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Invited Articles and Essays:

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Reprinted in:

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The Feminist School, June 17/28 Khordad, 1-22:

Reprinted in:

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In English:

  1. In Persian:;;;

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[Reprinted in five Internet journals:;;,; Feminist Tribune (]

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[Longer version printed in six Internet and Print Journals:;;;;; Rahavard]

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Republished in the Journal of Human Rights Droits de l’Homme Menschenrechte, 19 (59) winter, Berlin.

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Republished by Feminist School in 2012 and reprinted in several sites, including:

Book Reviews; Book Blurbs; Film/Conference Reviews:

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Policy Papers, Consultancy & Publications with the United Nations and others:

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Available in paperback, as a CD-ROM, and online in 3 languages at:

    1. Persian:

    2. English:

    3. Arabic:

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Published Creative Works, Essays, Lectures, and Interviews (Partial List)

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[Chalesh-haye jonbesh-e zanan  der jameh`ye Iran] in "Etehad Jomhourikhahan Iran," September 25:

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  1. Tohidi, N. (1999). Linking up with Women’s Struggles in Iran [Zarourat Paivand be Mobarezat Zanan der Iran], Shahr-e Ketab: Los Angeles.

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