Spy Who Came in from the Cold

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One of the best in-jokes in movie history is the casting of Bernard Lee as a shopkeeper who gets beaten up in this film. The main character describes members of his profession as “seedy, squalid bastards,” and while working at the Blantyre Institute of Psychical Research he is approached by the homosexual Ashe, who then passes him along to Carlton and Peters. Eventually he discovers that Nan Perry, his innocent love interest, has been manipulated in order to discredit Fiedler’s prosecution of the ex-Nazi Mundt, and the whole plot was orchestrated by George Smiley. FTP, name this cynical 1965 drama that earned Richard Burton an Oscar nomination as Alec Leamas and was based on the acclaimed espionage novel by John le Carré.

ANSWER: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

First and last name required. This name is shared by two completely unrelated FICTIONAL characters. Lesley Ann Warren sang “What I’ve Always Wanted” and “I’m Not Finished Yet” as one of them in a 1975 telefilm based on a Broadway musical; also, Joan Alexander played her in a series of movies beginning in 1941. The other flirtatiously tells Bill Calhoun that she is “Always True to You in My Fashion” and asks him, “Why Can’t You Behave?” after learning that he owes $10,000 to gangsters. She also shows off her legs singing “Too Darn Hot” to get Cole Porter to cast her as Bianca in one of his musicals. FTP, the actress portrayed by Ann Miller in 1953’s Kiss Me Kate shares what name with a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist depicted onscreen by Kate Bosworth and Margot Kidder?

ANSWER: Lois Lane (prompt on partial answer)

This movie was based on a non-fiction book by Kenyon J. Scudder, a former supervisor at the California Institution for Men. Legendary jazz musician Dexter Gordon, who was serving time in Chino during filming, can be seen in a bit part, while the lead role of Steve Davitt was played by NFL star Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch. The sole element that has saved it from obscurity – a song performed by Todd Duncan and later covered by Les Baxter, Al Hibbler, and Harry Belafonte – earned an Oscar nod for Hy Zaret and Alex North. A famous Phil Spector-produced version of that ballad, with Bobby Hatfield vocals, was sent back up the charts by the 1990 film Ghost. FTP, name this 1955 men-in-prison drama whose namesake “Melody” became a huge hit for the Righteous Brothers.

ANSWER: Unchained (do not accept “Unchained Melody”)

Lee Grant and Chad Everett appear at an unexpectedly erotic moment in this movie, and a sex scene is shot as an homage to Persona. Among the characters are a neighbor who talks about a “prize-fighting kangaroo,” a mobster – played by a composer – who spits out espresso, a man who collapses after seeing a bum behind a dumpster, a hitman who shoots a fat woman and a janitor, and a pool cleaner portrayed by Billy Ray Cyrus. Central events include a car crash, a cowboy’s speech, the discovery of an oddly-shaped blue key, and a performance of “Crying” at Club Silencio. Eventually Betty becomes Diane, and Rita becomes Camilla, or something like that, in, FTP, what enigmatic 2001 film starring Laura Harring and Naomi Watts as lesbians, from the mind of David Lynch?

ANSWER: Mulholland Dr.

This actress made her debut as a young girl whose sister is targeted by the Palladists, a Satanic cult, in the Val Lewton-produced The Seventh Victim. In another film, a British fighter pilot played by David Niven manages to escape death because she loves him. One of her characters gets killed shortly after giving birth to a baby that repeats the word “Mama” as the credits roll; in an earlier movie, that character had kissed the hero despite calling him “so damn ugly.” In her most famous role, she dumps her husband for raping Blanche, even though he stands outside her window in the rain yelling her name. FTP, name this A Matter of Life and Death co-star who portrayed Dr. Zira in Planet of the Apes and won an Oscar as “STELLA!!!!” Kowalski in 1951’s A Streetcar Named Desire.

ANSWER: Kim Hunter

This man cast Robert Mitchum as an arrogant doctor in Not As a Stranger, his directorial debut, and Dick Van Dyke played a priest in his last movie, The Runner Stumbles. He produced the Broadway adaptations Cyrano de Bergerac and The Caine Mutiny, as well as films about racism in the military, handicapped veterans, and teenage motorcycle gangs, while as a director he tackled nuclear war in On the Beach and brought to the screen Abby Mann’s teleplay about Nazi atrocities. Spencer Tracy starred as a corrupt detective in one of his few comedies; he also used Tracy as Clarence Darrow manqué and as a liberal whose daughter marries a black man. FTP, name this socially conscious filmmaker whose 9 Oscar nods came for works like Ship of Fools, Judgment at Nuremberg, and Inherit the Wind.

ANSWER: Stanley Kramer

From 1982, when this recognition was first given on a regular basis, until 2005, Cyrano de Bergerac was the only foreign-language film nominated for it; however, both of the past two winners have been in a foreign language. As of 2008, Greg Cannom and Ve Neill have each been nominated for it eight times. There have been two honorary recipients: William Tuttle, for 1964’s 7 Faces of Dr. Lao, and John Chambers – who later helped the CIA get Americans out of Iran – for 1968’s Planet of the Apes. The only non-acting Oscar lost by Titanic, this is, FTP, what Academy Award that has been given a record 6 times to Rick Baker?

ANSWER: the Academy Award (or Oscar) for Best Makeup

The protagonist of this movie refers to an opponent as a “Saracen pig” and “Spartan dog,” while the villains are described as people who “call information for numbers they could easily look up in the book” by the High Macha of Raspur. The filmmaker makes an appearance to describe “death and danger” as his “various breads and various butters,” and when asked if can help the audience by summarizing the plot, replies, “No.” Playboy Playmate China Lee does a striptease over the closing credits, and two actresses who starred in You Only Live Twice appear as Teri and Suki Yaki, a pair of sisters who aid Phil Moscowitz in retrieving a top-secret egg salad recipe. Derived from the Japanese thriller Key of Keys, this is, FTP, what 1966 Woody Allen classic of re-dubbing?

ANSWER: What’s Up, Tiger Lily?

According to a 2006 Seth Green interview, this man inspired the voice of Chris on Family Guy. After an early part as Pocono Pete in Ironweed, he lent support to Mare Winningham’s Oscar-nominated performance by playing her husband in Georgia, and he was a Confederate general hypnotized into barking like a dog in Wild Wild West. Also memorable in both a film and an (unrelated) TV series called Wonderland and as the voice of evil trucker Rusty Nail in Joy Ride, he appeared in 2007 as three law enforcement officials: a sheriff in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, a detective in American Gangster, and his regular television role. FTP, name this actor who said, “It puts the lotion in the basket” in The Silence of the Lambs and portrays Leland Stottlemeyer on Monk.

ANSWER: Ted Levine

One character in this movie is told not to worry because “Hitchcock will stay with you.” The protagonist calls his nemesis “greedy, unfeeling, inept, indifferent, self-inflating, and unconscionably profitable,” but he chooses to go back to his job at the end despite it being “like pissing in the wind.” The opening narration describes how the death of Guernsey due to incompetence allowed Dr. Schaefer to find a place to have sex. Mrs. Christie is asked, “Where do you train your nurses – Dachau?”, and the “Paraclete of Caborca” inspires Drummond to take revenge by making physicians victims of their own bureaucracy. Co-starring Diana Rigg as a hippie chick who restores the potency of Dr. Herbert Bock, played by George C. Scott, this is, FTP, what 1971 Arthur Hiller-directed black comedy, a trenchant satire of the state of modern health care that won an Oscar for screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky?

ANSWER: The Hospital

Mischa Auer appears in this film as the operator of a flea circus, while Michael Redgrave plays Burgomil Trebitsch, an Amsterdam antiques dealer. It begins with an epigraph containing the phrase, “Anything, sir ... except your secret” and a description of an empty plane flying itself to Paris. The title character is first seen telling the story of “The Scorpion and the Frog” at a costume party. The protagonist visits Sophie in Mexico, tries to save Jacob Zouk in Vienna, and eventually ends up in Spain, where he reveals to Raina – played by the director’s wife, Paola Mori – the truth about her father. Robert Arden starred as Guy von Stratten in, FTP, what movie adapted from three episodes of the radio series The Adventures of Harry Lime, a 1955 work by Orson Welles?

ANSWER: Mr. Arkadin or Confidential Report

This man’s film debut was as a movie-house usher in They Might Be Giants, and he had an uncredited role as the title character’s partner in Serpico. He has appeared as moral exemplars like Abraham Lincoln and the Biblical figures Mordecai, Lot, and – in Muppets in Space – Noah; on the other hand, he also played real-life gangsters Arnold Rothstein and Al Capone, as well as Stalin (twice!) and a parody of Hannibal Lecter in National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1. He replies, “You know, I kill a lot of people; I can’t remember half of them” after Arnold Schwarzenegger in Last Action Hero references his Oscar-winning performance. FTP, name this portrayer of Ad’har Ru’afo in the Star Trek universe who shouted, “I absolve you!” as Antonio Salieri in Amadeus.

ANSWER: F. Murray Abraham

This man’s last part was, believe it or not, the voice of a scientist on a 1992 episode of Goof Troop. He also voiced Wylie Burp in Fievel Goes West and co-starred with another well-known dog in The Magic of Lassie. Other roles include General Sternwood in the 1978 remake The Big Sleep, a cowboy whose brother dies and leaves him a brothel in The Cheyenne Social Club, the father of a kid with a crush on Brigitte Bardot in Dear Brigitte, a crusading reporter who gets an innocent man freed in Call Northside 777, the pilot of a plane that crash-lands in the desert in The Flight of the Phoenix, and a clown in The Greatest Show on Earth. Also memorable as real-life figures Monty Stratton, Charles Lindbergh, and Glenn Miller, he worked 8 times with Anthony Mann, plus 4 with Alfred Hitchcock and 3 with Frank Capra. FTP, name this star of Rope, Harvey, Anatomy of a Murder, and Vertigo.

ANSWER: James Stewart

This director helmed a famously open-ended movie starring Philip Hubbard as an impoverished professor and Louis Calhern as one of his students, The Blot, as well as making two films based on Clara Louise Burnham’s Christian Science novel Jewel: A Chapter in Her Life and supervising Anna Pavlova’s only onscreen acting role, as an Italian waif whose affair with a Spanish nobleman triggers a revolution, in the epic The Dumb Girl of Portici. Known for tackling hot-button issues like abortion in Where Are My Children?, the death penalty in The People vs. John Doe, and alcoholism in Hop – The Devil’s Brew, this is, FTP, what pioneering silent-era filmmaker whose 1914 The Merchant of Venice is considered to be the first full-length feature directed by a woman?

ANSWER: Lois Weber

Located at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, this entity was originally established in 1899. In 1998, it was bought for $375,000 by Tyler Cassity, whose family owns several similar venues in Missouri. Its website describes “concierge services” including “freshly baked cookies” and “laminated keepsakes,” and it is the site of John Wyatt’s Cinespia film screening series. Known as one of the few institutions of its kind open to public tours, this is, FTP, what Los Angeles landmark lying directly adjacent to the north wall of Paramount Studios, where you can go to visit Johnny Ramone, Cecil B. DeMille, Rudolph Valentino, and countless other resting luminaries?

ANSWER: Hollywood Forever Cemetery

This woman portrayed a lesbian schoolgirl on Inspector Morse and the girlfriend of Nigel Timson in an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey. She made her acting debut in Bruce Beresford’s segment of Aria and played the wife of heroin-addicted sitcom writer Jerry Stahl in the film version of his memoir Permanent Midnight. One role sees her as a South African stripper who tells a drug dealer, “I’ve got something that’ll wake you up” before kicking him in the genitals and threatening to “shock his dick!”, while in another she aids the escape of her villainous boyfriend by posing as a stewardess and shooting two FBI agents. Though she appeared topless in 2000’s The Weight of Water, in her most famous part she and her co-star studiously avoid onscreen nudity in hilarious ways. FTP, name this devilish co-star of Dangerous Ground, Passenger 57, Bedazzled, and the first Austin Powers movie.

ANSWER: Elizabeth Hurley

One director with this distinction is known for the 2003 BBC miniseries State of Play. A man not part of this group – but who has worked closely with it – helmed 1989’s The Fabulous Baker Boys and got an Oscar nod for Wonder Boys. A second member made a movie starring Maribel Verdú that a Palo Alto theater advertised as “98% gratuitous sex, 2% redeeming plot,” while a third directed Donnie Brasco, Pushing Tin, and, right before he joined this group, Mona Lisa Smile. The first of them scripted Gremlins and founded 1492 Pictures. Four Weddings and a Funeral, Home Alone, and Y tu mamá también are among the previous projects of filmmakers like David Yates, Mike Newell, Alfonso Cuarón, and Chris Columbus, who then worked on, FTP, what fantasy franchise?

ANSWER: people who have directed Harry Potter movies

This actor yells, “Beauty belongs to the man who can appreciate it!” before being gunned down by Burt Lancaster in The Train; he later reunited with Lancaster as a Soviet spymaster in Scorpio. After making his screen debut playing King Philip II of Spain in That Lady, he starred opposite Katharine Hepburn in a film of Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance and portrayed King Lear for Peter Brook. He states, “$64,000 for a question? I hope they are asking you the meaning of life” in his Oscar-nominated performance as Mark Van Doren in Quiz Show, while his most well-known character stands on silence and describes himself as “His Majesty’s good servant, but God’s first” before losing his head. FTP, name this British thespian who won an Academy Award as Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons.

ANSWER: Paul Scofield

This actress made her film debut as Lola in the ‘50s-set period piece The Delinquents. She played a scientist with the Fassbinder-inspired name “Petra von Kant” in a famously unfunny 1996 “comedy,” while in another movie she does her character’s signature “thrust kick.” Her breakthrough came as the mechanic Charlene on a TV series, and the role of Astrid Peth, a waitress who gives her life to save the hero, was written especially for her by Russell Davies on Dr. Who. FTP, name this Bio-Dome and Street Fighter co-star who performed a medley of “The Sound of Music” and “Children of the Revolution” as the Green Fairy in Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge!

ANSWER: Kylie Minogue

One of the few things we learn about this character is that his wife is in an institution. It is unknown what he thinks of his daughter’s husband Philip, but he is unperturbed when he catches a half-naked man sneaking out of her room. That boyfriend breaks into the library in order to see the “Red Set” containing this man’s notes from when he was a student, and later publicly calls him a “son of a bitch,” earning the response, “That is the most intelligent thing you’ve said all day.” This occurs directly after his most famous quote: “Mr. Hart, here is a dime. Take it, call your mother, and tell her there is serious doubt about you ever becoming a lawyer.” John Houseman won an Oscar as, FTP, what crusty Harvard Law School professor from the film and TV series The Paper Chase?

ANSWER: Professor Charles Kingsfield

This man’s acting roles include Charlie Trask in The Affairs of Dobie Gillis and Frank Lippincott in My Sister Eileen. He helmed five movies, including one about murdered centerfold Dorothy Stratten, and earned Academy Award nominations for three of them. Stanley Donen cast him as a snake in The Little Prince, but many consider the turning point of his career to be the “From This Moment On” number he performed alongside longtime collaborator Carol Haney in Kiss Me Kate. In addition to Star 80 and Lenny, he made two Fellini-inspired musicals, one based on Nights of Cabiria and the other an autobiographical gloss on , and won an Oscar for staging a work by Kander & Ebb. FTP, name this director of Sweet Charity, All That Jazz, and Cabaret.

ANSWER: Bob Fosse

This woman earned Oscar nods for two consecutive films – 15 years apart. In Dario Argento’s Trauma, she says the word “Nicholas” after getting decapitated. She played Auntie Em in Walter Murch’s disturbing Return to Oz and gave an Emmy-nominated performance as a Japanese man (!). Her first major role saw her as a limping alcoholic who commits suicide after a humiliating sexual encounter, but she has spent the past 30 years doing variations on a single character type, from 2006’s The Dead Girl to her Academy Award-nominated turn in Children of a Lesser God to her portrayal of a harridan who curses her daughter’s “dirty pillows” and shrieks, “They’re all gonna laugh at you!” FTP, name this The Hustler and Twin Peaks star who perfected the “domineering mother” in Carrie.

ANSWER: Piper Laurie

The only recipient of the “Directed and Edited by” credit, this man was secretly approached to take over Michael Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate. Gabriel Pascal hired him to edit the Shaw adaptations Pygmalion and Major Barbara, while Powell and Pressburger used him on 49th Parallel and One of Our Aircraft Is Missing. Terence Rattigan scripted his The Sound Barrier, and several of his films were based on the work of his mentor Noel Coward. His first movie in color cast Katharine Hepburn as an American widow in Venice; he went on to make five more color films and was working on an adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Nostromo when he died. A vicious Pauline Kael review caused the 14-year gap between Ryan’s Daughter and A Passage to India. FTP, name this multiple Oscar winner who got 3 of the top 5 spots on the BFI 100 for such works as Great Expectations and Lawrence of Arabia.

ANSWER: David Lean

This woman appeared as a hippie chick who flirts with McGarrett on the pilot of Hawaii Five-O. In The Wrecking Crew, she has a Bruce Lee-choreographed karate fight with Sharon Tate. Another role sees her lip-synch to a famous song declaring that “When men say I’m cute and funny/And my teeth aren’t teeth, but pearl/I just lap it up like honey” because “I enjoy being a girl!” Her hairstyle in The Wild Affair became an extremely popular Vidal Sassoon cut, but the name of one of her characters, a prostitute who comforts American artist Robert Lomax in Hong Kong, is now a slur akin to “Uncle Tom” for Asian women. FTP, name this ‘60s sex symbol who starred in The World of Suzie Wong and played Linda Low in the film of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Flower Drum Song.

ANSWER: Nancy Kwan

This movie’s protagonist replies, “I have to eat it” when his grandmother asks him what the penalty is for failing to deliver a pizza. His girlfriend is confused as to why a fake name appears on a birthday cake during a scene that features a moving sing-along to James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.” Law & Order’s Steven Hill appears as the father of Annie Pope, who taught her son how to play the piano well enough for him to get a scholarship to Julliard. Unfortunately, this threatens to tear apart a family which is bound together by the fact that both parents are on the run from the FBI after a ’60s radical act of protest went wrong. FTP, name this 1989 Sidney Lumet film that starred Judd Hirsch and Christine Lahti and earned an Oscar nomination for River Phoenix.

