Technology Integration Unit/Lesson Plan Template

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Technology Integration Unit/Lesson Plan Template (modified from MTS Lesson Plan Template)

Lesson title: National Symbols

Name: Dan Rodgers, Stephanie Mullen, Cindy White, and Kristie Zolman

Subject area: Social Studies

Grade level: Kindergarten

Time frame:2 Weeks

Brief lesson/unit Summary/Description

Students will learn about American National Symbols. They will produce a Keynote presentation to show their knowledge of National Symbols. They will work in groups to create a slideshow from imported pictures and record a video.

State Content Standard/Benchmark addressed

Social Studies-K.2-Students recognize national and state symbols and icons such as the national and state flags, the bald eagle, and the Statue of Liberty.

ELA-Listening and Speaking 1.2 Share information and ideas, speaking audibly in complete, coherent sentences.

Educational Technology Standard/Benchmark addressed

K.CT.31 Recognize technology as a tool to help complete a task.

K.CT.1.2 Use input/output devices to operate various technologies.

K.IL.1.2 Recognize that information can be represented in a variety of ways.

21st Century Skill(s)/Theme(s) addressed


Visual Aids

Project-Based Instruction

Creativity and Innovation

Communication and Collaboration

Self-directed and Social awareness

Integration into NLMUSD Curriculum Maps (If applicable in Language arts or Math)

Teacher will use the curriculum map as a guide for when the lesson will be taught.

Students will understand (lesson/unit objectives):

Identify Nation Symbols in our environment.

Understand can be found all around us.

Understand the importance of National Symbols.

We can work with partners to create a presentation.

Collaboration is a great way to create a project.

Essential Questions to guide this unit/lesson and focus teaching and learning:

What are National Symbols and what are their characteristics?

Where do you find in your environment?

What item in our room is a National Symbol?

How can we present our findings to other people?

How can we work together to create a work of art using technology to show people what we have learned?

Technology & Web 2.0 resources needed (hardware and software, websites)

i-mac computer with Quicktime and Keynote

document camera

Internet photo library (Google)

Procedure (learning activities)/ lessons of unit

Students will be introduced to National Symbols using realia, discussion and a workbook.

Students will discuss National Symbols and their various characteristics.

The teacher will read books about National Symbols to class.
Each student will research a Symbol of their choice. Then he/she will drop and drag a picture of their chosen symbol from pictorial library onto their Keynote page. Then students will type in the name of the symbol.

The teacher will then record students speaking or singing about their symbol. Then the movie will be dropped into the National Symbol page.

The teacher will show the students their Keynote presentation on the document camera.

Assessment Method

Students will be able to identify and discuss facts about National Symbols.


3- students will discuss at least 2 facts about their chosen National Symbol

2- students will discuss at least 1 fact about their chosen National Symbol.

1- students will discuss 0 facts about their National Symbol.

Notes: (this area may list accommodations, differentiation, as well as other key information that may not fit into the categories above)

Download 12.13 Kb.

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