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Southampton Cancer Research UK Centre /

Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre
University of Southampton

Faculty of Medicine

Cancer Sciences Unit
Clinical Research Fellow
Further Particulars

The University of Southampton Faculty Of Medicine is offering an appointment to be based within the Cancer Research UK/ECMC Centre at Southampton General Hospital. The post-holder will join a large team of basic and clinical researchers with extensive programmes in translational cancer medicine. The post is designed to provide a period of protected time for a Clinical Research Fellow to obtain experience in cancer research and early phase clinical trial methodology. The post would also be suitable for applicants who wish to utilize this time to gain experience, and generate preliminary data, prior to making a formal grant application to train for a higher degree. The post is designed to fulfill the requirements for out-of-programme experience for a specialist trainee in any field relevant to cancer medicine, but may also be suitable for an individual who does not yet have a national training number and wishes to pursue a career in cancer medicine.

The Cancer Research UK Centre

The Cancer Research UK Centre brings together established programmes of laboratory and clinical research, particularly in the areas of immunology and immunotherapy; the biology and treatment of lymphoma, urologic cancers, breast cancer, and cancer genetics. It is also building strength in Surgical Oncology, particularly developing surgical research in colorectal, upper GI, breast and head and neck cancers. It has a record of excellence in training clinical and non-clinical postgraduates, and a successful 4 year PhD programme.

There is close integration between the CR UK Centre, the University School of Medicine, Cancer Sciences Division and the NHS Southampton Cancer Centre.
Important components of the Centre include:

  • Mature Programmes of basic and applied immunology:

    • Prof Tim Elliott: Mechanisms of antigen processing

    • Prof Freda Stevenson: Genetic Vaccines for Cancer

    • Prof Christian Ottensmeier: Translational Immunotherapy

    • Prof Martin Glennie: Therapeutic antibody development

  • Active programmes of research in the molecular mechanisms of cancer:

    • Prof Graham Packham: Apoptosis, biology of CLL

    • Dr Jeremy Blaydes: Cell Stress-response group

  • A strong Oncology team of senior clinical academics:

    • Prof Peter Johnson: Lymphoma

    • Prof Christian Ottensmeier: Melanoma, Lung Cancer

    • Dr Andrew Bateman: GI Cancer

    • Dr Andrew Davies: Lymphoma

    • Dr Ellen Copson: Breast Cancer

    • Dr Simon Crabb: Urologic Cancers

    • Dr Ioannis Karydis: Melanoma

    • Dr Juliet Gray: Paediatric malignancies

    • Dr Francesco Forconi: Haematological malignancies

  • A strong Cancer Genetics Department

    • Prof Diana Eccles: Breast Cancer predisposition and management.

    • Prof Anneke Lucassen: Familial Cancer database

    • There are close links to the Wessex Regional Genetics Laboratory with the clinical genetics team all holding joint appointments.

  • A rapidly-expanding academic Department of Surgery:

    • Prof John Primrose: Upper GI cancer trials

    • Prof Alex Mirnezami (CR UK Clinician Scientist): Colorectal cancer biology

    • Mr Ramsey Cutress: Breast Cancer biology

    • Mr Timothy Underwood (MRC Clinician Scientist): Oesophageal cancer biology

    • Miss Emma King: Head and neck cancer biology

  • A developing programme in academic Cancer Pathology:

    • Prof Gareth Thomas: Head and Neck Cancer biology

  • A strongly research-led NHS Oncology Department with full site-specialisation and integration of Medical1 and Clinical2 Oncologists, for example:

    • Urologic cancer: Dr Matthew Wheater1, Dr Emma Killick1, Dr Harish Reddy2, Dr Catherine Heath2

    • GI cancer: Dr Tim Iveson1, Dr Charlotte Rees1, Dr Andrew Jackson2, Dr Andrew Bateman2

    • Breast cancer: Dr Peter Simmonds1, Dr Jennifer Bradbury1, Dr Charles Hamilton2, Dr Sanjay Raj2, Dr Jenny Marshall2

    • Head and Neck Cancer: Dr S Ramkumar2, Dr Chris Baughan2

    • Lung Cancer: Dr Andrew Bates2, Dr Paul Fenton2, Dr Adi Bhatnagar2, Dr Andrew Jackson2, Dr Luke Nolan1, Dr Judith Cave1

    • Gynae cancer: Dr Clare Green1, Dr Nicola Keay1, Dr Vicky MacFarlane2, Dr Sandra Tinkler2

    • Brain tumours: Dr Geoff Sharpe2, Dr Omar Al-Salihi2

    • Melanoma: Dr Matthew Wheater1, Dr Clare Crowley2

    • Sarcoma: Dr Peter Simmonds1, Dr Nicola Keay1, Dr Charles Hamilton2

    • Paediatric Oncology: Dr Jan Kohler, Dr Gary Nicolin, Dr Mary Morgan

The academic team is fully integrated with the NHS oncology department, and all the site-specialist clinics run with joint medical/radiation oncology input. More than half the Consultants in Oncology run practices at other hospitals in the Network as well as Southampton, and there are large patient flows between the centre and the various units.

