St dunstan’S, camberwell 163 Wattle Valley Road, Camberwell Vic 3124

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163 Wattle Valley Road, Camberwell Vic 3124
Locum: Rev. Trevor Smith – 0402 071 501

Asst Curate: Rev. Anne Kennedy – 0429 123 478

Music Director: Stuart Connew – 0418 814 843

Children’s & Family Minister: Maxine – 0459 543 860

Non-pastoral matters: Churchwardens – 0459 543 860

I have come that you may have life – in all its abundance.” John 10:10


First Sunday in Lent: The temptations of Christ in the wilderness are put into context in today’s readings. How did Jesus respond to the Devil? What disguise does the Devil adopt in today’s hectic, materialistic, hedonistic world? How do we sense God’s presence within us?

Sentence of the day: Worship the Lord your God, and serve only him. Luke 4:8

Prayer of the day: Today we pray for God’s guidance in everyday life. O saving God, who led your people through the wilderness and brought them to the promised land: so guide us that, following our Saviour, we may walk through the wilderness of this world and be brought to the glory of the world which is to come; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

News: It’s taken a while, but the newPurple Vestments are now in place, thanks to a long-standing and fine donation from Lawrie Hodgson. These will be dedicated on Lent 3 when we hope the creators of these beautiful additions to the Fabrics and Furnishings of St Dunstan’s will be with us at our 9.30 am service.

Donation to Restoration Fund: Andrew Powell has given a generous donation towards this fund in memory of his mother, Judith Powell, who was kindergarten assistant to Dorothy Cornish at St Dunstan’s from 1968 to the early 1990’s. Andrew writes:

Although she retired many years ago she still proudly regarded herself as a retired kindergarten assistant. It is possible that some of the children she worked with would now be in their 30's and 40's and might now have their own children at the kindergarten. My mother was always pleased to point out that amongst the children she looked after were those of the then local Barry Humphries.I have noticed that this is the 70th anniversary of the kindergarten. You may be interested that when my mother started at St Dunstan's she became the first kindergarten assistant, in what was then called the Anglican Free Kindergartens, to join the union available at the time, to assistants - the Miscellaneous Workers Union setting a trend for other assistants in other Anglican kindergartens to follow. I hope the donation, in memory of my mother's time at St Dunstan's, is useful to you; and that you may make mention of her in your newsletter, in case anyone recognizes her name”.

I’ve assured Andrew that several parishioners remember his mother, and that his donation in memory of her is greatly appreciated. By all accounts, she was a lovely person.


We pray for the millions of people world-wide seeking refuge from the violence and oppression of their everyday circumstances, and in particular today, for those caught is Syria with no safety in sight.

We pray for the members of the Incumbency Committee, especially John, Maxine and Sally, and for the fruitfulness of its work in identifying a priest for appointment as vicar of this parish.

Bountiful God, give to this parish a faithful pastor who will faithfully speak your word and minister your sacraments; an encourager who will equip your people for ministry and enable us to fulfill our calling. Give to those who will choose, wisdom, discernment and patience, and to us give warm and generous hearts, for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen. Prayer at the time of choosing an incumbent (APBA p.212)

We pray for those on our Parish Prayer List: Magda, Luke, Peta, Lisa, Joan P, Mary C, Joelle, Paul, Wesley, Enid; Bill, Pheobe, Peter and Jeffrey, Jo and Darren, Lisa and Geoff, Lois, Anna, Fiona, Antony, Samuel and family, Andrew, Hilary, Anne, Asher, Barbara, Geraldine & Mervyn, Sandie, Margo, Ian, Thelma, Jane, Norma.

Lent Reflection Groups: We now have four groups in place. If you would still like to join a group, or change groups, then just let Trevor know. The resources you need will be there for you at the first meeting of the group. The four groups with meeting dates and participants are as follows:

Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm with Being Lost ... Being Found : Gospel Reflections.

Session 1 - 16 Feb; Session 2 - 23 Feb; Session 3 - 1 Mar; Session 4 - 8 Mar; Session 5 - 15 Mar; Session 6 - 22 Mar. Participants are Matthew Cheriyan, Sally Cirulis, Maxine Farrar, Gwen Gray, Keith Gray, and Robert Miller.

Wednesdays over lunch from 12:30pm with Being Lost ... Being Found : Gospel Reflections.