ANSWER: Running on Empty

One of this man’s few acting turns in recent years was as the voice of Tom Colonic in Osmosis Jones. Earlier credits include a child prodigy named “Genius” in Bert I. Gordon’s Village of the Giants, the title role in the Emmy-winning 1975 telefilm Huckleberry Finn, Eddie in The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and a teenager who idolizes John Wayne in The Shootist. He and his father co-wrote and starred in the Roger Corman-produced Grand Theft Auto, which became his directing debut. Also memorable as Winthrop in The Music Man and Steve Bolander in American Graffiti, he originated one of his most famous characters on an episode of Love, American Style. FTP, name this Oscar-winning filmmaker who first charmed us as TV’s Opie Taylor and Richie Cunningham.

ANSWER: Ron(ny) Howard

This film opens with Leo McKern and Ian Hendry being buried alive in sand and ends with a quotation from 2 Corinthians 11:13. Get Carter director Mike Hodges co-wrote the screenplay, and in one scene Sgt. Neff tells the title character not to attract attention, saying, “The day will come when everyone will know who you are, but that day is not yet.” The deaths of Joan Hart and Aunt Marion are linked to a sinister crow, while Bill Atherton gets trapped beneath ice and Dr. Kane is memorably sliced in two by an elevator. At the end, the protagonist is betrayed and murdered by his own wife, the whore of Babylon, before he can use the daggers of Megiddo. FTP, name this 1978 horror movie starring William Holden that continues the saga of Damien Thorn.

ANSWER: Damien: Omen II (prompt on “Damien”) (only accept “The Omen II” if no one protests)

This woman’s first notable film performance was as real-life murderess Ruth Ellis in Dance with a Stranger, while her two Oscar nominations came as T.S. Eliot’s disturbed spouse in Tom & Viv and as the wife of a philandering politician in Damage. She took on three parts, including the mother of a schizophrenic, in David Cronenberg’s Spider and won a Golden Globe for Enchanted April, in addition to playing an IRA terrorist in The Crying Game. In one role she has a surprisingly homoerotic kiss with Nicole Kidman, while in another she is a vengeful witch who commits several murders before being dragged to hell by a sinister horseman. FTP, name this The Hours and Sleepy Hollow actress also known as the Harry Potter universe’s Rita Skeeter and as Queen Elizabeth in Blackadder.

ANSWER: Miranda Richardson

In one of this writer’s early screenplays, Invasion of the Bee Girls, a mutation causes beautiful women to *ahem* men to death. He helmed a landmark 1983 telefilm about the fallout from a nuclear war, The Day After, while H.G. Wells uses a time machine to travel to present-day San Francisco and stop Jack the Ripper in his 1979 directorial debut, Time After Time. A 1986 film he co-scripted has a similar premise, in that some familiar characters voyage into the past and visit San Francisco in order to save the whales. The recipient of a 1976 Oscar nod for adapting to the screen his novel which sees Sigmund Freud meet Sherlock Holmes, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, this is, FTP, what man known for co-writing the fourth and directing the second and sixth movies in the Star Trek franchise?

ANSWER: Nicholas Meyer

This actress made her film debut as a music teacher in Louis Malle’s Au revoir les enfants and played the main character’s dead mother in The Secret Garden. American audiences may remember her as Wesley Snipes’ girlfriend in U.S. Marshals or as a tragic heroine murdered by Laurence Fishburne, but she is better known to cinephiles for portraying a woman who is led on by a puppeteer and glimpses her exact double in a Kraków bus window. In her most famous role, a poster with her image causes a car crash, and her attempt to care for an injured dog leads to a complex relationship with an embittered judge who spies on his neighbors. FTP, name this Swiss beauty who starred in Krzysztof Kieślowski’s The Double Life of Véronique and Three Colors: Red.

ANSWER: Irène Jacob

H. G. Wells accused this film of “foolishness, cliché, platitude, and muddlement.” A discovery in Buenos Aires led to the July 1, 2008 announcement that a full-length version had been found. In 2002, 18 years after Giorgio Moroder compiled a strange soundtrack featuring Pat Benatar, Bonnie Tyler, Loverboy, Adam Ant, and Queen, its original Gottfried Huppertz score was restored. At the end, the “Heart Machine” is destroyed and Grot and Joh Fredersen come together, thus fulfilling the role of “heart” in uniting “hands” and “head.” The mad scientist Rotwang creates the sexy robot Maria, played by Brigitte Helm, in, FTP, what 1927 Fritz Lang classic of science fiction?

ANSWER: Metropolis

This movie’s final sequence is a series of increasingly closer shots of a tree painted on a brick wall. One character pridefully refuses to run a corporation’s new food division, while another gives up an affair when her lover’s wife falsely claims to be dying. A man states that “We are others,” and the effect of pop culture on our lives is shown by intercutting shots of Danielle Darrieux, Jean Gabin, and Jean Marais with the protagonists’ actions, while the role of instinct is illustrated by giant fighting rats. Paul MacLean’s triune brain theory is explained by the inventor of Thorazine, Dr. Henri Laborit, and the intertwined lives of a politician, an actress, and Gérard Depardieu are on display in, FTP, what brilliant 1980 psychology-based drama from Alain Resnais?

ANSWER: Mon oncle d'Amérique

One character in this film introduces himself by saying, “It is I ... Sidney Feldman!” The protagonist’s shrink attempts to comfort him with the words “I am rooted in the me who is on this adventure” after he learns that his childhood home has been torn down to make room for an Ultimart. He realizes that he is in need of “shakabuku,” or “a swift, spiritual kick in the head,” after meeting Debi. Unfortunately, both Felix and The Grocer are out to get him, and his secretary Marcella has already assigned him to kill Debi’s father. FTP, name this 1997 black comedy co-starring Hank Azaria and Minnie Driver in which John Cusack plays a hitman who attends his high school reunion.

ANSWER: Grosse Pointe Blank

In one role, this man’s recollection of what he was doing when Pearl Harbor was bombed causes him to be exposed as a German spy. In another, he hides $10,000 in his daughter’s doll and shares a cell with a guy who has “LOVE” and “HATE” tattooed on his fingers. In addition to the aforementioned appearances in Stalag 17 and The Night of the Hunter, he showed up in House on Haunted Hill and Men in Black II to spoof his job as host of Biography. In his most famous film, he asks such questions as, “What’s our vector, Victor?”, “Do you like movies about gladiators?”, and “Have you ever been to a Turkish prison?” FTP, name this actor who played Clarence Oveur in Airplane! and is best known for starring as Jim Phelps on Mission: Impossible.

ANSWER: Peter Graves

This director’s early works include Dragnet Girl, in which a gangster falls in love with an innocent typist, and a comedy about mischievous children called I Was Born, But ... Known for balanced compositions and breaking the 180-degree rule, as well as his use of “pillow shots,” he progressed through Late Spring, The End of Summer, and An Autumn Afternoon until by the time of the colorful Equinox Flower, Good Morning, and Floating Weeds he was barely moving the camera at all. His most famous movie climaxes with the question, “Isn’t life disappointing?” FTP, name this man who made 32 films with Chishu Ryu and 7 with Setsuko Hara, including Tokyo Story.

ANSWER: Yasujiro Ozu

One villain in this film punishes a spy by sending him to Detroit. Another is described as “tough and ruthless,” while his companion is “rough and toothless.” An architect played by George Lazenby asks, “Whose reality? Yours or mine?”, Henry Gibson explains the three signs of death, including “a rotting smell,” and Donald Sutherland has a cameo as a clumsy waiter. “Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker” shouts a racial slur; let’s hope he doesn’t cross paths with Cleopatra Schwartz, a blaxploitation heroine married to a rabbi. Featuring “Catholic High School Girls in Trouble,” “That’s Armageddon!”, “A Fistful of Yen,” and many other classic sketches, this is, FTP, what 1977 John Landis-directed comedy from the writing team that later made Airplane!?

ANSWER: The Kentucky Fried Movie (accept “A Fistful of Yen” before “George Lazenby”)

This composer scored such movies as In a Lonely Place, The Sniper, and the dialogue-less Dementia. Director Marcel L’Herbier incited a riot at one of his concerts in order to shoot a sequence for 1924’s L’Inhumaine. Author of the autobiography Bad Boy of Music, he pioneered frequency hopping and holds a joint patent with Hedy Lamarr. Thanks to Paul Lehrman, his most famous work was finally joined with the film it was meant to accompany in 2001; that film, presented by “Charlot,” repeats a shot of a woman climbing stairs three times. FTP, name this man who collaborated with Dudley Murphy, Man Ray, and Fernand Léger on Ballet Mécanique.

ANSWER: George Antheil

Several prominent thespians signed a petition to prevent the producer of this film, Lord Lew Grade, from over-dubbing the lead actor’s voice. The protagonist calls an American a “long streak of paralyzed piss” and tells him, “No wonder you got an energy crisis your side of the water!” He strings his enemies up in an abattoir and shouts at an employee, “Eric’s been blown to smithereens, Colin’s been carved up, and I’ve got a bomb in me casino, and you say ‘nothing unusual’?” His last line is, “‘Ere, ‘old up, where’s Victoria?”, right before he realizes that Pierce Brosnan is holding a gun on him; the movie then ends with an extended close-up of his face as he waits to be killed. FTP, name this 1980 gangster classic starring Helen Mirren and Bob Hoskins and set during the Easter holiday.

ANSWER: The Long Good Friday

The only performances by sibling child actors Kathy and Thomas Chelimsky were opposite this actress, in two different movies. Alec Guinness flirts with her in the frame story for The Lavender Hill Mob and her husband directed her as Rima the Bird Girl in Green Mansions. The relationship between her character and Mark Wallace is traced in Frederic Raphael’s famously non-linear script for Two for the Road, and after a nine-year screen hiatus she returned to star as half of the title couple in Robin and Marian. She was a thief opposite Peter O’Toole and a lesbian opposite Shirley MacLaine, while her last role came in Steven Spielberg’s Always. FTP, name this portrayer of a blind woman in the thriller Wait Until Dark who sang “Moon River” as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

ANSWER: Audrey Hepburn (prompt on “Hepburn”) (accept “Donen” or “Stanley Donen” before “this actress”)

One member of this family made her movie debut as the infant child of her father’s character in In Which We Serve; she later starred in Billy Wilder’s Avanti! and won an Emmy for QB VII. Another appeared in the film version of her mother’s novel Whistle Down the Wind and changed her image with a modest nude scene in The Family Way. Their dad was Pip in David Lean’s Great Expectations and cameo-ed in Gandhi, Bean, Bright Young Things, and as Old Norway in Hamlet. One of the daughters is known for Nanny and the Professor, while the show that became Saved By the Bell was originally a vehicle for the other. FTP, give the last name shared by the woman who portrays Tabitha Lenox on Passions, the actor who won an Oscar as the mute village idiot in Ryan’s Daughter, and the Polyanna actress who played a pair of twins out to reunite their parents in The Parent Trap.

ANSWER: Mills (accept “Juliet Mills,” “John Mills,” or “Hayley Mills”)


Among the names this actor has used are George Spelvin, as “The Professor” in a movie version of Conrad’s The Secret Agent, and Marty Fromage, as a mime instructor in Shakes the Clown. He gets fired by his boss’ parrot in The Survivors and calls the protagonist a “termite ... in a shitty suit” as a profane doctor who explains what “karma” is in Dead Again. Other roles include a wacky obstetrician in Nine Months and a Russian musician who is told, “There’s a men’s room down the hall” when he announces that he wants to defect in a Bloomingdale’s in Moscow on the Hudson. He was memorable as the title characters in the Robert Altman musical Popeye and The World According to Garp, but “it’s not your fault” if, FTP, you can’t name this Oscar winner for Good Will Hunting.

ANSWER: Robin Williams
Famed quarterback Frankie Albert starred as himself in a 1942 film about “The Spirit of” this place. In Double Indemnity, Phyllis Dietrichson and Walter Neff kill her husband while he is en route to there. After an opponent accuses him of being elitist, The American President’s Andrew Shepherd proudly declares an affinity with it. Veronica Sawyer fears that her SAT scores will be sent to San Quentin instead of this location in Heathers, and in Orange County Lily Tomlin plays a guidance counselor whose screw-up prevents the main character from attending it. FTP, name this Bay Area university located near Palo Alto.

ANSWER: Stanford University (accept “The Spirit of Stanford” on early buzz; prompt on “Palo Alto”)

In this movie, Richard Attenborough, as coach of the Oxford rowing team, accepts a bribe to ram Cambridge during a race. Laurence Harvey appears as a Shakespearean actor who bares his “bodkin,” while John Cleese portrays the manager of Sotheby’s and watches in horror as the main character cuts the nose off of an original Rembrandt. The climax takes place aboard the title cruise liner, where Captain Klaus is attacked by a random gorilla, a vampire portrayed by Christopher Lee stalks the halls, Roman Polanski is serenaded in the bar by a cabaret singer who turns out to be Yul Brynner in drag, and the boat is revealed to be powered by a galley of topless women led by Raquel Welch as the “Mistress of the Whip.” Featuring Ringo Starr as Guy Grand’s heir, this is, FTP, what 1969 Peter Sellers-starring film of a Terry Southern novel for which Paul McCartney penned “Come and Get It”?

ANSWER: The Magic Christian

This woman played characters sharing her first name in two early films, Roman Polanski’s Cul-de-sac and Stanley Donen’s Two for the Road. She received Golden Globe nods as George Segal’s ex-wife, who makes “Le Bombe Richelieu,” in Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? and as Albert Finney’s ex-wife in Under the Volcano. In addition to roles as a stewardess in Airport and a countess in Murder on the Orient Express, in 1968 she appeared in The Detective and was the girlfriend of another detective in a movie with a famous car chase. Memorable as “Miss Goodthighs” in 1967’s Casino Royale, she portrayed a British actress – what a stretch! – in François Truffaut’s Day for Night. FTP, name this sex symbol who turned heads by swimming in a wet T-shirt in 1977’s The Deep.

ANSWER: Jacqueline Bisset

In Violent Saturday, this actor takes a pitchfork in the back from an Amish farmer played by Ernest Borgnine; he later starred as a hobo who faces off against Borgnine’s sadistic railway conductor in Emperor of the North Pole, and both were baddies in a classic movie about anti-Japanese prejudice. Hickey in John Frankenheimer’s film of The Iceman Cometh, he sang “Happy Birthday” at a funeral in a comedic turn as a drunken gunfighter that inexplicably won an Oscar, but more typical performances saw him punch a man in the crotch during a nightclub fight and throw a cup of scalding-hot coffee into a woman’s face, while other Western roles feature his improbable #1 UK hit “Wand’rin’ Star” and his title character getting shot by John Wayne, not James Stewart. FTP, name this Bad Day at Black Rock and The Big Heat villain known as the tough-guy anti-heroes of Point Blank and The Dirty Dozen.

ANSWER: Lee Marvin

This actor stated that “premature ejaculation means always having to say you’re sorry” as Dr. Hugo Zuckerbrot in Billy Wilder’s last movie, Buddy Buddy. In one film, he proclaims, “I am the only free man aboard this train. The rest of you are cattle!”, while another cast him as a hunchback who gets a match struck on the back of his neck. Also known for portrayals of Jack the Ripper, Dracula, and the Marquis de Sade, he is better remembered as a conquistador in search of El Dorado and an Irishman whose love of opera leads him to transport a steamship over a mountain in the Peruvian jungle. FTP, name this star of Woyzeck and Nosferatu the Vampyre who worked with his “best fiend” Werner Herzog on Aguirre: The Wrath of God and Fitzcarraldo.

ANSWER: Klaus Kinski

This man began his scoring career on several movies starring pop star Adam Faith, for whom he was a manager. He worked with Alan Jay Lerner on an unsuccessful stage musical based on Lolita and penned the theme for the Tony Curtis-Roger Moore adventure series The Persuaders! Propellerheads did a famous remix of one of his best pieces, and he earned Academy Awards for both the title song and score of Born Free, as well as the scores for The Lion in Winter, Out of Africa, and Dances with Wolves. He has not seen a penny of royalties from the most famous work he claims to have written, as it is credited to Monty Norman. FTP, name this English composer best known for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Goldfinger, and 9 more James Bond films.

ANSWER: John Barry

This man played “Lt. McDuff” in an adaptation of Macbeth set in the fast food industry, Scotland, Pa. In one film, he strips down to boxer shorts while dancing on a table and lip-synching to “Let’s Misbehave”; in another, he informs Anthony Zerbe that “the ice ... IS GONNA BREAK!!!”; in still another, he talks about his desire to drive into oncoming traffic. A more recent movie saw him complain about an “uncomfortable piece of metal.” His gangster roles include Pennies from Heaven, King of New York, Suicide Kings, and Kangaroo Jack, while he was a psychic in The Dead Zone and a psycho Bond villain in A View to a Kill. FTP, name this co-star of Annie Hall, Pulp Fiction, and Catch Me if You Can whose Russian roulette skills won him an Oscar for The Deer Hunter.

ANSWER: Christopher Walken

The band Sparks cameos during this movie’s opening scene, which was shot at Ocean View Park. Written by the creators of Columbo, it was the third film, after Earthquake and Midway, to employ “Sensurround.” The protagonist repeatedly fails to quit smoking, and at the climax he recognizes the villain’s voice during a live radio interview. In addition to Steve Guttenberg’s bit part as an FBI agent, Helen Hunt appears as the main character’s daughter and Susan Strasberg plays his wife, while Henry Fonda portrays his boss. Partially filmed at Kings Dominion and Magic Mountain, this is, FTP, what 1977 George Segal-starring suspense thriller featuring Timothy Bottoms as a bomber who targets the title type of amusement park ride?

ANSWER: Rollercoaster

This director’s last movie, released three years after his death, earned Jessica Lange an Oscar. The co-founder of Woodfall Films, he helmed Christopher Isherwood and Terry Southern’s adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s The Loved One and made Joseph Andrews in an attempt to repeat the success of his most popular work. In one of his films, Jo is impregnated by a Black sailor and befriends a homosexual, while in another, Colin stops just short of the finish line. Albert Finney made his screen debut as one of Archie Rice’s sons in this man’s version of John Osborne’s The Entertainer, while another Osborne play, Look Back in Anger, became his debut feature. FTP, name this A Taste of Honey filmmaker who cast Finney in an Osborne-scripted comedy with a famously erotic eating scene, Tom Jones.

