upon previously understood concepts and need to be understood first.
33 min.

image 5

harmful actions

transgressions against natural law

every harmful action that a human being is capable of taking is a form of theft. If you try to take someone's life, that is a property that doesn't belong to you. If you try to steal someone's car, that is not your property and your engaging in a wrongdoing. If you try to take something from someone else you engage in theft, a transgression of natural law.
Every form of wrongdoing is a form of theft, whether it is life, rights, freedom or property.
48 min.

on vitriol

Any to stop being nice to people who advocate theft. We have to tell them, the you are advocating theft. You are advocating something that isn't yours being taken. When someone makes doesn't belong to anybody else, it is theirs, and when you for someone to do something that is called theft. If you support government in any form you are an advocate of theft because you support authority.
At what percentage is taking a certain amount of someone else's property not theft slavery? Hundred percent? 50%? 10%? 1%? This any amount make it not slavery anymore?
Some people think that there is an imaginary magical number next of control and freedom the government can serve to provide us with the freedom in life.
We are understanding natural law, meaning we cannot stand above it, literally. This is above you in a cosmic sense, it binds you and your actions. It is the only thing you are a slave to and can never be free from. It is not really and enslavement. Binding and enslaving are two different things. Binding in this sense is holding together, this is what actually makes us integral, integrity, pulling together. Slavery is coercion. This is and the universe is form of coercion, this is universes form of making sure we are intact. This is what actually keeps people safe, the understanding of natural law, and the understanding of what wrongs are so that you understand what rights are and live within those parameters to that vital cosmic law. That is the gateway, the pathway to true freedom.
The problem is we think we are above that, we think we are somehow above natural law and are somehow going to prosper. Attempting to do that is what puts us into chains. That level of calcification of the ego and insistence that you have rights that you don't, insistence that you will conduct theft an advocate other people conducting in theft, is what puts us into bondage. That is the dynamic we need to grasp.
The current condition does not have to be like this. Thinking that it has always been this way, it will always be this way is nothing we can do about it is a poisoned world view.

Image 6

Earth, and its current form, is a prison for thieves.

The Earth is a prison planet for thieves, it is where thieves go to work out and understanding that it is not okay to be a thief. Since every form of wrongdoing that can possibly conducted against another being is a form of theft, there is a reason people are being enslaved here. There is a reason that Earth is currently in prison, it doesn't have to be, it can be paradise if we so choose and use our free will to make it happen. Not enough of us want the. Why is the earth of that place? Why are there so many bad people? It is more people want to be that way the not. We do it to ourselves. We have made this condition. We as and collectively humanity, all of the individual “I’s”. There are a finite amount of people living on planet Earth and all of those individuals are part of the collective “we”. We have done this to ourselves because more of us want to live in and aggression ideology, to live in a way where they are still conducting violence against other people or are condoning violence against other people.
The Earth is quarantined. We are not going anywhere. Death is no cure for ignorance. You are not getting out of here until you get the lesson, until you understand the law.
This is an understanding that can be attained once you grasp the nonaggression principle and the one single spiritual law.
The single spiritual law can be described using two words: don't steal.
Understand what your property rights are, understand that they are not, don't take that which doesn't belong to you.
This is how it boils down, this is what natural law is. The Earth is a prison for feeds for all people who want to continue to be a thief, continue to steel and continue to advocate left. We are all here to come to an understanding with creation in natural law. We will continue to be chained and bound here in this prison by our own free will choice. Nothing is holding us here, continuing to make this be a prison apart from our own erroneous use of free will. We don't know how to consciously create and therefore through our ignorance we are creating unconsciously.
We will continue to be imprisoned until we stop committing and condoning theft.
Every form of government in history, any culture, at any time, it claims authority to control other people, every single person that is doing that are advocating it is a thief and a slave. It is the ideology of slavery. The two religions of slavery are external government and external fake money. Billy legitimate form of government is internal government within ourselves and the only legitimate money is the one eye of our own enlightenment.
68 min.

