Procedures for the Establishment and Recognition of a New Society Definition of a Society

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Procedures for the Establishment and Recognition of a New Society

  1. Definition of a Society

A Society will normally accommodate in the main activities involving either one or a combination of the following: intellectual discourse, political discourse, the performing/visual arts, artistic appreciation, activities associated with social or environmental issues, activities in support of some charitable purpose, or activities which support social interaction. Some Societies may host sports events as part of a social programme for their members, but such events will be subsidiary to the main focus of the Society.

  1. Criteria for Recognition

The primary condition for recognition of a Society is a commitment to activity that contributes to the community life of the students of the University. It is expected also that the proposed activity will enhance the reputation of the University and that the role of the proposed Society is not carried out by an existing Society.

  1. Application Form and Constitution.

Students who wish to form a Society must complete an application form and set out a Constitution for the Society (The application form and a Constitution template are available from the Societies Office or may be downloaded from the Societies Handbook at www…….). The application form must be accompanied by

  • The aims and objectives of the society

  • A programme of projected activities.

  • A list of fifteen students with ID numbers who support and approve of the establishment of the society.

The completed documentation is returned to the Societies Officer.

  1. Consideration of the Application for Recognition

The application for recognition is considered the University Societies Coordinating Group (USCG). A representative of the proposed Society will be invited to make a presentation on the application to the USCG. The USCG then makes a formal recommendation to the Vice President for the Student Experience to “Recognise” or “Not Recognise” the proposed Society. The decision of the Vice President is conveyed to the applicant by the Societies Officer. The decision of the Vice President is final.

Where granted, “Recognition” is provisional for one year only at which point the status of the Society will automatically be reviewed by the USCG with a view to approving full Recognition of the Society. An application for Recognition usually takes about two months to process. A society may choose to extend its provisional period for a further year at which time it must either be granted full recognition or disbanded. A provisional society which fails to submit an end of year report at the end of its first year will be automatically considered disbanded.

Maximum funding of €500 is available to Societies in the Provisional year. This is allocated according to the schedule of allowances.
Societies with Provisional status are allocated space on, may have a table on Societies Day and may avail of all Society Office facilities and equipment.

Procedures for the Financial Management of Societies
Societies are allocated funding by the University. In addition, a Society may generate funds from other sources. The following procedures apply to the management of funds received or generated together with expenditure incurred by a Society.

  1. Funding must be used in accordance with the decisions of the Committee of the Society and only for the purpose of the activities of the Society.

  2. Funding from the University must be used in accordance with the Schedule of Allowances as approved by the University Societies Co-ordinating Group (USCG) and such rules as are set from time to time by the USCG.

  3. All Societies are required to hold their funds in an account in the University branch of Bank of Ireland.

  4. The account must have at least three signatories, one of whom must be the Societies Officer, NUI, Galway

  5. All expenditure drawn on the account must signed/approved by two of these signatories

  6. The detail of the account number and the signatories to the account must be updated annually on the Societies on-line finance system.

  7. A Society must maintain a record of all income and expenditure on the on-line finance system. This record together with income/expenditure accounts must be submitted to the AGM of the Society. Training in the use of the on-line finance system is available through the Societies Office.

  8. Societies must meet deadlines regarding financial management and budgeting set by the Societies Officer, NUI Galway.

  9. A Society must not incur expenditure in excess of the funds available to it. Society Officers are individually and collectively accountable for expenditure incurred.

  10. All debts incurred by a Society must be paid fully and in a timely fashion.

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