Takwan: Secret knowledge, storage and transmission in Wantoat, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea Sam T. Kaima* Abstract

The current sources of information in PNG

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4. The current sources of information in PNG

The Euro-American based information systems have been adopted in the country since colonial days and these systems are now being used. In terms of libraries, archives and other sources of information, these systems are now being used. More recently, television, telephones, radios and World Wide Web (WWW) have been introduced.

In terms of research and analysis of information sources for present rural societies, traditional knowledge and sources of information cannot simply be left out or be forgotten, as many people in rural parts of the country still use traditional methods of preserving and transmitting information. The problem starts when researchers are conducting research in rural communities that have not much published records about them. The need to use both traditional, modern and future means of information sources will become necessary as there will be a need to supplement information from all these different sources in research. The traditional information in societies will have to be used in order to collect balanced information about oral cultures in many parts of the country.

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