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Wild Geese Essay Topics

Consult the essay materials provided you for essay writing specifics, remembering to incorporate your quotations. Your essay should be 1500 words in length; please include a word count on your title page.

  • Literature often describes some aspect of the human desire to escape. An individual may desire escape from physical, social, emotional, or psychological circumstances. Discuss.

  • The literary device of Nemesis is the principle of avenging justice, bringing rewards as well as punishments. How is nemesis demonstrated in Wild Geese?

  • Ellen serves as a foil for Jude in Ostenso’s Wild Geese.

  • Discuss the presence and impact of isolation/loneliness on characters in Wild Geese.

  • Discuss the issues surrounding power and control in Ostenso’s Wild Geese.

  • A topic of your choice approved by Miss Gaulin.

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Quality of intro, thesis, elaboration and plan of development is excellent

Thinking and Inquiry

  • Evidence of rough work present (draft attached)


  • Style (clear, effective communication)

  • Logical organization

  • Excellent understanding of paragraph form

  • Quotations are formatted well and incorporated into sentences

  • Language Conventions


Download 7.73 Kb.

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