Powers of Congress I. Expressed Powers: Definition & Examples

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Powers of Congress

I. Expressed Powers: Definition & Examples

  1. Definition: Those powers of Congress which are specifically listed in the Constitution. (a.k.a., Enumerated Powers or Delegated Powers.)

  1. Six examples from Article I, Section 8:

1. Tax & borrow – this power is needed to fund government operations on an ongoing basis.

2. Commerce power – the power to regulate interstate & foreign trade.
3. Currency power – the power to coin money & regulate its value.
4. Raise and Maintain an Army & Navy – the power to create and provide

for our standing military forces.

5. Naturalization – the power to determine the process by which immigrants from other countries can become citizens of the United States.
6. Copyrights & Patents – the power to make rules regarding how people can

protect their original creative works (copyrights) and their inventions


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