Some Important Thoughts/ Instructions

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Cast Member Costume Notes January 12 ( references to pictures are the ones in the cafeteria. We will add them to the website shortly)

Some Important Thoughts/ Instructions

Act 1

  • Ease on Down-Continue collecting your Munchkin Outfits. We will have more in the cafeteria on Saturday.

  • Lady Tappers- Sizing for your Flapper Dresses will be on Saturday. Make sure you try on a sample to get sized. Jackie and Heather, you need to be sized as well. You are in the same dresses as the tappers.

  • Beatles- we are working on your costumes.

  • Downtown- all cast members are strolling in downtown Ridgewood in 1960. We have stuff in the costume room. Please take a look.

  • Uptown Funk- see the sample picture. Ladies can be in skirts, or slacks, or shorts.

  • Beyond the Sea-1940 Era. We have stuff in the costume room. Ladies in summer swing dresses or capris. Men, in slacks (khakis OK, no Jeans), light summer short sleeve shirts or sweaters, maybe a sport coat. Straw hat or two, suspenders. Marlene and Joyce, same outfits as the lady dancers.

  • Livin- Ladies in bright beach attire. It’s the Big Band Era at Graydon. Look in the costume room. Alejandro, we will send you to Biltmore for a Tux. Meghan, we have a dress that might work. We will get you a wig.

  • Something Gotta-Your choice of a black dress (short) or black tops and black slacks. Tops can be short or long sleeved or sleeveless. Your own stuff is fine, or you can shop in the costume room. We will provide sparkling trim accents. Susan, you are dressed same as the dancers.

  • Royale- Black gowns to the floor. Yours, or there might be something in the costume room.

  • Royale- Jimmy Carter. We have a sweater for you. Wear your own slacks and a dress shirt with a tie.

  • Saturday in the Park- 1970 Era- you are either a parade participant or a spectator. Participants, ID yourself to the costumers and we will try and make you splash!! We are getting Step dance outfits. I understand our Bollywood dancers have their costumes. If not, let us know. Spectators, lots of red white and blue.

  • Feelin-1976 the Bicentennial-Singers in choir robes that we will supply. Dancers, more red, white and blue.

  • Twist and Shout- more red, white and blue. Same costumes you wore in previous 2 scenes.

Act 2

  • Laugh In- Cast members, please see costumers. We want to have a Ruth Buzzi, Lily Tomlin, Tiny Tim, Artie Johnson, etc. See pictures

  • Wizard/ Champion-

    • Nick ( bailiff)- dark suit, white shirt and dark tie

    • Deidre ( judge)-we have a black robe for you

    • Chris (George Bailey)- See costumers for your George Bailey look

    • Mercedes (stenographer)-Business suit or dress

    • Paul and Fred ( wizard)- you have your robes, we will get the wizard hats

    • Rena-(camera lady)-Business attire with Fedora “Press” in the brim. Overcoat

    • Vivienne ( reporter)- similar to Rena

    • Rachel and Leigh ( boxers) we are working on your costumes

    • Kris( police person )- we have an outfit in costume room

    • Remaining cast- we need a prisoner, 2 attorneys, and court spectators. Let me know what you would like

    • Rich Man’s Frug- We are making these dresses. You need to be measured-Please see us at BF on Wednesday at 7:30 for sizing. Thanks

    • Wild Night-Anthony (Jordan Jambo) we talked and I think you know the outfit. See us if you have a problem. Other cast members- western/cowboy costumes. Lots of stuff in the costume room. Sudha- you need an overcoat. See us if you need one

    • The Lawn- dressed as DIY landscapers. 5 weeds, we are working on your costumes.

    • Party Rock- current era- Aurora, Kris, Joyce- all society women. Well dressed. Remaining cast- harried housewives, first thing in the morning.

    • Old time- see pics or the movie Risky Business

    • Jump Jive- 1956 -more details to follow

    • Eat It- Either a customer or vendor at Ridgewood Farmers Market. Look in costume room

    • Rocky- We are working on these costumes. More to follow

    • I’ve had the Time and Time of Your ( Last 2 Scenes)- Dark blue jeans (no tears) Ridgewood Rewind T shirts. See us for sizing. We have samples to try on. GET SIZED

Download 7.96 Kb.

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