Rome: punic wars

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1. Carthage was a colony found in _____________________ ____________________ which was found by what Phoenician city?
2. By the time Rome controlled the Italian peninsula, Carthage was able to control almost all the commercial trade on the Mediterranean Sea. Identify the Territories that Carthage controlled preceding the first Punic War?
3. The name for the Punic Wars comes from the Latin word _______________. What does this word stand for?
4. What was the cause of the First Punic War?
5. Where was the Fist Punic War fought?
6. At the end of the war the Carthaginians and the Romans signed a treaty. What was Carthage forced to do as a result of signing this treaty?
7. Why did Rome seize the island of Corsica in 238 BC?
8. What did the Carthaginians do in Europe as a response to the events of the First Punic War?
9. A small city in Spain called, ______________________, asked for a Roman alliance against Carthage. Why was this irresistible to the Romans?
10. What action caused the Second Punic War?
11. Identify Hannibal’s path to the Romans in 218 BC.
12. How long did it take for Hannibal to conquer all of Northern Italy?
13. Why did the Romans call Quintus Fabius Maximus “The Delayer”?
14. After Quintus Fabius Maximus was removed as dictator what did his replacements do in order to deal with Hannibal?
How did it work?
15. What was Hannibal’s one military weakness while in Italy?
16. How was Scipio Africanus able to get Hannibal to leave Italy?
17. How did this military victory over Carthage change Rome?
18. The Roman statesmen Cato ended all his speeches with what statement?
19. What did the Romans demand of the Carthaginians?
20. Identify four things that the Romans did to Carthage as a result of the Third Punic War.

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