Roosevelt and the New Deal Guided Notes The Great Depression was caused by: Overproduction/ Underconsumption

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Roosevelt and the New Deal Guided Notes

The Great Depression was caused by:

Overproduction/ Underconsumption (responding to high demand for goods)

Banking & Money Policies (low interest rates, buying on credit, raise in interest rates, low reserve rates for banks.)

Stock Market Practices (buying on margin, bank loans for stock purchases)

Political decisions (Smoot-Hawley Tariff, Increased Income Tax)

Change in Leadership

____________________________________________ won the presidential election in a landslide because Herbert Hoover was seen as ineffectual in dealing with the Great Depression.

Roosevelt assured the nation that the Government would help. He calmed peoples’ fear by explaining “The only thing we have to fear is, _______________________________________”

Roosevelt worked hard to increase the optimism of the American public by unveiling his plan made up of the 3Rs: ___________________________, ________________________________ and __________________________

Roosevelt’s first priority was the banking system. A ___________________ ________________________ was declared. All the nations’ banks were closed so that the government could inspect them for __________________________________ soundness and to provide _____________________________ to those banks that needed it. Roosevelt wanted people to _____________________________________________________ when they reopen.

Roosevelt helped people understand his plan via the radio, by giving the very first ______________________ _______________________. People began to put their money back into banks.

Roosevelt called his new plan to help the nation THE ________________ ________________!

Roosevelt’s plan consisted of a multitude of programs to provide relief, recovery and reform. These programs cost lots of money! When the government spends money it doesn’t have, it is called ____________________________________________________.

Roosevelt intended to ________________________ his way out of the Depression.

The New Deal forever altered the role of the _______________________________________.

Some New Deal Programs –

FERA – Tried to meet the immediate needs of the poor. $_________________ for soup kitchens, blankets,

AAA - ___________________________________________________________ - helped farmers modernize and raise farm prices

CCC - ____________________________________________________________________ - employed young men to work on environmental projects. Most of the money they earned was sent home to their families.

TVA - ____________________________________________________________________ - built several dams that modernized rural areas in the south by providing jobs and electricity for thousands. Still in operation today!

Other programs provided work in the construction industry as well as work for photographers and ______________________________________

The _______________________________________________________ was established to help provide older and retired Americans with a source of income.

The FDIC ____________________________________________________________________ insured individual bank deposits. So now, if your bank closes, you are guaranteed to get your money back.

The SEC ________________________________________________ was created to regulate trading practices in stocks and bonds to help prevent another crash.

The president was supported by his wife _____________________________ - the most active first lady in history!

Many New Deal programs discriminated against __________________________________ offering them fewer job opportunities. Segregation continued to be a way of life in America. As a group, they voted ______________________________________ for the first time since gaining the right to vote.

Federal spending on an unprecedented level ______________ _____________ end the depression!

The federal government now plays a very “hands-on” role in the economy by regulating _______________________ and providing many social programs.

The New Deal DID provide people with a sense of security and __________________________________________.

The New Deal brought the _________________________________________ into the lives of nearly all Americans

But not everyone was happy with Roosevelt! _________________________________________ felt that Roosevelt did not do enough for people and actually called the president “The Great ______________________”

_________________________ ___________________________ (The Kingfish) felt that every man should be a king. His program wanted to take money from the rich and give it to the poor. It was called ___________________________ ____________________ __________________________________.

Government investment in war related industries and large purchases by American allies means that _________________________________________________ pulled us out of the Great Depression.

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