ANSWER: Tony Richardson

This man’s less-remembered performances include Noel Airman in Marjorie Morningstar, a French soldier stuck in a Nazi prison in The Cross of Lorraine, Senator Charles Edwards in North and South, and the lead in a short-lived TV series based on Going My Way. He directed Jackie Gleason as a mute who befriends a young girl in the Chaplinesque Gigot, while The Cheyenne Social Club and Hello, Dolly! are among his other helming credits. He spoofed himself as Pinky Benson in What a Way to Go! and re-used the name of his Cover Girl character for the roller-disco camp classic Xanadu. Jerry the mouse joined Vera-Ellen, Leslie Caron, Cyd Charisse, and Debbie Reynolds among the screen partners of, FTP, what filmmaker, choreographer, and rain-soaked dancer?

ANSWER: Gene Kelly

One movie based on this story centers on a crime-scene photographer who dreams about being impaled by a mob during the Middle Ages and is exposed after a detective asks for his autograph. In another adaptation, there is a highly entertaining wine-tasting duel between Peter Lorre and Vincent Price. Two more titans of the horror genre faced off in a 1934 film version that saw American honeymooners trapped in the home of sinister architect Hjalmar Poelzig. Dario Argento’s segment of Two Evil Eyes, one of Roger Corman’s Tales of Terror, and an Edgar Ulmer-directed classic starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff were all based on, FTP, what short story in which the title character, Pluto, is sealed with a murder victim inside a wall, a work of Edgar Allen Poe?

ANSWER: “The Black Cat

Jim Dale portrayed this man in a movie based on his memoir, Adolf Hitler – My Part in His Downfall. He played the character of “Eccles” in several early films, including The Case of the Mukkinese Battle-Horn, and he is often credited with the idea of ending Dr. Strangelove with “We’ll Meet Again.” Improbably cast as the husband of Raquel Welch in The Three Musketeers, he reunited with his most famous collaborator as a traffic warden in The Magic Christian and made cameo appearances in History of the World: Part 1 and Life of Brian. FTP, name this British comedy legend and host of Q best known for starring on radio’s The Goon Show with Peter Sellers.

ANSWER: Spike Milligan

This film features the repeated adage “from the compass to the ship” and a dispute over whether or not a photo was taken by Frank. The lead actress’ brother composed the score. One character appears to be obsessed with target shooting and the game Nim, while the never-named protagonist makes reference to a “structure of another century.” Near the end, the camera approaches a lady with widespread arms several times, and one famous shot shows trees without shadows. Set in an “enormous, luxurious, baroque, lugubrious hotel, where corridors succeed endless corridors,” this is, FTP, what movie in which a man and a woman may or may not have made plans to run away at the title Czech town, a 1961 work directed by Alain Resnais and written by Alain Robbe-Grillet?

ANSWER: Last Year at Marienbad (or L’Année dernière à Marienbad)

Red Buttons appears in this film as an MP who performs an impression of the lead actor. One character cites an old Russian proverb – “Go West, young man!” – while another is tortured by being made to listen to “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.” After they watch an attractive woman perform a sexy striptease to the “Sabre Dance,” Peripetchikoff, Borodenko, and Mishkin try to get her, but instead they are sent a man in a dress. At the end, C.R. MacNamara is forced to return to Atlanta despite turning young radical Otto Piffl into a presentable husband for Southern belle Scarlett Hazletine. Communists, ex-Nazis, and the Pepsi Corporation are among the threats faced by James Cagney in, FTP, what fast-paced Berlin-set 1961 Cold War comedy from Billy Wilder?

ANSWER: One, Two, Three

The worst performance in this movie is given by Jeremy Black in the title role. Steve Guttenberg plays a young man whose death sets the plot in motion; more impressive casting choices include Denholm Elliott as a newspaper editor, Rosemary Harris as a flirtatious widow, Michael Gough as a hanging victim, Uta Hagen as a key source of info, and Bruno Ganz as a scientist who explains the central concept. When he sees that several 65-year-old civil servants with much younger wives have recently died, Ezra Lieberman’s investigation takes him to rural Pennsylvania, where he is saved when a pack of Dobermans is loosed on the villain. Starring James Mason, Laurence Olivier, and Gregory Peck as Dr. Josef Mengele, this is, FTP, what 1978 thriller based on Ira Levin’s novel about Hitler clones?

ANSWER: The Boys from Brazil

This man shot Julie Christie several times – as lead cameraman on François Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451, John Schlesinger’s Far from the Madding Crowd, and Richard Lester’s Petulia. He may have first associated red with horror while working with Roger Corman on The Masque of the Red Death; in his most famous film, that color is excluded from the frame at all but a few key moments. In addition to disturbing generations of children with a movie based on Roald Dahl’s The Witches, he cast his son Lucien and Jenny Agutter as two kids stranded in the outback in Walkabout. Leonard Maltin described his best-known work as being “[h]ighlighted by [a] memorably steamy love scene and violent climax” – as far as I know, those aren’t in the same scene. Death in Venice occurs via a serial-killing dwarf at the end of a 1973 horror classic by, FTP, what British director of Don’t Look Now?

ANSWER: Nicolas Roeg

Promoted as “the film Rod Stewart doesn’t want you to see,” this movie contains a song with the lyrics, “I’ll catch a rainbow from the sky and tie the ends together.” One actor performs “A Tinker of Rye” by Paul Giovanni, and the last scene ends with a rendition of “Sumer Is Icumen In.” The protagonist is shocked by a sexually explicit chant done by children as they dance around a maypole; later, he dresses up as Punch in order to rescue Rowan Morrison from Lord Summerisle, only to discover that, as a fool who has the power of a king and is a virgin, he will make for the perfect sacrifice. Written by Anthony Shaffer and directed by Robin Hardy, this is, FTP, what 1973 “Citizen Kane of horror films” starring Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee?

ANSWER: The Wicker Man

This man played Charlotte Rampling’s cuckolded husband, Judge Grayle, in 1975’s Farewell, My Lovely. Author of the unfilmed treatments Bo, about a hobo, for Robert Redford, as well as Lunatic at Large for Stanley Kubrick, for whom he co-scripted Paths of Glory and The Killing, he penned a novel centering on sheriff Nick Corey that was moved to colonial Africa as Coup de torchon. Walter Hill fought with him over screenplay credit for a 1972 film of his book about bank robbers Doc and Carol McCoy, while Donald E. Westlake adapted a well-known movie from his story dealing with con artists Lilly and Roy Dillon. FTP, name this writer of Pop. 1280 whose works have served as a fertile source for such classics as Sam Peckinpah’s The Getaway and Stephen Frears’ The Grifters.

ANSWER: Jim Thompson

This man played Pinder, an expert witness called in A Civil Action, and Robert Altman cast him in a role that referenced Jacques Tati. While a teenager, he spent three months in prison for stealing a credit card, an event detailed in his memoir Moab Is My Washpot. An early success with the Bram Stoker-inspired dramatic monologue “The Letter” was followed by appearances as Hutchison in A Fish Called Wanda, the stuffy James Moreland in I.Q., the Duke of Wellington – a part he had earlier essayed on TV – in Sabotage!, and Peter in Kenneth Branagh’s Peter’s Friends. He has a cameo as a chauffeur in the Evelyn Waugh adaptation Bright Young Things, which was also his directorial debut. Known for putting up with the antics of Alan Davies on QI and Hugh Laurie in Jeeves and Wooster, this is, FTP, what British polymath who portrayed the title character of Wilde?

ANSWER: Stephen Fry

This actress’ last role was a cameo as “Woman in Hotel Lobby” in I Woke Up Early the Day I Died, a movie based on a screenplay by the person who cast her in her most famous film. She was a hag in The Magic Sword and Etta Toodie in Sex Kittens Go to College, but she is better known for being portrayed by Lisa Marie in a 1994 biopic and for suing Cassandra Peterson. Her most memorable part saw the actor playing her husband die 2 days into production, at which point he was replaced by the director’s wife’s chiropractor, a much taller man who held a cape over his face. FTP, name this woman who silently starred as a zombie in Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space, a legendary horror-movie hostess and niece of the “Flying Finn.”

ANSWER: Maila Nurmi or Vampira

A reverend who debates the hero of this movie is played by the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Chariots of Fire, and David Warner appears uncredited as the village idiot. Based on the novel The Siege of Trencher’s Farm by Gordon Williams, it was titled after a passage from the Tao Te Ching. The protagonist is tricked into going on a hunting trip, and later states, “I will not allow violence against this house.” Banned on video in the UK for decades because of a scene possibly implying that a woman enjoys being gang-raped, it climaxes with a violent confrontation in which mathematician David Sumner brutally kills several home invaders. FTP, name this enormously controversial 1971 film starring Dustin Hoffman and directed by Sam Peckinpah.

ANSWER: Straw Dogs

This man’s most famous work begins with a quotation from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 94. He wrote that the title couple “thought and felt whatever their political commitment required them to think and to feel” in his controversial essay “The ‘Idealism’ of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg” and attacked Arthur Miller in “The Liberal Conscience in The Crucible.” One of his essays on cinema describes a “man of the city ... carrying his life in his hands like a placard” as a “tragic hero,” while another argues that the title “figure of repose” arises from society’s “refusal to acknowledge the value of violence.” FTP, name this cultural critic who analyzed “the gangster” and “the Westerner” and whose writings are collected in The Immediate Experience.

ANSWER: Robert Warshow

This man has an uncredited cameo as a corporate CEO who helps Paul Rusesabagina in Hotel Rwanda. He is the model for Jacques Blanc, one of the protagonists of the video game Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, and two different characters played by Harvey Keitel were inspired by his performance as Victor, “the cleaner.” In another role, he pilots a helicopter that chases the hero into the Chunnel. More famously, he faced an antagonist who asked for “everyone ... EVERYONE!!!” FTP, name this Morocco-born co-star of Mission: Impossible and The Da Vinci Code who worked with Luc Besson in La Femme Nikita and as the assassin Léon in The Professional.

ANSWER: Jean Reno

This director introduced movie audiences to Rod Steiger, in Teresa; Julie Harris, as a tomboy in The Member of the Wedding; Montgomery Clift, as a GI helping a Czech boy find his mother in The Search; Marlon Brando, as a paralyzed veteran in The Men; and Meryl Streep, as a society friend of Lillian Hellman in Julia. An Australian sheepdriving family is the focus of his The Sundowners, and he tracks a plot to kill Charles de Gaulle in The Day of the Jackal. His most famous films involve Robert E. Lee Prewitt’s resistance to boxing, Thomas More’s resistance to the Church of England, and Will Kane’s resistance against four gunfighters who have sworn to kill him. FTP, name this Austrian-born Oscar winner who helmed From Here to Eternity, A Man for All Seasons, and High Noon.

ANSWER: Fred Zinnemann

This man played an RAF officer named “Blenkinsop” in the thriller Eye of the Needle and an otorhinolaryngologist in Curse of the Pink Panther. 2003 saw him give four impressive performances, including a washed-up novelist in I Capture the Castle, a sly newspaper editor in State of Play, and a breakthrough role foreshadowed by his hilarious turn in 1998’s Still Crazy as the lead vocalist of Strange Fruit. He also reached #26 on the UK singles chart that year with “Christmas Is All Around,” paralleling the struggle of his character, Billy Mack. FTP, name this Underworld and Love Actually star – and noted non-science guy – now best known as Pirates of the Caribbean’s Davy Jones.

ANSWER: Bill Nighy

At the climax of this movie, one of the protagonist’s friends remembers that the geographical center of the United States is located in Kansas. Before that, several characters escape from mobster A.J. Arno by throwing paint. The adventures of Dexter and his pals at Medfield College were continued in the sequels Now You See Him, Now You Don’t and The Strongest Man in the World, but this installment is the one that should hold the most appeal for people playing in this tournament. FTP, name the 1969 Disney comedy in which a freak accident during a lightning storm enables Kurt Russell to lead his school’s quiz bowl team to victory.

ANSWER: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

This man directed films about real-life murderers John Christie, Albert DeSalvo, and Leopold & Loeb, and he won an Oscar for a documentary co-written by Theodore “Dr. Seuss” Geisel, Design for Death. Though responsible for bombs like Red Sonja, Che!, and Neil Diamond in The Jazz Singer, he helmed the classic noir thriller The Narrow Margin and made excellent use of split-screen in The Boston Strangler. His other movies include the antebellum interracial soap opera Mandingo and a futuristic mystery with a famous twist ending about the title foodstuff, Soylent Green. Submarines are the setting for his two best works; in one, a miniaturized medical crew enters the human body. FTP, name this Fantastic Voyage filmmaker who did 20000 Leagues Under the Sea for Walt Disney despite being the son of his chief rival, the animator that popularized Popeye and Betty Boop.

ANSWER: Richard Fleischer

This character fantasizes about asking a powerful man for “head” and having him comply to her demands “with a stroke.” Her benefactor wants to let someone else “have his chance with her” and commands several women to forcibly remove her clothes, and at one point she interrupts the two men she is with by saying, “How kind of you to let me come.” In another scene, she expresses a desire to “spread” part of her anatomy and do “a thousand things” that she’s “never done before.” FTP, name this woman who washes her face and hands before she comes and proclaims, “I’m a good girl, I am!”, a Cockney flower girl who gets an education in 1964’s My Fair Lady.

ANSWER: Eliza Doolittle (accept first or last name) (prompt on “My Fair Lady” before giveaway)

This was William Powell’s last film. Based on a Thomas Heggen novel, it was followed by a 1964 sequel starring Robert Walker, Jr. At the end, one character barges into Morton’s office and yells, “I just threw your stinkin’ palm tree overboard! Now what’s all this crud about no movie tonight?” after learning about a key figure’s death from a kamikaze attack. Mervyn LeRoy replaced John Ford as director partway through production, and the lead actor re-created his successful Broadway role as a man eager to get off of the USS Reluctant. Featuring James Cagney as a tyrannical captain and an Oscar-winning performance as Ensign Pulver by Jack Lemmon, this is, FTP, what 1955 comedy-drama starring Henry Fonda as the title naval officer?

ANSWER: Mister Roberts


In addition to narrating the UK version of this film, Esmond Knight can be seen in two other roles: the village idiot and a soldier from “Seven Sisters” who attends a historical slide show. Scenes shot especially for US audiences show Kim Hunter, who doesn’t otherwise appear in it, as the girlfriend of Bob Johnson. At the end, Alison discovers that her sweetheart is alive and well, Peter’s dream of playing a giant organ comes true, and Bob, an American GI portrayed by Sergeant John Sweet – a non-professional actor – gets Justice Colpeper to admit to being the “Glue Man” while making a “pilgrimage” to what is now a Starbucks (!) next to the famous cathedral in the namesake city. FTP, name this 1944 Powell and Pressburger movie with a title inspired by Chaucer.

ANSWER: A Canterbury Tale (do not accept anything that begins with “The” or ends in a plural)
One member of this family played TWA president Jack Frye in The Aviator and poetic outlaw Arthur Burns in The Proposition. Another portrayed Derek Bruttenholm in The List of Adrian Messenger and was Oscar-nominated for his only screenplay, The Dead. Yet another gave an Oscar-nominated performance in The Cardinal and starred in Orson Welles’ unfinished The Other Side of the Wind. A fourth earned Oscar nods as title characters in Dodsworth and The Devil and Daniel Webster, and a fifth won Best Supporting Actress as jealous mob mistress Maerose Prizzi. FTP, give this last name belonging to the man who won 2 Academy Awards while directing his father Walter to a third in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and who also oversaw an Oscar-winning turn by his daughter Anjelica.

ANS: Huston (accept “Danny Huston,” “Tony Huston,” “John Huston,” “Walter Huston,” or “Anjelica Huston”)

One character in this film asks, “Who did this room? Parker Brothers?” and an early challenge is solved by noting the presence of a bottle of Chanel No. 5. At the end, the villain replies, “I don’t have any gloves” when asked why there are puppets on his hands. Only the most eagle-eyed of viewers will spot the tell-tale clue: the crumpling up of a card that reads “Alcoholic.” Bette Midler’s “Friends” plays over the closing credits, which is ironic considering that viciously eccentric millionaire Clinton Green is murdered by one of the guests he invited for a party revolving around the hit-and-run death of his wife. Paying close attention to the title and a photo of the suspects will help you figure out “whodunit” in, FTP, what 1973 mystery scripted by Anthony Perkins and Stephen Sondheim?

ANSWER: The Last of Sheila

Alan Price portrayed this character in a 1975 film in which his back is cured after Claire tries to rape him and his marriage to Abby is forestalled by her death in a plane crash. In a more well-known movie, he is banned from seeing his son after Gilda marries a bus conductor, then learns that there are spots on his lungs, leading to a stay in a sanatorium during which he seduces a nurse played by Shirley Anne Field. He breaks up with Annie, played by Jane Asher, and is ultimately rejected by his married ex-flame Siddie after he finds Ruby in bed with a younger man. A one-night stand with his best friend’s wife leads to a cameo by Denholm Elliott as an abortionist. FTP, name this guy who wonders “What’s it all about?”, the Cockney playboy title figure of a 1966 Michael Caine vehicle.

ANSWER: Alfie Elkins (accept first or last name) (accept “Alfie Darling”)

This actress has portrayed a character who states that her pet turtle Hippo “wants to be a Lutheran” and another who cautions her friend against joining the “Ninth Street Club.” One film closes with her making reference to “the writer and the scientist,” while she is kidnapped by a schizophrenic at the end of 2004’s Keane. She said the famous line, “There’s a monster outside my room. Can I have a glass of water?” in her debut, and in her most memorable role she gets persuaded to eat ice cream, screams loudly after receiving a piece of news over the phone, and tops off the movie with an outrageous dance routine to “Superfreak.” FTP, name this young lady who appeared in Raising Helen, Nim’s Island, and Signs and received an Oscar nod as Olive Hoover in Little Miss Sunshine.

