Skerryvore Canada Day answers Answer: b canada is a bilingual country, but what is the only official bilingual province? b New Brunswick

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Skerryvore Canada Day answers

1. Answer: B
Canada is a bilingual country, but what is the only official bilingual province?
b) New Brunswick
The only official bilingual province in Canada is New Brunswick, and Quebec is the only all-French province. Since Canada is a bilingual nation, however, each province provides its people with French schools, French courts, and French federal government services. 

2. Answer: C
How many oceans border Canada?
c) 3
Three different oceans border Canada: the Atlantic, Pacific and the Arctic oceans.

3. Answer: C
What is the oldest walled city that still exists north of Mexico? 
c) Quebec City
Quebec City is the only city that has maintained its fortification walls, which were first built in 1695. This has earned the Historic District of Old Quebec a spot on United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's World Heritage List.

4. Answer: A
Where does the word Canada come from?
a) Jacques Cartier
Kanata was a word used by the St. Lawrence Iroquois people in Quebec in the 16th century. It means village or settlement. When French explorer, Jacques Cartier explored this territory, he misused the word to describe the area and within ten years' time the Europeans were using it to describe the entire region.

5. Answer: D
Whose face is on the Canadian hundred-dollar bill?
d) Robert Borden
Robert Borden is on the Canadian hundred-dollar bill. 
Five – Wilfrid Laurier
Ten – John A. Macdonald
Twenty – Queen Elizabeth II
Fifty – William Lyon Mackenzie King

6. Answer: C
What is the population of Canada?
c)    32 million
According to the 2006 census, Canada's population is 31, 612, 897 (about 32 million). This is an increase of 5.4 per cent since the 2001 census.

7. Answer: C
What are the two most multicultural cities in Canada?
c) Vancouver and Toronto
Statistically, Vancouver and Toronto are the most multicultural cities in Canada. According to the 2006 census, 51 per cent of Vancouver’s population and 46.9 per cent of Toronto's population were visible minorities. Statistics Canada has predicted that people of non-European origins will become the majority in both of these cities by 2012.

8. Answer: E
What is Canada's national sport?
e) Both a and b
Canada has two national sports. Hockey is Canada's national winter sport and lacrosse is Canada's national summer sport. The "National Sport Act" was created in 1994 and states, "An act to declare hockey and lacrosse as the national sports of Canada."

9. Answer: D
When did O, Canada officially become the national anthem?
d) 1980
O, Canada didn't officially become Canada's national anthem until 1980 - 100 years after it was written.

10. Answer: C
How many points did Wayne Gretzky score in his career?
c) 2,857
Wayne Gretzky holds the record for most career points in the NHL. He scored 2,857 points in 20 years.

11. Answer: B
What is the world's tallest free-standing structure?
b) Burj Dubai
The CN Tower was the world's largest free-standing structure until 2007 when the Burj Dubai was built. The CN Tower towers 553 metres over downtown Toronto and held the record for 30 years. Burj Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is 818 metres tall.

12. Answer: B
What major sporting event was held in Canada in 2010?
b) Winter Olympics
The 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver and Whistler. Canada has hosted the Olympics three times in the past: the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

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