Service de l'énergie en milieu sahélien Espace Résidence, Hann Mariste 1 421 bp 652, Dakar

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Service de l'énergie en milieu sahélien

Espace Résidence, Hann Mariste 1 421

BP 652, Dakar

Tél : (221) 832.73.97

Fax : (221) 832.61.89

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SEMIS (Energy services in sahelian environment) is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), under Senegalese law, with a capital of 5 millions francs CFA, founded on March 11th 1987. SEMIS is composed of a group of professionals (engineers, economists and rural world specialists) and it includes both Senegalese and foreign consultants.
SEMIS is one of the first sahelian research consultancy to have developed a set of concepts and competences on services (water and energy) and on the participative dynamics in rural environment.
The complementarity of the competences brought together in our regional network of experts allows SEMIS to offer a whole range of quality studies in the fields of water and electricity supply to rural and semi-urban areas.


Year 1999

Senegal AFD

Implementation of the project to reform the management of water pump stations (REGEFOR) in partnership with Burgeap.

PROGEDE. Department of Energy – World Bank

Study to establish a strategy for the dissemination of 225 000 metallic “improved stoves” in Senegal.

Mali European Union

Technical assistance to a consolidation of the Regional Solar Program (151 solar–powered water pumps)

Year 1998 

Burkina Faso E.D.F - ADEME

Assistance on the privatization of the management of 3 “communication and activity centers” (CCA) powered by decentralized photovoltaic systems.

Republic E.U. Delegation in Conakry

of Guinea Evaluation of the Division for Training and Monitoring (DAM) of the National Service for Watering Places Development (SNAPE).
Senegal Department of Energy, FED micro-realizations project

Feasibility study and design of a decentralized rural electrification program in the department of Bakel (AISB Project). Negotiated financing with the PMR/FED and implemented the entire project (identification, dimensioning, technical specification, issuing invitations to tender, defining training procedures, assistance and counsel to the NGO AISB who is the field operator).


Socio-economic supervision of 10 pumping stations for the Regional Solar Program, including two systems used for irrigation.


Feasibility study on drinking water supply to localities covered by the integrated project of the Delta of Djoudj: possibility of solutions based on renewable energy, solar or wind powered pumping.

Mali RSP

Technical assistance contract for the consolidation of the RSP (10 months).

All CILSS CILSS - European Union

countries Technical assistance to the regional coordination of the RSP for the consolidation of the RSP: development of the database, organization of two training sessions for the national representatives. Support missions in the countries, involvement in the negotiations on the conditions for the continuation of the SAV.
European Union – INCO-DC

In partnership with Nova University of Lisbon: study “Transition schemes through a sustainable energy system in sahelian countries”.

Year 1997 

Burkina Faso French Development Fund (CFD)

Study on the reform of maintenance management for solar-powered hydraulic equipment (in collaboration with Burgeap). SEMIS conducted an investigation on the water points, the local management committees and private operators in the sector. This survey covered 30 villages, representative of the different regions in Burkina, and served as basis for the diagnostic study.


Post-installation monitoring of 3 villages electrified through the CCA project (Communication and Activity Centers). In the framework of this supervision, SEMIS was responsible of providing training to the NGOs, giving them the necessary tools to coordinate the populations in the CCA equipped villages. SEMIS also provided a concluding evaluation of the work on these NGOs on behalf of EDF-ADEME.


Study on the potential contribution of photovoltaic systems to the improvement of electricity supply to the region of Bobo-Dioulasso.

Royal Dutch Embassy and World Bank

Feasibility study and project dossier for a rural electrification program to be implemented as an addition to the project for participative management of natural forests.

Senegal E.U - Région Nord-pas-de-Calais-FAC - GRET

Technical assistance to the project “ Alizé Sénégal ” in collaboration with the GRET. This project aims to supply drinking water to rural population thanks to local production and rehabilitation of windmills.

This program is based on an approach of involvement of the main beneficiaries, in agreement with the decentralization policy promoted by the Senegalese government. Users organization and support activities are the cornerstone of this program.
French Development Fund (CFD)

Study for the reform of the management of motorized pumping stations in Senegal: within the framework of this institutional study performed by BURGEAP in Senegal, SEMIS conducted all of the socio-economic surveys on local management committees and willingness to pay for water in Senegal.

All CILSS European Union

countries Within the framework of consolidation work for the Regional Solar Program, SEMIS in collaboration with IED (France) currently provides for a period of 10 month technical assistance to the regional coordination of the RSP, based in Ouagadougou. This assistance covers all of the member countries of the CILSS and follows the evaluation studies and diagnostic studies carried out by SEMIS-IED. This consolidation effort, centered around population coordination and support, should allow the program to comfortably move towards a phase of extension.

Year 1996

Burkina Faso FED – European Commission Delegation in Ouagadougou

Assistance to the coordination team of the RSP in Sissili : training of the team, support for the implementation of an evaluation framework, elaboration of a coordination manual. This intervention and the manual for coordination work were financed by the European Commission Delegation in Ouagadougou.

Benin French Development Fund (CFD)

Coordination of the meeting of Directors of Hydraulics and Energy from the Entente Council member countries, and dossier outline for the “Water and Energy” program.

