Sparta and Athens: Rival City-States

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Chapter 3, Lesson 2: “Sparta and Athens: Rival City-States”

Sparta: A Military Society

A Strong Military

How was Sparta Governed?

Athens: A Young Democracy

Athenian Education

Early Reforms

Toward Democracy

  1. Where was the city-state of Sparta located?

  2. Who did the Spartans descended from?

  3. Instead of setting overseas colonies what did the Spartans do?

  1. Why did the Spartans made their society a military society?

  2. What was life like for Spartan boys?

  3. Read the Greek historian Plutarch’s primary source account of Spartan boys. What is your reaction?

  4. What was life like for Spartan men?

  5. What does the Spartan mother means when she tells her son “Come home carrying your shield or being carried on it”?

  1. How was Sparta governed?

  2. Why was the “strict” government of Sparta problematic?

  3. What caused Sparta to remain a poor farming community?

  1. Where was Athens located?

  2. Who were the Athenians descendants of?

  1. Why was Athenian education different from Sparta?

  2. What was life like for women in Athens?

  1. Who was Salon, and what did he do?

  2. What reforms did Salon passed?

  3. Who was Peisistratus and what did he do?

  4. What were some of Peisistratus’ reforms?

  1. How did Cleisthenes made Athens more democratic?

  2. What were some of Cleisthenes’ reforms?

  3. Instead of election officials, how did Athens choose their candidates and why did they choose this method?

  4. What were excluded from the Greek political process?

Essential Question: Why do people form governments?

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