Spring 2004 Final Exam Study Guide Answer the following questions to help you study for the final exam. Chapters 17-22

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Spring 2004 Final Exam Study Guide
Answer the following questions to help you study for the final exam.

Chapters 17-22

1. What does the name Mesopotamia mean?

2. Deserts cover almost ____ of North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia.

3. The ____ separate the Arabian Peninsula from Africa.

4. Which mountain range extends across Morocco and Algeria?

5. In what country is Earth’s longest river located?

6. About ____ of Egypt’s people live on 3 percent of its land.

7. A ____ climate receives an average of 10 inches (25 cm) of rain or less per year.

8. The ____ is the largest landlocked body of salt water in the world.

9. Yemen is located on the ____ Peninsula.

10. ____ is a way of life for people living in the steppe climate zone in northern Africa.

11. The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers run through

12. Runoff from infrequent rainstorms creates ____ in the desert.

13. The Aswan High Dam prevents ____ soil from reaching the Nile Delta.

14. The five pillars of Islam include

15. Define ethnic diversity

16. The ____ want an independent state of their own in the West Bank and Gaza Strip areas.

17. North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia hold what percentage of the world’s oil reserves?

18. The Aswan High Dam is located on the ____ River.

19. The Great Rift Valley was formed, in part, by

20. What large African lake supplies electricity to Ghana?

21. As one moves away from the Equator, climates change from

22. Where is the Kalahari Desert located?

23. The Ethiopian Highlands are

24. Most Europeans who came to Africa south of the Sahara between the 1400s and 1700s

25. The ____ is called the Sahel.

26. What mountain range forms part of the escarpment along the southern edge of the African continent?

27. Because of ____, Africa south of the Sahara is losing fertile land.

28. The Great Rift Valley includes

29. Where are tropical rain forests located in Africa south of the Sahara?

30. The Ruwenzeri Mountains are found in

31. Lake Volta is a(n) ____ lake.

Chapters 23-25

32. The ____ separate South Asia from the rest of Asia.

33. Monsoon rains are heaviest in ____ South Asia.

34. The Indus River

35. What kind of climate does the southwestern tip of India have?

36. The ____ protected Nepal and Bhutan from outside influence until the 1900s.

37. Most of the Ganges Plain is

38. Located in the Himalaya, Mount ____ is the tallest mountain in the world.

39. What climate region is located along South Asia’s northern edge?

40. ____ is an island that broke away from the original Indian landmass.

41. The Ganges Plain is

42. The Eastern and Western Ghats block rainfall to the

43. Nepal has a strong potential for ____ in the future.

44. Petroleum reserves are located

45. The highest concentrations of population in South Asia are found

46. Why did Pakistan and Bangladesh become separate countries?

47. Hindus believe that after death,

48. In South Asia population density

49. In Pakistan most people are

50. The peoples of Bhutan and Nepal differ in appearance from other South Asians because their ancestors came from

51. ____ was India’s beloved nonviolent political and spiritual leader.

52. ____ make up the largest religious group in India.

53. Hindus believe that karma is
Chapters 26-28

54. What is an archipelago?

55. Hokkaido is the

56. The Japan Current is an ocean current that

57. A tsunami usually is the result of

58. A ____ is a powerful, hurricane-like storm in the western Pacific.

59. Japan’s soil can be described as
Define or identify


Serengeti Plain


Zambezi River







You will be responsible to know where the following countries are located.

  1. Egypt

  2. Ethiopia

  3. Algeria

  4. Somalia

  5. Nigeria

  6. Libya

  7. Madagascar

  8. South Africa

  9. Botswana

  10. Zambia

  11. Angola

  12. Democratic Republic of the Congo

  13. Bangladesh

  14. India

  15. Napal

  16. Sri Lanka

  17. Pakistan

  18. Western Ghats

  19. Himalays

  20. Saudi Arabia

  21. Lebanon

  22. Iran

  23. Afghanistan

  24. Israel

  25. Iraq

  26. Syria

  1. What does Tula’s father use to cure aliments

  2. Why is it unusual for Tula to date Ian?

  3. What does Ian do to gain Tula’s family acceptance?

  4. Why do Greek people spit on people they love?

  5. What does Tula’s mother do with the bunt cake?

  6. What does Tula’s father give the new couple for their wedding gift?

  7. What does Ian use to get rid of his wedding morning pimple?

The final essay will come from the following topics. You must write at least ½ page on ONE of the topics.

  1. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

  1. Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi

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