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Should Marijuana be legalized?

For many years it has been a debate, Should marijuana be legalized nationwide? We know that the stoners say yes and the prudes say no, but there is so much more that has been discovered over the years. Marijuana has been scientifically proven to help with some sicknesses but it has also been proven to be nothing more than a mind/body high. My interest in this questions is to see how it really helps people, if it really helps people, or is it simply just another drug on the market. I want to discover and see what scientist, doctors, politicians have to say about it. I want to find out the reason behind the argument if it should be legal or not. In my paper I shall find resources with different opinions on if it should or should not be legalized and why they think so, hopefully to answer the question that I have a about legalizing it.

Enyart, Bob “Why marijuana should be illegal” Huffington Post 3/19/12

In this article Bob Enyart informs us of his personal reasons why marijuana should stay illegal. He informs us that it is morally wrong and that the effects that it has on the brain as well as your choices are significant. Not to mention that smoking one joint has the effects of smoking up to five cigarettes. Contrary to the popular belief that cigarettes are worse for you the effect that smoking has on deteriorating your lungs is so severe. Enyart also goes into detail about how most people don’t believe in absolute right and wrong so their opinion of the idea of smoking pot is flawed. They don’t think that a horrific rape is absolutely wrong so their opinion on smoking weed to be right is not correct. In conclusion Enyart clearly states that smoking weed is not only horrible for your health but it is also morally wrong. It was made illegal for a reason and needs to stay as such.

Bob Enyart is a pastor in Denver, Colorado. He is in the heart of one of the biggest pot smoking states this side of the Mississippi. I think that it is safe to say that his opinion is trustworthy, he sees the people that smoke and the shops that sell every day. His stance on the legalization of marijuana is strong and opposite of the now popular belief of legalizing it across the nation. As a pastor of the church some people may not agree with his argument that it is morally wrong but his argument saying that most people don’t believe in absolute right and wrong is very interesting. In the beginning of the article he using an example saying that there was a study that went around a college campus asking if a man violently raped a woman would it be considered absolutely wrong. The answer? No. So he states that if you can’t decide whole heartedly that something is right or wrong then you have bigger problems than marijuana. He would rather people focus on issues that matter. Then he goes into the facts that it is not healthy at all to smoke, and that it is addicting, it is a drug, and it is wrong. It needs to remain illegal.

I am not super religious by any means but I think that a lot of the nation is. So using a pastor to see his point of view was interesting to me. I found it interesting that he brought morality into the argument and that was his main stance. It is morally wrong. It got me thinking about morals and if that matters to people now a days. I don’t think it does. I think that the world lacks in the morality department so I personally think his stance on the legalization of marijuana doesn’t matter. I also thought that his article was angry, which didn’t help me side with him at all. Aside from that I thought it was good to take into consideration someone that shared a belief with a good portion of the nation. However I was not convinced nor understood the real reason behind his hatred towards legalization.

Hawkins, John “5 reasons why marijuana should remain illegal” Right Wing News 1/21/14

Hawkins is a web blogger with a very straight forward opinion. In this article he writes to his audience giving us reasons why marijuana is not just destructive to the body but it is also very addictive. He starts off by saying that marijuana smokers are unmotivated and are low class. He goes off to say that even though alcohol and tobacco are legal they cause so much destruction not only in the lives of the addicts but also to those that don’t approve of the use of them. He lets us know that it is illegal for a reason and must stay illegal. Also going off to say that it is expensive enough to keep the law breakers in jail that abuse the drug and that it would be even more expensive to legalize and monitor it. In conclusion Hawkins asks us the question if we want to lose more lives to addicts? We already lose so many people to cigarettes and alcohol. Do we really want to legalize this and lose more?

Hawkins is a regular guy with an opinion. There isn’t much credibility here as far as careers go. He isn’t well-known but he has a stance and that is what we are looking for. I like that he argues with the popular belief on all aspects of marijuana. He smashes the idea that it is good for you, he lets us know that people that smoke it are low lives. I found it interesting. Also I liked that he factored in alcohol and tobacco, comparing their legalization to that of marijuana. Saying that both alcohol and tobacco kill thousands of people a year and they are legal, why would be legalize something just as dangerous?

This article goes into different details about different reasons why the marijuana needs to be illegal. Hawkins informs us of the destruction that it can bring on lives and the nation. Like tobacco and alcohol that are both legal and destructive Hawkins thinks that marijuana is going to be just like them. People go to jail, commit crimes, and die because of these addictive drugs, there is no way that we should legalize this one. Although Hawkins is not a credible guy he brings up some very good points about how we need to keep things the way they are. We need to punish those who break the law and are caught with drugs and we need to keep it illegal to keep our streets and people safe.

Holcomb, Alison “Marijuana use should not be a crime” U.S. NEWS 10/30/12

Holcomb writes about how marijuana use should not be labeled as a crime. She argues that by legalizing marijuana you will decrease the crime rate associated with marijuana. Holcomb goes into detail about how crimes are considered heinous acts that harm others and that using marijuana makes you the complete opposite so the idea that it should be a debate to be legalized is ridiculous. Holcomb also writes about how it would help the nation out with the debt that we are in. Informing us that Colorado made 3.5 million in a month from the taxes off the marijuana. So not only would it decrease the crime rate but it would also help out the states and nation with the debt that we are in.

Alison Holcomb is just a writer on a blog about the legalization of marijuana. I like that she is a just a regular citizen like you and I that make her relatable. The fact that she is just a regular girl with an opinion makes it interesting to see her point of view. The fact that she brings up the definition of crime to be an act that causes harm or destruction to one’s self or other property makes us question if using marijuana is a crime? Or why it’s considered one now? Holcomb is not well-known by any means but she is a regular girl with an opinion. This makes her believable and allows us to take her factor her opinion in our own.

