Public Notification of Nondiscrimination

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Meeting one and only one of the following testing requirements meets Kilgore College’s entrance requirements for dual credit classes.
TAKS scores of 2200 on ELA with a 3 on the writing score

Passing the THEA reading and writing parts

SAT composite of 1070 with as least a 500 on the verbal

ACT composite of 23 with at least a 19 on the English

Passing the Accuplacer test

Core Dual credit classes will count as advanced (government, speech, English, etc.)

Introductory classes will count as regular

Group performance classes will not count toward GPA (p e, music lessons)

The category for each class will be determined by the description of the class in the

Kilgore College Catalog

Summer school dual credit classes WILL count toward a students’GPA

Government 2305 and 2306 will be required to fulfill the high school government credit

English 1301 and 1302 will fulfill the English IV requirement

Complete WWW.APPLYTEXAS.ORG application on line

Complete testing

Have an 85 average or above for high school classes

Complete dual credit form that must be signed by the student, parent and counselor

Take the form to KC and enroll in the class

Pay tuition, fees before the deadline

Buy the book before classes begin

**ATC (Advanced Technical Credit) Articulated Credit must be requested at Kilgore College or other community college upon enrollment.

** ATC is statewide articulated.

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