ANSWER: Abigail Breslin

Subtitled “Research Notes on Several Eisenstein Stills,” this work begins by examining an image from Ivan the Terrible. The title concept is described as “just short of the cutting edge” and its characteristic is “to blur the limit separating expression from disguise, but also to allow that oscillation succinct demonstration.” The author claims that it “makes the filmic possible” and extends “outside culture, knowledge, information.” Also called “a signifier without a signified” and “obtuse” rather than “obvious,” it is closely related to the “punctum” described by the same thinker in Camera Lucida. FTP, name this 1970 Roland Barthes essay about a level of discourse that exists beyond the “informational” and the “symbolic.”

ANSWER: “The Third Meaning

Richard Eyre directed this man’s screenplay in which an older woman played by Rosemary Harris seduces a young journalist played by Jonathan Pryce. Another film he wrote centers on Chen and Lily, an immigrant couple from Hong Kong who struggle to raise their young son in England before Chen gets drawn into the world of organized crime. Roger Ebert called a 1993 movie he is credited with scripting “a creepy, unpleasant experience” with a climax that is “unconvincing, contrived, meretricious, and manipulative,” adding that the filmmakers “apparently think there is a market for glib one-liners by child sadists.” He disavowed that work, in which young Mark Evans comes to realize that his cousin is evil. FTP, name this screenwriter of Sour Sweet, The Ploughman’s Lunch, and the Macaulay Culkin vehicle The Good Son who is better known for novels like Enduring Love and Atonement.

ANSWER: Ian McEwan

This man offers a woman two stolen dresses for $5 and then fools around with her. He says, “You never know, you might have to cook for 20 guys someday” while teaching another character how to make spaghetti and meatballs. His guns are bought by a guy whose flute-playing son would grow up to be the father of an Oscar-winning director, and he hires a kid named “Johnny Lips” to fix a truck; that kid later becomes “bigger than U.S. Steel,” as Hyman Roth. He shoots Stracci in an elevator and orders Rocco Lampone to whack Paulie Gatto, after which he delivers the famous line, “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” Portrayed by Bruno Kirby as a young adult and Richard S. Castellano in middle age, this is, FTP, what capo who, unlike Sal Tessio, is fully loyal to the Corleone family?

ANSWER: Peter Clemenza

The phrase “There’s always something more you can do” does appear in this movie, but, unlike in the source novel, it is not emphasized. Ann Sears is the only actress with a speaking role. For many years, its screenplay was officially credited to a man who did not know English. Inspired by real-life figure Philip Toosey, it begins with a hawk circling overhead and ends with a character saying, “What have I done?”, after which Major Clipton shouts, “It’s madness! Madness!” Featuring Kenneth Alford’s “Colonel Bogey March” and a spectacular train crash, this is, FTP, what 1957 WW2 drama starring Jack Hawkins, William Holden, and Alec Guinness, and directed by David Lean?

ANSWER: The Bridge on the River Kwai

This woman said, “I am no sex goddess, but I haven’t spent my life up on a tree” in a role as a dentist’s nurse who falls in love with him while pretending to be his wife. She cheated on her college-professor husband with Anthony Quinn in A Walk in the Spring Rain and was an English “foot inspector” who saves a hundred Chinese children in The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, in addition to making two versions of Intermezzo. Lady Henrietta Flusky in Under Capricorn was one of many parts she essayed for Alfred Hitchcock, and while she worked with her husband on Voyage to Italy and Stromboli, she was NOT related to the director of her last film, Autumn Sonata. Winner of Academy Awards as a murder suspect, a pretender to the Russian throne, and an opera singer whose husband is trying to drive her crazy, this is, FTP, what Swedish star of Cactus Flower, Anastasia, Gaslight, and Casablanca?

ANSWER: Ingrid Bergman


Shots of a waterfall in Sam Fuller’s Shock Corridor. Two Frankie Avalon musical numbers in Operation Bikini. A sequence in which a mute woman in scared to death in William Castle’s The Tingler. The death of the effeminate Vladimir in Sergei Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible, Part Two. The Basil Hallward-painted title portrait in Albert Lewin’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. A young girl in a red jacket who runs through the Jewish ghetto in Schindler’s List. FTP, what technique is used to highlight all of these things in films that are otherwise shot in black-and-white?

ANSWER: they are all in color (accept clear knowledge equivalents)
This actress, niece of the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of Craig’s Wife, made her feature debut as Mrs. Fuller in Fourteen Hours, thus narrowly missing being yet another Fred Zinnemann discovery. Her first Oscar nod came as a married lady attracted to a big game hunter in Mogambo, and she won Best Actress for playing the wife of an alcoholic actor-singer. In another role, she asks a man if he wants “a leg or a breast” and kisses him while fireworks go off in the background. She kills Swann with a pair of scissors in one movie, while in another she shoots a villain in the back despite being a Quaker. Her best film sees her sneak into Lars Thorvald’s apartment to find a wedding ring. FTP, name this woman who starred in High Society and then ended her career to marry the Prince of Monaco.

ANSWER: Grace Kelly

As a boy, this actor had a very close relationship with Benjamin Britten and created the role of Miles in the opera The Turn of the Screw. In one film, he plays a jazz musician who uses a pickax to break down a wall and doesn’t see his friend Carlo’s mother at a crime scene. He spent much of the ‘80s directing TV shows like Airwolf – on which he appeared as Dr. Moffett – and The A-Team, but he experienced a resurgence in the 2000s with parts like Gladiator’s freakishly-eyebrowed Colosseum announcer. His most famous performance sees him interrupted at a tense moment by two girls who want to have sex; later, he merges into a crowd outside a Yardbirds concert, and at the end he plays tennis with some mimes before vanishing entirely. FTP, name this British star of Deep Red and Blowup.

ANSWER: David Hemmings

A tribute to this composer at the Academy Awards featured Celine Dion singing “I Knew I Loved You,” based on one of his themes. Other pieces by him include “Chi Mai” from Le Professionnel, “Abolicao” from Burn!, “Unexpected Violence” from The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, and “Vita Nostra” from The Mission. Oscar-nominated 5 times for such films as Days of Heaven and Bugsy, he scored 6 movies for a former schoolmate, including Duck, You Sucker! Solo soprano Edda Dell’Orso and the singers of the Cantori Moderni are featured in much of his most famous work, including the Metallica-covered “The Ecstasy of Gold.” FTP, name this composer with almost 500 IMDb credits who is best known for collaborations with fellow Italian Sergio Leone.

ANSWER: Ennio Morricone

This actress debuted in the John Ford silent Cameo Kirby and played Calamity Jane in Cecil B. DeMille’s The Plainsman. Her last two film appearances were as a congresswoman in Billy Wilder’s A Foreign Affair and a rancher’s wife in George Stevens’ Shane; Stevens also directed her to her only Oscar nod, in The More the Merrier. She performs “The Peanut Vendor” and many other songs in Howard Hawks’ Only Angels Have Wings, but her most memorable roles were all for another filmmaker. In one, she is the most “normal” member of an eccentric millionaire’s family; in another, she is a reporter who says, “If that man’s crazy, Your Honor, the rest of us belong in straitjackets!”; in the third, she inspires the hero with a moving speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial. FTP, name this Frank Capra favorite who starred in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

ANSWER: Jean Arthur

Based on Marcel Achard’s play L’idiote, this film opens with the Henry Mancini song “Shadows of Paris.” The main character is arrested three times for not having a license. When questioned about why he knows something, he invariably replies, “It is my business to know that.” Director Bryan Forbes, billed as “Turk Thrust,” appears as a nudist in the most memorable scene, while Graham Stark, André Maranne, Burt Kwouk, and Herbert Lom all make their debuts in roles they would later reprise. Maria Gambrelli, played by Elke Sommer, appears to be guilty of murder, but the lovestruck protagonist sets out to clear her in, FTP, what 1964 farce that saw Peter Sellers’ second appearance as Inspector Jacques Clouseau, after The Pink Panther?

ANSWER: A Shot in the Dark

One of this director’s movies, in which Eugene Fullstack falls in love with the “Bat Girl,” is the acknowledged inspiration for Jacques Rivette’s Celine and Julie Go Boating. In addition to making the aforementioned Artists and Models, he sent lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners after the lead actor in two other films. Quoted as saying, “There’s nothing in the world to me that’s funnier than big breasts,” he proved it by casting Jane Russell as a well-endowed outlaw in a comedy Western that famously stuck Bob Hope and Trigger in bed together, Son of Paleface, and by giving Jayne Mansfield her two most memorable roles. FTP, name this former animator and mentor of Jerry Lewis who is remembered today for The Girl Can’t Help It and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

ANSWER: Frank Tashlin

After one character runs into a pole at the beginning of this movie, he hears a speech taken from David Goodis’ Nightfall, though the film itself is based on another Goodis novel, Down There. Momo talks about the joy of wearing his sister’s underwear, and there is a famous extreme close-up of a finger about to press a buzzer. After the protagonist learns that his wife slept with Lars Schmeel, she jumps out of a window and he goes to live with his low-life brothers Chico and Richard. He accidentally stabs Plyne during an argument, then finds out that Fido has been kidnapped, leading to a tragic shootout outside a cabin in the snow. In the end, he returns to the title musical profession. FTP, name this 1960 work starring Charles Aznavour, the second feature made by François Truffaut.

ANSWER: Shoot the Piano Player (or Tirez sur le pianiste)

This filmmaker collaborated with four historians on the 2003 book Who Murdered Chaucer? One of his movies was based on the real-life experiences of Cynthia Payne and starred Julie Walters as a brothel owner; another featured Tim Robbins as a Viking who wants to set aside his warlike ways. He also directed himself as Toad in a 1996 live-action version of The Wind in the Willows and authored the screenplay for the Jim Henson fantasy Labyrinth. In his most famous solo directorial work, he appears as a character who calls the title individual “a very naughty boy”; that character, Mandy Cohen, is the protagonist’s mother. Also memorable as Mr. Creosote, the morbidly obese vomiter in Meaning of Life, this is, FTP, what Oxford-educated Monty Python alumnus who helmed Life of Brian?

ANSWER: Terry Jones

Shortly before he died, this man played Dr. Stockmann in a 1978 film of An Enemy of the People. He starred as a rebellious soldier who ultimately sacrifices his life in Hell Is for Heroes and inspired a George Lucas character as Nevada Smith. Peter Lorre almost took his thumb in a wager in a Roald Dahl-scripted episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, while he had no better luck gambling as The Cincinnati Kid. His only Oscar nod came as a naval engineer aboard a gunboat in The Sand Pebbles, and his first prominent part was as a teenager who faces off against an all-consuming alien life-form in The Blob. FTP, name this actor who also had title roles as a convict in Papillon, a thief in The Thomas Crown Affair, and a cop in Bullitt, and who someday will jump that fence in The Great Escape!

ANSWER: Steve McQueen

This critic wrote of the Going My Way sequel The Bells of St. Mary’s, “Ingrid Bergman replaces Barry Fitzgerald and, for my money, cannot compete with him in sex appeal.” He called Olivier’s Henry V one of cinema’s “rare great works of art” and famously used “haunting, handsome, almost beautiful, yet ... irreducibly funny” to describe Buster Keaton’s “Great Stone Face.” Jeffrey Couchman’s article “Credit Where Credit Is Due” vindicated him by showing that he had in fact penned a coherent screenplay for The Night of the Hunter, while Peter Viertel’s book White Hunter, Black Heart deals with a rewrite of his Oscar-nominated script for The African Queen. FTP, name this acclaimed reviewer for Time and The Nation who won a posthumous Pulitzer Prize for A Death in the Family.

ANSWER: James Agee

This woman played Lola, one of Timothy Dalton’s girlfriends, in the 1992 British telefilm Framed; other roles include a devoted fan who sneaks into John Lennon’s hotel room in Love Can Be Hazardous to Your Health and a WW2-era actress with whom Josef Goebbels falls in love in The Girl of Your Dreams. Recipient of an Oscar nod as a lady whose husband is stabbed to death by her 14-year-old daughter, she was the obsessively religious Pagan Lace in Masked & Anonymous, the protagonist’s prostitute mother in Live Flesh, and George Jung’s bitchy ex-wife in Blow. She attracted the attention of rumormongers by appearing in a 2008 music video alongside Mía Maestro and her own sister Monica; gossip also sprang up around her relationship with her Bandidas co-star, Salma Hayek, and her performance in a Woody Allen film. FTP, name this Spanish star of Volver and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

ANSWER: Penélope Cruz

This man’s first feature, The Falls, is a 92-part mockumentary about the world after a “Violent Unexpected Event” and contains an early mention of his recurring character Tulse Luper. One of his most recent movies cast The Office’s Martin Freeman as Rembrandt, and a controversy over Étienne-Louis Boullée is at the center of his The Belly of an Architect. “Bees in the Trees” and “Dawn Card Castles” are among the games Smut describes in a film by him containing the numbers from 1 to 100 in sequence that shows three women named Cissie Colpitts murdering their husbands, Drowning by Numbers, while John Gielgud performs nearly all of The Tempest in his Prospero’s Books. Known for visual spectacle and copious use of nudity, this is, FTP, what British director of The Pillow Book, whose most notorious work sees crime lord Albert Spica take revenge on his wife, her lover, and a cook?

ANSWER: Peter Greenaway

This woman played a femme fatale who takes a tumble out of a window in the noir Dark Passage. Douglas Sirk cast her alongside Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson in All That Heaven Allows and Magnificent Obsession, while her four Oscar-nominated roles include a baroness in Mrs. Parkington, the aunt of a deaf-mute girl in Johnny Belinda, and a sinister housekeeper in Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte. She describes the title character as the product of “an unfortunate union which we in the family prefer to forget” in Jane Eyre, the fourth film she made with members of the Mercury Theatre. FTP, name this portrayer of the protagonists’ aunt and mother, respectively, in Orson Welles’ The Magnificent Ambersons and Citizen Kane, whom you may know better as Bewitched’s Endora.

ANSWER: Agnes Moorehead

A photojournalist in this film is played by the man who would later make the Oscar-nominated documentary Winged Migration. One protagonist almost never takes off his sunglasses, even indoors, and Marcel Bozzuffi and Renato Salvatori appear as Vago and Yago. At the end, a door is deliberately locked so that several indictees can be paraded in front of the press. Beginning with a disclaimer stating that any resemblance to actual persons or events is “DELIBERATE,” it features a score that was smuggled out while composer Mikis Theodorakis was under house arrest in the country where it is set. Based on real events surrounding the assassination of Gregoris Lambrakis, this is, FTP, what 1969 Franco-Algerian political thriller directed by Costa-Gavras?

ANSWER: Z (reluctantly accept the pronunciation “zed”)

Leo McKern can be seen guest-starring on this program during a brief shot in The Matrix. David Tomblin, who directed several episodes, inserted a bust with a concealed camera and whirring eye-lights into The Adventures of Baron Munchausen as a deliberate homage. The plot of Cast Away may have been inspired by the episode “Many Happy Returns,” and a red-and-white awning visible in The Truman Show is another tribute. Some have claimed that the Architect’s mention of five predecessors to Neo in The Matrix Reloaded references this show, while others argue that its star’s use of “Do svidaniya!” in Ice Station Zebra is a translation of his catchphrase, “Be seeing you!” FTP, name this cult ‘60s spy-fi series in which Patrick McGoohan played Number Six.

ANSWER: The Prisoner

One character in this film is the son of a Roman Catholic and an Orthodox Jew who separated two hours after marriage. Another states that a room is filled with “empty people” and is scolded, “Say your goddamn pronouns!” Dick notes that Jamesir Bensonmum is blind, to which Dora replies, “Don’t let him park the car,” and Miss Withers is told, “We’re going to have a lovely murderpoo.” At the end, the deaf maid Yetta turns out to be Rita, or, since she has ten fingers and no pinkies, perhaps she’s been Lionel Twain all along. Starring Truman Capote, Maggie Smith, Alec Guinness, David Niven, Peter Falk, Peter Sellers, and many others, this is, FTP, what 1976 Neil Simon-scripted spoof in which the world’s greatest detectives gather to solve an unsolvable mystery?

ANSWER: Murder By Death

Toward the end of the film in which he appears, this character says, “Rotten kids! You work your life out ...” He criticizes others for listening to “fairy tales” and is willing to bet $5,000 that he would remember what movies he saw. He asks, “What is this? Love Your Underprivileged Brother Week or something?”, and, after admitting that he’d like to “pull the switch,” is called a “sadist.” He then threatens to kill the man who called him that, thus fatally undermining his argument. At the end, he rips up a photograph of his son and votes “not guilty” like all the rest. FTP, name this recalcitrant juror portrayed by Lee J. Cobb in the classic 1957 drama 12 Angry Men.

ANSWER: Juror #3

This man dubbed the lead character, Kim, in the English-language version of the Korean high-school martial-arts flick Volcano High. He says that, “The greatest con [ego] ever pulled was making you believe that he is you” as Avi in Guy Ritchie’s Revolver. After his screen debut in Hollywood Homicide, he played the owner of a comic book store on an episode of The Shield and performed the songs “Chronomentrophobia,” “She Lives in My Lap,” and “PJ & Rooster” in another movie. Also memorable as the guy who says “Don’t give me no gun!” in Be Cool, the voice of Elwyn the Crow in Charlotte’s Web, and one of the titular Four Brothers who seek revenge after their foster mother is killed, this is, FTP, what actor who starred as Percival in Idlewild, opposite his OutKast cohort Big Boi?

ANSWER: André Benjamin (prompt on “André” or “André 3000”)

This man played a writer consulted during an investigation in Maximilian Schell’s 1975 film End of the Game, which was based on his own novel and starred Martin Ritt as a detective whose assistant frames a master criminal for murder. One of his plays inspired not only a 1964 movie starring Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Quinn but also Djibril Diop Mambéty’s 1992 Wolof classic Hyenas and the 1988 telefilm Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis. He scripted 1958’s It Happened in Broad Daylight, in which Heinz Rühmann plays an obsessed policeman who uses a young girl as bait to catch a killer, but, dissatisfied with the ending, he then adapted it into a more pessimistic novel that became the basis for a 2001 drama directed by Sean Penn and starring Jack Nicholson. FTP, name this Swiss author of The Judge and His Hangman, The Pledge, and The Visit.

ANSWER: Friedrich Dürrenmatt

This movie was the film debut of both Carla Gugino and Tori Spelling, and the protagonist’s daughter is played by future Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny Lewis. One character’s father is a dictator named “Bong Bong.” The heroine is married to the “Muffler Man,” and in one scene she looks at an enormous pile of shoes and says, “This one ... and this one ... out. I’ll take the rest!” Despite opposition from Velda Plendor, she camps out in a hotel and tells a chilling story about a visit to Cristophe’s salon that climaxes with the line, “He PERMED me!!” Phyllis Nefler leads some Wilderness Girls in, FTP, what 1989 comedy starring Shelley Long?

