Swords, jewelry and modesty

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Call, Enos, and Thomas


Women in Mythology
Stacey Call

Clarissa Enos

Crystal Thomas

Prepared for

February 10, 2012

Dr. Karen C. Holt

Brigham Young University-Idaho


Women have had a large part in the life history of mythology in many ways. Traditionally, women were the ones in charge of teaching the next generations the culture, religion and knowledge of the previous ancestors. The women were the essential teachers and caretakers of the future rulers of their cultures. Women were also the subject of many of the myths and lessons they passed on. Historically, women in mythology and ancient literature have generally been placed in one of three categories: fearsome, meek, or seductive.

This paper hopes to explore the three categories as they are represented in the mythologies of the Celts, Greeks and Norse and how these groups have influenced the classification of women in our modern time. Representing the Celts, this paper will discuss the attributes of Aine, Boudicca and Brigid. For the Greeks, Helen of Troy, Hestia and the Amazons will be analyzed. The Norse will provide Brynhilde, Frigg and Grimhild for the same comparison.

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