image 4 – on anarchy

if you're being honest with yourself, and you believe in government, then it means you believe certain people have rights that other people don't have, and certain people have a moral obligation to obey the whims and commands of those that are their Masters. If you want to be a liar and a person who is ignorant and ignore reality but what really is, go ahead and tell yourself that that is not what government is. Go and believe whatever you want about what government really is, it will never make it true.
People think no rulers means chaos, it can never happen, we can never look live under this condition, you can never have a condition on Earth where there are no rulers and Masters, where there is no authority. People actually believe this nonsense. People actually believe that this is the natural spiritual condition of humanity.
This is an intelligent creative field that we are living. The creative force, the underlying creative field, the unified field aspect of creative intelligence that is inherent in the universe, source, singularity, whatever you want to call it. It is the authority. The totality of everything has put natural law into effect along with free will. Natural law is the deterministic component of the universe and free will is the chaotic component to the universe. Free will is that which cannot be controlled because we always have the ability to make a choice at any given time. The randomness component of free will in conjunction with the deterministic component of natural law. That is what we create through. Natural law exists because it is the balance principle is put here for our betterment and our spiritual uplift. Natural law is not here to torture us, natural law is here to care for us. It is the only authority we need to bend the knee to, to live according to the nonaggression principle, stop putting your ego above other people's rights, stop believing that you can condone theft and that somehow that is okay, this is a justification for you try to create a right that doesn't exist by saying it is okay for violence to be conducted here.
You have to currently be an idiot in order to not get this. People should be horrifically ashamed of themselves. Packed someone on the back and tell them they're there, “it's okay that you don't understand”, we need to hammer them, tell them that it is not okay for them to condone this, that it is not okay for them to support violence, that they don't have the right and they will never have the right to do so. Get out of your ego, get out of your head and start understanding what violence is, start understanding that you don't have a right to it, start understanding what a wrong is, stop acting like a child, stop acting like an ignoramus, it is not “okay”.
Enlightenment is not about your happiness, that is New Age bullshit religion. Enlightenment is about getting pissed off when you see the prison we have built of all infinite possibilities that we could have created. It is about seeing all of the dirt that exists in the world and recognizing it for what it is and being honest about it. It is a destructive process, meaning the truth is coming in and destroying a lie. You are seeing, as the room fills up with light, that there is feces smeared all over the walls.
Most New agers are so ungrounded, in a spiritual coma, on the endorphin high of constant meditation and non-engagement with reality.

Paper test of anarchy and “no rulers no masters” text and immediate image/understanding of that with 1 word

Both can be answered with Freedom, or anti-authoritarianism
Experiments in conditioning of words and reality
No rulers, no masters, Wrong answers of:

Lost – they are themselves lost in unable to comprehend life without someone telling them what to do

Confusion – they demonstrate they don’t themselves have internal ruler, they are confused

Crime – non-slavery is a or leads to a crime…

No brain – brainless if you believe in no slavery

Criminals - they view people who are not committing crimes, not committing slavery, as criminals. They are criminals in their minds

This is how effective the mind control technique of the obfuscation of the definition of words is. If you can manipulate language, you can manipulate thinking. This is why these people cannot think for themselves. They do not have, they do not hold in their minds the accurate meanings of words, they lack definition and therefore lack clarity. The world is made of words. Ideas are made of words. If you do not understand the words that you are speaking then you are creating unconsciously and you can be led and manipulated into believing anything anybody wants you to believe or accept.
Sons - some people put sons for the reference to what anarchy is because of the show Sons of anarchy. That is the level of their conscious awareness, that is the only thing they equate anarchy with, a useless television show. The zombie apocalypse is here. These are golem creatures, they have been made of molded clay and infused with some form of animation that vaguely imitates true life.
As horrible as something is, it can still put a smile on your face, this is what something that is truly enlightening does, it shows you what is there.
** The answer to everything: I AM

Who is responsible for this problem? I am.

Who is going to solve the problem? I am.
People do not understand how powerful the obfuscation of definitions are as an effective mind control technique.
“The New Man”

A term from the dark occult for the sewage they mold into a golem of automatic responses and ego driven behavior. Not Man from creation, but a new man, as their own creation, in their own image, because they want to be as a god and be the law maker and creator.

The real reason people do not believe or accept that anarchy could be, the real underlying psychological condition for this is because he hates himself. He looks at himself as a slave. In his own subconscious he feels slavery is all he is worthy of, and therefore so must everyone else live in the condition. Self-loathing is a reason why anyone thinks this way.
**People seem to want to think the world is in some fantastic magical way, when it is not that way in reality. They don’t want to look at history and learn the lessons that are provided. Repeated patterns arise and they do not have the eyes or ears to see or hear what has come before and to learn from it. They prefer to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.
Please explain to me how anyone can get a right that I don't have.

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