ANSWER: Troop Beverly Hills

This work’s final image is of a man lying flat on his back in bed and singing “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life.” The protagonist considers writing about a banana, but then gets distracted by a woman dropping off a costume, the girls at Miss Cecily’s party, and a creepy knife-man named Woland. In the end, he feels remorse over killing a cockroach and states, “I never knew I had so many friends!” Thus, the title character not only gets inspiration for his story, but learns the true meaning of Christmas. Written and directed by Peter Capaldi and starring Richard E. Grant, this is, FTP, what Oscar-winning 1993 mash-up of a Frank Capra film and the life of the author of “The Metamorphosis”?

ANSWER: Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life

In one of this director’s movies, a teenager shoots a documentary about rich white kids who tragically attempt to ape the “gangsta” lifestyle, and Anne Hathaway appears topless. Niece of a co-author of the play that became Casablanca, she more recently filmed a student production of High School Musical for the Disney Channel. The “Winterfilm Collective” was formed by her and 18 others for a work about Vietnam Veterans Against the War, while Woody Allen’s jazz band is the subject of her Wild Man Blues. Winner of an Oscar for 1990’s American Dream, which spotlighted Hormel Foods, she profiled the Dixie Chicks controversy in Shut Up & Sing and is most famous for documenting a Kentucky miners’ strike. FTP, name this maker of Havoc and Harlan County U.S.A.

ANSWER: Barbara Kopple

This man directed Merchant/Ivory’s film of The Ballad of the Sad Cafe. The author of highly respected biographies of Charles Laughton and Orson Welles, he has played Charles Dickens several times, including on Dr. Who. His movie debut came as Mozart’s friend Schikaneder in Amadeus; other roles include a consul with urine-stained pants in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, a reverend who praises the heroine’s piano playing and watches as naked young men cavort in water in A Room with a View, and the Master of Revels, who accuses a woman of being a woman, in Shakespeare in Love. FTP, name this respected British actor who may be best remembered as Gareth, the gay friend whose death brings all of the characters together, in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

ANSWER: Simon Callow

One character in this movie is told to “squeeze,” an action compared to milking a goat. Another tells stories with the ironic punch lines “So far, so good” and “It seemed to be a good idea at the time.” An old man states that “bullets cost money,” and the villain philosophizes, “If God did not want them sheared, He would not have made them sheep.” At the end, Chico stays with a girl while Chris and Vin ride off into the sunset. Brad Dexter and Horst Buchholz are among the group who face off against Calvera at the behest of villagers in, FTP, what 1960 John Sturges Western starring Robert Vaughn, Steve McQueen, and Yul Brynner, a remake of a Kurosawa classic?

ANSWER: The Magnificent Seven

This film begins with Khanna signaling a car to run over Asha’s uncle, after which he is shot and the title spirals out of his lifeless eye. Mahmood plays a butler who sings about his dreams after he is rejected by Miss Kitty. Seven people win a vacation in a contest, but after their airplane makes an emergency landing, they end up trapped on an isolated island. The plot is a blatant rip-off of Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians – though these aren’t the kind of Indians she meant – but more famously, a band identified as “Ted Lyons and His Cubs” plays an upbeat song while several dancers wear masks resembling those of Robin on the Batman TV series. The swinging number “Jaan Pehechan Ho,” seen at the beginning of Ghost World, originates in, FTP, what 1965 Bollywood thriller?

ANSWER: Gumnaam

The protagonists of this film notice that a woman playing the cello in a restaurant is also the organist at a movie theater. At one point, a trailer announces, “Flames of Passion coming shortly!” Dolly Messiter’s chattering prevents the main characters from telling each other goodbye, and in the final scene Fred says, “Thank you for coming back to me.” Eileen Joyce’s recording of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 is prominently featured on the soundtrack. Laura first meets Alec when she gets a cinder in her eye, and at the end she considers throwing herself in front of a train. Based on Noel Coward’s Still Life, this is, FTP, what classic romantic drama starring Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson as unconsummated lovers, a 1945 work of David Lean?

ANSWER: Brief Encounter

This movie’s subtitle, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” was removed in the US for copyright reasons. The protagonist agrees to find out about “beans” from a mysterious Arab, only to discover that “Rasheed” is actually Dr. Mendelo al-Hedia, the creator of the film’s MacGuffin. The villain is aided by hacker Lee Sampson and tracked by his ex-lover Electra Ovilo, to whom he transferred a vaccine for the deadly virus that he threatens to release on Mars. A 300 million woolong bounty is offered for the capture of Vincent Volaju, which sets Faye, Spike, and Jet Black after him in, FTP, what 2001 Shinichirô Watanabe feature spun off from a popular Japanimation series?

ANSWER: Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (or Kaubôi bibappu: Tengoku no tobira or Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door)

This woman’s appearances in 1943’s Hostages and the 1997 Dostoyevsky adaptation The Gambler were her only film credits after 1938, though she also guest-starred on a 1984 episode of The Love Boat. She made her American debut opposite William Powell in 1935’s Escapade and won her most famous part despite a sustained campaign by Anna May Wong. In one role, she has a telephone conversation congratulating the title character, played by Walter Pidgeon, on his marriage to Billie Burke; in another, she finds a bag of pearls, but is passed over by her husband in favor of Lotus and finally dies after a locust swarm. FTP, name this German actress whose performances as Anna Held in The Great Ziegfeld and O-Lan in The Good Earth netted her back-to-back Oscars.

ANSWER: Luise Rainer

This man’s performance in Q Planes inspired the character of John Steed in The Avengers, and he was hilarious as a boring eccentric in The Wrong Box. In a film based on Graham Greene’s “The Basement Room,” he played a butler suspected of killing his wife, while in a 1962 adaptation of a famous stage play he portrayed a retired actor who asks, “What the hell was it I wanted to buy?” In another movie, he is God, and when a young boy asks him about death, he responds, “Ah, I think it’s something to do with free will.” He won several awards for starring in David Lean’s The Sound Barrier and was Uncle Alex in Lean’s Dr. Zhivago, while his two Oscar nominations came as Olivia de Havilland’s tyrannical father in The Heiress and the Sixth Earl of Greystoke in a Tarzan epic. FTP, name this third member of the 20th century’s trinity of British thespians, alongside Olivier and Gielgud.

ANSWER: Sir Ralph Richardson

This man’s screen debut was as a teenage rocket scientist in the film of Evelyn Waugh’s The Loved One. He spoofed Elisha Cook in The Cheap Detective and voiced The Penguin in Batman: The Animated Series, while his recent role as “Lord Harmony” in The Princess Diaries 2 referenced his other, more famous career. He played a sinister music producer who strikes a Faustian bargain with Winslow Leach in Phantom of the Paradise, for which he also penned several original songs. His two most famous movie tunes speak of “Love, soft as an easy chair” and “The lovers, the dreamers, and me.” FTP, name this portrayer of Little Enos in the Smokey and the Bandit series who wrote “The Rainbow Connection” for The Muppet Movie and composed with Barbra Streisand the Oscar-winning “Evergreen.”

ANSWER: Paul Williams

John Lynch appears in this movie as Paul Hill, a real-life figure who is married to Robert Kennedy’s daughter Courtney. At the climax, a photograph of an old bum named Charlie Burke is held up as proof of misconduct. In one affecting scene, lit pieces of paper are thrown into a courtyard to show solidarity after the death of Giuseppe. Detective Pavis browbeats a confession from the main character, leading to the imprisonment of the Guildford Four and the Maguire Seven. Emma Thompson and Pete Postlethwaite earned Oscar nominations for acting in, FTP, what 1993 drama based on Gerry Conlon’s autobiographical book Proved Innocent, a Jim Sheridan film starring Daniel Day-Lewis as a man wrongfully accused of being an IRA terrorist?

ANSWER: In the Name of the Father

One character in this movie is an arsonist played by Thayer David who meets his clients in a porno theater. In the last scene, the protagonist attempts to join a Little League game and is told, “You can’t play with us, mister!” After Fred Mirrell has a heart attack while with a prostitute, Harry Stoner is overcome by war flashbacks during a fashion show and falls into the arms of a young hitchhiker who knows nothing about his generation. Jack Gilford was Oscar-nominated as a fellow clothing executive who joins Harry in a plot to burn down their warehouse for insurance money. FTP, name this 1973 John G. Avildsen film that won the Best Actor Academy Award for Jack Lemmon.

ANSWER: Save the Tiger

This actor portrayed an FBI agent who states, “Tell them we’re going back to the tick-tock to get the boo-boo” in Baby’s Day Out. He reveals that Scott Pritchard is gay as the CIA director in one film, while in another he threatens to have the main character demoted to “busting counterfeiters in Alaska.” His screen debut came as a lawyer helping the title whistle-blower in Marie – a part for which he was uniquely qualified – and, aside from those No Way Out and In the Line of Fire roles, other authority figures on his CV include the Chief of Airport Operations in Die Hard 2, an admiral in The Hunt for Red October, and, ironically, a senator in Born Yesterday. FTP, name this man who stopped playing Arthur Branch on Law & Order in order to concentrate on his 2008 run for the presidency.

ANSWER: Fred Dalton Thompson

A novel by John Pearson states that this woman married a doctor named Wilder and moved to Philadelphia. In the book in which she first appears, she is described as having read the encyclopedia from A to the middle of T, and a broken nose is said to be her only imperfection. In a movie, after learning that she once killed a man by placing a black widow spider in his mosquito netting, the hero suggests that she not make this a habit. First seen singing “Under the Mango Tree” and carrying a dagger and two seashells while wearing a white bikini, this is, FTP, what Ursula Andress-portrayed beauty who emerges like Venus from the sea in the first James Bond film, Dr. No?

ANSWER: Honeychile Ryder (accept first or last name)

In one film, this actor tells an attractive woman, “I knew girls like you in high school,” to which she responds, “Yeah? Did they do THIS?” His dying words in another role are, “Kill them, Machine ... kill them all.” Known as a porn star who fixes the “cobble,” an electrician named Slippery Pete who refers to an outlet as “holes,” and a cosmonaut who saves the day while yelling, “THIS is how we fix problem in Russian space station!”, he was also quite memorable as a man who insists on stopping for pancakes and declares, “I need unguent.” FTP, name this Ingmar Bergman favorite who played Dino Velvet in 8MM, Dieter Stark in The Lost World, Dr. Solomon Eddie in Minority Report, Karl Hungus in The Big Lebowski, and woodchipper-using Gaear Grimsrud in Fargo.

ANSWER: Peter Stormare

The opening bars of this song are plagiarized from the chauffeur Norman. When it is performed at Exit In by Tom Frank, the dedication to “someone kinda special who just might be here tonight” leads Opal, Linnea, and LA Joan to all believe that it is meant for them. The lyrics “It’s not my way to love you just when no one’s looking” and “Don’t lead me on if there’s nowhere for you to take me” are especially ironic given that the singer is a cruel womanizer. Keith Carradine begs, “Give the word and I’ll play your game, so that’s how it ought to be” in, FTP, what Oscar-winning ballad from the 1975 Robert Altman movie Nashville, whose title phrase was also sung by Willie Nelson in drawing a comparison to Sunday morning?

ANSWER: “I’m Easy

Thomas Ince’s production of The Typhoon made this University of Chicago dropout a star. He formed his own Hollywood production company, Haworth – which earned $2 million a year – and cast Marin Sais opposite himself in such films as The City of Dim Faces and Bonds of Honor. He portrayed an artist who thinks that his wife is a mythical beast in The Dragon Painter and became a sex symbol with the role of Hishuru, who declares Edith Hardy to be his property after branding her. Remembered today for an Oscar-nominated performance in which he uses a copy of the Geneva Convention to slap Nicholson across the face, this is, FTP, what leading man of Cecil B. DeMille’s The Cheat, a Japanese onetime matinée idol who played Colonel Saito in The Bridge on the River Kwai?

ANSWER: Sessue Hayakawa

This character’s last film saw him thwart a plan to use beautiful female robots to sabotage a supersonic airliner, in 1969’s Some Girls Do. Richard Johnson played him in both that work and its prequel, Deadlier than the Male, in which he is outwitted by the sexy female assassins Irma Eckman and Penelope. The first movie about him was a 1923 silent starring Carlyle Blackwell, and he has also been portrayed onscreen by, among others, Ralph Richardson, Ray Milland, Walter Pidgeon, and 7 times by John Howard. A 1929 classic cast Joan Bennett as his girlfriend Phyllis, Montagu Love as his nemesis Carl Peterson, and Claude Allister as his sidekick Algy Longworth. Ronald Colman got an Oscar nod for a definitive turn as, FTP, what Sapper-created adventurer?

ANSWER: Hugh “BulldogDrummond (accept either underlined name)

In one film, this actress twirls around in imaginary snow accompanied by the song “Blinded by the Light.” In another, her debut, she freaks out about a bat in her cabin. She played the wife of a director targeted by HUAC in Guilty By Suspicion and has an All About Eve-type relationship with Avice in a movie based on a W. Somerset Maugham novel. Two of her onscreen romantic partners have been Las Vegas property developers: one is vaporized by Martians, while the other names the Flamingo for her. In yet another role, she has an affair with Buddy Kane, the “Real Estate King.” Oscar-nominated as Myra Langtry in The Grifters, this is, FTP, what co-star of The Great Outdoors, Mars Attacks!, Running with Scissors, and Being Julia who portrayed potential First Lady Sydney Ellen Wade in The American President and appeared in Love Affair and Bugsy opposite her husband, Warren Beatty?

ANSWER: Annette Bening


The actor behind Boba Fett appears in this movie as a sandwich-board man the protagonist meets at a low point in his life, while the portrayer of My Fair Lady’s Mrs. Pearce plays a dominatrix (!) and Christine Noonan reprises her role from the prequel. Arthur Lowe dons blackface as an African dictator, and an old guy who advises the hero, “Try not to die like a dog” is one of Ralph Richardson’s two parts. Musician Alan Price performs several numbers commenting on the action, and the main character ends up bedding one of Price’s groupies, played by Helen Mirren. Eventually Mick Travis goes to audition for a film with the same title as the one he is in and meets director Lindsay Anderson – who slaps him across the face. FTP, name this surreal 1973 British satire that serves as a sequel to If....

ANSWER: O Lucky Man!
This woman played a children’s book author accused of subverting the government in Radha Bharadwaj’s two-actor film Closet Land. She was Anthony Quinn’s Mexican trophy wife in Revenge and a once-blind musician stalked by a killer in Michael Apted’s Blink. Her Blink co-star was also her criminal ex-boyfriend in a popular 1987 action-comedy that cast her as half-Latina waitress Maria Maguire. James Stewart’s blonde love interest in Vertigo shares her first name, and one of her most famous roles sees her don a blonde wig and kiss a character named James in a Hitchcock homage. In another movie, she is told, “Stay alive! No matter what occurs, I will find you.” FTP, name this Stakeout actress known as Cora Munro in The Last of the Mohicans and Kathryn Railly in Twelve Monkeys.

ANSWER: Madeleine Stowe

This man’s last film performance was as King Herod in The Greatest Story Ever Told, and his first starring part was every thespian’s dream: the lead in The Invisible Man. He also played title roles in Mr. Skeffington, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, and 1943’s Phantom of the Opera, as well as Dryden in Lawrence of Arabia and Prince John in The Adventures of Robin Hood. One movie ends with him attempting suicide before confessing that he is a pawn of James Taylor, while in another Devlin and Alicia lock him out and leave him to be killed. Most famously, he is shocked – shocked! – to find out about gambling, and at the end he rounds up the usual suspects and is told, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” FTP, name this distinguished character actor known as Alexander Sebastian in Notorious, Senator Paine in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Louis Renault in Casablanca.

ANSWER: Claude Rains

This film inspired the hairstyle of the lead character in The Legend of Billie Jean. Antonin Artaud can be seen in it as a bailiff, and Richard Einhorn’s oratorio Voices of Light was composed as an homage. The star, who had previously appeared in La Comtesse de Somerive, never made another movie; Pauline Kael described her as giving what “may be the finest performance ever recorded on film.” Thought lost for decades, it was discovered in 1981 in a closet at a Norwegian insane asylum. Shot almost entirely in close-ups and featuring Michel Simon as Brother Jean Lemaître, this is, FTP, what 1928 Carl Thedor Dreyer-directed silent classic with Falconetti as the title martyr?

ANSWER: The Passion of Joan of Arc (or La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc) (do not prompt on “Joan of Arc”)

This character waves goodbye to Jos Jones after he jeopardizes Sarah’s future by taking his clothes off in front of a social worker. She envies her bitchy roommate, played by Charlotte Rampling. A song about her earned Jim Dale an Oscar nod for lyrics like “Who needs a perfect lover when you’re a mother at heart?” and “Though he’s not a dream come true, at least he’s a millionaire,” referencing her loveless marriage to a man played by James Mason. A less cynical version of that song was a #2 US hit for The Seekers and asked, “Why do all the boys just pass you by? Could it be you just don’t try, or is it the clothes you wear?” FTP, name this title heroine of a 1966 Silvio Narizzano comedy-drama whose portrayal earned an Academy Award nomination for Lynn Redgrave.

ANSWER: Georgy or Georgina or Georgy Girl

One character portrayed by this man earns a date with Meredith by using the phrase “pre-emptive strike against litigation” but threatens to jump overboard after she describes him as a “nice guy.” Another film sees him as a teacher who tells his students “This will be over quite quickly” before throwing one of them across the room. He insists that his fiancée be referred to as “Dr. Big Boobs McGee” in one role, and in another he defines an acronym as standing for “Liberate Apes Before Imprisoning Apes.” Perhaps his most treasured performance is as Marion Stokes, the slimy TV executive who betrays Rainbow Randolph. FTP, name this co-star of Playing By Heart, The Faculty, and Death to Smoochy who is better known for hosting the Oscars and The Daily Show.