I really liked what Holcomb said about marijuana smoking not being a crime. It made me think of crimes and what they consist of. I see where she is coming from and believe her point of view. Also Holcomb makes a valid point about the increase in money the state is making from the taxes from the growth of marijuana. I imagine that some individuals will still try and scoot under the radar and not get taxed but those are few people compared to the amount that would get taxed. Moral of the story, I like Holcomb’s approach on the legalization of marijuana and the reasons behind it.

Jacques, Renee “This is why marijuana should be Legal everywhere” Huffington Post 10/24/13

In this article Jacques goes into many different details that she along with many other Americans believe should be the reasoning behind legalizing marijuana. By first starting off with statistics that over 40% of Americans have admitted to using the drug Jacques states that more and more people are trying the drug because they are aware of the benefits it brings. People aren’t scared anymore to use the drug due to the information going around about the positive effects it has on expanding lung capacity, the joy that it brings, and its assistance as a sleep aide, and the fact that it helps remove anxiety. Along with these benefits listed Jacques proceeds to inform the readers that it is not a gateway drug and has the dependency rate of roughly 10 percent opposed to the dependency rate of tobacco coming in at 30 percent. In conclusion Jacques informs us of the all the positive reasons why marijuana should be legal opposed to the other drugs that are legal right now. Marijuana in her opinion is a safe, healthy, and alternative to many people and it should be legal for people to use freely.

Jacques is not the most well-known author but in this article she does a very good job presenting a case for marijuana. One thing that I really liked in her writing is that not only did she present the side for marijuana but she also let us know what the opposing side was. There was not a lot of background story as to why she decided to write this article but I felt that with the style of writing she had and the points that she gave made her convincing.

The reason I chose to use this article was because I really liked the numerous, straight to the point facts that were given to me by Renee Jacques. Although Jacques is not a very well-known writer the way she presented her points were professional and concise. They were convincing and clearly laid out for me to understand. The fact that marijuana helps those suffering from appetite lose due to HIV/AIDS it also helps insomniacs, allowing them to fall to sleep faster and longer. These few points really spoke out to me to see how much it does help people suffering. Marijuana has been proven to help reduce anxiety and improves mental creativity. Jacques brought up some good points siding towards the legalization of the drug and because of this article it helped me understand why it should be legalized.

Nathan, David “Why marijuana should be legal for adults” CNN 1/9/13

David Nathan starts off his article writing an answer to David Frum’s opinion on the legalization of marijuana. Nathan was shocked with the position of Frum, saying that he agrees with the potential harm that it could bring young adults as well as the mentally unstable. Nathan was more shocked with Frum’s position on banning it for everyone. Nathan certainly believes that it does have side effects and that should be accounted for but he says that it should be left up to an adult to choose whether to indulge or to not. He says that to have it legalized at the age of 21 is not a bad idea. That in-between now and the age of 21 we should educate kids just like we do with alcohol and tobacco to the potential side effects of the drug. After they reach the age then they will be able to choose whether or not to use. He also brings up a point that there would be much more control on the substance if we were to control it like the government controls tobacco and alcohol. They would still collect the taxes on it and the people would still be able to use it as desired.

As a psychiatrist Nathan knows the destruction that drugs have brought on individuals and the families of those people. His opinion on the matter is credible and trustworthy. As a father his opinion is also credible because he knows that he wouldn’t want to bring harm or support something that could potentially harm his children. He lets us know that despite the destruction he has seen people go thru with hard drugs, he supports the legalization of marijuana for adults with the rule that the state would monitor and tax like they do with alcohol and tobacco. With the proper education of what the drug is and what it does to the body mentally and physically is something that needs to be stressed in school if the legalization went thru. Nathan as a psychiatrist and a father agrees that it would be beneficial to both individuals and the state to legalize. They just need to be smart about it.

I respect the opinions of people that are just like me. That live the same life as I do. This is why I liked Nathans response to the legalization of marijuana. His approach on the topic was really cool. I liked that he started off by answering to someone else’s opinion, saying that he loved the guy but he didn’t understand why he took the position he did. I also liked that he pointed out that his career has seen the destruction drugs bring to people’s lives but he never saw that with marijuana. He notes that the drug itself is not addicting but instead it is the attitude and laziness of people that create the addiction. Then he brings up the fact that he is a father and wouldn’t want his kids going out and getting high. However, if there was enough stress put on the education of marijuana and the effects of what it could do to your body that would be idea. I think the same, if there was more stress on education and then at a certain age I had the choice to partake or not that would be perfect. The state would regulate, the tax would help out, and I would have the opportunity to make my own decisions. This is why I side with Nathan, he is credible, and his approach is valid and true.

In conclusion this paper has given me many different opinions and sources to take into consideration when I think about the legalization of marijuana. I have read from well-known writers as well as your average house wife and father. The debate is not over, the legalization of marijuana as a nation is far from being done. Here I have read why it should or should not happen and I remain neutral on the subject. I know that it may help some people medically but I also have read what the physical damage can be. I feel that education on the drug needs to be more stressed and that perhaps if the government regulated it more closely if it was legalized it would be a beneficial money maker. However, I know that tobacco and alcohol are both deadly and they are legal so I am still unsure on the long term effects that it would have on individuals. All in all I am not sold on the legalization of it, but I am not opposed to the idea that someday it might be legalized. I am sure I will do more research on the subject as I am sure most people will. As of right now no decision has been made but I have more information in regards to the subject.

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