Session 1 - 17 Feb; Session 2 - 24 Feb; Session 3 - 2 Mar; Session 4 - 9 Mar; Session 5 - 16 Mar; Session 6 - still to be decided. Participants are Erline Balmer, Karen Connew, Rosemary Hicks, Richard Maddaver, Joan Patterson, Gene Pereira, and Charmian Wright. BYO lunch. Tea/coffee etc will be available.

Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm with Being Lost ... Being Found : Gospel Reflections.

Session 1 - 17 Feb; Session 2 - 24 Feb; Session 3 - 2 Mar; Session 4 - 9 Mar; Session 5 - 16 Mar; Session 6 - 23 Mar. Participants are Pam Adams, Mary Brooker, Chris Forté, Margaret Gamble, Jenni McKenzie, Robin Maddaver, Michael Shand, and Peter Wright.

Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm with A New Exile? The Future of Anglicanism.

Intro & Chapter 1 - 24 Feb; Chapter 2 - 2 Mar; Chapter 3 - 9 Mar; Chapter 4 - 16 Mar. Participants are Paul Adams, Maureen Barden, Olyve Clarke, Maxine Farrar, Kristine Gatt, David Hewitson-Kerr, John McKenzie, Charles Povey, Ros Smith, Heather Stephens, and Derek Thompson.

Lenten giving: Last week everyone received the Mothers’ Union/Caritas “Count your Blessings” sheet (more on the Welcome Table), and today we have Lenten Boxes and Lenten Envelopes from the Anglican Board of Mission – Australia Ltd.

Last year ABM partner churches in 18 countries provided emergency relief to more than 180,000 people. They also helped thousands of people gain access to safe water, basic sanitation and healthcare, new agricultural technologies, clergy and lay leadership and management training, teenage pregnancy support and financial services.

ABM’s Lent resources can be downloaded from and you can find out more about this year;s Lenten projects at

There are other suggestions for Lenten observance on the board in the porch.

Photo Boards: Job Vacancy – imaginative person to set up photo boards for the Anniversary Celebrations. First 80 years complete, only 10 years to collate. Photos also needed! See previous boards behind Sanctuary.

DIARY NOTES - February

Tuesday 16th 1.30-3pm Craft Group.

7:30pm Being Lost ... Being Found Lent Reflection Group in Church

Wednesday 17th 10am Prayers @ 10.

10.30am mainly music.

12:30pm Being Lost ... Being Found Lent Reflection Group in Church

7:30pm Being Lost ... Being Found Lent Reflection Group in Church

Thursday 18th 11am Eucharist

7:15pm Parish Council in Meeting Room

Sunday 21st 8am Eucharist LENT 2

9.30am Eucharist

Tuesday 23rd 1.30-3pm Craft Group.

7:30pm Being Lost ... Being Found Lent Reflection Group in Church

Wednesday 24th 10am Prayers @ 10.

10.30am mainly music.

11:00am Broughton Hall Eucharist

12:30pm Being Lost ... Being Found Lent Reflection Group in Church

7:30pm Being Lost ... Being Found Lent Reflection Group in Church

7:30pm Lent Reflection Group in Meeting Room

Thursday 25th 10:30am Morning Tea with Camberwell Gardens visitors

11am Eucharist

Sunday 28th 8am Eucharist LENT 3

9.30am Eucharist

5:00pm Kids’ Church
Preparing for Next Sunday 21st February 2016 — Second Sunday in Lent

In calling us to be disciples—to follow Jesus—Ash Wednesday and the First Sunday of Lent have invited us to join Jesus on his path to the cross, a journey set in motion by the rejection of God in the first garden and brought to a crescendo by the betrayal in another garden. The readings will remind us of the journey of our forebears in the faith who when they heard the call became participants in God’s plan of salvation. We are their children and we continue the journey on which they embarked. We journey in company with Jesus, we stay close and we listen to him! Today we are taken to the “mountain top”!

The appointed lections are: Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18; Psalm 27 or 99:1-7, 9; Philippians 3:17—4:1; Luke 9:28-36.











21st 8am







David & Paul


Kate & George





Roster of Hidden Talents for 14th February

Sacristy (Green) Gwen Flowers: - Sacristan: Charmian

Cleaning: (Sweeping) David HK (Dusting) Bernice (Vacuum) Karen (Kitchen /toilets) Charmian

Mowing: George

St Dunstan’s is an Anglican community with the aim of:

Honouring Christ Growing Faith Sharing Life Living hope

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