ANSWER: Jon Stewart

On an episode of Happy Days, Fonzie draws parallels between this film’s protagonist and a character played by guest star Tom Hanks. A future Bond girl appears as the younger version of her more famous sister. Scripted by New York Times movie critic Frank Nugent, it was the source of the shot in Star Wars where Luke discovers that his aunt and uncle have been killed, and its opening and closing images are nearly identical: both show a man standing in a doorway. Ethan shoots the eyes out of a corpse, condemning the spirit to “wander forever between the winds,” but in the end he cannot bring himself to kill his niece Debbie even though she has lived with the Native Americans he despises. FTP, name this 1956 John Ford Western starring Natalie Wood and John Wayne.

ANSWER: The Searchers

This woman co-wrote a movie in which Sally Kelton is impregnated by good-for-nothing musician Steve Ryan, Not Wanted, and worked with much of the same cast – including her sister Rita – on a drama released that same year about a dancer struck with polio, Never Fear. Her last directorial effort starred Hayley Mills as a mischievous girl in Catholic school, while in her quite different Outrage, Mala Powers played a rape victim. Her most famous film, inspired by the true story of Billy Cook, featured Perry Mason’s TV foil William Talman as a psychopathic serial killer who kidnaps two men while they are on a fishing trip. FTP, name this noted Hollywood actress who helmed The Trouble with Angels and what one critic called the “only true noir directed by a woman,” The Hitch-Hiker.

ANSWER: Ida Lupino

This director’s first feature was a Joseph Conrad adaptation produced by David Puttnam, The Duellists. Among the films he’s produced are Monkey Trouble, The Browning Version, and HBO’s The Gathering Storm. A New York cop falls in love with a murder witness in his Someone to Watch Over Me, while two others take on the yakuza in his Black Rain; in 2007, he returned to Big Apple law enforcement with the story of Detective Richie Roberts. Other of his movies feature Ray Liotta as a man fed his own brain, Gérard Depardieu as Christopher Columbus, Russell Crowe as an oenophile, Brad Pitt as a duplicitous hitchhiker, and Demi Moore as a Navy SEAL. FTP, name this Matchstick Men filmmaker with Oscar nominations for Thelma and Louise, Black Hawk Down, and Gladiator.

ANSWER: Ridley Scott (prompt on “Scott”)

This man was first portrayed onscreen by Austin Trevor in 1931’s Alibi; Trevor also had a small role in a 1965 Frank Tashlin comedy that cast Tony Randall as him. Another version of this character, played by Hugh Laurie, is bewitched by Emma Bunton’s cute smile in a fantasy sequence from 1997’s Spice World. In a 1982 film, a joke about how Giuseppe Verdi means “Joe Green” allows him to figure out Patrick Redfern’s identity. Albert Finney got an Oscar nomination as him in a 1974 Sidney Lumet movie, and Neil Simon spoofs him in Murder By Death by having Milo Perrier exclaim, “I’m not a Frenchie, I’m a Belgie!” FTP, name this fictional detective incarnated by Peter Ustinov in Evil Under the Sun and Death on the Nile, a creation of Agatha Christie.

ANSWER: Hercule Poirot (accept first or last name)

A real-life winner of the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service in the US Army Air Force during WW2, this man’s last role was in the 1964 Disney adventure A Tiger Walks. In one movie, he is about to thrash Jean Simmons, but instead decides to marry her. A perfume imported by his character in that film supplies its title, Black Narcissus. The monkey in Disney’s Aladdin took its name from this actor’s part in Alexander Korda’s super-production The Thief of Baghdad, and he also played Mowgli in Zoltán Korda’s Jungle Book and the title figure in another Kipling adaptation, Robert Flaherty’s Elephant Boy. FTP, when Maxwell Smart heard that KAOS had taken the “Star of India,” he thought that they had kidnapped whom, the first South Asian Hollywood star?

ANSWER: Sabu Dastagir

In one early film, this man stated, “Generals without armies are naked indeed,” while in another he says, “Your crimes are so many I scarcely know where to begin” – to Jesus! He first gained attention as a neatness-distrusting character who compares truth to “a mouthful of worms” and possibly hints at homosexuality by referring to his “women’s intuition.” After a long fallow period in the ‘70s and ‘80s reduced him to a villain in The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island – which, like Space: 1999, cast him opposite his wife, Barbara Bain – he came back with 3 Oscar nods in the ‘90s for roles as an automaker’s financier, an eye doctor who arranges his mistress’ murder, and a cult actor who labels Boris Karloff a “limey cocksucker.” FTP, name this Cleopatra, Tucker, North by Northwest, and Crimes and Misdemeanors co-star whose Academy Award came as Béla Lugosi in Ed Wood.

ANSWER: Martin Landau

This actress’ role as Josie in I’ll Never Forget What’s’isname made her the first person to say the f-word in a mainstream film. She starred in a movie called Ghost Story and narrated a 1994 version of The Turn of the Screw, in addition to portraying Lilith in Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising and appearing as God on Absolutely Fabulous. More prominently, Sofia Coppola recently cast her as Maria-Theresa, the title character’s mother, in Marie Antoinette, and she was Ophelia opposite Nicol Williamson in Tony Richardson’s Hamlet. FTP, name this woman best known for a music career that includes the hit “As Tears Go By” and for an urban legend involving a Mars bar and Mick Jagger.

ANSWER: Marianne Faithfull

This man played the title character in the horror flick The Return of Doctor X and a sympathetic stablehand who comforts the dying heroine in Dark Victory, as well as a has-been movie director in The Barefoot Contessa. A 1955 television production saw him reprise his breakthrough role as Duke Mantee, and his last film was the 1956 boxing exposé The Harder They Fall. In the 1950s, he romanced first Katharine and then Audrey Hepburn onscreen – definitely a step up – and won an Oscar for the former. FTP, name this portrayer of charismatic hoods in The Desperate Hours, The Petrified Forest, and High Sierra who was paranoid about the thefts of strawberries in The Caine Mutiny and gold in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

ANSWER: Humphrey Bogart

One character in this movie is working on a manuscript that mentions “the continuous mysterious, maddening flight of the nurse over the cradles,” and he also teaches his daughters how to differentiate poisonous and edible mushrooms. The protagonist’s sister tries to strangle a cat, and in one memorable scene several children jump over a fire. At the end, a young girl creepily repeats the phrase, “It’s me, Ana.” Earlier, the sight of her father’s watch caused her to realize that the fugitive she was sheltering had been killed, and she runs into the woods, where she has a vision of Frankenstein’s monster. The vivid imagination of Ana, the child of an apiologist, is a metaphor for survival under the Franco regime in, FTP, what 1973 classic of Spanish cinema, the first film of Victor Erice?

ANSWER: The Spirit of the Beehive (or El Espíritu de la colmena)

This woman, who – in real life – broke up Diana Rigg’s marriage, played the younger version of her mother’s character in David Hare’s Wetherby and appeared as the third of the murderous Cissie Colpitts in Peter Greenaway’s Drowning By Numbers. She was the Finnish Princess Anna in King Ralph and joined Melanie Griffith as a spy in Nazi Germany in the awful Shining Through. Hugh Laurie strove to get her pregnant in Ben Elton’s directorial debut, Maybe Baby, and she comforted Mel Gibson with, “You have done nothing for which you should be ashamed” in The Patriot. Also memorable as the “mother” of the title brood stolen by Cruella De Vil in 1996’s live-action 101 Dalmatians, this is, FTP, what daughter of Vanessa Redgrave who stars as Julia McNamara on Nip/Tuck?

ANSWER: Joely Richardson (prompt on “Richardson”)

One key turning point in this film is the discovery of surveillance devices in aquariums supplied by the protagonist’s girlfriend. The title derives from a fish with the scientific name Coreoleuciscus splendidus and references that fish’s ability to swim between two countries. At the climax, the villains are stopped from detonating “CTX” at a crowded soccer match, but the more important conflict lies in the heart of a deadly female assassin and deep cover agent who has fallen in love with her opposite number on the other side of the 38th parallel. Kang Je-gyu directed Lost’s Yunjin Kim in, FTP, what 1999 action movie that broke box office records in South Korea?

ANSWER: Shiri (or Swiri)

This man runs a consulting firm called Deceptive Practices that provides “arcane knowledge on a need-to-know basis,” and a collection of his dice could be seen at the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City. Along with Crispin Glover, he had a cameo as one of Werner Herzog’s dinner guests in Incident at Loch Ness. In one movie, he calls a plan “cute as a pail full of kittens,” while another opens with him narrating 3 urban legends. An auctioneer in Heartbreakers, a business agent in Mystery Men, and a rocket scientist in Tomorrow Never Dies in addition to those Heist and Magnolia roles, he was cast ironically in The Prestige as an incompetent magician. A consulting job on House of Games led to the acting career of, FTP, what famed card sharp and associate of David Mamet?

ANSWER: Ricky Jay

This man played Harry Houdini in Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 2. D.A. Pennebaker scripted a 1968 movie he directed about three gangsters in a New York City apartment, Wild 90, and he cast himself as a Manhattan police lieutenant in another work he helmed that year, Beyond the Law. His 1970 Maidstone saw him as a famous film director who runs for president. Also known for appearing in Jean-Luc Godard’s bizarre version of King Lear (as himself) and portraying architect Stanford White in Ragtime, he earned the Worst Director Razzie Award for 1987’s incomprehensible Tough Guys Don’t Dance. FTP, name this narcissistic filmmaker who received a 1983 Emmy nomination for a teleplay based on his Pulitzer-winning novel about Gary Gilmore, The Executioner’s Song.

ANSWER: Norman Mailer

While eating baby food, the protagonist of this movie describes to her roommate how her mother abandoned her family on Christmas Day. The headmistress asks her, “Do you take – do you understand – drugs?” after she nearly dies while sleepwalking, and in another scene, filmed at the home of Richard Wagner, she stands up to bullying schoolmates while creepily repeating, “I love you all.” At the end, Morris gets decapitated by Frau Brückner, who is out to protect her hideously disfigured son, but the heroine is saved at the last second by a razor-wielding ape that had belonged to her late friend, the wheelchair-bound entomologist John MacGregor, played by Donald Pleasance. FTP, name this 1985 Dario Argento film starring Jennifer Connelly as a girl who can communicate with insects.

ANSWER: Phenomena (reluctantly accept Creepers)

This technique was used for The Plainclothesman, a live DuMont network detective series that ran from 1949 to 1954, as well as the first hour of the thriller Dark Passage, before Vincent Parry gets plastic surgery. Thanks to the SQUID technology, the death of Iris in Strange Days is viewed like this. The only Hollywood movie to employ it all the way through sees Chris Lavery’s murder solved by Philip Marlowe; that film, directed by Robert Montgomery, is the 1947 noir Lady in the Lake. It is not used to show Laurie Strode stalked by Michael Myers in Halloween, because she is clearly being watched from the back of a car; however, an earlier sequence in which Michael kills his sister was shot this way. FTP, name this device of filming a scene through the eyes of a character.

ANSWER: first-person or subjective or point-of-view (or POV) camera (accept clear knowledge equivalents)

After Diane Keaton pulled out of this man’s adaptation of Marilynne Robinson’s novel Housekeeping, Lord David Puttnam rescued the project. His Being Human featured Ewan McGregor’s first film role, but a misbegotten 1999 sequel to an early hit destroyed his career. He cast Bill Paterson as a DJ dumped at Christmastime in a movie inspired by the Glasgow Ice Cream Wars, Comfort and Joy, while Robert Buchanan played a boy who plots to steal several cast-iron sinks in his directorial debut, That Sinking Feeling. John Sinclair, the star of his Gregory’s Girl, appeared as a rogue motorcyclist and drummer in his most famous work, which sees a Russian fisherman perform “Lone Star Man” at a ceilidh [KAY-lee]. FTP, name this filmmaker best known for a 1983 comedy with Peter Riegert and Burt Lancaster as oil executives out to buy a Scottish village, Local Hero.

ANSWER: Bill Forsyth

This film begins with the death of Rose Cheramie, played by Sally Kirkland, and one character shouts, “I am not resisting arrest!” as he is taken in by police. Al, Susie, and Numa remain loyal, but the protagonist fires Lou and is betrayed by Bill. The director’s cut adds scenes with Ron Rifkin and John Larroquette and introduces a continuity error by referring to a man as “Bertrand” before revealing what his alias is. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau both appear, while several actors, including Vincent d’Onofrio, play the same roles as in Malcolm X. A source identified only as “X” tells the hero, “People are suckers for the truth. And the truth is on your side, Bubba,” at a clandestine Washington, D.C. meeting. References to Hamlet abound in the dialogue of crusading New Orleans DA Jim Garrison, portrayed by Kevin Costner, in, FTP, what 1991 Oliver Stone political thriller?


Angelo works in a Renault factory. Landry is a student from West Africa. Marilù, an Italian immigrant, works as a secretary at Cahiers du cinéma. Marceline, who would later marry filmmaker Joris Ivens, is a Holocaust survivor. At the end, all of these people are shown the film they appeared in, and their reactions and discussion are included in it as well. Beginning with several passersby being asked the open-ended question, “Are you happy?”, this is, FTP, what 1961 French documentary made by sociologist Edgar Morin and anthropologist Jean Rouch, a key example of the frequently misunderstood technique known as cinéma vérité?

ANSWER: Chronicle of a Summer or Chronique d'un été (Paris 1960)

A 1995 article by Denis Welch in the Listener revealed that this man had discovered a chest in the garden shed of one of his parents’ neighbors containing long-lost works by pioneering filmmaker Colin McKenzie; however, that turned out to be a hoax. He made a movie with the tagline, “Hell hath no fury like a hippo with a machine gun,” and showed a taste for gory horror and over-the-top comedy with Bad Taste and Dead Alive, as well as the aforementioned explicit Muppets spoof Meet the Feebles. Following an Oscar nod for detailing a real-life murder by Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, he came to Hollywood for the Michael J. Fox-starring The Frighteners. FTP, name this Heavenly Creatures director from New Zealand who also did some stuff with a gorilla and elves.

ANSWER: Peter Jackson (accept “Forgotten Silver” or “Colin McKenzie” before “chest”)

A judge sentenced this woman to 5 days in jail for contempt after she was sued by Paul Loewenthal, who represented her in the 1948 alimony case that ended her association with Hollywood. In the 1950s, she licensed her name to a maker of television cabinets. IMDb lists her as having over 300 film credits, from 1928’s The Viking to 1950’s The Elusive Pimpernel. Director Allan Dwan labeled her a “bitch,” while David O. Selznick complained that she put “obstacles in the way of real beauty” on Gone with the Wind, and Vincente Minnelli ignored her after she advised him to not use red and green costumes for a Christmas dance sequence in Meet Me in St. Louis. FTP, name this “Ringmaster of the Rainbow,” the famously domineering wife of Herbert, the inventor of Technicolor.

ANSWER: Natalie Kalmus

One of this actress’ last and worst films, Caprice, saw her attempt to steal a strand of hair from a sunbathing Asian beauty. Debuting in 1948’s Romance on the High Seas, she portrayed real-life singing star Ruth Etting in Love Me or Leave Me and took over the lead in the unfinished Marilyn Monroe project that became Move Over, Darling. She sang two Oscar-winning songs in movies, one of which was “Secret Love” from Calamity Jane, and in her only Oscar-nominated performance she performs “Possess Me” and “Roly Poly” and tells Brad Allen, “This may come as a surprise to you, but there are some men who don’t end every sentence with a proposition!” FTP, name this woman whose starring roles in Lover Come Back, Send Me No Flowers, and Pillow Talk all paired her with Rock Hudson.

ANSWER: Doris Day

This man directed an HBO movie about the Dreyfus affair, Prisoner of Honor, and used Catherine Deneuve’s hotter sister (!), Françoise Dorléac, as a femme fatale in the Harry Palmer spy flick Billion Dollar Brain. He first gained attention for several Monitor episodes dealing with composers, most notably Elgar, and later made features about Tchaikovsky, Mahler, and Liszt, as well as using Dvorák for the soundtrack for Crimes of Passion. He cast Vanessa Redgrave as a hunchbacked masturbating nun and covered Ann-Margret in baked beans, while The Rainbow, based on D.H. Lawrence’s novel, allowed Glenda Jackson to portray the mother of the character that had won her an Oscar in his most famous film. That 1969 classic by him also featured a notorious nude wrestling scene between Alan Bates and Oliver Reed. FTP, name this British filmmaker of The Devils, Tommy, and Women in Love.

ANSWER: Ken Russell

This movie’s credits misspell Mark Linn-Baker’s first name as “Mary.” According to Steven Bach, its R rating was due not to a few scattered uses of the f-word but to official disapproval of the subject matter. A skeleton in the background of a climactic conversation emphasizes the story’s universality. Two main characters are introduced in an art gallery and disagree about the “Academy of the Overrated.” The protagonist is unnerved to discover that his girlfriend’s ex-husband looks like Wallace Shawn and that his ex-wife – now a lesbian – has written a book about him. Featuring a prologue set to Gershwin and gorgeous black-and-white Gordon Willis cinematography, this is, FTP, what 1979 film that got Mariel Hemingway an Oscar nod as the 17-year-old love interest of Woody Allen?

ANSWER: Manhattan

This character likes to eat fish with the head on. The first time he is seen, Walsh thinks that he is talking about an apple core. Later, he mispronounces another man’s name while telling him, “You may think you know what you’re dealing with here, but believe me, you don’t.” When called “respectable,” he responds, “Politicians, ugly buildings, and whores all get respectable if they last long enough.” After his bifocals are found in a salt-water pond, he states, “Most people never have to face the fact that at the right time, the right place, they’re capable of anything,” but we don’t realize what he’s truly capable of until Evelyn says of Katherine, “She’s my sister ... and my daughter!” FTP, identify this villain portrayed by John Huston in Chinatown whose name may relate to his power over water.

ANSWER: Noah Cross (accept first or last name)

This man’s film debut was as Pernell Roberts’ dim-witted sidekick in Budd Boetticher’s Ride Lonesome, and he played an overzealous Naval officer in The Americanization of Emily. He worked with Sam Peckinpah three times, including as a one-armed mountain scout in Major Dundee, and collaborated with his friend Bruce Lee on the story for Circle of Iron. Many of his most amusing performances have featured bad accents, from an Irish revolutionary in Sergio Leone’s Duck, You Sucker to a Texan who menaces Audrey Hepburn in Charade to an Australian POW who manages to make The Great Escape; however, he had only 11 lines as a laconic knife-wielder in The Magnificent Seven. FTP, name this actor who won an Oscar as Nick Nolte’s tyrannical father in Affliction.

