Reported Speech: Dad's Not Coming Home for Dinner Suggested Answer

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Reported Speech: Dad's Not Coming Home for Dinner
Suggested Answer
Instructions: Change the dialog to the reported form. Tell what each person did and said.
Mrs. Cantor: (comes into the living room) What are you doing, Andy?

Andy: (looks up) I'm fixing my radio.

Mrs. Cantor: Where's your sister?

Andy: She's in the kitchen making a sandwich.

Mrs. Cantor: (runs into the kitchen) Dolores! Don't eat anything before dinner!

Dolores: (quickly swallows a piece of cake) Mom, I'm starving!

Mrs. Cantor: Have some cheese, but don't eat the cake.

Dolores: There isn't any cheese left. I ate it yesterday.

Mrs. Cantor: (speaks angrily) Go to the store and buy some more because I'm making lasagna tonight.

Dolores: Okay, I will. I'll go when I finish my homework.

Andy: (enters the kitchen) Mom, when's Dad coming home?

Dolores: He's working late tonight, remember?

Mrs. Cantor: I completely forgot!

Andy: Don't worry, Mom. He doesn't like your lasagna anyway.

Mrs. Cantor came into the living room and asked her son, Andy, what he was doing. He looked up and answered that he was fixing his radio. Mrs. Cantor asked him where his sister was. He told her that she was in the kitchen making a sandwich. Mrs. Cantor ran into the kitchen and ordered Dolores not to eat anything before dinner. Dolores quickly swallowed a piece of cake and exclaimed to her mother that she was starving. Mrs. Cantor told her to have some cheese but not to eat the cake. Dolores informed her mother that there wasn't any cheese left because she had eaten it the day before. Mrs. Cantor spoke angrily and ordered Dolores to go to the store and to buy some more because she was making lasagna that night. Dolores agreed and said that she would go when she finished her homework. Andy entered the kitchen and asked his mother when his father was coming home. Dolores reminded him that their father was working late that night. Mrs. Cantor exclaimed that she had completely forgotten. Andy told his mother not to worry because his father didn't like her lasagna anyway.


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