Press release: entourage brings Egypt back to Top 5 Tourist Destinations

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Press release:
entourage brings Egypt back to Top 5 Tourist Destinations
entourage and ETA work together to a 40% increase for Inbound Tourists

22nd of October 2014 Dubai, UAE - entourage, the region’s leading live communication agency, and the Egypt Tourism Authority celebrate the success of the Egyptian tourism campaign, “Masr Wahashtouna”, which brought an increase of 40% in tourist numbers to the country from the Middle East. entourage led the media strategy for the targeted tourism campaign, bringing Egypt back up to the top five touristic destinations in the Middle East.
The campaign’s success was widespread, with a notable hotel-occupation rate increase of 70% pre-Eid in most tourism areas and reaching 100% occupancy during Eid throughout Egypt.
The campaign was built on the beauty of Egyptian areas and on bringing focus back to the touristic appeal that the country has always held. An emotional charm was created by the use of colloquial Arabic in the campaign’s tagline, which translates into, “Egypt, we have missed you”. entourage played a vital role in designing a strategic plan and media implementation of the campaign’s advertisement over print, TV, outdoor and a variety of digital outlets.
The campaign was built on different phases; the awareness phase, the Ramadan phase, and the Eid phase. According to entourage, the Ramadan phase had the highest success ration of reaching to the most Arab countries, and had a response factor of an average of 40% increment from Arab countries (48% response from the UAE market, 28% from the KSA Market, 37.5% from the Jordan market). Due to the success of the second phase, entourage and the ETA were able to launch the third phase with an expandable approach and a target of increasing figures over the Eid Al Adha period.

Egypt’s minister of tourism, Mr. Hisham Zaazou, commented, “The Masr Wahashtouna campaign has engaged Arab tourists to increase to unprecedented numbers. The campaign will now also target foreigners, who make up a large segment of the tourists that travel to Egypt- around 70% of tourists. We hope that tourist numbers would rise by up to 10 percent this year, and recover to pre-uprising levels of 14.7 million visitors in 2015.”

As the third phase of the campaign is being launched, Mr. Mohammed Tayem, entourage chief, reveals that there are plans to take the campaign further. He said, “We are honored to gain the trust of the Egypt Tourism Authority and to promote Egypt as a touristic destination in a critical time, for Egypt and the region. Because of the timing of the launch of this campaign- right before the presidential elections of 2014- our team was required to design the right strategy that not only reaches the target Arab region, but also entices their response. How we implemented this strategy was of outmost importance, given that Arabs make up a very large portion of tourists to Egypt.”

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About entourage:

entourage marketing & events was launched in 2009 in Dubai, and quickly became the preferred agency for many international, regional and local brands. entourage is a boutique live communications agency that specializes in delivering effective integrated marketing strategies. entourage has been awarded the Guinness World Record for the longest awareness ribbon, The Middle East Events Award and was ranked the 52nd company in the SME 100 awards. Although entourage marketing & events is currently headquartered in Dubai, its operations reach its offices in Amman, Jordan and Riyadh and Jeddah, KSA.
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