ANSWER: James Coburn

This movie’s eccentric supporting cast includes James Denton, CCH Pounder, Danny Masterson, Harve Presnell, and – in a highly atypical role – Margaret Cho. At the end, Jamie says to her father, “Dad, I’m sorry I shot you.” Sasha tells her young son “I don’t ever want to see you do that!” after escaping by kicking an FBI agent in the groin. The villain reveals a plan to destroy the city he refers to as “Hell-A,” leading to the use of Dr. Walsh’s experimental technique to send the hero undercover with Dietrich Hassler and Pollux Troy. Doves feature heavily in the climactic shootout of, FTP, what 1997 John Woo actioner that sees Nicolas Cage and John Travolta switch identities?

ANSWER: Face/Off

One movie made from this story features a piece of Miklós Rózsa music that was later plagiarized into the famed Dragnet theme. Another was a student effort by Andrei Tarkovsky. A 1946 adaptation saw Edmond O’Brien, as Jim Reardon, investigate how an involvement with femme fatale Kitty Collins, portrayed by Ava Gardner, led to the death of a character played by a debuting Burt Lancaster. A version intended to be the first-ever made-for-TV movie ended up as the final acting credit of Ronald Reagan, who appears in it as a vicious gangster. Don Siegel and Robert Siodmak have directed well-regarded films based on, FTP, what 1927 Ernest Hemingway short story about two hitmen who wait for “a Swede,” which somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who could name?

ANSWER: “The Killers

The main character of this movie is trying to complete a leveraged buyout of National Shoes. Though most of it is in black and white, a shot where smoke rises from a chimney as a signal is meant to be in color. In the last scene, the villain states, “It’s interesting to make fortunate men unfortunate.” Based on the 87th Precinct novel King’s Ransom by Ed McBain, it is divided into three parts, the last of which uses American soldiers dancing with women as an image of degradation. In the second part, information about a car, a phone call, and old grudges is cleverly combined by Tokura, played by Tatsuya Nakadai, while in the first, Gondo is both relieved and crushed to learn that it is not his own son but his chauffeur’s that has been kidnapped. FTP, name this 1963 detective film from Akira Kurosawa.

ANSWER: High and Low (or Tengoku to jigoku)

This man’s character in Highway divides the world into “pandas and alligator boys” and, after hearing one of the latter scream, states, “That be a cry laden with pain and sorrow.” His mother got an Oscar nod for writing Running on Empty, and he played Robin Williams’ son on an episode of Homicide. In another film, he calls “Tom” his “slave name” and tells a woman, “You do get me – you just don’t wanna get me because I am too INTENSIFIED for you!!” Both that movie and Lovely & Amazing cast him as a teenager with whom an older married female co-worker becomes infatuated. After his first star turn as aspiring scientist Homer Hickam in October Sky, he went on to title roles as Bubble Boy and Donnie Darko. FTP, name this actor who portrayed Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain.

ANSWER: Jake Gyllenhaal

Mrs. Oxford’s horrible cooking is a running joke in this film. In one memorable scene, Bob Rusk climbs into a potato sack in order to retrieve a tie clip. François Truffaut’s The Bride Wore Black may have influenced a shot in which a man and a woman enter a building, and the camera, rather than follow them in, remains outside for several seconds until we hear a scream. Hetty and Johnny frustratingly refuse to confirm Dick Blaney’s alibi after his ex-wife is raped and murdered, and so he is wrongly imprisoned as the “Necktie Killer.” FTP, name this 1972 suspense thriller scripted by Anthony Shaffer that was the penultimate movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

ANSWER: Frenzy

One member of this family co-wrote the pilots for Marcus Welby, M.D. and Ironside and was Oscar-nominated for I Want to Live! Another scripted Ladyhawke and 3 James Bond movies. Two more collaborated on the W.C. Fields comedy Million Dollar Legs. One of those two was Oscar-nominated for The Pride of the Yankees and praised in an infamous Pauline Kael article whose central assertion was later disproved by Robert Carringer. The other directed James Mason in 5 Fingers, Laurence Olivier in Sleuth, and Marlon Brando in Julius Caesar, as well as nearly bankrupting 20th Century Fox with Cleopatra. FTP, give the name shared by the man who won an Oscar for writing Citizen Kane and his brother, who earned 4 Oscars in two years for A Letter to Three Wives and All About Eve.

ANSWER: Mankiewicz (accept “Don Mankiewicz,” “Tom Mankiewicz,” “Herman Mankiewicz,” or “Joseph Mankiewicz”) (accept “Victor” or “David Victor” before “Ironside”)

This man’s compositions range from a Strauss-ian waltz accompanying a gathering of neo-Nazis in The Boys from Brazil to the Emmy-winning “Kaddish for the Six Million,” a choral work honoring Holocaust victims, in QB VII. Known for innovative instrumentation, he used South American zampoñas in Under Fire and employed a shofar, steel drum, and serpent while filtering string pizzicati through an echoplex to create suitably alien sounds for Alien. More conventional work includes the jazzy Warning Shot and the orchestral theme from Gremlins. His only Oscar nomination in the Best Song category was for “Ave Satani,” which came from the film whose score won him his only Oscar, The Omen. FTP, name this composer whose credits include Planet of the Apes, Patton, and Chinatown.

ANSWER: Jerry Goldsmith

Not counting TV, this man’s only solo directorial effort was a 1980 comedy starring Bob Newhart as the US President. He has a cameo as a mental patient in Candy, which he adapted from Terry Southern’s novel; in a more famous film he co-scripted, he asks, “Are you here for an affair?” His acting roles include an ill-fated accountant in John Cassavetes’ Gloria and an ill-fated attorney in Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell to Earth. A remake in which a quarterback is killed before his time and comes back in the body of a murdered millionaire got him a Best Director Oscar nod. FTP, name this 10-time SNL host who worked with Warren Beatty in helming Heaven Can Wait, Mel Brooks in creating Get Smart, and Mike Nichols by writing several movies, including The Graduate.

ANSWER: Buck Henry

Peter Wollen proposed “structuralism” as a modifier for this and coined the term “styleme” to help analyze it. Its roots can be seen in “Birth of a New Avant-Garde,” a 1948 Alexander Astruc piece that originated the concept of le caméra-stylo. The hilarious essay “Circles and Squares,” which savagely attacked it, was part of Pauline Kael’s life-long feud with Andrew Sarris, the man who introduced this to America in 1962, while its first true definition came from 1954’s “A Certain Tendency in French Cinema” by François Truffaut. The use of the “A film by” credit is a tacit approval of, FTP, what notion that the director is a movie’s sole author?

ANSWER: auteur theory


At this movie’s climax, Simon refuses to play the recorder. In one scene, an elderly lady thinks that she is going to eat duck; in another, Ellie asks, “Did you just tell me to shake my ass?” The protagonist divides his day into “units” and compares his life to a TV show. He lives off of “Santa’s Super Sleigh” and joins SPAT, where he meets a woman with a “Lorena Bobbit for Surgeon General” T-shirt. After the events of “Dead Duck Day,” Will becomes involved with Marcus, who listens to Mystikal and believes that Jon Bon Jovi said “no man is an island,” as well as his suicidal mother. In the end, he gets booed at a school assembly while performing “Killing Me Softly.” FTP, name this 2002 Weitz brothers comedy based on a Nick Hornby novel and starring Hugh Grant.

ANSWER: About a Boy
Like Perry Mason, this man has been portrayed onscreen by both Ricardo Cortez and Warren William. Renamed “Ted Shayne,” he joined a sexy Bette Davis to search for Roland’s horn in 1936’s Satan Met a Lady. A more famous film sees him be visited by the dead Captain Jacobi and repeatedly humiliate Wilmer. He has an affair with Miles’ wife but refuses another woman’s advances, saying, “I can’t, because all of me wants to!” He then quotes The Tempest as she is arrested. FTP, name this character who figures out that Brigid shot his partner and faces off against Joel Cairo and Kaspar Gutman, the gumshoe played by Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon.

ANSWER: Sam Spade (accept first or last name) (accept “Shayne” or “Ted Shayne” on early buzz)

In the Chinatown sequel The Two Jakes, this man has an uncredited cameo as a policeman who picks a fight with Jake Gittes. He has appeared in 5 of Francis Ford Coppola’s movies, including one role as a zoophagous fly-eater, and he played a disabled veteran in Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King. He agrees with Roberto Begnini that it’s a “sad and beautiful world” in Jim Jarmusch’s Down By Law, calls the title character an “angel of fire” as a soothsayer in Domino, and explains the workings of a “psychofrakulator” as an eccentric weapons designer in Mystery Men; also, Robert Altman cast him in Short Cuts as Lily Tomlin’s husband. FTP, name this subject of the concert film Big Time who has released such albums as Small Change and Rain Dogs.

ANSWER: Tom Waits

This man was credited as “Mark Jeffrey” for his first film work, on the Roger Corman-produced Stakeout on Dope Street. In addition to documentaries like 2006’s Who Needs Sleep?, he has helmed two features, one of which is Latino. He pioneered the Steadicam with Oscar-winning work on Bound for Glory and made memorable use of split screen in The Thomas Crown Affair, but he is also known for writing, producing, and directing a movie about a Chicago cameraman who meets a woman from West Virginia and her pigeon-rearing son. FTP, name this Academy Award winner for the black-and-white cinematography of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? who spotlighted the riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in his Godard-influenced masterpiece Medium Cool.

ANSWER: Haskell Wexler

This woman played an elderly neighbor who provides a vital clue in Warning Shot. In a movie directed by the star of Bergman’s Wild Strawberries, she shoots her rapist and survives a cyclone. In another role, she tries to buy a flower with tin foil, and later uses two fingers to make herself smile in her big death scene. Her only Oscar nod came as the matriarch of a Texas ranch family in Duel in the Sun, and she and Bette Davis were two elderly sisters spending the summer in Maine in The Whales of August. She finds refuge from Battling Burrows with the “Yellow Man” and gets swept down a river by an ice floe in two films opposite Richard Barthelmess, Broken Blossoms and Way Down East. FTP, name this author of The Movies, Mr. Griffith and Me and star of The Wind and The Birth of a Nation.

ANSWER: Lillian Gish

Among those with cameos in this movie are C. Everett Koop, Larry King, Patrick Ewing, Samuel L. Jackson, Hoyas coach John Thompson, and Fabio. Shot on location at the Georgetown campus, it features Nicol Williamson as a character added just so that the title wouldn’t be misleading, and Ed Flanders in a role first essayed by the Reverend William O’Malley. The director wrote the novel Legion, on which it is based, and it and The Ninth Configuration are the only films he ever helmed. Due to studio interference, some scenes involving the Gemini Killer were re-shot with Brad Dourif replaced by Jason Miller. George C. Scott stars as Lt. Kinderman in, FTP, what 1990 William Peter Blatty-directed horror sequel that picks up 15 years after the death of Father Damien Karras?

ANSWER: The Exorcist III: Legion (prompt on “Legion”) (do not accept “Exorcist” or “The Exorcist”)

This man’s last official directorial credit was the 1989 Burt Reynolds-starring thriller Physical Evidence. He cast Albert Finney as a plastic surgeon who goes up against a sinister corporation called Digital Matrix in Looker, while Runaway dealt with a cop whose job is to track down murderous robots. He told the tale of a Victorian-era gold theft in The First Great Train Robbery and adapted Robin Cook’s novel about organ harvesting into Coma, but rebelling machines were a recurring theme for him, as can be seen in his debut feature, Westworld, and his best-selling novel in which John Hammond’s experiment goes wrong. FTP, name this creator of ER and author of Jurassic Park.

ANSWER: Michael Crichton

This critic coined the terms “space-music” and “sculpture-in-motion” to describe cinematic language. He noted that the most common kind of movie was “the Action Film,” where “the story goes at the highest possible speed to be still credible” and “spectacles gratify the incipient or rampant speed-mania in every American.” His second book of film commentary, published after his suicide, was The Progress and Poetry of the Movies, but he is better known for writing that “the photoplay cuts deeper into some stratifications of society than the newspaper or the book have ever gone” in the first American work to treat cinema as an art form, The Art of the Moving Picture. FTP, name this pioneering critic from Springfield, Illinois, also remembered for poems like “The Dandelion” and “The Congo.”

ANSWER: Vachel Lindsay

In one role, this actress collapses in the Uffizi and is later raped by a man who sticks a razor blade in his mouth. In another, she is a baroness who gets poisoned and has her body thrown to dogs. She directed herself as the abusive stripper mother of a young boy played by the stars of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody in an adaptation of J.T. Leroy’s pseudo-memoir, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. A 2002 Salon.com article labeling her a “hottie” describes a scene in which she cries while watching a villain kill several scientists with poison gas; in that movie, her love interest tells her, “It’s your eyes that give you away,” and she turns out be a KGB agent abandoned by her superiors. FTP, name this Scarlet Diva filmmaker and co-star of Queen Margot and XXX who made 1996’s The Stendhal Syndrome, 1998’s Phantom of the Opera, and 2007’s The Third Mother with her father, Dario.

ANSWER: Asia Argento (prompt on “Argento”)

This film features a parody of W.C. Handy’s “Long Gone (From Bowling Green)” with lyrics about a “sewing machine.” Nedrick Young, who won an Oscar for the script despite being blacklisted, can be glimpsed in one scene sitting in a truck next to the other screenwriter. It earned Academy Award nominations for Cara Williams, as an unnamed woman who has sex with one of the heroes and tries to get the other killed in a swamp, and Theodore Bikel, as a redneck sheriff (!) who states that the main characters will “kill each other in five miles.” At the end, Noah tells Joker, “You’re draggin’ on the chain!” FTP, name this 1958 drama in which “the warden has a sense of humor” and shows it by handcuffing together racial antagonists Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier.

ANSWER: The Defiant Ones

One member of this family played women who unwisely befriend serial killers in both Peeping Tom and Frenzy. Her brother earned an Oscar nomination as Noel Coward, his own godfather, in 1968’s Star! Their father delivered the line, “I’m not askin’ for those pants, I’m taking ‘em!” in 49th Parallel and gave a performance often wrongly attributed to Boris Karloff in Arsenic and Old Lace. He appeared onscreen as his most famous character three times, including a cameo in How the West Was Won; most notably, Ruth Gordon portrayed his wife when he got an Oscar nomination as that man in a 1940 adaptation of Robert Sherwood’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama. FTP, give the shared last name of actors Anna, Daniel, and the star of Abe Lincoln in Illinois, Raymond.

ANSWER: Massey (accept “Anna Massey,” “Daniel Massey,” or “Raymond Massey”)

In his role in Sleepless, this man dies of a heart attack after being startled by a mechanical puppet. An uptight missionary in Hawaii and a Nazi in The Quiller Memorandum, he got an Oscar nod as an immigrant father in Pelle the Conqueror. He’s been both the devil and Jesus, and he appeared in two movies released only months apart that frequently make “all-time best” lists; in one, he has a small part as a gas station attendant. Ming the Merciless, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and a character who uses the “Royal Canadian Institute for the Mentally Insane” to test out his evil plans in a Hamlet-inspired comedy are among the villains portrayed by, FTP, what existential action star who tried to free Regan MacNeil from Pazuzu in The Exorcist and matched wits at chess with Death in The Seventh Seal?

ANSWER: Max von Sydow (prompt on “Sydow”)

This was the title figure portrayed by Bekim Fehmiu in a 1974 Italian movie, as well as Jean Marais in a 1973 French miniseries based on an Alexandre Dumas novel. Orson Welles got to be him in 1949’s Black Magic, and Ferdinand Marian took the role in Münchhausen, a 1943 German epic. In Jean-Luc Godard’s Week End, he conjures up a flock of sheep but refuses to turn the female lead into a “real blonde.” Nicol Williamson played a Neil Gaiman-created character named for him in 1997’s Spawn, while Christopher Walken incarnated him in a 2001 period piece about a historical incident that led to his real-life imprisonment, The Affair of the Necklace. FTP, name this 18th century Sicilian mystic and namesake of a 1979 Hayao Miyazaki film which sees Lupin III visit his “Castle.”

ANSWER: Count Alessandro (Alexander) di Cagliostro or Giuseppe (Joseph) Balsamo

This man had an early supporting part as Robin MacGregor in the Disney version of Kidnapped and much later portrayed Dr. Flyte in the Dean Koontz adaptation Phantoms. In one film, when asked how he knows that he’s Jesus, he responds, “When I pray, it feels like I’m talking to myself.” In another, he panics at the climax, saying, “I haven’t performed in front of an audience for twenty-eight years! I played a butler. I had one line. I forgot it!” and also proclaims, “I’m not an actor, I’m a movie star!” Yet another role finds him teaching a 15-year-old that “words are important”; he later refers to that youngster as “the loneliest boy on Earth.” Hanging around a different teenager, this time as her septuagenarian lover, got him a 2006 Oscar nod. FTP, name this star of The Ruling Class, My Favorite Year, The Last Emperor, and Venus who recently voiced critic Anton Ego in Ratatouille.

ANSWER: Peter O’Toole

While a freshman at Barnard College, this actress made history by simultaneously starring in David Rabe’s Hurlyburly and Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing on Broadway for 9 months. After her film debut as Sunshine in Little Darlings, Sidney Lumet cast her as a drug addict in Prince of the City. She played a nanny in Baby’s Day Out but was scared off when she applied for the same job in Addams Family Values. Also memorable as the tearful maid Lorl in Amadeus, she appeared in a more recent movie that saw her describe Halloween costumes for women as either “witch or sexy kitten.” In that role, she talks her best friend’s fiancé out of marriage and describes another character as having “pudding in her Prada.” FTP, name this portrayer of Miranda Hobbes on Sex and the City.

ANSWER: Cynthia Nixon

In one of this director’s works, a character tells Oscar Wilde’s story “The Birthday of the Infanta” while trapped in the dark with the heroine; that movie stars Ana Torrent as a student who discovers a snuff film. In another of his thrillers, a man seeks to discover the meaning of the initials “L.E.” while imprisoned for killing his girlfriend – played by either Najwa Nimri or Penélope Cruz – and finally jumps off of a building. In addition to making the aforementioned Thesis and Open Your Eyes, he cast Fionnula Flanagan and Eric Sykes as Grace Stewart’s sinister servants in the ghostly The Others. FTP, name this Chile-born Spanish filmmaker who told the story of Ramón Sampedro, a real-life quadraplegic portrayed by Javier Bardem, in 2004’s Oscar-winning The Sea Inside.