Gabon CFD, E.D.F

Evaluation and analysis of the experiments with the distribution of prepayment based electricity meters.

Gambia Study on the valorization of savings generated

Senegal around the water pumping stations of the Regional

Guinea Bissau Solar Program. This study aimed to identify the

Mauritania conditions for introducing to the local management committee activities for a valorization of the savings attached to equipment renewal, in order to ease some of the recurring expenses of the water stations.

Senegal French Development Fund (CFD)

Identification, feasibility study and consultation dossier for the health centers electrification program of the Catholic Private Medical Centers Association in Senegal (APSPC).

Micro-realizations Project (FED-PMR)

Elaboration of a PMR financing report for the implementation of a rural electrification program in Eastern Senegal. This report led to a co-financing agreement from the Department of Energy on the project.

Royal Dutch Embassy

Study, “Program for the intensive propagation of solar equipment in Senegal”, in the region of Kolda, in southern Senegal.

Department of Energy

Maps of the electrification effort in Senegal. Surveys on household energy covering 4000 households in the ten regions of the country.

World Health Organization

Monitoring of the solar electrification program of the Catholic Private Medical Centers Association in Senegal (APSPC). Implementation of a system for the sale of energy.

Senegalo-Japanese Project on Solar Energy

Prepared terms of reference for the elaboration of a guiding scheme for solar electrification in Senegal.

Chad EDF and ADEME

Identification of villages for the implementation of a decentralized rural electrification project.

Year 1995

Regional WIP-Germany

Study on the conditions for the lifting of barriers to the spread of photovoltaic technology. (JOULE program – Power to the world’s villages). Defined procedures for the evaluation of energy needs in the field of decentralized electrification, health, and water supply.

Gambia Delegation of the European Commission in Banjul

Assistance to the implantation of the community equipments segment of the Regional Solar Program.

Senegal FED / Micro-realizations

Development plan for the village of Ngarane.

World Health Organization

Consultant support for the establishment of an agreement protocol between the WHO, the Department of Energy and the APSPCS on sale of energy by health centers in the framework of rural electrification.

Year 1994

Senegal European Development Fund (FED)

Designed a system for the training and managing of local communication workers in rural areas.


Coordination of the RSP field team and assistance to the national coordinator.

Plan International

Study on the possibility of implantation of a project in the city of PIKINE.

Year 1993

CILSS FED - Kruger Consult

countries Economist role in the identification study for the second phase of the Regional Solar Program: Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Senegal, Cap-Vert.
Year 1992

Guinea European Union-CILSS

Bissau Analysis of conditions for financial mobilization towards water pumping stations in villages in Guinea-Bissau, Regional Solar Program.
Guinea World Bank / Burgeap

Conakry Study on the "motivation to pay for water" in Guinea Conakry. This study was realized by Bruno Legendre, former director of Semis, he remains a resource available for support work on all SEMIS projects.
Senegal FED/ Micro-realizations Project

Study on the production and consumption of onions in the department of Podor.


Coordination of the RSP field team and assistance to the national coordinator in Senegal.


Technical study and financing design for the solar equipment of three health centers in Casamance.

World Health Organization

Investigation on the possibilities of energy sale in the context of health centers electrification with solar systems.

European Development Fund (FED) - Burgeap

Training program for Regional Solar Program field teams in Burkina Faso.

Year 1990

Mali French Agency for the control of Energy (AFME)

Involvement in the organization of the Bamako regional seminar on the theme “Development of energy resources in Africa: solar energy”.

Senegal French Agency for the control of Energy (AFME)

Study on the possibilities to develop solar energy in the department of Matam.

Royal Dutch Embassy

Analysis of the conditions for the marketing and distribution of the agricultural production from the island-project in Morphil (Podor).

Japanese Embassy

Elaboration of a project for the support of the Fedde Naange rural association. Equipment and devlopment of two farming concerns using solar powered irrigation systems.


Preparatory study on the possibility to stream the agricultural production of the Senegal river valley towards the urban area of Dakar.


Technical study and financing design for the solar equipment of three health centers of the APSPCS in Casamance.

Région-Nord-Pas-de-Calais / ASF

Conception et realization of the preliminary study for the project “Build and Produce in the FOUTA”.

Dutch Embassy / APSPCS

Study and implementation work for the electrification with solar systems of a health center in Casamance.

British Petroleum Senegal

Performing a study and organizing the supply of diesel oil to agricultural plots in the Senegal river valley.


Bibliographic study on mutual credit in Senegal.

FED / Hydro-agricultural Project

Monitoring of 17 marketplaces in the department of Podor and distribution of a weekly information bulletin to peasants of the area.

KFW / Food Security Commission

Monitoring economic equilibrium of the households in the department of Podor, in the context of the “Supervision of risk zones” program.


Methodology for market supervision and application. The Semis experience 1988/1990.

Extension of the market supervision activities to six sites in the department of Podor.

Study on the users and frequentation of the Aere-Lo road station. Report on the opportunity for the construction of a gas-station.

Regional FED / BURGEAP

Study to implement the financial mechanism of the Regional Solar Program in Senegal, Gambia and Niger.

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