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Executive Summary 2


History 3

Marketing Strategy 4-5

Problem Identification 6

Analysis of the Industry

The Competition 7-8

The Environment 9

Canada 9

Germany 9

Japan 9-10

Mexico 10

Korea 10

The United Kingdom 10
SWOT Analysis of the Firm

Strengths 11

Weaknesses 11

Opportunities 11-12

Threats 12
Recommendations 13-14

Balance Sheet 15

Cash Flows 16

Income Statement 17-18

Ratios 19

References 20

Current Locations Map and Table 21


Outback Steakhouse is faced with the issue of expanding into international markets because of U.S. market saturation. To facilitate the decision-making process for expanding overseas, certain guidelines for going global have been developed.

The first guideline for Outback is to adapt accordingly to their international target markets. Each market will be different and must be treated as such. Outback must keep its own identity, while adapting to the cultural trends of each country. To do this, Outback should incorporate local management into its restaurants. The local management will be able to advise Outback on traditions, taste preferences, and even local etiquette. Outback may even find it necessary to change some dishes offered on their menu.
The second guideline mentions Outback’s locations in foreign markets. Instead of the usual “B-locations with A-demographics,” Outback might have to locate in bigger, more trafficked areas. In international markets, these are the areas that typically attract the most tourism – an important aspect to Outback’s movement overseas. They are also areas that include a higher concentration of people who are more progressive and who have higher incomes.
The third guideline for going global focuses on Outback’s suppliers. With their current suppliers, Outback is likely to incur high costs in transportation of supplies overseas. This will, in turn, cause Outback’s menu prices to rise. Instead of this, Outback should use its local management teams to identify new suppliers. The local management will, once again, be able to guide Outback in determining which suppliers are likely to carry on their quality standards. Supplier can then be found in either the host country or surrounding countries and new long-term relationships can be formed.


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