ANSWER: Alejandro Amenábar

Named for a cephalopod, this technique was used extensively in a 1996 drama that starred Vincent d’Onofrio as the creator of Conan the Barbarian, The Whole Wide World. Krzysztof Kieślowski’s The Double Life of Véronique, Lars von Trier’s The Element of Crime, and Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire are three of the most famous movies to employ it. Haskell Wexler made use of it in Bound for Glory, as did Conrad Hall in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The Kansas-set scenes in The Wizard of Oz were also shot this way. Picasso’s Guernica is one of the most famous examples of, FTP, what pigmentation method that gives many surviving silent films a brownish tinge?

ANSWER: sepia tone

This is the location where Walker is betrayed by his wife and Mal Reese and left for dead in Point Blank. Edmond O’Brien portrays Thomas Gaddis in a 1962 film based on Gaddis’ fact-based book about a resident of this place. In another semi-true movie, made in 1995, Henry Young commits a murder here after being abused by Milton Glenn, played by Gary Oldman. Yet another film set here sees Doc cut off his own hand after a character played by Patrick McGoohan removes his art supplies. Perhaps its most famous onscreen treatment is a 1996 film in which John Mason and Stanley Goodspeed take on the forces of Francis Hummel, a rogue general with access to VX gas. FTP, name this Bay Area landmark where Burt Lancaster studied birds and Clint Eastwood made an Escape.

ANSWER: Alcatraz (prompt on “The Rock”)

Among the film soundtrack pieces composed by this man are “A Fistful of Ice Cream” and “Going Home”; he often uses the latter to close concerts. He and Guy Fletcher performed “Tennessee Waltz” and “O! My Papa” as part of his work on Last Exit to Brooklyn, and his other credits include the David Puttnam-produced Cal and Barry Levinson’s Wag the Dog. In one of his best-known scores, guitar and synthesizer are used to set a fairy-tale mood in tracks like “Storybook Love”; less tuneful, perhaps, are action cues such as “The Cliffs of Insanity” and “The Fire Swamp and the Rodents of Unusual Size.” FTP, name this Englishman responsible for the music in Bill Forsyth’s Comfort and Joy and Local Hero and Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride who is most famous as the founder of Dire Straits.

ANSWER: Mark Knopfler

This film is based on a book by the father of one of the directors of Jesus Camp; that book has the word “Six” in its title. Wabash makes reference to Sterling Hayden, stating, “I sailed the Adriatic with a movie star at the helm!”, and in the last scene the hero is asked, “How do you know?” after saying, “They’ll print it.” His girlfriend, played by Tina Chen, tells the man who kills her, “I won’t scream.” That assassin later explains to the main character, “A car will slow beside you, and a door will open, and someone you know, maybe even trust, will get out of the car.” Joe Turner, whose job is to read books, goes on the run after he returns from lunch to find all of his CIA co-workers murdered in, FTP, what 1975 Sydney Pollack conspiracy thriller starring Faye Dunaway and Robert Redford?

ANSWER: Three Days of the Condor

In this movie, a maid named Rosa is played by Lena Olin, and Peter Stormare can be glimpsed carrying a coffin. Oscar uses a chair to explain the importance of storytelling and suffers a stroke while portraying the Ghost in Hamlet. Emilie then gets remarried to Vergérus, who abuses her children until they are rescued by Isak Jacobi with the help of magic. At the end, one of the title characters reads from Strindberg’s Dream Play, while her brother sees the ghost of a stern bishop who died in a fire. FTP, name this saga of the Ekdahl family set in 1907 Uppsala, an Oscar-winning autobiographical 1983 film by Ingmar Bergman.

ANSWER: Fanny and Alexander (or Fanny och Alexander)

At one point in this film, the protagonist sees a wife shoot her husband, then states, “I’ll probably get blamed for that.” Another woman frustrates him by saying random numbers aloud as he is trying to dial a telephone. He meets Marcy, who describes how her ex used to shout “Surrender Dorothy!” while making love, and visits her loft to see her roommate’s “Plaster of Paris bagel and cream cheeses,” only to run out when he fears that her body is covered by scars. Unable to get away from SoHo because he doesn’t have exact change for the subway, he ends up pursued by a vengeful mob, leading him to exclaim, “I just wanted to leave my apartment, maybe meet a nice girl ... and now I’ve got to die for it?!” Eventually Paul Hackett is rescued by two burglars played by Cheech and Chong in, FTP, what Kafkaesque 1985 black comedy starring Griffin Dunne and directed by Martin Scorsese?

ANSWER: After Hours

This man played a killer who thinks he’s had a heart transplant from a priest in a Mission: Impossible episode and made his feature debut in Cool Hand Luke. His role in the BBC miniseries Edge of Darkness as CIA agent Darius Jedburgh may have influenced his being cast as a CIA agent in a film by the same director, Martin Campbell. He sarcastically says, “Gee, golly gosh, I sure am sorry I offended you,” as a private investigator in Scorsese’s Cape Fear, and he was an arrogant hitman named “Molly” in Charley Varrick and an arrogant police chief in Fletch. In one James Bond movie, he restages the Battle of Gettysburg; in two others, he replaced Felix Leiter. FTP, name this Texan best known as the title character of the MST3K classic Mitchell and as Buford Pusser in Walking Tall.

ANSWER: Joe Don Baker

In B*A*P*S, this actor asks for Tupac, Too Short, and The Dog Pound in a music store and tells Nisi’s boyfriend, “She hopes your mama don’t get played.” A more serious line he speaks in a film is, “I am the Revolution,” but this fails to impress the other characters, who sing, “What’s the point of a revolution without general copulation?” Another movie sees him as the boss who welcomes “DZ-015,” aka Sam Lowry, to the team. His most famous catchphrase in his native country is, “You might think that. I couldn’t possibly comment,” but here in the States we know him as the guy who said, “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” FTP, name this Scottish portrayer of Mr. Warrenn in Brazil, Marat in Marat/Sade, and Francis Urquhart in the BBC’s House of Cards trilogy.

ANSWER: Ian Richardson

Bill Lear, of Learjet fame, has a cameo as himself in this movie, which Austin Powers described as his favorite. Pauline Kael’s review singled out as hilarious in retrospect a moment where the hero remarks with disbelief, “An actor ... as president?” It marked Lee J. Cobb’s second appearance as Cramden, the head of ZOWIE; this time around, he dresses as a woman and is imprisoned by the “Amazons” at “Fabulous Face.” Climaxing with the incredibly realistic “Operation Smooch,” in which a group of unarmed, bikini-clad women physically defeats a highly trained military force, this is, FTP, what 1967 adventure film that sees an all-female society try to take over the world, a sequel to the James Coburn-starring Bond knockoff Our Man Flint?

ANSWER: In Like Flint

One character in this movie says, “I’m trying to keep my mind free of things that don’t matter” and opines that her mother uses the phone like “she has to cover the distance by sheer lung power,” while another eagerly describes how a man “ran plunk right into the propeller of an airplane.” The opening credits show a ballroom filled with waltzers, and in one scene the heroine almost succumbs to carbon monoxide poisoning after being locked in a garage. It was the debut film of Hume Cronyn and of two other cast members, both of whom were natives of Santa Rosa, and Thornton Wilder co-wrote the screenplay. Young Charlie comes to suspect that Uncle Charlie is the “Merry Widow Murderer” in, FTP, what 1942 Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotten-starring suspense thriller from Alfred Hitchcock?

ANSWER: Shadow of a Doubt

This man played “The General” in Hair and spoke the very first words in Wim Wenders’ The American Friend; Wenders also co-directed Lightning Over Water, a film about his death, with him. One of his works has Humphrey Bogart’s great line, “I was born when she kissed me. I died when she left me. I lived a few weeks while she loved me.” He cast teen idol Jeffrey Hunter as Jesus, and a key phrase summing up his oeuvre, “I’m a stranger here myself,” is spoken by Sterling Hayden in his famous “feminist” Western. James Mason ominously states, “God was wrong!” as a drug-addicted schoolteacher in his Bigger Than Life, while in his most known movie Jim Stark tells his parents, “YOU’RE TEARING ME APART!!!” FTP, name this Johnny Guitar and Rebel Without a Cause helmer.

ANSWER: Nicholas Ray

One character in this movie, grateful because the hero never made him play right field, turns over key evidence in a conversation that doesn’t take place. Another wonders what the point of exercise is, since all the time it adds to your lifespan is just spent exercising. Rosalind Chao, Kelly McGillis, Lauren Tom, Kathy Bates, Faith Ford, and Reba McEntire are among the candidates turned down in favor of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, whose husband is played by Jason Alexander (!), and Ford’s daughter is portrayed by a not-yet-famous Scarlett Johansson. Alan Arkin appears as the judge who emancipates the titular protagonist from his parents in, FTP, what 1994 Rob Reiner comedy starring Elijah Wood that caused Roger Ebert to use the word “hated” 10 times in his review?


In one film, this man’s character, Peterson, is responsible for the death of C. J. Memphis, whom he sees as an embarrassment. He made his movie debut as the long-lost son of executive Walter Whitney, while another role cast him as a police chief whose childhood friend, Maubee, gets tangled up in a murder. He played a DA framed by a killer that he had once put away in Ricochet and a carpet cleaner who becomes romantically involved with an Indian woman in Mississippi Masala, in addition to the aforementioned parts in Carbon Copy, A Soldier’s Story, and The Mighty Quinn. His first Oscar nod came for portraying activist Steve Biko, while his second was as someone who sheds a single tear when he is whipped. Also memorable as real-life figures Frank Lucas and Rubin Carter, this is, FTP, what Academy Award-winning star of Cry Freedom, The Hurricane, Glory, and Malcolm X?

ANSWER: Denzel Washington

The actor appears in It’s a Wonderful Life as a potential rival for Mary’s attentions to whom George Bailey says, “Oh, why don’t you stop annoying people!” In his last movie, Stanley Kramer’s The Defiant Ones, he played a posse member who gets yelled at for listening to the radio. Killed in 1959, allegedly in an argument over a hunting dog, he first portrayed his most memorable character alongside his brother Harold in 1935’s Beginner’s Luck, and by the time of 1936’s Oscar-winning Bored of Education, his off-key singing and cowlick were firmly established trademarks. FTP, name this onetime child star who was also identified by the moniker of his most famous role: the sidekick to Spanky in the Our Gang (or Little Rascals) film series.

ANSWER: Carl Switzer or Alfalfa

Two of this man’s films feature Oscar-winning songs: in one, Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman perform Hoagy Carmichael’s “In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening,” while in the other Frank Sinatra sings “High Hopes.” He gave Ann-Margret her screen debut and directed Peter Falk to an Oscar nomination in 1961’s Pocketful of Miracles, which was a remake of his own Lady for a Day. He also worked with Harry Langdon on several silent comedies, cemented Jean Harlow’s screen persona in Platinum Blonde, and cast Barbara Stanwyck as an American missionary in China in The Bitter Tea of General Yen. His 1932 American Madness centers around a banking panic, foreshadowing a scene in his most famous work. The Why We Fight propaganda series was made by, FTP, what filmmaker who won 3 Oscars in 5 years for movies like You Can’t Take It with You and It Happened One Night?

ANSWER: Frank Capra

This woman is credited as a set dresser for Phantom of the Paradise, on which her husband worked as art director. Her first non-extra role was as a young orphan sold into prostitution in Prime Cut, and she voiced a disembodied brain with which Steve Martin falls in love in The Man with Two Brains. A dream of Robert Altman’s inspired her surreal performance as Pinky Rose, while Caril Ann Fugate was the basis for another of her characters. She shot her abusive husband as Babe Botrelle in one film, and her other onscreen spouses have also had it rough: she urges one to kill Richard Strout, calls another a bigot due to his prosecution of Clay Shaw, and yet another disappears without a trace in Chile. Mooney marries her at the age of 13 in one movie, but he ends up okay. FTP, name this 3 Women actress who won an Oscar as Loretta Lynn in Coal Miner’s Daughter and got covered in pigs’ blood in Carrie.

ANSWER: Sissy Spacek

The director of this film – who, despite earning 2 Academy Award nominations for it, did not helm another movie until 1994’s Razzie-winning Color of Night – claimed to have invented the “rack focus” in a documentary about the “Sinister Saga” of making it. One scene reveals that a policeman lost an ear when the protagonist knocked him into frozen ice cream. Another character graphically describes what he can do in 22 seconds and repeatedly points out that King Kong was “three foot six inches tall.” After accidentally causing Burt’s death on the set of Devil’s Squadron, Cameron becomes convinced that Eli Cross is out to kill him. Steve Railsback plays the title risk-taker in, FTP, what 1980 Richard Rush thriller that earned Peter O’Toole an Oscar nod as a megalomaniacal moviemaker?

ANSWER: The Stunt Man

One character is this movie drunkenly reminisces about an encounter in Puerto Rico with, “well, I guess they were prostitutes, but I don’t remember paying!” Another doesn’t want to kiss with “porno tongue” and hates sitting in the aisle seat. The protagonist responds to a query at a job interview with, “I’m a big fan of money.... I keep it in a jar on top of my refrigerator. I’d like to put more in that jar. That’s where you come in.” After Linda leaves him at the altar, he teaches an elderly lady how to sing “Rapper’s Delight” and manages to stop a woman from becoming “Julia Guglia” by enlisting the help of Billy Idol. FTP, name this unexpectedly sweet 1998 romantic comedy set in the ‘80s and starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.

ANSWER: The Wedding Singer

This man played a David Frost-like television interviewer in The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer and Uncle Benny in The Tailor of Panama. One movie he wrote sees an Oxford professor become attracted to the girlfriend of a student portrayed by Michael York, while in another Marian befriends the teenager Leo and asks for his help in cheating on her fiancé, and in yet another the sinister Hugo gradually takes over the life of aristocrat Tony. In addition to directing Alan Bates in Butley and scripting Accident, The Go-Between, and The Servant for Joseph Losey, he got one of his two Oscar nominations for a screenplay in which actors Mike and Anna have an affair while shooting a film of John Fowles’ The French Lieutenant’s Woman. The other came for adapting his own play about a love triangle, told in reverse chronology. FTP, name this Nobel Prize-winning author of Betrayal.

ANSWER: Harold Pinter


Evelyn Keyes as a flirt. José Greco as a flamenco dancer. Cesar Romero as Achmed Abdullah’s henchman. Ronald Colman as a railway official. Noel Coward as the recruiter Hesketh-Baggott. Peter Lorre as a steward. John Carradine as a proud Southern gentleman on a train where Buster Keaton is the conductor. Marlene Dietrich as the hostess in a saloon where George Raft is the bouncer, Red Skelton is a drunk, and Frank Sinatra plays piano. Edward R. Murrow as the narrator. These are just a handful of the stars who cameo in, FTP, what Oscar-winning 1956 film starring Shirley MacLaine as Aouda, Cantinflas as Passepartout, and David Niven as Phileas Fogg?

ANSWER: Around the World in Eighty Days (prompt on “cameo”)
Like Katherine Heigl, this actress made her screen debut as a 12-year-old girl who idolizes a neighborhood teenager played by Juliette Lewis in That Night. She was Pearl, the youngest daughter of abusive mechanic Dwight Hansen, in the film of Tobias Wolff’s memoir This Boy’s Life. In one movie, she steals a key and runs to the top of a skyscraper, where she is rescued by her father in a Harrier jet. A slightly more grown-up role sees her label two teammates “dyke-a-delic” and learn to use “spirit fingers” as a gymnast-turned-cheerleader. FTP, name this co-star of True Lies and Bring It On best known as Faith Lehane on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

ANSWER: Eliza Dushku

This song’s writers, who had previously won Oscars for “Buttons and Bows” and “Mona Lisa,” took its title from the family motto of Rossano Brazzi’s character in The Barefoot Contessa. It has been featured in numerous movies, including over the title sequence in Heathers, and its original performer reprised it in The Glass Bottom Boat and Please Don’t Eat the Daisies. In the film in which it first appears, it is sung to Hank McKenna as his parents desperately search for him. Penned by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, this is, FTP, what Academy Award-winning tune from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much that states, “whatever will be, will be”?

ANSWER: “Que Sera Sera” (prompt on “Whatever Will Be, Will Be” before it is mentioned)

Most recently played by John Hudgens, this character owns a terrier named Rimshot and a turtle named Pokey. His family includes his arrogant uncle Aster Clement, his bitter great-grandfather Lloyd, his histrionic great-aunt Nelda, his unstable cousin Billy, and his slow-witted siblings Bunny and Coy. First used to promote the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, he made a cameo appearance in Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam before starting the series for which he is best known. Always accompanied by Vern and frequently spouting the much-imitated catchphrase, “KnoWhutImean?”, this is, FTP, what Jim Varney-portrayed pitchman who saved Christmas and went to camp?

ANSWER: Ernest P. Worrell (accept either first or last name) (do not accept “Varney” or “Jim Varney”)

A song with the chorus “I want to be a livin’ man” contains the only words heard in this work after the first few minutes. One sequence, in which the protagonist – played by Roger Jacquet – runs across a field for what seems like an eternity as a drumbeat is heard in the background, is spoofed in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, while in Brazil Terry Gilliam once again paid homage by referencing this movie’s ending. More famously, Rod Serling imported it to the US to broadcast as a 1964 episode of The Twilight Zone. FTP, name this Oscar-winning Robert Enrico short film about doomed Confederate sympathizer Peyton Farquhar, based on a short story by Ambrose Bierce.

ANSWER: La Rivière du hibou or An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge


All tossups authored by Yogesh Raut.
Special thanks to Luke V. Pitcher, Matthew Husky, Mahendra Prasad, Melissa Fusco, David Kayvanfar, and Charles Wang for input on the questions and answer selections; Brian Lindquist and Arnav Moudgil for providing a venue; all moderators and players; and Ray Luo for helping inaugurate the previous version of this tournament.
This has been Yogesh Raut’s 2nd Annual (and 1st Solo) All-Movies Singles Tournament: These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins.

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