  • The Centre hosts the Central South Coast Cancer Research Network of the NCRN (Clinical Lead, Dr Andrew Bateman) for a population of 2 million, which currently recruits 13% of incident cancer cases (approximately 1300 patients) into clinical trials. There is close integration of the Network and the CR UK Clinical Research Unit which conducts early phase studies, with research nurses from the two teams cross-covering clinics and unified professional leadership through the CR UK Senior Research Nurse (Jac Samuel).

  • The Southampton Clinical Trials Unit (Director: Professor Gareth Griffiths), has core funding from CR UK and HTA. Since it was established in 2006 this has expanded its activity to include studies in Upper GI and Colorectal cancer, Lymphoma, Breast and Prostate cancer. The Unit benefits from the long-standing excellence in Clinical IT systems developed in the centre and is piloting remote data capture in the academic UK clinical trials arena.

  • The Southampton Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (Lead: Dr Anthony Williams), with an expanding portfolio of early phase trials, many testing reagents developed in the Southampton laboratories, and carrying out complex immunologic endpoint assays to GCLP.

  • Located on the Southampton General Hospital campus, which includes the facilities of the Southampton Oncology Centre (Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology and Clinical Haematology including level 4 transplantation) as well as the full range of general and tertiary specialist medical facilities, including neurosurgery, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, paediatric oncology, cellular pathology and molecular diagnostics.

  • A dedicated and fully-staffed Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility is also located in the hospital immediately adjacent to the Medical Oncology ward, for the conduct of early phase clinical trials.

Further details of scientific interests of the CRUK Centre can be found at the following web pages
Clinical Research Fellow for Early Phase Clinical Trials

This post holder will work within the Southampton NIHR/CR UK Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre. This post will provide practical training for a middle grade doctor in the conduct of early phase clinical trials. In particular the post will support a developing commitment to phase I clinical trials including first in man studies. The post will specifically help to maximise recruitment to our expanding early trials portfolio of NIHR, commercial and non-commercial studies, and will provide valuable training in research governance and regulation for future cancer clinicians.

The appointee will provide day to day medical support for patients enrolled into phase I and II clinical trials of novel anti-cancer therapeutics. Under supervision from the relevant Principal Investigators, they will have responsibility for patient eligibility screening, analysis of clinical investigations, prescription of experimental and supportive medicines and assessment and management of acute toxicities and resultant medical emergencies. In addition they will be involved in study protocol development and implementation including ethics committee documentation and R&D submissions.

The post will provide increased capacity for our trials portfolio and recruitment, both of which are projected to increase in the next year. The post-holder will have close integration and day to day working relationships with the CR UK Centre and Central South Coast Cancer Research Network (CSCCRN) nursing teams led by Sister Jac Samuel and Ms Jocelyn Walters respectively.

The post holder will work under overall clinical supervision from Dr Simon Crabb, Associate Professor in Medical Oncology, with supervision for specific clinical trials provided by the relevant Principal Investigators within the Departments of Oncology and Haematology. Training in clinical trials methodology including Good Clinical Practice will be provided.

The post will be at registrar level and will require a medical qualification and MRCP or equivalent. It would be suitable for either an Oncology or Haematology trainee as out of program experience or for someone wishing to pursue a career in these specialties prior to obtaining a training number. The post will be a University appointment with an honorary Trust contract. The post is suitable for a Paediatric Oncology trainee but will be based in adult oncology.

In addition to routine support for the early phase clinical research programme, the post will also allow for a defined translational/clinical research project within the infrastructure provide by the Southampton Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, the CRUK Centre and the Cancer Sciences Academic Group. Details will be dependent upon, and tailored to the interests of, the relevant candidate. Designated supervision for this project will be matched to a suitable clinical academic (and scientist as appropriate) within the Cancer Sciences Academic Group. This aspect of the post could be stand alone 12 month project or used to provide training and preliminary data in preparation for an application to be made for a formal research training fellowship to an external body (e.g., MRC, CRUK, NIHR) and registration towards a higher degree for interested candidates.
The post holder will also provide assistance in the cover arrangements during office hours for medical emergencies for clinical research patients attending the Southampton Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility.
Conditions Of Employment

The basic salary of this post will be on the scale £31,838 - £43,434 full time, depending upon experience. Appointments will be for 1 year in the first instance. The start date is potentially negotiable depending on requirements for registration for out of program experience.

Hours Of Duty

This is a whole-time appointment. There will be no commitment to out of hours cover in this post.


Visits to the Centre are welcomed and can be arranged by contacting Dr Simon Crabb (tel: 023 8120 5170) or Professor Peter Johnson (tel: 023 8120 6186).

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