Study Guide for Early Rome and the Roman Republic Test Vocabulary

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Study Guide for Early Rome and the Roman Republic Test
Vocabulary – See my website to make a print out and play the game

  1. Be able to identify the Alps, Apennine Mountains, Tiber River, Po River, Arno River, Mediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Adriatic Sea, Rome, Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily on map (Ancient Italy Map)

  2. How were trade and military expansion affected by the geography of the area? Think about mountains, rivers, seas etc (Ancient Rome Geography & Essentials of Roman Geography)

  3. Why did the people of the Italian peninsula mix together more than the people of the Greek Peninsula? (Ancient Rome Geography & Essentials of Roman Geography)

  4. How did the mild climate of the Italian peninsula affect the people of Rome? (Ancient Rome Geography & Essentials of Roman Geography)

Time Line:

Know the significance of the following dates: 753 BCE, 509 BCE, 31 BCE, AND 476 CE

Formation of Rome

  1. What is a myth?

  2. Who are Romulus & Remus and what is their story? (Story & worksheets)

  3. Who were the Etruscans and how did they influence the Romans (Origins of Rome)

Roman Gods and Goddesses

  1. What does polytheistic mean?

  2. What role did the Gods and Goddesses play in the lives of the Romans?

Roman Republic

  1. Describe the government that the Romans establish in 509 BCE? Why was this government created?

  2. How did the government of the Roman Republic become corrupt? What problems did they face?

  3. Who were the reformers and how did each intend to fix the republic?

  4. How did Gaius Maruis plan to solve the problems of the republic?

  5. What is a triumvirate and who were the members of the first triumvirate?

  6. What reforms does Caesar make while he is a dictator?

Punic Wars: Rome vs. Carthage

  1. Why did Rome and Carthage go to war?

  2. Know the dates of all three Punic Wars.

  3. What is a corvus and how did it help Rome win the first Punic War?

  4. Who was Hannibal Barca and what made his attack on Rome unique?

  5. Who was Cornelius Scipio and how did he beat Hannibal?

  6. What happens to Carthage in the Third Punic War?

  7. What were the effects of the Punic Wars on Rome?

    1. Think about the changes in the rich vs. poor given the introduction of slavery.

    2. Think about changes in agriculture

    3. Think about changes in government

    4. Think about changes in military power

    5. Think about the land that is now controlled by Rome

Download 5.82 Kb.

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